Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Now Available For BlackBerry Devices

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Now Available For BlackBerry Devices
By Bla1ze on 23 Apr 2010 04:34 pm EDT

A lot of people use WebEx in their job. The only bad part about that is that often times, it means having to be at your desk or at least near a computer in order to access it. Well, now BlackBerry users can have their WebEx meetings while on the go. The newly released WebEx Meeting Center has been released from Cisco and is now available via BlackBerry App World. Given the functions of WebEx lets have a look at what the mobile version offers:

  • View presentations and applications.
  • Start or join meetings quickly and easily.
  • See who attends and enable others to present.
  • Enjoy integrated audio.
  • Start group and private chats.
Not sure if this could be used as an alternative for sitting in a golf cart, when you're supposed to be attending a business meeting but it's nice to at least have the option. Supported devices include Bold 9700, Bold 9000, Storm series, Curve 8900 and Tour 9630. Since there has been a lot of questions surrounding the app, we've posted the facts and highlights from the press release after the jump.
  • Users can now directly download the Cisco WebEx Meeting Center application for BlackBerry smartphones from or on BlackBerry App World(TM) at Or, when a user clicks on the WebEx meeting URL from email or a calendar invitation on the supported models of BlackBerry smartphones, they will be prompted to download the application at that time.
  • When the user clicks on the meeting URL to join a Cisco WebEx online meeting from their BlackBerry smartphone, the WebEx audio conferencing system will call them back to join the meeting. When the user answers the audio call, the data portion of the meeting is automatically launched on their smartphones. The application also supports other audio configurations.
  • Cisco now makes it easy and intuitive for BlackBerry smartphone users to join and participate in Cisco WebEx online meetings. The Cisco WebEx Meeting Center application now allows meeting participants to use elements such as the menu option to access the features and shortcuts for fast navigation while they are on the go.
  • The application gives meeting hosts the flexibility to start a scheduled meeting that has previously been scheduled on a computer and to pass presenter control on to another attendee participating from a computer.
  • The in-meeting experience on BlackBerry smartphones allows participants to view shared presentations, applications, and desktops with live annotations. In addition, BlackBerry smartphone users can see the attendee list, find out who's talking at a particular time, and chat privately with one or all of the attendees.
  • The online meetings are delivered via the Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud, a real-time, global network that is fast, reliable and highly secure, giving users the performance necessary for high-quality mobile business meetings.

Reader comments

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Now Available For BlackBerry Devices


If this works for my company's WebEx use, would be great since would allow me to attend meetings without being at a computer. Well done!

I hope that "other audio configurations" includes transmitting over data. Because otherwise, GSM users not in a 3G coverage area and CDMA users will not be able to access the data portion while on the teleconference.

I highly doubt it will look that pretty. Blackberries are sluggish devices, and WebEx can be sometimes as well.

The result? Most likely a lagfest plus connection problems.

if you have a host account you can start your scheduled meetings through the device and it works quite well.

Cisco had this available upon request but now that it is available I immediately downloaded it. It really help to organize webexes on the go.
Before I needed to send the invites form the laptop ( blackberry used as a modem no problem :-))

3G telus was able to run webex and voice on same time even using it as a modem and sharing my desktop to demo some stuff

BB saved my A*** couple of time because my internet was down.

WEBEX doesn't allow audio tracks on a video to be heard - not sure if you can run video demo at all on WEBEX. I have been stymied a few times by this limitation - same with Go to Meeting - so we use Microsoft Live Meeting which does accomodate video with sound.

Tried to download the app this morning, but couldn't find it when I searched for it in the Blackberry App World. Emailed myself the link, and when I open the link to view the application in the App World, I receive the message: "This application is not available on your device or for your carrier".

According to it states that this supports all devices and all carriers. I am on Verizon and have the Curve 8530.

Has anybody else had this issue?

Our IT guys got it to work finally with Blackberry after fixing the company website issues.

it's a pity we cannot schedule a meeting on the go.

Laggy .. and I prefer to tether BB with my laptop if I am carrying the heavy piece.

I was dreaming of throwing the laptop away !

The good advantage is that you do not need to remember the meeting number will be dialed automatically

Com'on Cisco What is causing all the delays for a decent app ?
Do you think that supporting Apple's toys is enough ?

I am using the BB Curve 8520. The webex app however does not cover this phone.
Can I some how use it by upgrading the operating system or some other trick.
Any ideas, anyone ?