Cisco WebEx app will be available at launch of BlackBerry 10

By Michelle Haag on 26 Sep 2012 01:55 pm EDT

During yesterday's keynote presentation at BlackBerry Jam, Christopher Smith, VP of BlackBerry Application Platform & Tools at RIM, chatted with David from Cisco about WebEx on BlackBerry 10. David explained that BlackBerry is a leading platform for them, and gave us a look at the new BlackBerry 10 app they're working on using Cascades. They have a lot of exciting things coming for those of you that use WebEx on a regular basis!

Luke from the Inside BlackBerry for Business team caught up with Mark Gervase of Cisco after the presentation and took a few minutes to discuss the new Cisco WebEx app for BlackBerry and the future of WebEx on the platform going forward. If your company uses WebEx for conferencing, then these are some exciting advancements you'll want to take advantage of starting in Q1 of next year. Click over to the source link below for a few screenshots, and if you missed the demo in the keynote yesterday you can see it during Christopher's presentation starting at the 15:30 mark.

Source: Inside BlackBerry for Business

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Cisco WebEx app will be available at launch of BlackBerry 10


This was the biggest partnership announced yesterday in my opinion. It's the kind of thing that the core BlackBerry audience will really appreciate.


RIM needs more productivity apps on PlayBook and BB10. Games are great, but RIM needs to reaffirm it's presence in enterprise space. Tools such as this are key!

I love all the partners they're embracing here. Between Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare and now Cisco, these are crucial apps for launch day. I'm so excited they're all going to be there on Day 1!

It would be really nice to see Cisco embrace BB10. I'd love to see Jabber Video on BB10 and then by extension the PB. Has there been any news from RIM on the future of MVS with BB10? I like MVS but it is expensive and essentially led to Cisco not developing a mobile voice client for BB with native connectivity to the Cisco UC infrastructure like they did with Apple and Android.

You are just copying the text from my brain ;-)

Really still no word on video with jabber and webex.

RIM see look back in the enterprise we want the killing apps to be available in BB 10. We want Sharepoint client FREE, give us the opportunity to set up an easy vpn connection, enable pptp vpn for small businesses give us a right soft phone.

And for the consumer market where is the skype, netflix, bbc iplayer etc ? Again the same mistakes.

YESSSSS!!! This is the sort of collaboration tools RIM need on BB10.

I thought something would come about with IBM -- I still hope RIM works with IBM to get some of their awesome business tools on the PlayBook. RIM needs to work in all directions to get the PlayBook in schools, business, and consumer hands.

Great news, this will be a very welcome addition to the PlayBook and the BB10 platform. If it supports WebEx video as well that will be awesome!

That's great! I use it quite often with 3rd party conference calls. Our company uses Microsoft products for conferencing so it would be nice if they could come on board. It would interesting to hear if Citrix will be updating their software and coming on board as well. Slowly but surely......

if it aint skype it aint right. if it aint netflix it aint d!#k. On a real note; im glad webex is on board. now i just hope MS LYNC 2010 is in the works.

This IS EXACTLY the caliber of application and vocal support from a "well known" that we needed! RIM needs to ride herd on the rest of the fence sitters and get them on BBX with Velocity. Outstanding News and well worth the video hosting space! Thank you for perhaps the BEST news I've seen out of the jam!

I'm still lost though although I like this from Cisco. If it is so easy to get old apps over to BB10 using all of these new great developer tools, why haven't majority developers from the Java world switched over to BB10?

...Where is SugarSync? Evernote? Whatsapp? Dropbox? Where are BB Podcasts? BB Travel?

I really don't want another PB experience :(

I absolutely love this! I use webex on a regular basis. I always hate to bring my heavy laptop everywhere just for attending webex meeting.

Hey, I was a huge fan of WebEx; however, recently I have started using RHUB web conferencing appliances as I need more security for my business. It simply works from behind my company’s firewall.