"Classic Video Game Theme" is Frak'n Awesome!

Classic Video Game Theme
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Aug 2008 01:35 am EDT

Wow. This new theme by CSDesigns just made my week and it's only Monday morning. At $9.99 the "Classic Video Game Theme" (hrmm... Mario theme?!) is definitely expensive as far as Premium BlackBerry themes go, but after installing it and decking out my Curve with free Mario ringtones I'd argue the total experience is well worth it. It's Old School Cool and then some. Here's the official word on the theme:

Classic video game enthusiasts are in for a real treat with this kitchy-cool video game theme from CSDesigns. All your favorite heros and enemies are brought back to life in this accurate rendition of one of the greatest video games of all time! Features include:

  • Each icon includes an animated video game sprite
  • Icons are clear, crisp, and colourful
  • Backgrounds are simple but true to the game
  • The original font is used on the buttons in the dialog boxes
  • Twirling coins, dancing notes, shining bricks, and marching hammerhead characters are some of the animations used
  • New items are marked with a fireball
  • Custom battery and signal meters fade to grey as their power decreases
  • Available in Zen, Icon, and Today format for Pearls, 88xx series, and Curves.
  • All in all, this is one of the most transformative themes available.

Frak'n Awesome! Theme download links and free Mario ringtones after the jump!

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"Classic Video Game Theme" is Frak'n Awesome!


Neat theme. Good work.
But, $9.99 ??... (for an already IMO- $7.99 to expensive) for a so-called "Premium" theme?

I'm new to the whole BB scene..I've got my Bold on it's way in the mail, should be here mid-week!

I'm just curious to know if there's any associated sound bites as part of the theme (or any themes in general)?

Imagine hearing the star theme as your phone rings, or a One-Up sound as you receive new emails/messages, or!! the sound of the mushroom power up as you turn on your crackberry. The possibilities are endless, and I'm sure a lot of us 80's folks would absolutely love it. Even if we're too embarassed to use them in public. :)

Hey, You gotta read the whole post! I placed some links to free Mario ringtones in it. Not everything is there, but the One Up sound is, as well as the main theme song. And I'm sure there's more floating around the net if you look.

I read essentially the entire thing except whatever else you said after "frak'n awesome!". This is my second time not paying attention to detail when reading something. FAIL.

Monday mornings suck ass.

I am facing a serious issue. I have been with T-mobile for almost 7 years. The coverage area sucks, however if I ever had a problem the customer service has always taken care of me. My Apple Ipod was stolen recently, and I am trying to make the decision to either wait out until the Bold gets to T-mobile, or if I should switch to AT&T and get the Iphone. If I wait until the Bold gets to t-mobile, I am still going to have to get an Ipod. (means I have to spend more money). I dont use the phone all that often, and I dont usually check my email with my phone, so I was thinking that the Iphone would be better FOR ME because it could hold my music and I could surf the web. The reason I am asking you guys is because you all know the Blackberry, as I have never owned one. Please let me know what you think... I need some biased advice.

The new bold is going to have the ability to surf the web as well as double as a media Device, everything that the Iphone can do the bold can do and more. There are different cool little things with the iphone such as the touch screen and the scroll pictures feature but the Bold is the only way to go in my eyes. It's going to be tough to find someone on this website that is dedicated to all things Blackberry to tell you any different. The wait for the Bold to get to TMobile might be a long one though. Good Luck, and you can find a bunch more information in the forums if you are looking to compare devices.

I don't know ow you decided to post this here??
Maybe you can get better answers to your question in the forums.

This thing kicks butt! The font is perfect, and I love the animated loading spirtes. :D I started locking my phone just so I could see the lock menu, it looks so good!

does anyone know if the zen option is customizable when the icons are not exposed? like if my fav's are BB messenger and text and calendar etc etc?

Or what the "add folder" icons look like in either of them? sorry i gotta know this before i spend $10 bucks on something i usually find for free.

I have always made it a personal rule to never pay for themes, since there are plenty of sites out there that offer a wide range of good ones for free. However, I never could find a decent looking Mario one until I saw this, and I broke my rule and got it. It's so freakin' sweet I don't even care that it was ten bucks. Now I'll just be downloading those free Mario sounds and I'll be set. :)

If I was really into Mario...this would be great. However, I'm not that into it. Therefore...this theme isn't for me. But it has cool graphics and I think the creators did a good job with it!

And quillaumeb...you're not the only one! lol

Just to clarify the theme builder of this theme is female...

My only qualm with this theme does not reside with whether or not she 'stole' this theme idea, as that claim seems a bit ridiculous given how many iPhone, Bold, OSX, Vista, etc. knock-off themes there are available (both free and premium download). My qualm is whether or not the theme builder (CSDesigns) obtained a commercial license from Nintendo to use the graphics featured in this (very well put together) theme. If she did, then great...she obviously spent a lot of time on this theme and would then have the official rights to sell the theme. If she didn't, well...I expect that she will be receiving an email any day now...

I happen to think that this theme is far better looking than the one you linked to. As a matter of fact, I think it's far better than any Mario theme I have come across, and that's why I paid for it. Sure ten bucks is a bit much, but I think I'll live. And you can't say that this idea was stolen because a lot of people make different themes based on the same thing. Do you know how many sports team themes are out there? Does that mean that everyone who makes one is stealing the idea from the person who put one out already? Maybe they just don't like the existing themes and wanted to offer their own design.

I don't think that this IDEA was stolen from anyone, this is a classic 80's mario theme. the link posted above is referencing the super nintendo mario with yoshi than anything else, i don't think this is a stolen idea at all, i mean people come on who did not play mario as a kid. this theme is completely different and better than the free one. i would never pay $10 for a theme i will use for a month or so but this one was well worth it, so to the person that did it. GREAT JOB!!!!

oohhh. it looks so awesome but not for $10 bucks. maybe the price will go down. it does really bring me back to the 80's, though. love it!!

I don't know who "damn" is but they hit the nail on the head! If anyone should be getting paid 10.00 a pop for a Super Mario them, it should be NancyDrew. Not only was the concept for the theme stolen but the fact that the "extras" for alerts were included too...All I can say is damn! This is messed up. I'm teaching myself how to make themes and it is not an easy job at all. The fact that someone "piggy backed" off of her theme is wrong. No only should she get a cut of the profits, but an apology too. Raggety b******!

There is no way a theme , no matter how "cool" it may seem is worth $10. Especially when a better looking theme (IMHO) can be had for FREE thanks to the generosity of NancyDrew and it came way before this one. I find it insulting that this is the price point chosen for these new themes when there are SO many great FREE themes out there. You can buy ENTIRE applications for less than $10............

I agree with the previous posts. The Mario Theme by NancyDrew is way better than this one and she offers it for free. She even included ringtones to go with it! Now, don't get me wrong, I have purchased a lot of themes, I don't have problems paying for something I like but I think $10 is too much.

I just downloaded this theme installed it and ran it and it looks awesome... but the date when I click on my messages icon and the names of my buddies on my factory installed messangers appear cut off like the font is too big. I have the font in screen/keyboard set to minimum and still the date doesnt seem to fit. How can I fix this?

When this happens this actually means that the font size you have chosen in the screen/keyboard option is set too small. Try increasing it then check your message list.

I was about to cry since the theme cost so much :( theres no way to go around that is there? I like my size 7 font everything else looks so huggggge

Sadly, there is no other work-around, short of contacting the theme builder and asking if she would be willing to make some font size/type modifications for you.

I bought this theme and on my home screen the last digit in the date is cut off so instead of showing "mon, aug 25" it shows "mon, aug 2". How can I fix this?

I love video games, and think this would be a fun theme to whip out occasionally. However, I can't tell what half the icons represent based on the pictures. Seems funny to me.

ok so i bought the theme....honestly i LOVE IT.....the creator was really helpfull in answering my questions and its flawless on my 8330 with os 4.5. the icons are very detailed and awesome! i dont know why all you people hate so much. if you dont like it....it doesnt mean its going to become free....go find your wannabe iphone themes and leave this one alone!

Just look at the quality difference between nancy drews..and this one... ALL THE ICONS are changed...instead of just the 4 on nancy drews stuff....i mean dont get me wrong she has some awesome stuff....but i think you need to see the whole thing to be impressed besides the price tag

i really didn't think I *needed* a new theme.

turns out I was wrong.

this has got to be one of the most interesting themes I have seen.

*no wonder I am still single*

I will have to hide my phone from guys now!

Hey folks,

I just downloaded the new update and there is still a glaring bug! I hope the folks who created this theme are reading these comments.

Go to your Address Book or your Phone list and then click a name of a contact. Click the Blackberry button and then try to send an SMS message. When it asks you what number you want to send the text to, all of the numbers appear as empty boxes. Thankfully it says "HOME" or "MOBILE" so you can decide what number to use.

Anyone else have this problem?

I don't have this theme but from your description it sounds like the font used for the buttons doesn't include numerical characters. There are several Mario Bros. fonts available across the web, but I've seen a few that don't include numerical characters and judging by the screen shots it appears that CSDesigns used one of these.

I know of one Mario font type that does includes the numbers and symbols in its Character Map, found at UrbanFonts.com

Is there any way that this can be converted to be used on the Blackberry Curve 8530?? If so I can promise you that my wife and I will purchase them for use on our phones!