Cisco WebEx Meetings available to download for BlackBerry 10

By Michelle Haag on 29 Jan 2013 09:39 pm EST
Cisco WebEx Meetings

As promised way back in September at BlackBerry Jam, Cisco has made their WebEx Meetings app available for BlackBerry 10 devices. With Cisco WebEx Meetings, you can join any web conference right from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Cisco WebEx Meetings for BlackBerry works with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and Cisco WebEx Meetings to deliver mobile web and audio conferencing.

I know when we first mentioned this in September, a lot of you were very excited to hear the news. Is this a must have app for you? Let us know in the comments below if your company uses Cisco WebEx, and download the app from BlackBerry World at the link below.

More information/download Cisco WebEx Meetings

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Cisco WebEx Meetings available to download for BlackBerry 10


Good to Know.

BB known as a phone for business people, but it is very pity. Every time I receive a Webex invitation I can't open on my 9810 simply because the attachment is not supported. I downloaded Webex app from app world, belie me or not can't log in, getting an error every time.
Don't get me wrong I am not a BB critic I am an diehard fan (I am the only one at our office who still uses the BB (use to have a 20+ contact to BBM with now have 0).
Small things like this force business people to switch to other platforms.
another example. I receive an email with two attachments "Message is truncated due to size" Common People really? Business Phone really?
hope this kind of BS not going to chase us in BB 10 world.
Will buy a Z10 as soon as it will be available on AT&T.

Odd. I use WebEx on my 9810 regularly. I sometimes lose the meeting with a bad signal but can generally get it back easily.

Yes! Cisco is making good on their promise as a premier partnership. We've implemented Cisco WebEx internally on our own servers via licensing from Cisco! Very impressed with this news. Now .... we just need jabbar support to finally allow this to tie into our Cisco/Tandberg VC equipment .... XC90's participants would be impressed by those fully mobile.

Seemless corporate integration!

Being a Cisco Employee, I am on Webex meetings practically on a daily basis. This is huge for me! and it will help me dump my iPad and focus on my Plabook. ;-)

Can't focus on your PlayBook - no WebEx for PlayBook. Which is utterly absurd. RIM is trying to sell it as a business tool and yet one of the apps which is perfectly suited for the PB is not yet available for it? And Cisco is a Premier Partner? I'd hate to see the offerings of non-Premier Partners.

I am a RIM apologist and defend them daily, but I really have a hard time understanding and defending this.

We use WebEx in our organisation regularly, so this is really great news. Hope it will be there for the PlayBook as well as the iPad has it for quite a while. Also hoping for Cisco Jabber ...

Webex for Android is sideloadable to Playbook, and installs just fine. However, after firing up the app, it doesn't seem to be able to tap onto PB's Internet connection, and 'fails to connect to Webex server' :-(