Classified Search offers easy Craigslist access to BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 4 Mar 2014 07:40 pm EST

Seems I recall a post in the forums not long ago asking for a native Craigslist search app and lo and behold, a new app from Soluteo offers just that. Classified Search brings easy Craigslist access to BlackBerry 10 with a simple, yet native experience.

The app has all the basic things you'd expect. Upon launch it asks the location you want to search in and you're free to look for whatever from there. It also keeps track of your history and you can star favorites for if you ever need to refer back to an ad.

Best of all, Classified Search is available as a free download so if you give it a go and it's not for you're out nothing. If you love it, then you got a great app for free. Can't really beat that. Classified Search has support for all available BlackBerry 10 devices according to the BlackBerry World listing so give it a go.

Download Classified Search

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Nice app, could use the ability to narrow it down to specific areas on a city, but it's a good start

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This is a really nice app. I don't know Soluteo, but this dev knows their stuff. Both apps they've released have been great.

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Mr Donut

Going directly to craigslist is better. Some of the listings don't show up for me in the app like an ad I posted 3 hours ago.

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It would be great to have the option to post adds...

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Anthony Roberts5

We need a native kijiji app....personally I don't remember the last time I used CL for anything but none the less thanks dev for bringing Craigslist access to BlackBerry 10 :)

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I was just thinking Kijiji would be nice too.

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Anthony Roberts5

Yup :). I didn't realize these are the same devs who made the Wikipedia app as well :)

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I use Geo Yeo for classified searchs, native app which pulls information from number of sources including kijiji.. You can browse by category, search by item, set Favourites and latest update has add bar code scanning. Great app!

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I also think the Geoyeo app is pretty slick I wonder why CB has never taken the time to review it, yet this Craigslist only app is out for two days and their all over it.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!


Works perfectly....awesome job.

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Very nice app

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Great app. Really fluid. Imagine when the new BlackBerry 10 devices come out. I'm pretty excited.

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Jerale Hoard

I never use Craiglist. Don't even know what it's used for anyway.

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Cool. Thanks for coming out!

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Needs a way to post

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Awesome quality app on my Q10 - finally we have a working Craigslist app for #BB10

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Daniel Irving

That was my post I

Will try downloading now...

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If you guys need me, i'll be in the Missed Connections section, to my heart's content. :)

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After struggling with three different android apps. This is a pleasure! Look forward to updates, but within 10 minutes of loading this, I actually found something I'd been looking for, contacted the seller, and made the deal! :)


How about a good CL app like, "LIKE" Craigsfeed. As the developer of this app does not support his own app, but something like it to be able to subscribe to search results like the motorcycle section or new job postings? Some one should make a decent one that IS SUPPORTED!! Anyway, thats just my two nickels. o.O

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There's already a decent and native Craigslist tool for BB10, it's called "Craig-It" aka "Search Tool for Craigslist".

Not perfect in every way, but pretty useful.

I can see one feature Craig-It has that this one apparently doesn't: ability to save searches to use later.



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Bacon Munchers

I missed who the dev was on this(?)

Thanks Dev!


Wow. Very nice indeed.



I've been using craig-it since day one. Dev has been updating religiously and deserves credit for a great bb10 native app. My only quibble is the horrible icon.


Good, nice looking app. Well done to the developers.

Mind you, bit shocked to see what's for offer in some of the "services" posts. Bit too close to home.

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Prem WatsApp

More of those apps, please....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Mecca EL

Awesome app! I use CL often, especially for my business. This app is more fluid than the android supported Craigslist app. Looking forward to more updates and enhancements. Thanks for headlining this.


Hey Mecca, see my previous comment. Had you never seen "Craig-It"?


or Geoyeo, it's much more powerful and functional

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!