If puzzles are your thing you will be in puzzle heaven with Circuit for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 16 Jun 2013 03:15 pm EDT

If you like puzzle style games on your BlackBerry then Circuit will have your brain working overtime. I must admit, I'm useless at puzzles and I can't even get past level 5 but with this type of game being so popular with millions of BlackBerry users my failure should inspire you to beat me!

So the way that Circuit works is that you are given a number of triangles on-screen each with different colored sides. You need to match the corresponding colored sides together to complete the level. At first this is easy but as you will see in the video things get pretty hectic when you have about twelve to match up. In addition there are also some bombs in the game but I clearly wasn't good enough to get that far!

It's kind of a hard one to explain to be honest so if you don't have the opportunity to view the video now I would check it out at a later date if puzzles are your thing.

Circuit is available for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 and will set you back just under a buck. With 30 challenging levels the price seems ok to me. The first person to complete the game and post a screen shot in the comments gets respect from me!

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First!!!! Finally I'm first

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Lol congrats

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And your contribution will never be forgotten. For some people, posting first means providing an enlightening, witty or even funny response to the topic.

Fortunately you saved us from ever having to experience that. :)

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Second. Finally I'm second

Anyone try the game yet?

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Lol the developer indicated in the game description that it's a native app lol, that's a first

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Level 24s a tad tricky :-)

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Done!! Now how to post a screen shot with no attach????

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Billiam Brennan

Copy the pic to clipboard and then paste it in the comment

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DJ Reyes

Thanks James. Good find. Already loving it.

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This looks Exactly like the iOS game Trism, which was originally created by that game developer.

I wonder if copying a game concept this close can lead to legal issues??

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For a paid app, it needs improvements...

These are my observations after playing it for the first time:

- when rotating from portrait to landscape mode, the game doesn't properly adjusts if you're in the middle of playing a level.

- if I'm in the middle of playing a level and get interrupted and my screen goes black (times out usually after 30secs without touching the device), I won't be able to get back to the game I was playing, it will resume to the home screen and the game I was playing restarts. That is annoying.

Hope it gets updates to improve these bugs, because it is a good game in my opinion.

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Winston Loh

James...you are so funny and cool too...keep them reviews coming!

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Done! A pretty good game, but a little short for a buck. There is some replay value in marathon mode, but only one or two rounds before you start remembering the patterns. I loved the addition of bomb circuits at level 23, as they add another dimension to the game. Keep the levels coming!