CIBC offering a $15 credit to use with the NFC powered CIBC Mobile Payment App

By Bla1ze on 19 Nov 2012 02:52 pm EST

With the CIBC mobile payment app now available for download in BlackBerry App World, CIBC is adding a little bit of a bonus to the mix in an effort to entice folks to go ahead and try it out. Now, when you download the app and register you'll be eligible for a $15 credit on your account to use for mobile payments. There are a few caveats though that you'll have to consider. You must be a CIBC acount holder, have a NFC capable BlackBerry Bold 9900 and an activated NFC SIM card from Rogers. If you have all those things, you can hit the link below for the full details. Thanks, @Andy4Life!

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CIBC offering a $15 credit to use with the NFC powered CIBC Mobile Payment App


First! maybe, depending on how long this msg takes...

I saw this on n4bb this morning. I called my local rogers store to make sure that they have NFC H+ SIMS. Check. CIBC VISA. check. Bold. Check.

Downloaded the app and it checks to see that you have a NFC simcard. Then it asks you to call CIBC which is a one-button press feature.

Called CIBC and after a few security Q's, they sent THE CIBC APP, not BB SMS a text with all of my VISA info.

Setup a password for the app and done.

Then I went to get a BIG MAC and it worked great.

However, I upgraded my OS right after lunch to Rogers V7.1.0.7xx and it deleted the secure info that CIBC sent to the APP. So I will have to call them again. No biggie.

Great job Rogers, CIBC, VISA and RIM.

That's great, hope this works with bb10.

Bb10 has 80 million + potential users waiting on the bb10 device in 2013. I'd like to see us as bb people line up on the release day show android and iOS, blackberry is really back with. Strong following. that they're seeing very little interest because only a very small portion of the populous uses CIBC and even fewer CIBC Card members that own a BB, they're tyring to sweeten the deal to get people to go bank with them.....good luck with that.

As several CB posters have stated many times since the CIBC/Rogers deal was announced.....GET A DIFFERENT BANK ONBOARD and watch the sign ups go crazy.

Come on RBC/TD/Scotiabank.....get on it!!

whats rim's market share in canada?

I assume that cibc has less than 25% of market share in Canada..

Now how many people have a Bold?

I'd say they arn't reaching that many people too..

That's what I'm saying. Why go with the smallest chance of making it work?
It has a far greater chance of success by pairing with one of the bigger banks where more people are likely to use the right BB.

You sound like an apple fan....not looking at the big picture.

comparatively speaking.....CIBC has a small portion. But thanks for not arguing the fact that CIBC is the smallest.

On a side note, and strictly an observation, I haven't seen a CIBC user with a BB in a long time. I do however see RBC and TD bankers with BB's all the time. The occasional Scotiabank Scene card too.

But then again....I'm not an expert so I have no credibility to lean on.

The one thing that I never found mentioned in any info online about this service is that Rogers is charging $12.99 for the NFC SIM, which after taxes, is just about $15. So the credit you get from CIBC basically pays for the SIM.

when i went into rogers today to get my new sim, the dude told me to call rogers and ask for a refund of the 13$

Not sure if i will get it but it doesnt hurt to try

So here's why I think this service will be challenged in a major way and has a serious flaw--at least until it is more broadly adopted!

As we know, in Canada, many folks that now hold BB 9900's are on corporate BES plans where the phone is provided by their company.

I went out and bought a SIM card today. Called Rogers-- they wouldn't allow me to replace the old SIM with the new NFC SIM because I'm not the manager of the overall Rogers account for my corporation.

I had to buy the SIM, take it to my IT manager and get him to call rogers to then reprogram the SIM card.

How many folks in larger organizations are going to be able to go out and do this? Especially, think about how many folks work for other banks or financial institutions in Canada. Imagine going to your IT manager at Royal Bank asking them to get you a new SIM card so that you can add your CIBC Visa.

I think the service is great -- and all set up... but I agree with other comments. It applies to a very limited subset of individuals right now..... but love the flexibility of the service....

All new devices going forward will be provided with an NFC. It's a problem for those with existing devices.

I know a lot of people that have CIBC Visa credit cards, but do not have bank accounts with CIBC. They're very aggressive with their Credit Card offerings, which is what you need for this to work.

let's get Royal and ScotiaBank onboard with this. I have both of those banks... I have a feeling Royal will be announced within a month though.

I think this is fantastic and I hope the other carriers get on board soon. I did notice that CIBC states 'up to $50' for purchases, so with any luck we will be able to adjust the limit with a visit to a local branch or online.

I went into a Rogers store to buy an NFC Sim card as it requires a special one to be used. They had no idea what I was talking about and have never heard of this. This is unique to Rogers customers yet no one at Rogers knows anything about it. Ugh.

If you go to Rogers website and search for NFC SIM in their search box, you can buy it online. They ship for free via UPS so it should arrive quite quickly.

If you replace the Sim do you have to reload your service books for email and/or do you lose any BBM chat history?

The local Rogers store didn't have any NFC SIM cards. In addition, am I reading it correctly that it is limited to $50 purchases? I don't think $50 is enough for groceries or gas.

The 50$ limit should only be in effect for a short time. They need to see where the crooks are taking advantage of the NFC and they want to limit any one transition theft to a minimum until all system weaknesses can be patched and its as safe as possible.