Cipher Series Of Themes Available Now!

By Bla1ze on 19 Jan 2009 01:53 am
Cipher SideBar Xtreme Theme!

John from Gadgetbean gave me a shout the other day to tell me about a new series of themes of his. My first thoughts were "Cool, another nice new theme" but then I got too actually downloading one from the series. It was all over from there... John has blown my mind with these themes! They are simply beautiful and well thought out. I grabbed Cipher Sidebar Xtreme - the side scroll has 15 icons in it that scroll vertically and even includes the function for 3rd party icons to be highlighted and look great at the same time, which some themes never accomplish. John has created a whole Cipher Series of themes for all the common devices, which are just amazing.

But really, talking about these themes really does nothing for them, check out the videos below for the full effect of the themes. Seriously, check out the vids!!

BOLD Cipher SideBar Xtreme
Cipher Xtreme - Curve/8800/8700
Pearl 8100/8800/8700/Curve Cipher Bounce


More Info/Purchase/Download Ciper Themes



Runell A

just ordered cipher bounce for my curve... it's going to look wicked with my all black curve!!

just waiting on the email for the download instructions


This is my first theme purchase.. and I must say I am very happy and impressed with it!! Its totally works with my own wallpaper, and I notice other people also posted theirs on the forums.. I am surprise this didnt get blogged sooner!! Great job JC!!


Eh? I'll take the blame for not getting it blogged sooner, been rather busy as of late. But that's ok cause we'll be starting a new "Theme Roundup" feature. Keep ur eyes peeled for that :)


Go here and get a better version of it for Free rather than paying $7.00

Justin V

I'm happy to pay $7 for all the hard work they put into these. They are very well done. They should be compensated. If they were offering them for free that would be something else.


That is, indeed, a better version of it. I compared them both. Very similar.

You can't replace the upper-right hand app in the Cipher version, which is a deal-breaker for me. The e-series version is definitely a nice alternative....and free!

Anyways, my conscience is clear, as I have already paid my $7. Keep the themes coming! They're all great!


This looks nice...very nice. But, before dropping 7-bones on a theme it would be nice to see a few more screens. Like:

Messages Inbox - how much screen real estate is taken up by the header?

3rd Party App Icons - what do they look like when highlighted?

General Font Support - is the font selected in options-->screen/keyboard used in all apps and menus?


More screen shots and information are available there, plus screenshots when u actually even just look at purchasing the theme. But the majority of the information you seek is linked in the post :)


This is sweet... I can't wait for Plazmic to release the new version to see this on the 8900.


beast theme i love it just bought it


I notice when i am using a custom theme ... the phone lags ... when moving the trackball from 1 app to the other ... it feels a bit "jumpy" but when i am using the themes which came wit the phone .. then its ok ....



I was wondering if anyone could explain the difference between the 4.3 & 4.5 OS versions of this theme for the Curve 8330. I'm assuming the screenshots are of the 4.5 OS and I'm just wondering what I can expect different for the 4.3 version.

I'd love to wait for the official Sprint release of OS 4.5 before getting this theme, but it just looks too great!


Two cool themes,have both for my Curve and on my daughters' Pearl!Checkem out!

Justin V

Why does nothing show up under messages on the home screen? Will they start to show up once new ones arrive? I have many emails and texts that are in those folders but don't see them in the messages on the home screen. My previously existing calendar items can be seen. Any thoughts?

Runell A

I noticed that as well. I tried to free up my device memory and store everything on the card. It helps a little.

I ordered this theme last night, but was too sleepy to wait for the instructions. I woke up around 9am and I still didn't have the instructions. I emailed support and in less than an hour I had the theme....

hats off to Crackberry store support team, I am now using an awesome theme with my "black" berry.


Anyone dealing with significant memory leak? I bought the Cipher Extreme version and my memory is now very low. This is after I deleted some applications I no longer use too.


just damn sexy. im gunna have to get this when i get a berry


It's nice to see all of these nice apps for the Bold, but how about the Storm!


I paid for this theme happily and love it. I don't mind that the clock takes up a little room on the screen. I love being able to customize everything down so I don't have to hit my BB key to bring up menu icons. They are all on my side and I have a folder set up with my occasional use. Keep the themes coming.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your kind suggestions and comments!! From the comments, I am also going to offer two choices for customers who already purchased the Bold SideBar Xtreme.

1. Cipher SideBar Xtreme V2 - This Version includes a Customizable icon which was first debut by JC Designs - on my Top Bold Today Plus theme where its on the upper Top Right Hand corner.

2. Cipher SideBar Xtreme v3 - This Version has the Sidebar stop scrolling on the 15th Icons and vice versa on the 1st as some people didnt like the continious scrolling action.

To get the above version, just email me with your order number for the BOLD Cipher SideBar Xtreme at and I will get an OTA setup.

Also, I want to let people know there is also the Cipher SideBar Xtreme Lite - This Version is in the Crackberry store and can be ordered as is - it has the Today Preview Plane on the right and a more suttle clock! This one is where people would like to use their own wallpaper alot.

Keep the suggestions coming in as I take them very seriously to ensure everyone is happy with what they purchased.

Once we get the builder for the Storm and 8900s we will be porting over our themes to those devices!

Thank you again for everyone's email and support!

We are now working on another hot cool theme for our beloved Blackberry, stay tuned!!


JC Designs -


Is there a way that the messages icon and the calendar icon be switched to what the user prefers to have? I have the Cipher extreme and I can't change them and I wish I could, I don't care to see the calendar I would rather have something else in it's place.


I downloaded this app to my Bold but it will not convert. Any tips on why?


After the download deem successful, pull out your battery for 30 seconds to let your phone do a hard reboot. Afterwards goto Options => Themes => Highlight the theme => Activate it!


JC Designs -


why buy them from the crackberry site with has them for $6?


plus, the crackberry site says it take 24 hours to process (after doing the order, of course) Small purchases over the internet should be processed immediately, why the wait???


Hi everyone,

I bought and installed the theme yesterday. Really love it. But then I noticed the memory leaked. Also the battery drains very fast. Anyone experience this? I'm using OS v.

Thanks and cheers.


it's not that great (8320 user here). the front page is cool, but the popup menus could look neater as well as the call screens. i think it's worth paying for, i just don't know if it's worth paying 7 bucks for. oh well. still different though. also, what's with the custom folder? it looks like something out of an 8bit video game. i like my 3rd party apps in one folder and this is very disappointing. did you guys forget to change it or something?


I am glad you liked the homescreen, we are actually doing an update for it which will fix the custom folder, and also the menus as some reported that the transparent type menu just wasnt working for some 3rd party apps. The update for the Curve/8800/8100s will all be done tonight. We used the same transparent type menu for these series because this theme was originally designed for the BOLD which worked flawlessly. But due to popular demand that JC should continuing making themes for the Curves/8800/8100s, we again decide to make themes avail starting from this Series. So please excuse the little issues as I now am trying my best to accommodate all blackberries and instead of just the BOLD. I been making themes for the Curves/8800/8700 for a few years, I am sorry if the BOLD made me less of a themer for the older models.


JC Designs -


I really like the theme and will keep using it for awhile. The MSN icon doesn't get highlighted the way other 3rd party do when selected.

You mention a some changes that will be made - how do those that have purchased get access to or know about new versions?


I am not able to locate an icon for BBM. I can recieve the messenges but the option to enter the app is not available. Please help me resolve this because I do not want to change to a different theme as I am enjoying this one so much. Thanks.


I ordered this Blackberry Bold theme from the web site last week, and to date I have neither receive a link from which to download the theme, nor have I received anything via US Mail. Further, I e-mailed the vendor last week regarding this very same matter, to which I have received no reply. As well, the web site shows that I have no purchases. Yet, I am in possession of the transaction confirmation e-mail from PayPal.

I attempted to pay via credit card but the site stated that PayPal was the only payment option for that purchase. That payment has since been deducted from my account, however, I still have not received my purchase. I have sent another e-mail to this vendor today and am awaiting his response.


please head guy of this get back at me....