Cincinnati Bell Wireless Offering BlackBerry Training To Customers

By Bla1ze on 25 Feb 2010 08:58 am EST
Cincinnati Bell Wireless Offering BlackBerry Training To Customers

Cincinnati Bell Wireless will be offering up some cool services to its customers for the month of March. They'll be hosting "BlackBerry Basics Training" courses for all those interested in learning more about their BlackBerry smartphones and how to use them. Pretty cool if you ask me. I know a few other carriers offer this kind of training as well so it's not really a new initiative to be heard of but that shouldn't take away from the fact another carrier is adopting such things. Clearly the demand is there and growing as smartphone sales are at an all time high. If you happen to be a Cincinnati Bell Wireless customer you may find this quite useful to attend.

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Cincinnati Bell Wireless Offering BlackBerry Training To Customers


As much as i like to see my small town carrier on my favorite website, I can't help but shutter at the thought of Cincinnati Bell giving any kind of instruction on BlackBerrys. I have never been able to get help from there tech support, in person or on the phone. If you ask a sales rep what operating system there are currently using they stare at you with an "Oops i forgot to study!" look on there face. I even had the pleasure of discussing BlackBerry with the VP of Cincinnati Bells BlackBerry division and found him a pleasant man but not very knowledgeable when it came to his product. Though this was a year or so ago that I gave up on CinBell and there lack of knowledge, they may of have made strides to increase there knowledge base. What I do know is that we still don't have any BlackBerrys with 5.0 anything nor am I able to use streaming audio like iheart or slacker.

I wish them well and I may even attend a class to see what they have learned in the last year to qualify them to teach even a BlackBerry basics class. But if you ask this Cincinnati Bell subscriber I think there tech support should just default there customers to and wish them well. Who knows, they may be able to retain more customers that way.

CinBell has the 8900, 8520, and 9700. All of which can run 5.0. They are quite pricey on the 9700 though :/

Streaming audio works just fine, I use Pandora and iheart every day.

I can't speak to their customer service, I have only had to contact them once with a tethering issue and didn't have any problems.

Another positive is UMA. I would say that is one of their biggest advantages.

I totally agree with Shoftiel37 regarding Cincinnati Bell's customer service: they have the worst customer service compared to anyone I've ever been with.

Their 9700 does run on 5.0 - I had to check myself to believe it. I find their customer support w/ BB's to be hit or miss - some reps know a lot & others don't have a clue. I guess you have to get lucky and talk to one who actually owns and uses a BB and is really into them.
No need to ever really call them however, Crackberry is a better tool than any customer service center.

I dont know why this is just now being posted...Cincinnati Bell Wireless has been doing Blackberry training classes since like 2 years ago.

We at Verizon in Miami have been doing BlackBerry "trainings" before work hours for customers for the last year or so.