Citi slaps a sell rating on BlackBerry

By Chris Umiastowski on 11 Dec 2013 04:23 pm EST

Earlier today Wall Street firm Citigroup published a “sell’ recommendation and $4 target on shares of BlackBerry. The change of opinion happened because Citi has put another analyst in charge of covering the stock.  For years Jim Suva was the guy in charge of writing BlackBerry research. But in October Citi hired Ehud Gelblum (formerly Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, etc) and today Gelblum took over coverage of BlackBerry.  Suva, apparently, is sticking to IT supply chain firms and IT hardware, according to Barrons.

What’s the main argument? Gelblum thinks the prospects of BlackBerry as a stand-alone company are weak. He thinks it would be worth more in a break-up scenario, but doesn’t think the board of directors would actually pull the trigger on this option.  Given John Chen’s statements about “taking down the for sale sign” I’m inclined to agree with Gelblum about the forward direction the board has voted on.

I haven’t read his entire report, but the segments quoted over at Barons seem to highlight Gelblum’s believe that BB10 does not have a meaningful future. He sees it as too distant of a player compared to Android, iOS or even Windows Phone, which has won 3rd place so far in this race. 

Where could he go wrong with his Sell rating?  It comes down to BBM and BES. Both of these are now cross-platform plays and therefore don’t depend on the success of BB10 to make money for the company going forward.

It comes down to BBM and BES. Both of these are now cross-platform plays and therefore don’t depend on the success of BB10 to make money for the company going forward

Personally, I think he’s right in his assessment that, today, BB10 is not a bet that has worked out. As great of an OS as it is, sales of the devices have fallen way short of what would be required to sustain the company in this game.  BBM and BES are the company’s best bets going forward, and I’m still not feeling too sure about either one at this point.

On BBM I’m willing to wait to see what happens over the next few weeks.  I’m hopeful that we’ll see some upgrades.  But the company has been radio silent on the PR front, in terms of any meaningful numbers. We need to see BBM thumping its chest every time it crosses some important milestone.  They need to keep the interest high, or it will be tough to pass WhatsApp.

With BES I’m just not sure what’s happening. I’m hoping this month’s quarterly conference call sheds some light on the situation.  My fear is that BlackBerry has almost no enterprise sales force left. They shifted so hard over to the consumer market over the last few years that I’m pretty sure they are in rough shape all around when it comes to the sales force.  If they want to be a serious player in enterprise they need a serious sales force.  If anyone has data points to share on this topic, I’m listening.

It is the Christmas season, so to leave this post with a bit more of a festive feeling, I’ll remind you all that BlackBerry only needs to get to a place where it can consistently bring in earnings of $250 million per year to see upside on the stock.  A stable business generating that kind of profit should be worth closer to $5 billion versus the market capitalization of only $3 billion today.  Not that a few bucks of upside in BlackBerry stock are going to make up for the massive value destruction we’ve seen in the last few years, but expectations are practically zero right now and the company has 2 solid irons in the fire with BBM and BES.

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Citi slaps a sell rating on BlackBerry



What about the short buyers? That's had an impact on share price. Holy hell..we know it's not Apple or Android...but it has value. I see 14/share easy. More aggressive sales and marketing. Grrrre

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I agree. It's not doing terrible because people gave it a try and left it. It's doing terrible because people didn't even know what BB10 was and/or is. Marketing is weak where it needs to be strong. They don't need it, but do they need to leave it before trying a different strategy, a more successful one? I don't think so.

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Marketing was a pathetic failure for the device and even now for BBM. BB10 just wasn't even given a chance to succeed. How do you sell a new product when you're not marketing it? They didn't learn anything from Apple: TV ads that show one feature that gets hammered down. Heck, Apple has a TV ad for the 5C and the entire point of the ad is that the phone now comes in multiple colors. BlackBerry just can't keep it simple.

I was a complete fan of BlackBerry... even bought a Z10. A month after I bought it, they slashed the price to almost half!!! I feel cheated!

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Don't blame you I would too and do feel that now seeing how much the price has dropped since the release on Rogers

come on man, u bought device, not 100 shares, why do u feel cheated ?

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There is zero chance that BBRY is going to be at $14 any time in the next two years, and only slightly better than zero chance that the stock will ever get that high again, because it will be taken out before it gets there.

To suggest that it's 'easily' a $14 stock is either sarcasm or woefully misguided. It's much more 'easily' a $3 stock than a $14 stock. Paradoxically, Dec 20 might actually give the BBRY believers some hope.

How will Dec 20 give BlackBerry fans any hope? We're all bracing for what will likely be, by a huge margin, the worst earnings call in blackberry's history.

You have some insider info we're not aware of?

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Nope, no insider info. Just been watching stories like this for years. There's a lot of bad news built into the stock price right now. I've seen situations in which a battered company releases an anticipated bad ER but the stock trades down only slightly and maybe rebounds quickly. That's not to say I'd be long on ER day, just saying that the believers might have a (probably misguided) reason to celebrate if the ER doesn't totally tank the stock.

By the way, do you have a citation for the suggestion you made, that the ER will be the worst in BBRY's history? I'd like to see it.

Well I did, but the intuition isn't completely unsubstantiated. There is a lot behind the belief that it ought to be 14/share. We can share, if you like.

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It doesn't really matter. Right now, BBRY isn't earning any money. With -ve EPS, the arguments for or against a higher share price are kind of pointless. As soon as they get back to profitability, the debate will be relevant. While EPS is -ve quarter after quarter, discussing $14/share is a waste of time. My belief is reflected in my post.

A LOT they know ..
By the 13th of December, the stock price
has gone UP
since the time of the "Wall Street firm Citigroup" 'analyst' statement

"Social is where it is at in the USA".... look at the value of Facebook and Twitter.... if Chen can get BBM, or some other element of BlackBerry in that "Team Photo"... BlackBerry will be fine..

Yup never like the way Chris deliver his pieces maybe I'm just a fan boy who likes sugarcoat who knows, but aren't we all in cb nation

Posted by z10 boss

I'm not a blind disciple. I'm a pissed off shareholder, PB User and underwhelmed BB10 adopter.

Get your shit together BBRY... this is not short sellers fault. Your strategy is obviously flawed.

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I don't understand why they don't hire the best of the best for marketing and communications; they certainly have the cash for it. They need to understand their customers and deliver their message more clearly.

If you were the best of the best in that field, would you go work for a company like Blackberry? No way. You'd be holed up earning a fortune at a company that has a bright and secure future.

?? Money is money. BlackBerry's money is worth any less than Apple's. Why would a marketing firm turn down a paying account? They aren't tied to BlackBerry's success (or lack thereof).

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Oh yes they are. It's not about getting paid once, it's about getting paid over and over again, if BBRY fails, the finger gets pointed at someone.

Let me know when you suggest that Thor be CEO of BBRY again and then we can open the discussion back up.

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Don't forget, working for Apple means you are living in San Francisco or thereabouts and working for BlackBerry means you are stuck in te frigid north.

Yes, I would. And yes, they would too. Failing companies don't mean squat, the pay is the same and it's just another notch on the resume hat. Anyone who takes BlackBerry's offer to market BB10 is going to be seen as grabbing the bull be the balls. Gutsy. In big business balls of steel are admired.

No one will fault the marketing firm who takes on Blackberry of the marketing campaign fails. They will get a pat on their back for giving it their best try, and, it's BlackBerry after all...those things one expected miracles. but, if the marketing succeeds, even if to only slightly increase sales, well holy moley slick. You are now king of the castle

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You obviously do not work in marketing. Let me fill you in:

A major campaign launch that doesn't deliver is an albatross around your neck when you go to further interviews and presentations. No successful executive at any major ad agency would touch the Blackberry account regardless of the money. Because when the account crashes to the ground, as it will, you will not be able to get the stink of failure off your hands. You'd never be asked to take another serious meeting for the foreseeable future of your career.

Sorry to disappoint you, but those are the facts. Marketing can be a VERY tough gig.

you obviously don't work in marketing. If this were true we'd never see stink campaigns. The fact is asses in marketing abound and make bad campaigns all the time just like studios make bad movies.

They don't even need the best of the best. Maybe in a couple years.

They just need to plan and execute some fundamental campaigns to acquire, convert and upgrade users. And partners. The basics. Just.... like.... fuck... why don't I see marketing? All those billions sitting in a bank and I don't see marketing around the z30. Or the Q5 aberration.

Had to look HARD for a device in print advertising this weekend... Hellz... a couple weeks before Christmas and the print ads stack up to my knee... so wtf...

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This guy initiated a price target of $22 only ten months ago when he was at Morgan stanley. Who listens to these analysts???

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Analysts are a dime a dozen and say a bunch of things all the time.

With the amount of analysts, and amount of things they say, one of these days they're bound to be right about something and everyone wants to praise their "genius".

We don't need an analyst to know that BBRY isn't doing too good.

Good catch. Maybe fading this guy is the right approach. If BlackBerry was an IPO with say 50-60-70 million actives BBM users doing 10 billion messages a day, 7000 patents and billions of cash what fraction of Twitter would they be worth. Roughly 10% is what the market and Ehud is saying. Was he right 10 months ago? BlackBerry right size hardware and stop the bleeding.

Try this .......
“We believe there is enough evidence to suggest Apple will launch such a device. In our view, the appearance of the iPhone (or something like it) poses little risk to RIM’s business.”
Chris Umiastowski, TD Securities, 12 December 2006.

Your right. They talk cr@p.

The problem, is that BlackBerry KEPT believing that after the iPhone was released (2007) and became a HUGE success, and kept on believing it for the next 4+ years!

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Wow, that's going way back.  Did I ever call that one wrong.  Of course it was stupid to make such a call knowing pretty much nothing about what the iPhone would look like.  Yes, I just said that what I wrote back then was absolutely stupid.  RIM was doing so well at the time, they seemed unstoppable, and we had no idea multitouch + app stores + everything else were coming from Apple. Lesson learned.  Don't make predictions that a product will or won't affect a competitor if you don't even know what the hell they're launching.

This quote reminds me of when Bill Gates said that computers will never need more than 640kb of RAM. Today Microsoft Windows recommends at least 1GB or RAM. Despite the bad error of judgement, he still made his billions.

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In Chris' defence: in the 10 years prior to the launch of the iPhone RIM had total net income of about $1.0 billion dollars combined. In the four years following the launch of the iPhone RIM earned $1.3, $1.9, $2.5 and $3.4 billion respectively. In other words RIM was earning more each year than they had in the prior decade combined so the iPhone in fact didn't hurt BlackBerry's business at all (for at least several years). If we are talking about BlackBerry's market share, however, that is another mater...

It is worth noting that you can buy this company today for an enterprise value somewhat less than one billion dollars or a fraction (!) of one year's worth of cash flow from operations.

No one from BlackBerry contacted our company on bes. Last time I saw someone from rim was just before pb launch

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I've had the opposite experience.

Since trialling and now deploying BES10 for the first time in an decade of using BES and BlackBerry phones someone from BlackBerry actually contacted our organisation. An individual from BlackBerry emailed me to ask if we needed any help with our trial. Easily done of course, but they've had my email address for a decade and I've downloaded countless trials and products from their website over the years and nobody from BlackBerry has ever emailed me on that fashion before.

I take that as a sign they do have a better Enterprise sales force in that they now actually communicate directly with their customers who don't have technical support subscriptions (we don't to keep costs low) instead of forcing them go through their carrier for help.

Posted via CB10 on Z10 STL100-2 on EE, UK

i'm seriously on edge about sellign off my shares and taking a loss, only thing is if it does up i'll kick myself in the head for pulling out and taking a bigger loss

If you think you can use that money you have left on a venture that will make you money, then pull out. We often have this fallacy of staying the course because of all the time and money already invested despite knowing that another course is more successful.

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At this point there is NO Risk to the Down side and very high potential to the upside. Why sell ? When people realize BB is cool and secure more will come. Plus we got apps now. Its just a matter of time .

kind of agree, with all the BBRY hate going on investers are just going to shy away from the stock

I admire your confidence, however, I suspect you're a longtime BB user. I have just bought my first BB, a Z10 and come from a non partisan Android background.

I was motivated to buy solely on price, 160 pounds unlocked in the Uk, this is truly a bargain but surely not profitable for a company that touts itself as an iPhone alternative? The build quality is excellent, no qualms there. Battery life seems a bit on the short side, but may well improve with usage(only 3 days old) Now, I'm really trying to like this phone, but I'm finding the operating system confusing and I am the sort of person BB needs to attract from Android. Simplicity is the key in my opinion, so the OS needs tweaking. My biggest gripe at the moment is the contacts list. For a business phone it's about 3 years behind Android. Why can't I label, ie customize the entries? Many of the companies I deal with have 4 or five departmental numbers. With blackberry in order to put a name to each number I need to create multiple entries for each company. This is tedious to do, and makes for a huge contacts list. And why a separate number for every phone number for texting instead of a text icon? The phone number lists become endless. That aside, I am getting used to the other way of doing things, but this is such a glaring fault I'm surprised it wasn't addressed in the first update. Well, I hope BB succeed, if only to justify my purchase, but at this price it wasn't too big a gamble, maybe the same is true of the stock price?

What do you mean a texting number. There is a texting icon for each contact number so you can choose which number you want to text to.

I would agree it would be a good idea to be able to label each number in each contact like if there are multiple work or mobile entries but is it really that big of an issue?

I think an actual texting icon with a sub-level to select the actual phone number and hiding all the texting numbers when not needed. Does it mean more steps, sure but for people who don't need to text every single number they have, then it makes sense.

No risk to the downside? What rubbish. If it drops another $0.50, that's downside. This statement reflects the misguided thinking of many a retail 'investor'.

What apps?? As far as I'm concerned the only apps bb10 has is adobe and drop box. What else am I missing?

Posted via CB10

He means Android apps via the Play store. Unfortunately, it's only hardcore users that seem to be able to use it. Until BB can find a legal way to implement this the way for everyone the way these hardcore users have personally done so, AND market it correctly, there is just no way for it to affect the general consumer and business of the company.

No they shouldn't. BlackBerry only has a chance with government s, military and etc bec of its security.

Where do you get your numbers from, how are you concluding that 250 million a year would make the company worth 5 billion?

Posted via CB10

I think what he's getting at is the quick-and-dirty slap-a-multiple-on-earnings approach provides little insight into the strength of the balance sheet (net cash along with the underlying assets that drive those earnings). If you think the company is worth 20x earnings do you give any additional value to the net cash or does that multiple take all factors into account? I don't really care but I think that was his point.

That may have been his point, I'm not sure.  Nobody puts a P/E on a stock and then adds back more for book value UNLESS the P/E is attrociously low, or unless the balance sheet has ludicrous amounts of cash beyond what is needed to run the business.


But he wrote that this was "assuming zero book value", which is totally nonsensical.  

No offense, but these "guesses" are often shots in the dark that actually do more harm than good. Repeating the post from another forum member up in this thread:
“We believe there is enough evidence to suggest Apple will launch such a device. In our view, the appearance of the iPhone (or something like it) poses little risk to RIM’s business.”
Chris Umiastowski, TD Securities, 12 December 2006.

I think it unfair to criticize a guy for making a call about a product that hasn’t even been released yet. Knowing what was known at the time I’m sure nearly all analysts had a similar point of view… it’s hard to judge how a new product that has not yet been realest would effect a market.
Just saying…

Well, I'm still loving it! Even if most of the world doesn't give a...

Posted Via CB10 using the power of "Q"

To reply to my own comment, this is what I'm seeing. BlackBerry 10.2, or 10.2.1 better yet, is a mostly complete OS. They were beat up from the tarnished brand, then not totally ready for prime time at launch, not all the apps were (are) there. Now with a better odoption of BB10, these things could've all come in time. But the average person wants what they want and they want it now. The lack of patience in the average comsumer, and the Street, have left us where we are today.

Posted Via CB10 using the power of "Q"

This the first bb10 device badge. Maybe next device with snapdragon 800 and nice camera or hardware will bring BlackBerry to the top.

Posted via CB10

if one comes out like that, if they don't say its built on old dated hardware because someone else used it first


Which team are you on? You do realize potential buyers peruse the CB forums, and when one of their own hangs the company out to dry, they are more inclined to pass and retreat. Is Android or iOS offering you a job or something? A captain goes down with his ship and remains optimistic until the bow disappears. He doesn't say "oh well, it's a piece of shit. Let's piss on it while we're at it" as it capsizes. It's Christmas for crying out loud. Isn't it a time for miracles? Spread some holiday cheer, Scrooge.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

LOL, I appreciate reliable information. Potentials buyers aren't going to be making decisions based on a site that has only positive reports. That would be stupid, but hey maybe there are lots of stupid buyers, in that case ya you should only sing the praises, (there are some you know). A potential buyer will see this and think hmm they aren't trying to hide stuff, and will be more likely to believe the rest of the positive stuff they see.

Chris is providing his analysis based on his experience and knowledge. He is helping us to understand what is happening with the company financially and give us an idea of what Wall Street is thinking and why the stock is moving in whatever direction it's moving. I don't think his job is to sugarcoat information to make you feel better.

Posted via CB10

But one of the biggest problems Blackberry has at the moment is lack of confidence. All I hear out there is 'Blackberry is dead' and to me Chris is just confirming that! Who is going to buy a phone that they think is on the way out?

Posted via CB10

That's BlackBerry's job to fix. Chen sent out a letter saying the company isn't dead yet. Well, it's been time that they prove it.

Posted via CB10

He could have passed on this news,after all, he is a few days late with his story.It's 8 days to the ER and they might issue a warning ,come Friday.That,s what happened last time,what about what Chen will say ,there are two stories, I'm interested in.

Tbone: Truth is truth whether it is pleasant or not. Would you like you doctor to not tell you the truth because it is not what you want to hear?

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

That is a lot of faith!
From another forum member few posts up:

“We believe there is enough evidence to suggest Apple will launch such a device. In our view, the appearance of the iPhone (or something like it) poses little risk to RIM’s business.”
Chris Umiastowski, TD Securities, 12 December 2006.

If he's going to have any credibility at all, he needs to give the real deal. His job isn't to sugar coat the state of Blackberry's stock prices or position in the market in order to make people at CB feel better.

It took him all day to post his article,Wednesday evening 4:23pm ,when the news came out Tuesday afternoon.Old news that he feels is relevant ,but why do I need to hear it over and over again,after all, the stock price didn't take that much of a hit, like when Pac did a job on BB about 5 months ago,or so.I think he has to be more on the ball to comment on these type of events.

On December 20th we will get an indication of the reality, money, plus Mr. Chen's vision. Hopefully it won't be a bullshit one like that of his predecessor.

I expect an announcement on BBM.I expect some real progress to be announced,also,in other matters.Chen has to start out of the box real hard.Anyway ,the street is going to hammer the stock 15 minutes after Chen opens his mouth.That's what usually happens on these calls.

What kind of progress on BBM? One of the three major enhancements? That should happen within the next 18 months. Not something to be expected on an earnings call.

Mr. Chen may not regard BBM as a priority right now because it doesn't make any money.

Something like they are going to monetize BBM and go full out with a touch of something, that BBM never had before, available for every platform on Jan1st.How do you think the stock would do then?An earnings report can be used to drive up the stock,when people realize things will get better,or am I wrong?

People may, the street doesn't. They just look at the performance.

RIM/BlackBerry has been saying things will get better for a few years now so the view is fairly tarnished.

Their trashed ,and rightfully so, but a new CEO can make the street feel good and the analyst jump up in the air and shoot BUY BUY!!!No promises, just knock them off their feet.That,s how it's done.Just hoping and praying for something.

@nerdydaddyo I agree. I for one am a devoted BB user, Have been for years and have tried Android and the Iwhatchamikolit. My Z10 does everything it is supposed to and as far as the people who constantly bash these excellent phones "give it a rest". Currently the company is going thru a major change yet I see all these people who don't even want to give them a chance. Either they are I users or Android users, don't know but they certainly enjoy bashing BB. And don't give me that BS of everyone wants to know the downside and these are informed comments.. People like Chris who comment on the negative side , especially using Citi as a reference point should abstain. Citi doesn't have BB interests at heart and their track record is not very good. None of the analysts are accurate most of the time and this just drives people away from even trying the Blackberry. Believe me they have their own vested interests in doing so, So don't be chumps and support a great company.

This post is so full of holes, I don't know where to start. It's borderline ridiculous.

1.) "Currently the company is going thru a major change yet I see all these people who don't even want to give them a chance."

No one OWES BB a chance. Where do you get this notion from that consumers should give BB a chance? And a chance to do what exactly? BB sells a products. If purchasers want said product(s), they will gladly fork over their hard earned cash. Currently it seem the overwhelming majority of smart phone buyers do not want what BB is selling. Blame that on BB.

2.) "Citi doesn't have BB interests at heart"

You sound emotionally attached. Citi is NOT supposed to BB's best interest at anything. BB is expected to compete and if they can't then step aside and give someone else the space. If you don't want the scrutiny, then go private. But they tried that and couldn't raise the money. Again BB's fault.

His comments are nowhere near as bad as it could have been if he wasn't writing for this site and if he wasn't a BB supporter.

Well, Citi should know all about sell ratings from 2007-8, when many people expected them to go the way of Lehman.
Analysts write about tomorrow as if the future was a simple continuation of the past. As Schwed put it years ago, you can get exciting advice and lose money fast, or boring advice and lose it slowly.
I would trust the views of genuine industry insiders before stock analysts, but typically they are making the future happen, not predicting it.

Posted via CB10

thing is its going to take a few years for BBRY to stabilize itself and in that time alot of things can happen, so while saying based on the future being a continuation of the past may be a stretch saying it is not evidence on current and short term forcasts is not right either.

When customers lose confidence in a well-financed businesses it forces them to go back to the drawing board. If you are a highly-leveraged business and your customers and lenders lose confidence in you then you are dead (without support from a central bank or some other financial backstop). There is a world of difference with a "sell" rating on Citi (and other financial institutions) where confidence is - literally - everything in 2007-2008 and a sell rating on BlackBerry today. With plenty of time and resources BlackBerry should be just fine.

p.s. I don't think I've ever heard anyone actually quote from that oldie - nice one, kupfernigk.

Imagino que Ehud Gelblum es un anti blackberry y es muy problable que use un iphone, pareciera que lo más importante aqui es destruir de uno u otra forma a blackberry limitada.

Ehud Gelblum guess is anti blackberry and is very probable that use an iPhone, it seems that the most important thing here is to destroy blackberry Limited. in one way or another.

With all the respect, screw CITI.
As a fact, CITI shares should be a SELL.
They had to give up their portfolio in Canada. For a company which doesn't understand the elements of business in a competitive environment, how could it judge other businesses DEAD when there's clearly a positive pulse. I believe APPLE was in a horrible shape as early as in 1997. They're a crown now. Watch BBRY easily hit $12 in medium term and HUNDREDS of dollars in long term.

Posted via CB10

Citi and the other Wall Street banks needed taxpayer money - and lots of it - in 2008 to avoid self-destructing due to their shortsighted business practices and illegal activities.

I can make up my own mind about a company's position in the market without the geniuses who work for these firms.

Well, if I wanted to buy BBRY, tell everyone to sell now, set target at $4, snap up stock at bargain price and watch Chen turn this ship around, then cash in big time.

Who tells you that analyst is not a straw man for a buyer consortium or CITI itself?

Posted via CB10

*Sigh*. Such a sad story. I couldn't imagine if they scrapped off BB10. Me being the eternal optimist, I guess imma have to prepare myself.

Posted via my Man of Steel: The Q10

It really is a sad story. All you have to do is use BB10 to realize there are still people at the company that care about what they do. BB10 was a labor of love. It's a cryin' shame. I'm still gonna use my Q as long as I can. BlackBerry for life

Posted via CB10

Same here. BlackBerry until the end. It just sucks because I just don't enjoy the experience of the other platforms available. I've had them all. And they're still too slow in terms of productivity... and I speak for myself. I tried to give iOS7 the benefit of the doubt but in terms of productivity, it's still too slow. In regards to apps, I chose my battles and productivity is much preferred. And this is not me being a fanboy, but BB10 is TRULY a work horse. Its unfortunate that our current user base is not large enough to keep the company stable.

Guys don't blame Chris for bringing news to us. Even people who buy their first blackberry know what's up with the company. They are digging their own hole. No marketing. Nothing. It's Christmas for fuck sakes and I go to Telus and the z30 demo battery is dead and I look under the counter and the cord is unplugged. Yet the MotoX and windows phones and Samsung just bright and all displaying demos. Also the lack of add one and accessories for these phones let alone their flagship is ridiculous. And Yes I did make it aware to them and made them look like idiots which turn probably made me the asshole of the day just sticking up for BlackBerry in a Christmas crowded phone store. Also. Drop the price in store of the z10 asap.

Posted Via my second Z10

So true , you go to a Best Buy , even though I have used an iPhone/9900 for a year , they look at you as a Martian when you ask to see the Z30. I would never trade for my Z30 vs a crappy iphone email . I fire back to the Best Buy rep with Hub management are you aware of the feature ? When I show them they are amazed ! So marketing folks. How about getting cool looking poweruser sales Guy or Gal dressed in black with black glasses showing off the BB10 features eg...showing people how to download the APK Google apps etc...

I love these comments about how "amazed" everyone is when the see BB10 and yet all these amazements are NOT translating into significant sales.

THANK YOU. The same story from everyone! The truth is, these people you are showing are NOT "amazed". They think you are a crazy fanboy, and are telling you what you want to hear so they can get the fuck away from you!

your so right , I can't tell the difference ...I'm stupid ....I guess my Doctor and Business buddies who use iPhone and Samsung who are impressed are just giving me the finger as well .........!! FART !!

Great comment. It is Christmas and the salespeople are pushing Android. My friend was in Wind and they didn't have a functional Q10 and the salesperson gave him the non-functional Q10 to take home.
Really? Do these guys even know how to sell a BlackBerry? People want to try before they buy.
Start giving these Z10s away to influential people.

Posted via CB10

I know it's ridiculous with all the attitude people have towards BlackBerry. I went to the UK at a shop called Phones4U and I asked if they had covers for the Z10: LOL NOPE. They had literally every flagship device there except for the Z30 -_- even the HTC One Max was there and it's literally no different to the HTC One. But the funny thing is is that there was an Indian cell phone cover store and they even had covers for the Z30!! (And every other BlackBerry 10 device). Just shows that the mainstream market doesn't give two shits about BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Best Buy kiosk in the mall,I asked where is the Z30 and why don't the demo's of the Z10 work?His answer was Oh,we are taking them off of the display and won't have them anymore.Wonderfull.

Here's a tip: Retail store do not stock items that do not sell. If the Z10 had sold more, you would probably have a better chance of finding a cover. Since the vast majority of Blackberry phones are sitting unsold in warehouses, why the heck should a retail store use their limited space to stock covers for it, when they can stock MORE covers for the phones that actually DID sell? It's really pretty basic.

Citigroup is not without a reason called 'shittygroup' xD...
BlackBerry is in bad shape but it is still more worth than 3 billion...

Posted via CB10

Its not be over until the fat lady sings, but she sure as hell is warming up on the side stage. If BB thought they have one , two or three quarters to play around, fellas, here's some news for you. Pull your act together or go down in history along with hundreds of tech companies before you.

Is their any way that they can sell their phones more competitively and still make a profit? It seems everyone is getting the Samsung s3 at half the price of a z10. The z10 is nice but consumers are going to go for what is cheaper if there is not enough for it to stand out. At this point the business is unsustainable but I believe that this can be corrected. What do you propose, Mr Chen?

Posted via CB10

Like Steve Balmer is always saying, "developers, developers, developers!". This ecosystem desperately needs the the same AAA apps that the other phones have. Problem is those companies don't want to touch BB10. So what do we do? I think these developers should just take a leap of faith on a solid os. I'm the only one I know personally who uses a blackberry. Nobody wants one. They ask me why? Why did you buy that? "Blackberry sucks". There's just something about BlackBerry. It's not about all the apps. It's about the experience. It's about not just running with the android apple heard.

Posted via CB10

I have to ask in reference to this point "It comes down to BBM and BES. Both of these are now cross-platform plays and therefore don’t depend on the success of BB10 to make money for the company going forward".

How the hell does BlackBerry make money on BBM? I have seen this point of making money on BBM many times but no one ever cares to explain how it makes any money. Sure people use it and may like it, but where is the revenue stream?

Posted via CB10

Revenue stream through BBM could be through ad placement, and through purchase of certain "premium" features of the app as well as BB Channels.

Could be, but there is no revenue stream right now. The only way for there to be a stream like you suggest is if BBM were to become the top player, which means supporting it with more money and more time. If they charged now, no one would want to use it and they'd flee to some other free solution.

Posted via CB10

Not yet, no, but there is potential.

The handset business is cutthroat and hard to make money at. Apple and Samsung are the only profitable players. And notice that they have other product lines too... computers, big displays, other consumer electronics. Samsung is a huge company. BlackBerry isn't diversified enough. I would argue that BlackBerry needs to be doing more with QNX. I don't know why Chris didn't mention QNX in addition to BES and BBM. BB10 is the mobile manifestation of QNX and it rocks, but BlackBerry could be doing more with QNX. There's no shame in being an enterprise-focused company, as IBMers will tell you!

BES Feedback-
I do sourcing for pharma companies and on my last project we excluded Blackberry 10 from the RFP solely because neither their current BES sever or their future could offering supports laptop management.

Companies want a unified platform to manage all their employee devices. BlackBerry hasn't meet this market need yet.

(Furthermore, in the initial kickoff call with the stakeholders, they didn't even want to consider BlackBerry stating that, "Blackberry will never control anything other than BlackBerries...". This was 1 month ago! That's a BB marketing fail.)

I appreciate your feedback and agree that they need to work in a laptop component.

It's really odd that they said that they wouldn't control anything other than BlackBerries. they have been talking about managing iOS and Android for over a year now. Mobile Fusion?

I didn't hear the call, so I have to assume you heard it right. So, I agree, if someone said that, they are totally out of touch. They really need to get their ducks in a row.

So, who has complete management of all mobile device platforms including laptops, might as well add desktops, all in one piece of software?

Posted via CB10

IBM was included in the RFI and I don't recall if they made the cut. When I say there were five suppliers that were compatible, there was an additional requirement to containerize corp data and email. That is what the 5 # represents.

There were maybe 10 that included laptop support I believe. Around there.

Well, why not charge for BBM, same way as WhatsApp does? Stop following and trying to catch up with IPhone and Samsung. Exploit the uniqueness of BBM Channel and charge for corporate company wanting to advertise. Stop following the sheep mentality of having huge apps.

Posted via CB10

Non blackberry users aren't even all that interested in the free version of BBM (all my non blackberry contacts have uninstalled it). Do you really think they will fork over any money for a paid feature? I say no way, people have to get away from the whole BBM is the best mentality, it is simply yet another messenger available for download (with a clunky interface to boot). You can wave the security flag in front of people all you want, most consumers don't give 2 shits about it. On a side note, a comment i heard from many people is that they actually don't want the received/read notification so blackberry should really offer a setting to turn that off.

I totally disagree with you on this one. Since BBM X, I've had at least 50 new additions to my BBM from the other two platforms with the vast majority of these being Android users. If haven't had a single person uninstall the app or complain about the great D and R features of BBM. One thing I always say is that it boils down to education and awareness.

Posted via CB10

And I totally disagree with you. The Droid and iOS users I know are becoming heavily entrenched in Hangouts. They've all downloaded BBM and there doesn't seem to be any real excitement over it. I haven't used it once as I have 0 contacts on BBM.

"On a side note, a comment i heard from many people is that they actually don't want the received/read notification so blackberry should really offer a setting to turn that off."

I had several people tell me that too. They DO NOT want to notify people when they read their messages. It is a great feature, but many people do not want it. You can't "hide" and use "oh, I didn't see your text message" as an excuse. And that's something almost every mobile user has done or does regularly. They want a way to turn that off if they are going to use it.

I too find extremely frustrating to see ZERO BBry devices in pretty much any mobile store.

This is an incredible pce of equipment - where the phuque is the advertising/marketing???


Get your collective (_i_)'s in gear BBry!

Im still a bbry guy - guess I'll always be one - I'm Canadian and its a Canadian device designed by Canadians. It would be truly a heartbreaker for me as well as the other few Million of us that are dedicated diehards to see this go down the drain.

Posted via the Superlative CUE 10.. . Zed Tirty on the Horizon!

BlackBerry needs to make their devices desirable. Focus on the enterprise customers for marketing and advertisement and improve the devices. They will then sell themselves. I bought my first BlackBerry from word of mouth because it did things no one else did. No one will switch just because of ads unless the technology is innovative and different. Look at the lumina with the 41 megapixel camera. Or the iPhone with siri. These are the kinds of things that are innovative and different. Right now BlackBerry is playing catch up and the cool features just aren't different enough or innovative enough for people to desire the devices.

Posted via CB10

Or people don't know about them. Time Shift camera is pretty innovative, as is the Hub and Priority Hub.

BB10 has many brilliant innovations. Problem is their PR/marketing either lacks convictions or totally inept in countering the FUD tactics that were thrown at them, or both. Remember all the sound bites about the peek-and-flow and the Hub are so different and difficult to learn, that Time Shift is not unique and other phones already do that (seriously? ). Only after it became clear that BB10 weren't able to follow the launch with many of the top apps (critics did wait and see initially with the announcements of big names like Skype, WhatsApp, Angry Bird, etc. onboard) that attacks shifted mainly on the lack of apps.

This is a marketing flaw on the part of BlackBerry. Look what Apple did with fingerprint scanner... is that something new? No it is not, but many more are aware of it today... even when we get these great OS updates you hear nothing of it, yet when there is an IOS update it is splashed all over the media.

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Ouch. Sounds like Chris concludes that the devices are toast. John Chen denied this so it will be interesting to see.

I wish that they would try to market the phones more. Not saying that BBRY could do this, but when AAPL concluded that its products were not being marketed properly by retailers it opened its Apple Stores.

BBRY needs to realize that to sell their devices they need to get peoples' attention and show them how great the devices are. Maybe focusing on BB7 users is one strategy.

Giving up on the operating system and the devices just seems really depressing since they have not gotten a fair shake -- no one has marketed them.

He didn't say the devices were toast, he just acknowledged sales to date have been disappointing, which is true.

Any idea how many OS7 users are out there? Me included. I think that is a good place to start with enticements. I will be upgrading to the z30 soon hopefully. I am sure BBRY doesn't want to give away the farm in order to get OS7 users upgraded to 10 without pissing off the early changers too bad. Right now, not a lot of choices but a good choir to push to.

Nice mind reading attempt. Wanna show me the part where I said devices are toast? People. Learn to effing read and skip all the bullcrap mindreading. It will make you smarter.

ANALysts at it again. This two face was one of the last bulls on this stock touting that even if blackberry was put on sale would get at least 18$ a share. LOL

What's important is what John Chen is up to, so far he did what everyone wanted. To fire all the dinosaur execs that failed to perform AGAIN when Thor gave them a second chance.

Android BBM partnerships seem interesting and BES10 focus of going multiplatform seems to have gained some traction.

The only laggard are BB10 devices. More and more I am convinced Blackberry should just stop making its own hardware and outsource hardware manufacturing to Koreans or Chinese.

Lets face it, other hardware manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Lenovo are doing much better in keeping costs down while keeping up quality control in their products.

Blackberry hardware with exception of Blackberry 9000 (the tank) were all mediocre in reliability and cost an arm and leg in affordability.

Storm 1 & 2 were pure shit. Torch 1&2 were shit. Bold line and even the Q10 are plagued with double typing keyboard issue. The curves batteries were always a hit or miss, sometimes DOA outside of the box.

The very least Blackberry improved the software front with BB10 but the hardware still is mediocre at best.

License your OS for crying out loud! Hell giving it up free wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Licensing the OS doesn't make business sense.

Samsung is co-developing Tizen with Intel so they have an alternative to Google's Android. Apple controls iOS and Microsoft bought Nokia so it could have control over hardware and software. Who is going to want to license BB10? Lenovo wanted to buy BlackBerry, but I think it was primarily for the patents, the talent, and BES/BBM. The Canadian government nixed any sale to Lenovo. Given the national security concerns, what makes you think licensing either the old BB OS or BB10 is even an option?

The BB10 devices have very good hardware and very good software.

I have a Q10 and don't know what you are talking about when you say double typing keyboard issue. The Q10 works incredibly well for me.

Doesn't make business sense? It creates growth, increases affordability, increases market share beyond border which in the end all in turn increase service revenue. Wtf you think Google and Microsoft have been doing?

Samsung would gladly slap BB10 on their phones and sell it to enterprise. Anything to make a buck and expands its markets. Microsoft bought Nokia because losses incurring on the shitty partnership, so Nokia threatened to make Android phones so they agreed to buy them out while at the same time MSFT CEO resigns. Doesn't look like investors were happy with that acquisition among many other things.

Canadian government would interfere on SALE of blackberry, has nothing to do with outsourcing plastic and circuitry which they already do by building their mediocre crap in Mexico.

There is no national security concern on hardware since almost all the circuitry and chips in any phone already made in China.

What matters is the OS and if Blackberry licenses the CLOSED OS to other partners, makes no difference in security since Blackberry would still be in control on the services of the OS.

BB10 devices are mediocre like always nothing has changed in the manufacturing process. They look nice but in design they are crap. Yet hilarious Blackberry devices always overpriced with lower specs compared to competitors.

Go type "Double typing Blackberry" on google.

It's interesting that every BB I've owned since way back when has been made in Mexico. I'm curious to know if any other handset makers use Mexican labor? It seems all of the other manufacturers' products are made in Asian countries. The only issues we had with BB's was back in the track ball days. Those things would get gummed up, but it was usually an easy fix.

I agree with most of what Alex Keb said here with the exception that they shouldn't license out BB10, but rather outsource just their hardware. There is more control in terms of making money on the abstract (software) instead of the concrete (hardware).

If this then works out and they have established solid growth revenue, THEN they can start serious discussions on getting their OS out to the masses - however this is where it needs serious policing and I'm not sure hardware companies would want to partner up with that.

Doing the first half would help develop and mature BlackBerry's handle on their software QC process and release timelines - something that they haven't been good at and desperately need improvement on.

Cool. I slap a sell rating on CITI. Didn't they get bailed out several years ago? Whats that saying.. two birds calling a black kettle something lol

Well written Chris and very honest. I am a big fan of BlackBerry but hate to say you are right. There are too many things going against BlackBerry. Very sad...

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The Citi analyst doesn't think new management can do anything to turn things around. I'm not ready to write them off yet...

Posted via CB10

Change analyst changed rating, hmmm, is it just tell you how subjective the rating is? Technical analysis ?

Posted via CB10

Fundamentals usually don't change overnight. TA could be used as different equations to fit what ever the hedge model the astro-physicist come out. I would expect he is more of lick a finger guy.

Posted via CB10

I agree with your analysis, Chris. My understanding is that BlackBerry has retained much of their considerable enterprise sales force, but I'd like to see some numbers too.

I actually see little hope for BlackBerry as a software-only company. I mean, I could muster up a vision for an entirely different firm with the BlackBerry moniker doing well just selling BES, but the real competitive advantage BlackBerry has had over the years stems from integration of HW/SW. The barriers to entry in the software-only arena are too small. I can imagine a subscription-based, cross-platform Hub and security suite, but I'm not sure why BlackBerry needs to be the one to bring that to the world at this stage.

No, what I'd like to see is the Mike L. and Qualcomm offer before the board. I want to know the details. The real problem with BB10 is that it doesn't have a distinguishing benefit or vision. It's better in some ways than a Sammy Android device or iPhone, but being the same, but slightly better will not generate sales in this more mature smartphone market. For most, the rational decision is to buy an S4, wait for an S5, or maybe get an iPhone. There's huge support and ecosystems there. If it weren't MS in third, I'm not even sure a non-niched third representing a sliver of the market that doesn't allow for premium pricing is worth fighting for...

But, BlackBerry could turn it around with a gamble. A device product, maybe a smartphone, maybe not, that does something that not only provides real world distinguishing benefit competitors can't quickly implement, but something that is worthy of a premium price for a prosumer niche product. Lazaridis developed one of those devices once and Qualcomm has been publicly showing interest in finding and launching one. Software is too easy to copy, but HW/SW could be a game changer... and with Qualcomm, BlackBerry and Mike L.'s vision, we might have a recipe.

In regards to John Chen, he needs to provide a vision soon. He won't be able to provide results soon, but at least some kind of idea of a target market for devices or something! I'm just afraid he was brought on board to make an Enterprise play... sorta like he did at Sybase. That's good enough to help Prem Watsa recover some of his money, but not good enough for long term thriving. You can say what you want about Mike L and Jim B being unable to adapt to a changing consumer market with consumer electronics firms in the mix (e.g. Apple, Samsung), but how on earth did we end up here with a CEO working for Silver Lake from an office in LA while managing BlackBerry on the side...?

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Chris, is this the same guy?
Analyst sees RIM losing 90 percent of workers
by Larry Dignan June 25, 2012

Research In Motion is a fundamentally broken company that is likely to be split up in parts and may see fiscal year 2014 revenue of about $7 billion, well short of the $12 billion Wall Street currently expects, according to Morgan Stanley.

Morgan Stanley analyst Ehud Gelblum became the latest analyst to ditch any hopes for RIM ahead of what is known to be a fiscal first quarter train wreck. Gelblum downgraded RIM to underweight -- a bit late to that party -- on the idea that the company won't even be able to hold its book value. Any strategic transformation will require a much smaller RIM that is broken up into parts.

Gelblum's working theory is that the next nine months for RIM will be total hell. First, RIM is going to get crushed in its August quarter amid aging devices, a delay of its BlackBerry 10 launch and a sluggish smartphone market ahead of the iPhone 5 launch. RIM's first quarter of fiscal 2013 will be a mess and the second quarter outlook will be worse."

Posted via CB10

Look like he still on his theory working part, although the situation has changed lately. Let's see if he is lucky this time. - no wonder.

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Well shows you anybody can make comments about Blackberry even Chris. Analysts are a dime a dozen, but to have someone who is apparently from Crackberry (I presume) , commenting using Citi as a reference point just tells you how low people go in Blackberry bashing. Well Chris you can get out of Dodge now, you are not wanted .

Calling everyone who doesn't have 100% positive things to say about BlackBerry a "hater" is part of the problem.

People need to be willing to accept criticism of BlackBerry for it to improve.

Posted using my Z10 via CB10

You're on the wrong site man. Some of these readers are as delusional as Apple users and can't take the truth even when it's smacked right in their faces. They BlackBerry could tell them the sky is red and they would call anybody who didn't believe that a troll.

Posted via CB10

The biggest problem here is repetitive printing or copying of negativity. I don't see positive reports getting so much press so why not just turn a blind eye to these reports. I'm beginning to think more and more that these "analyst" are the true rulers of our greedy world.. everything they spit out is taken as gospel these days. I wish the world would wake up and demand that these people get real jobs in a real world

Posted via CB10

Grow up. I'd love to see BBRY succeed. What I wrote related to 1) explaining what CITI published; 2) Providing some commentary around it. Main focus on how BBM and BES are the two most relevant engines to save the company. And ... grow up.

Chris, you're the Daniel Rubino of CrackBerry...telling your own readers to "grow up", "learn to effing read" and such.

Funny how CrackBerry encourages a culture of respect yet allows one of its own bloggers to talk like that.

In his defence he has taken some stick here.
We've all reacted the same way for much less on the forums

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The market is certainly anticipating the next financial report. I'm not sure how it bases it's numbers, but new phones are not selling. It is clear. At $4, I imagine a buyer will appear. But I still believe in BlackBerry. The strategy from here must be clear. Keep investing in bb10. Perfect the android link. Keep state of the art security. Marketing must rise. If it dies, it goes down fighting.

Posted via CB10

Clearly BlackBerry is in bad shape. BB10 hasn't turned out to be the big game changer they proclaimed it would be. Instead of being leaps and bounds ahead of all other smartphones, it was actually leaps and bounds behind.

While many die hard BlackBerry fans, like me, bought the Z10 and like many features of both the handset and the OS, there's no denying that it doesn't match up on the specs compared to flagship phones from rivals Apple and Samsung. While a 720p screen and dual core processor may be good enough, it's hard to convince the average consumer to buy when it's right next to its competitors boasting quad core and 1080p with Gorilla glass.

I think BlackBerry has been far unwilling to listen to criticism from its consumers. Instead of accepting that they didn't have enough apps BlackBerry and it's fans have always said, "We have enough. How many apps do you really need on a phone?" or instead of accepting that users want 1080p and Gorilla Glass, BlackBerry and and its supports say, "720p is good enough and you don't really need Gorilla Glass, just get a screen protector."

With an attitude like that the BlackBerry is never going to pull themselves out of the hole they've dug. Pretending everything is hunky dory or and the company will turn around on its own is just going to make things worse. Instead of taking the attitude that BlackBerry is perfect and consumers are just too dumb to realize how great they are BlackBerry needs to accept criticism and adjust accordingly.

Personally I'm still using my Z10 and like many things about it, but not all. I'm stiff hopeful that BlackBerry can turn things around and return to its former glory, but I can't blame Citi for having a skeptical view of the BlackBerry's future.

Posted using my Z10 via CB10

This is well said. In most domains BlackBerry has had a certain arrogance with consumers. The z30 was brilliant in timing but in specs dismal by comparison. Technically a great phone but compared to S4 or I5s it did not stand up. How does it happen!?

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Agree. Pem now controls the company and his interest is making money for himself only. Chen is just working for him.

I'm experiencing every day how buggy and unreliable BBM is on iOS, and most of my BBM friends moved back to Whatsapp already or will do so shortly.
I'm not aware of any major companies in my country using BES, nor that anybody seriously tries to sell it to them.
So if these 2 are the main assets that are left @ BBRY, then the end might really be near.

In my opinion, blackberry needs to do 2 things and they can be successful: 1. Sell/give their OS (BB10) to other device manufacturers (eg Nokia, samsung) like Google does and 2. Make devices with a track pad and navigation buttons and BB10. Many people would love this.

Chris never heard you sound so negative on BlackBerry. Even the last paragraph does nothing to change that. Wow Bro! You me down. Bring on the 20th fingers crossed.

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Why republish a negative article when all can read for themselves from the original source. I'm a crackberry die hard but I'm not a sheep where I have to be in agreement with every opinion published here.. this is just an opinion and that's all it really is. He's entitled to his and I'm entitled to mine.

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Yet you don't care about all the other republished articles when they are positive. Double standard

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Guess what, they're "analysis" is always based on a severely flawed financial system that is at the end of its time. Sorry to inform you of that. This is old school bs that won't fly in the new world. Ever heard of the word sustainable and / or reality?

They're measuring things that don't matter.

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BlackBerry should go private., keep pushing BBM and BES. There's still time to sell bb10 devices. The hardware is top notch and the os is stable and well designed. People need to know about the capabilities of both. The phones are just as good as any iPhone or Android device . Anyone who previously owned a older blackberry device but switched to android or iPhone, i find, has a misconception of the Bb10 system. communication is the key.

Posted via CB10

System is flawed. Can't analyze something that's fake to begin with. The only real things happening here are Z10, Q10, Q5, and Z30. That's the only tangible reality.

Posted via CB10

You write a lot of words without really saying anything. What are you going on about?

Posted using my Z10 via CB10

Can't you write? In your previous post you confuse "they're" when you really mean their.

Posted using my Z10 via CB10

Brian White of Topeka Capital..... "Apple $1,111 per share"
Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray.... "Apple $1,000 per share"

Who cares what these morons think?

I give them credit for one thing.... after years of claiming that BlackBerry is "going out of business" - when that was not even CLOSE to the case - low information people of the USA are hesitant to buy BlackBerry phones because of this perpetuated LIE...

"low information people of the USA are hesitant to buy BlackBerry phones because of this perpetuated LIE..."

No, people don't buy Blackberry phones because they are last year's specs at next year's prices.

Maybe they're not selling 20 million units in short order like the other bullies of this business. So what. BlackBerry is niche. Before BlackBerry 10, they sold 0 BlackBerry 10 devices. After BlackBerry 10 they've sold x number of devices. Sounds like sustainable growth to me, not absurd BS.

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Someone needs to run a check to see of some of these analysts, members of their families, friends, and companies they work for, aren't benefiting indirectly from the bad ratings they give companies not only BlackBerry. Eg: If they have shares in other smartphone or mobile technology companies, they would benefit from BlackBerry and others downgrade. Just a thought, it seem no matter what BlackBerry it's not enough for these analysts.

Posted via CB10

As long as BBRY is picking up BES customers, like they announced this morning, and the fact that TMO is starting to offer BES Cloud Services, BBRY is taking the small steps they need to keep the company afloat. I am sure Chen knows that this will be a slow turn around, but Analysts don't want slow they want fast, be it either fast turn arounds or fast deaths.

What the hell is thing you have with pull quotes Chris? Are you responsible for choosing them? Do you also get to decide where they go? I have to say it sure looks dumb, to have a pull quote right after the actual part where the quote has been derived from in context. It's not like anyone is skimming the article and reading just the pull quotes first: blog posts without many images aren't usually read that way!

Great article. Marred by dumb pull quotes!

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

@KennyIceBerry article not written for CB app or mobile. Looks better in desktop version of article. #PullQuotes

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A recent Yankee Group survey showed 41% of Americans plan on buying a smartphone for their next phone purchase, and 50% of those people plan on buying a BlackBerry. Only 25% said they would buy an iPhone.

This was June 1999.

The more you guys sell, the cheaper I can buy :D
The stock market is all about risk, I buy not based on what the books are telling me but on the potential of this company. I saw first hand this year what BB10 is cable of, and to say we should just scrape that and move on is pure nonsense.
It's a tech company for crying out loud, It offers things that the other players don't and is capable of so much more. All BlackBerry needs is time and execution and if people can't hold on to their shares to see that, well then in the long run it might turn out to be a big win for the rest of us that do.

*Conspiracy theory* What if and that's a big what if: Articles were being put out just to lower stock that value so low that some shareholders could actually buy cheap? It's not the first time stuff like that happened and it certainly won't be the last.

So true, sometimes your gut is better than any past data, my gut tells me brry will survive,,so that translates to buy buy buy @ $4.

Posted via CB10

You would think at 4 you can't go wrong,but on the way down to 4 many people had the same thought when it was at 11 or 12 like me.I am long BB,very long!!

Analyst = only takes the first four letters of this word to see where their heads are usually stuck. These guys no about as much as a crystal ball!

BlackBerry forever, haters never!

Cicerone said he could not understand how haruspexes could meet without laughing to each other....i think the same apply to stock analysts. we found ourselves in the worse financial crisis without nobody of the experts adviced, then the same experts would like to teach us how to solve it. Simply bulls**it

Posted via CB10

I love my PlayBook & Z10 as much as anyone, but... how is it "news" that someone is putting a "sell" Rating on BB? Who the hell would recommend "buy" or even "hold"? THAT would be newsworthy.

Posted via CB10

Business people have no cleu about BB10. Mention the name blackberry they all say "no thanks but I wanted a Samsung or Apple. Trying to explain that Blackberry 10 is a new os cost to much time and that is the fault of the blackberry company, thats why people buy windows because that new os is more familiar than the new OS.

Telling people it's build from the ground up is like telling something to a tree. Only mention the name blackberry they think OS 5 or 6, whatever and still it take to much time to explain if there has the old build in there head. Like I said it's blackberry there own fault and it is easier for sale to go with the flow and that is android, windows or ios phones.

BlackBerry must step up before it's to late because some operators in europe don't even sale the Z30 and they still can hit north west europe like the Netherlands, france, UK and Germany. Make deals and try to find an brand like samsung, HTC or maybe Nokia who wanted to sell android. Nokia selling blackberry 10 would be intresting.

Blackberry must also trying to advertise : "blackberry tested for 2 years every android, ios and windows phone and we build blackberry 10 from the ground up to make it just a little bit better and more clever for touchscreen use for the best experience in social media, texting and multmedia on your samsung TV or your Apple TV.

We also build in android support so that you can install easily particular android apps.

Blackberry 10 is new and is build for full touchscreen use or with a qwerty keyboard.

The New Blackberry 10 for the best touchscreen experience on a smartphone.

Showing only the Z30.

Qwerty fans allready know they gone buy blackberry.


Nice, Citi.... the same BA$T@RD$ who keep sending me pre-approved credit card offers -even though I have opted-out!
Hopefully karma will prevail! :)

Shorts want to bring it down to $4 for January puts to maximize return. Shorts have made a killing on this stock and will continue to do so unless longs tie up their share with high limit sells. Otherwise shorts are borrowing your shares.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for taking the time to write this out but over the last year or so I've learned it's all a bunch of crap.

I ignore this stuff because at the end of the day my Z10 is an amazing device. I'm so sick and tired of everyone's opinions.

If you have stock and you sell it now you'll lose money. If you don't sell now, you won't lose.

Analyst work for people who are looking to make money. They publish shit like this to have an affect on the stocks. I wish people weren't so naive.

Had BlackBerry gone private it would have been the best thing. They could have restructured while not being under the scrutiny of asshole analysts and shortsellers.

Anyway, I'm sick of reading other people's opinions. I'm hanging on to my blackberry come hell or high water. That's how I support Team BlackBerry.

"From my cold, dead hands!!" LOL

"It comes down to BBM and BES. Both of these are now cross-platform plays and therefore don’t depend on the success of BB10 to make money for the company going forward."

While theoretically true, I'm going to disagree regarding BES. Although some of its capabilities might be better than what's available with competitor products, I don't know if BES as a whole is significantly better when it comes to MDM for iOS and Android. BlackBerry's MDM advantage is largely dependent on using BlackBerry devices; everything else--including BES management of iOS and Android--is a step below.

Regarding BBM, I really question the active participation after the initial download rush. I question how many regular users it has and how many are switching from alternative services like WhatsApp. If they're using BBM at all, I imagine it's in addition to vs. in replacement of another service. And based on some feedback I've heard, while BBM might do some things better, WhatsApp is better at things users care more about, such as picture sharing and group messaging.

I would take anything Citigroup says with a Grain Of SALT.

And I will say this once again, in regards to BlackBerry, without the consumer market, the Enterprise will not grow. The doom of BB10 is complete nonsense. We all know BBRY made a huge mistake with #1 Very Lack Luster Marketing #2 put themselves up 4 sale where in fact it never had to be put on sale. Not when a company is running debt free and has Billions in $$$.

The #3 is that had they not put themselves up for sale, BB10 sales would have been much better, not to mention, combine that with proper MARKETING, and BBRY would never have gotten in to this mess.
the #4 is the FACT USA Carriers are extremely ANTI-BBRY, not to mention once again, Carriers in the USA forced with multi-year Apple contracts where the Carriers are forced to pay Apple $Billions$ in damages if they do not sell enough iPhones.

Next is the Short Sellers and the ridiculous doom/gloom articles all based on here say, rumour and speculation, all made out as if it was fact, as the author(s) deliberately intended.

BB10 is the best mobile OS out to date. Get the right marketing and it will grow. People still don't know what it is, and everytime they see BBRY, they see BBOS.

BES10 as SAAS may be the key to gain markets no one targets today. More I believe that "prosumers" will find value in a secure management and storage environment. BlackBerry added "affordable" and "easy" where the words "administrators" and "expensive " are the norm.
In the same move, they offer BYOD/MDM to enterprises that would not even think about it.
Using carriers (T-mobile as a start) sales force where their team have been shrinking is also an unexpected trick, I must say : very, very well done. We were used to BIS V.S BES... now BlackBerry is offering a single high grade service, available for everyone, company or Joe. For the price of a coffee/month.
I for one would agree to pay much more than that to keep my mobile-related stuff in BlackBerry's safe. Anytime.

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I love my Z30. It's the best blackberry I've owned to date. And I've used several. I think if they can get their marketing act together and highlight the benefits of 10.2.1 along with BBM and BES then the company does have potential to reverse the downward trend.

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Sry. "In the same move, they offer both MDM/BYOD and enhanced security/privacy".

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Analysts don't do a very good job at prediction...a gypsy with a crystal ball will have the same odds of being right. if they were right all the time or even 50% of the time, they would not be analysing, or need a job. Should be long retired. I usually buy stock, opposite what an analysis predicts. He maybe looking for headlines.

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Not even the CB team has anything overly positive to say....this is getting crappy

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I think it all started when they moved to NYC months ago,thier morale was shattered,they didn't accomplish much ,as far as BB is concerned,and now, they probably are suffering from some sort of PTSD.

I love my new Q10 and some financial witch doctor making guesses isn't going to change that, or stop my enjoyment in any way shape or form. BlackBerry just need to hold their nerve, advertise more and let word of mouth do the rest. I know I'll be showing people how good the Q10 is and how awesome Instant Action and the Hub/gestures are.

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It's all a matter of time. Keep making a strong product and Ppl will come. The coolness of having an iPhone will turn into a mainstream douchey thing. Or... maybe just focus in the business consumer aspect. Play off of Obama having one n what not