Clean up your home screen with Seven Point Five for OS7 devices - 25 copies up for grabs

Seven Point Five
By Adam Zeis on 15 Feb 2012 09:06 pm EST

I've always hated that fact that there is such little screen space on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 between the icons and the top banner. It cramps things up quite a bit and totally limits the fun wallpapers you can use. Seven Point Five hopes to change all that by cleaning things up a bit. This simple theme takes the top banner and fits it all into one neat row, leaving plenty of space to sport your favorite wallpaper. Features include:

  • Icons, folders and indicators mimic PlayBook OS2.0
  • Media Player skinned to look like BBM Music
  • Claculator and Compass skinned
  • Small banner for great wallpaper viewing
  • Skinned battery signal and wifi meters run throughout the theme
  • lots of attention to detail, even the bridge indicator is from the PlayBook!

Seven Point Five is compatible with the Bold 9930/9900/9790 and Curve 9350/9360/9370 on OS7 or OS7.1. You can grab it for just $0.99 in BlackBerry App World.

Contest: We have 25 copies of Seven Point Five to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight. 

More information/download of Seven Point Five

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Reader comments

Clean up your home screen with Seven Point Five for OS7 devices - 25 copies up for grabs



I have allready purchased this aaaaawesome theme weeks ago. Its unbelievable and will stay my favorite theme for a very loooong time. In consideration that the themestudio 7 isnt existing yet and this outstanding theme is build with TS6 (I guess)I have to face the fact of a very competent and skillfull themebuilder. Its runs smooth and perfect like the default theme. The iconset looks perfect, especially the folders!!!! I commend to purchase this theme cause its worth the little money!!!!! And you will be upset about yourself for every day you have overstayed this theme... The only blemish is the using of the default way of highlightning in this default boring blue... In my opinion it should be more noble...more glassy or with an small metallic frame. But its only my taste and maybe the result of the options of TS6. Dont wait for a free copy- spend your buck for this theme and renounces a half cheeseburger... ;-)

Absolutely agree with serversurfer.
I bought this theme about a week ago and I LOVE IT!!! I've got a monochromatic pic of my luuuuuv and it plays beautifully against the theme colours and the black 9930. Aside from that, as correctly stated in the description, the banner is so small and so unobstructive that it allows my picture to have all the focus.
The icons are beautifully showcased without annoying embellishments.
Gorgeous theme. I bought it and I'm so glad I did.
Absolutely recommend it.

Wow, what an offer! 25 times 99c, that's $24.50's worth of prizes! The economy is obviously on the mend.

This theme would be to worth a Payment of $3,99... That´s $99,75 worth of prizes. In comparison to somebodys greed to pay §0,99 for this awesome theme a gift of $99,75 seems very generous to me...The black ingratitude is obviously on the mend... ;-)

3rd bullet point... What's a Claculator? Is that what we are going to use to calculate the release date of PB 2.0 OS?

This thing looks useful. Hope I'll get one, so I could present it to the Serbian BB community (just starting a forum). Thanks, Crackberry, for making me become a BB fan! CB rules!

Hooray! Just dawned on me to see if they finally made themes for the 9900. Been out of the loop for a while.

It looks like it has no icon for wifi hotspot...? The one that appears when you turn it on on the top bar(on default).

I've never been a fan of themes. But I gave this one a go because it seems like it frees up a lot of space and it does! I love the look and feel of it. The os2 playbook theme is awesome.

Been eyeing this theme for a while now, and had a feeling it would be up for grabs in a contest at some point. Now all I have to do is win a copy! ;)

please let me win one , I always see all kinds of competitions but I never participated pleeeze

I like the compact header bar, myself. I'm wondering if that header carries over to any applications? Either way, while I'm not a "theme" person, I would give this a shot...

I hope I can win this one, I really would love my screen to open up and let my icons run free!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and Seven Point Five!

Nice!, you found an os7 theme I actually like. Playbook look is proshit. If you pull up my name for the contest put me down for something else and give this one to somebody because I just paid for it :)

Just giving a testimonial here, not entering for the contest. (I already bought it)
This theme is beautiful, and the recent update to v1.5 made it even sexier. Seems to work flawlessly on 9900/ I love you for this theme BBThemes <3

I'm a wallpaper kind of user and I noticed that banner is too big long ago... The only way to get the background some life is bringing down the menu panel but i like to see those icons just there! So just send me that e-mail XD ...

Let me start by saying I am against custom themes! I haven't used one probably since I had my 8330...but...this one is nice and clean! I just bought it tonight, and so far I'm impressed. One of my biggest beefs with OS 6/7 was the wasted screen real estate. The bottom panel bar is guilty of this as well, but the top status bars are the worst offenders. Anything to help reduce the screen clutter will get my attention.

The only complaint is that it no longer shows the network ID at the top. It's a fair compromise I suppose.

I'm totally in!! Tried getting one from app world but been having issues since upgrading my 9900 to a leaked 7.1....pretty pleaaassseee ;-)

I will love to have this app I'm tired of the same theme!!!!!! And the theme of 9981 is not my tipe, so please give me one to grab...Thank You!!!

I want this!
I've been looking for a theme for ages & have not managed to find one that suits my fancy.
I think this will do the trick!

Small Banner? It's a nice theme but if the banner is smaller then the difference is marginal at best.

You'd gain more space on the home screen if you could lose the panel selection bar. I have mine set at all so do not need it.

This theme is close to perfection, just what I have been wishing for. Thank you crackberry for bringing it to my attention, best 99 cents I have ever spent. Fantastic!

This is very stupid cuz if ur going to make something for new 0S 7 blackberrys why wouldnt u make it for all OS 7 blackbberrys. This is why Rim is falling behinde

Awesome awesome. I want this. I agree with the comments. I wisah the 9900 screen was a bit bigger but if I can cleant it up a bit more that would be awesome