City of Waterloo backs BlackBerry with signing of new 3-year deal with Bell

By Bla1ze on 23 Jan 2014 02:33 pm EST

Although it might not come as a surprise to many folks considering the fact that Waterloo is the home of BlackBerry, the Council of the City of Waterloo on Monday voted to enter into a new three year agreement between Bell Mobility and the City of Waterloo for the continued provision of BlackBerry and Cellular Services worth $516,000 over a three year period. Waterloo Mayor Brenda Halloran stated the smartphones have changed the way the city does business, and how it reacts to residents needs.

A lot of our crews will have them — all our planners, our bylaw guys who are out, firefighters," she said. "We just feel that it keeps us connected so that if we need to get anything done we have instant connection.

The City of Waterloo recent launched their Ping Street app that was created to help residents connect and access information including waste pickup, events, road closures and government contact information. Halloran also added that the city is not looking to use any different brand of smartphone other than BlackBerry at this time. 

According to comments given to Mobile Syrup, the City of Waterloo maintains 204 BlackBerry devices and 166 mobile phone devices of which, 50 of the BlackBerry devices have been upgraded to BlackBerry 10.

Download the Ping Street app for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android

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City of Waterloo backs BlackBerry with signing of new 3-year deal with Bell


Q breaking his own imposed rule. Not good at all.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

ya, no offence dude, I don't do lunch with other dudes I don't know lol plus I don't live in Waterloo (about an hour away)

He made waterloo sound so nice. I figured rival ninja could come together every now and then for some burgers and brews.

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Quick is more of a hockey fan. No Tapout shirt for this man.

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No offense taken. Just some bros having a brew. Maybe I should have put it that way.

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Correct, was having the same thought. A brew. Might just be a bit too far away geographically.

"Civil conversation" manners are great, and make Quickie much more likable.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Sooooooooo...if you knew me then it's a different story? We could have our ladies there and watch the sunset together and you and I could chat about man things like....UFC or how cool our Blackberries are.

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You mean, send them ladies home and just you and QuicKsllv3r watch the sun go down..... together,with your burger and brews, wow that's so rooooomantic.

That brings a tear to my eyes

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Hahaha! You wrong for that one OJ! You can join us! All of you! One big happy CrackBerry family! And then everyone can come down here to wine country after Waterloo!

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LOL... at the very center of Waterloo, buried deep in the Earth, is the first BlackBerry pager.

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You mean the Loonie? That was first in Salt Lake City in 2002.

Lonnie was the one creeping around the athlete's village in Vancouver.

Not so much with Bell, I'd prefer Rogers but I'd love my 3 year contracts back either way.

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3 year contracts??? Wow you going to miss all those new blackberry releases every year.

I'm keeping my one year rolling contract.

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Yup. I'd rather be eligible for upgrade every 3 years and keep my fantastic retention plan rather than be eligible every 2 years but have to pay twice as much for my plan. I'll be buying every new phone off contract for the foreseeable future.

Sounds like your plan system is different to the UK.
Here I can still keep my plan and still have an upgrade every year.

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We could until recently. We used to be able to buy a phone off contract, or on 1-2-3 year contracts with varying discounts based on contract length, all while keeping our existing plan. When the carriers introduced 2 year plans, they introduced a completely new scheme whereby old contracts could no longer purchase phones at a discounted price without changing to a different plan. It's criminal if you ask me, but that's never stopped canadian carriers before...

They tried that cap with me, saying I could only get a new phone if I changed plans at the end of my one year.

Well... I complained, and they said no.
So I sent an email to the MD, and the next day I was told yes I can have a new blackberry and no change of plan required.

Naturally I threw a few legal quotes in there when I emailed the MD


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Doesn't this kill loyalty schemes? Or I guess the 2 year contracts wiped the slate for carriers, so there really was nothing they could offer...

I'm definitely in that same boat. Since the switch to 2 year contracts, the price on monthly plans has reached the level of "ridiculous". I'll definitely be buying all my phones now off contract and keeping my 6GB plan @ $80/month, tax incl.

I think this is a helpful app. Too bad my municipality isn't on board with this. I think it's very convenient having all of the information on your BlackBerry.

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Right on KW! Now call up your buddies in York, Durham, Haldimand, Niagara, etc and tell them to get their shit together

City of Waterloo is dogfooding their homegrown stuff. Good to hear!

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Congratulations to the residents of city of Waterloo. I only wish my city supported BlackBerry the same way.

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Toronto needs to do this. And all across Canada. In fact, not just Waterloo and other Canadian cities, but anywhere water is used.


I'm very glad the local govt is showing this support for Waterloo. Beautiful city, lived there in the 90's, but amazed at the cost, and in the dark about the kind of infrastructure/support BlackBerry might be providing that makes the contract for 300+/- devices worth $516,000.

If anyone in the know could share a little bit how this works, it's got me curious. (not being sarcastic, sincerely wondering. Thanks!)

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I am a firefighter in my great hometown of Waterloo and yes a lot of our firefighters and administration staff use blackberries. I don't need a phone for games like bejeweled or the latest Netflix app. I use my phone for texting and sending emails and making a crystal clear call.and my Z10 does that perfectly. Not to mention it has the best virtual keyboard ever devised! I will support blackberry all the way and am proud of my city and my employer for doing the same! Go BlackBerry

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Good on them! Every Canadian city should do the same. Pisses me off when I see City of Ottawa employees and civil servants sporting iPhones or Droids!

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IMO, we need this kind of facelift to Blackberry's BB10 UI soon - that user interface looks bright and gorgeous to my eyes. I think Blackberry should hire the UI designers working for the City of Waterloo?