Cincinnati Bell Launches Bold 9700; Alltel Launches Curve 8530

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jan 2010 09:32 am EST

Bold 9700Curve 8530

It looks like two more carriers have jumped in on the trackpad fun. Cincinnati Bell has released the Bold 9700, and Alltel Wireless has launched the Curve 8530. The 9700 will set you back $299.99 even after instant savings and a $100 rebate. A bit pricey with a 2-year contract, but some Cincinnati Bell users may have no other carrier options. Alltel users will have better luck since they can pickup a Curve 8530 for just $49.99 after $100 mail-in rebate. Some good options on both ends, but it looks like Alltel users get the win this time around.

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Cincinnati Bell Launches Bold 9700; Alltel Launches Curve 8530


Cincinnati Bell does not require you to sign a contract. That is one of their big selling points.

You can only get the "new phone" price once a year, but other than that there is no contract and no cancellation fee, so their phones are slightly more expensive, especially when brand-new to the carrier.

The Bell 9700 is $299 with 100 mail in rebate and $100 savings for a 2 year agreement.

It is $399 if you don't want the 2 year agreement.

The mail-in rebate is with an equipment agreement, not a service agreement.

That means that you can't get the "new phone" price for 2 years instead of one if they give you the discount.

You can still cancel your service at any time past 90 days with no penalty.

So, it's a big difference

You don't have to sign a service contract but now they are starting to push "equipment agreements" which appear to essentially be the same thing.

Yep cincy bell has 3g service, but I went in to buy the 9700 only to be told that with my upgrade it would be $599 minus a $100 mail in rebate. Unless you get a 2 year service aggreement NOT, I don't keep my phones longer than 6 months!
So needless to say I walked out with my unlocked storm!!!!