Clarion - A Free Do It Yourself Theme From Elecite

Clarion- A Free Do It Yourself Theme From Elecite
By Bla1ze on 5 Mar 2010 02:09 pm EST

Elecite has released their latest theme, Clarion. This theme however, is like no other Elecite has released. Clarion takes a "do it yourself" approach in the fact you essentially design the theme however you wish from a laid out set of options provided by Elecite. You can select your layout, icons, colors and font size after which you will be presented with a download link to your designed theme.

Currently, Storm owners are the only winners here as the set up is designed specially for those devices but here's to hoping Elecite expands the offering to other devices. I get the feeling they will once users see how cool the service is. At this time Clarion is a free theme, so give it a shot and be sure to let us know in the comments what you think of Elecites latest offering. Maybe we can convince em to speed up the process to offer it for other devices.

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Clarion - A Free Do It Yourself Theme From Elecite


very cool theme! just love that you can get these for free. as always, you need a battery pull, but go for it!

Love the idea, unfortunately I am not a Storm owner but would love to have this for my Tour. Please expand to more BlackBerrys Elecite.

I downloaded this to my Tour yesterday. While it doesn't have the customization support yet, the theme is crisp and the graphics are great. I suggest that you give this one a try. Besides, its free right now!

I search and search for the perfect theme...according to my likes and standards. This would be a God send for the 9700....oooooooh I hope they make it available soon.

The customization is somewhat simple at this point, but does allow you to make some useful choices. I went with the blue scheme and 2 columns (which are really rows icons).

The graphics and the icons are crisp, but some of the hot spots are a little difficult for me to activate (the clock for example). Also, I am not wild about the way the ribbon works for phone/messages/calendar. They 'scroll' which means you need a couple touches to get from phone to calendar. Since there are only 3 items for the ribbon, they should be static so you have have direct access to all 3 at any time.

Overall, it is a nice looking theme, and worth a try.

Clarion - Seems Elecite can't find a better name instead of looking through Mobihand and seeing if someone already has that as a theme name they take the name of one of my themes I have had for over months and put their hands on it...

What ever happen to respect in the business...

Hey my new theme is going to be called PULSE........Oh wait someone else has that theme name already...guess that would be rude to steal a name. I respect other developers so I guess I will change it.

A little correction to the post, Clarion is actually available for multiple devices (Storm 1 & 2, 8900, 9700 & Tour) for multiple OS versions 4.6, 4.7 & 5.0.

The only thing is, you can only customize the Storm version using Genus.

All good but having issue with getting it to my phone. Any help folks..I like that you can pick how many bars you want on the home screen, 3 was a bit much for me so I changed it. Well done Elecite.

I really like the theme and I have a suggestion for yall. The status bar is a bit hard to read. The battery level and signal strength is tiny and difficult to understand. Other than that excellent job guys. Since it was free I'm gonna let ya make it this time....haha jk. I appreciate your art work.

The battery and signal meters are actually quite large...larger than default at least :)

Its the small rectangle inside of a larger one that moves left and right.

Yea I understand that and I really like that idea its really cool. It just looks small to me. Like I said just a suggestion IMO. I'm sure other people like it. Still a great theme though. I would have def payed for this one.

Yes, users are idiots and think larger elements are harder to see than smaller ones.

But wait! The design and display are different so even though it occupies more space, the symbol appears smaller since it's harder to interpret.

Sorry for the rant (not really). It's a knee-jerk reaction to developers mocking user feedback.

I didn't mean to mock and I apologize if that's how it sounded. I only wanted to make sure we were on the same page and the user was aware of what the actual meters were. We've had a few confused users so I just wanted to clarify that.

I like it but... I would like it more if there was a 'no column' option. The columns take up too much space in my opinion. I'd rather have that extra space for my hidden today messages. I order to have a hidden today - it seems as though you need a minimum of 2 columns. Perhaps there will be further customizations in the future or more options with a paid version.

Could someone send me the ota link for this theme for my 9700. I can't seem to get their site to cooperate on my phone. My pin is 215F202B. Thanks.

I am having trouble adjusting the icons on the front screen - when I put them in order it doesn't seem to order them on the today screen in any reasonable way. Any way to fix this or am I missing something?

Also is there a way to get SMS messages to show up on the today screen instead of my 'messages' since I basically never use the messages folder?

Other than that this is one of the coolest themes I have seen out there. I love it.

I keep selecting Blue as the main color, but purple is always what shows up in the download. How do I fix this?
Has anyone else encountered this issue?

I think this would be great, wish it was designed to work with the Tour. I did try it because others had success, but it was a no go. I wish I knew how to build themes, this is a great concept, you could finally find a theme that is absolutely perfect for you.

great theme i DL it and just tried it.. wow its fast and smoooooooth.. But there is mad memory leakage i m noticing.. and 1.5mb the size thats alot.. kinda hoping for 1mb or less but i guess for th quality and stuff thats why its that big huh..

Quick question guys, I'm not as tech savvy as most of you on here so please help :)

i downloaded the theme and it has installed fine, but do I need to go back to the Elecite page to customise it? Can't I do it via my blackberry or must I do it on the website and will the changes be sent to my phone? I'm a bit confused :/

Any help will be appreciated
Thanks :)

You really can't customize this theme (beyond moving icons, and changing fonts and background, just as you would with any other theme).

Despite the hype, there's nothing groundbreaking about this theme... which is really a single theme with 36 possible variations. (2 base colors x 3 column layouts x 2 icon sets x 3 font sizes)

The "theme builder" is just a flowchart to choose which version you want. If you want to make a change, you have to go through the flowchart again, choose a new version and install it.

It may be a great theme for some (wasn't really my thing, but you know what they say about opinions....), but the "theme machine" isn't the amazing breakthrough I expected.

i like the idea but i wish there wasnt a weather icon and we could use berry weather homescreen wallpaper instead. so please elecite make this possible.

Got home and my wife Showed me her new BB storm theme and I acultually was pretty impressed, and not just with the theme but the fact he did it herself. Really cool thing you guys have going here

Sucks you can only do it through a download link.

I'm out of the country right now so I don't have data service :(

I got myself really amped up because it's exactly what I need.

Is there no way of getting around this? No way to do a computer download?

It's a beautiful theme but my snaptu app stopped working once I loaded the theme. Interestingly, I uninstalled the theme and my snaptu started working again. I am not sure of any other apps that might have stopped working while running this theme though.

Again, it's a beautiful theme. Very asthetically pleasing.

Without labels for the icons on the home screen, it's impossible to distinguish items with the same icon (e.g. folder icon). That makes it nearly impossible to use from the home screen. Also, the weather icon without label means I don't know the temperature, just that it's sunny, cloudy, rainy, or whatever.

Great theme, I love it, it looks amazing on my 9700. Would you be releasing an update so the icons on the homescreen could have labels, the weather icons with labels, access the clock and profile from the homescreen?

i cant use city id with this theme. electie needs to start listening to there customers and stop making these themes with there own theme builder. i know peter and roland from elecite and eveek and man there getting this theme bussiness a mess.