Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry 10 enters technology preview, now available in BlackBerry World

By Bla1ze on 23 Aug 2013 05:52 pm EDT


If you've been waiting for Citrix Receiver to arrive on BlackBerry 10 the wait is over, sort of. Just like when it initially launched on the BlackBerry PlayBook, the app has now arrived via a technology preview, meaning there is still some things missing. For now though the feature list includes everything that is currently available on the PlayBook version including:

  • Multitasking - The Citrix Receiver allows for multitasking between virtualized apps and desktops, and between multiple desktops themselves
  • Single "Sign On" Access - one single sign on access point provides full access to virtual apps and desktops
  • IT Controlled Built-in Enterprise App Hosting - IT managers can give self-service access to enterprise apps, much like you select apps from BlackBerry World
  • Support for Web Interface 5.4 and StoreFront 2.0

As for what's missing, because that's as important as what's included, there is no rotation and the pinch and zoom functionality is only available within the published resource but it should all be enough to get you up and running. Keep in mind, Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry 10 is currently only supported on the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 for now.

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Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry 10 enters technology preview, now available in BlackBerry World


That's what I thought - lots of good things have come out recently.

What a shame that this starts happening just as BlackBerry is on the verge of throwing in the towel. ARGH.

Case in point: the first truly good printing app was just released, PrintHand. (Same people that developed very popular Android version - in fact it's an Android port but works quite well)

The original BB10 release couldn't print PDFs or Office docs, this one can. Destined to be one of the more useful apps on my BB10 devices. The Citrix app will be useful as well.

Haha. I finally put 10.2 on yesterday and was excited I got the android citrix working. Then this today. Go figure.

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Wow I'm really happy for you guys but I'm not a computer wiz and the thing asks me for a url and then I don't know so can someone tell us how to set this up please ? I've got a PlayBook and would like to see stuff in it from my z10.

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This application is not designed to provide a connection between your Z10 and your PlayBook. The only app option for that is BlackBerry Bridge, which has limited capabilities with Z10 since the PlayBook is now EOL. Citrix Receiver provides a way for business users to use their Z10/Q10 to access their business drives and/or applications that are running on a Citrix server.

That's what I love about this phone, it let's me work from anywhere and if you're like me being two places at once this is primo!

Keep Moving? Heck I'm in two places simultaneously.

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Shit! I need to know how to set up this tonight as I'm going on trip tomorrow for week. Can someone help? I've got PlayBook, z10 and Microsoft computer.

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Dude, what you're asking doesn't make sense. This app doesn't let you see your PlayBook screen on your Z10.

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Just downloaded it for my Q10.. actually looking forward to going to work on Monday to ask my IT department to set this up for me.


Do I need to have an enterprise server to use this? It's just me, my PC, and my busy real estate business.

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To all with questions, yes you need an enterprise server to connect to, citrix is a delivery infrastructure system to deliver applications visualized over a network. Many enterprises / organizations use it to deliver remote and / or desktop applications.

There is a demo to try though!

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You need to have Citrix infrastructure do you can use it to access corporate apps. It is not super smooth, slow, keyboard issues so far

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Tested this morning. Got on my office Citrix farm without any trouble. Was fun to see Microsoft Internet Explorer open on my Z10. Of course I opened the BlackBerry Web page.

So after 8 months of waiting, we get a re-compiled Playbook version of Citrix? Pretty weak...I mean, it's something at least, but it looks like they took about 20 minutes to put this together. Why couldn't they have done this at launch, and then we'd have a decent client by now?
As for functionality, it works, but touch detection is poor, and pinch zoom reacts strangely...

Same issue as on the Playbook. Apps listed but none of them open, even with the web interface checked. The error is cannot start app. Why does this app never work?

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It's strange that some people are having issues with it.
I've had it on my PlayBook ever since it was released and now on my Z10 -and it works great on both. Even the 3D objects in the demo files rotate as smooth as butter.
I use it at work for our Citrix presented apps and love it!

Wow, I subscribe to Citrix's RSS blog feeds and there hasn't been a single blog post on this yet! Anyways, glad to hear that they are actually making some progress.