CHYM 96.7 FM Waterloo shows appreciation for RIM, reminds us all there is more to the company than just smartphones

By Bla1ze on 24 Jan 2012 08:20 pm EST

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Right now there is a lot happening with Research In Motion. The appointing of their new President and CEO Thorsten Heins is being looked at from all angles, their future as a technology company is being scrutinized and they're facing a lot of pressure as they attempt to work through their transition phase. I've mentioned a few times now on various CrackBerry podcasts that there is a lot more at stake here when it comes to Research In Motion and the negativity surrounding their current status is pretty overwhelming at times when all things are considered.

When people think about Research In Motion it's almost as if they see smartphones and nothing else that is important about the company. The people they employ, the money they donate to various charities and organizations and even their infrastructure and how it works Globally -- if Research In Motion 'fails' and 'just disappears' like so many folks proclaim they wish they would, it would have negative impacts that many people never consider.

The folks at CHYM 96.7 FM Waterloo have considered these things though and as such, they made the above video to not only highlight some of the things outside the smartphone world that RIM has done but to also show their appreciation for those efforts and remind us -- there is more to Research In Motion beyond smartphones. Kudos to CHYM 96.7 FM Waterloo for making the video and thinking beyond all the negative sentiments out there -- and a big thank you to RIM for everything, especially the things beyond smartphones. Maybe more people should join the Appreciation Motion for Research In Motion, what do you all think?

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CHYM 96.7 FM Waterloo shows appreciation for RIM, reminds us all there is more to the company than just smartphones


Time for RIM to fly! Fight harder than you have in your entire life and destroy Apple and Google and bring the Force Back to Canada! RIMPIRE STRIKE BACK HARD!

I was wondering if I was the only one left who cared...
I want to rip my hair out when people use "then" when they actually mean "than". So sad to see it so often...
Anyway, WAY TO GO RIM!

Nice article -- thanks Bla1ze.
It never ceases to amaze me why people think that RIM (or any company) should fail and just disappear.

That's another point I never fit into the article. People relate RIM to Canada and think, who cares? Won't afffect me. Stupid Canadian company. But reality is, RIM employs people Globally not just in Canada.

I've never heard of Apple doing anything for anyone unless they were getting something in return. But this article is about RIM so I'll just leave it at that.

Thanks RIM!

Don’t care about being right. Care about succeeding
-Steve Jobs.
If this is your mantra...
what else can be expected...
apple (supplier of apple) is one largest polluter in China.
we have only one earth...
please don't kill our earth..for the sake of being rich...

No...Apple doesn't do anything charitable, that was Steve's mantra, thought Apple did enough in employing and paying taxes...not a Gates or Buffet in that respect.

Yeah, let's not hate on Apple. After all, they employ many underage slave workers, use suppliers who punish their employees by not paying them for their work, don't pay their employees proper overtime, poor work conditions. Apple can learn from RIM and it looks like Apple's new CEO is taking a good step forward.

This is why I always buy RIM products. I have friends who work there and I don't want them to lose their jobs.

Thank you RIM, for being a company that actually cares about people. You employ thousands of Canadians and people all over the world. I am proud to use BlackBerry products. Good for you Mike and Jim to have gone forward with this transition even though the haters said it can't be done. BlackBerry will come back stronger because of the pain it endured during the transition. Now full speed ahead with Playbook OS2 and BB10!

Good post Bla1ze.

do any of the other "big" companies do this? what does apple do? what does google do? probably nothing in comparison to this... great on you RIM, keep it up!

Rim should advertise using a similar approach. Showing their strengths in times of extremes such as haiti. i heard bbs played a similar role during the floods in louisiana. i would love to hear that in a modestly done campaign. similar to the way duracel advertises batteries....sorry to spoil the mood with this but i was so moved to understand that a bb had so much impact in a time when people needed it most. its a message not many know. its tremendous added value if a bb could save your life. kinda puts things in perspective and shuts down the critics. great job. hail to the kings of research in motion for all their philanthropy

+1 on that...then RIM could compile the videos and create an advertising campaign...maybe even use it for opening of the mobile world congress or other RIM events...

Thanks Bla1ze for posting this. Thanks CHYM 97.6 FM for the video. I listen to this radio station every day and I love it. RIM has done so much in this and other communities and should have been more heavily publicized for this. A lot of people don't know about what has been shown in this video. I love my BB & PB. I will keep supporting RIM and keep on buying their products. THANK YOU RIM!!!

Having seen the local communities in and around Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge...RIM has given life to these communities, invested in cancer research and really marked this area has the Silicon Valley of the North. Innovation breeding innovation!

Great Job letting everyone know what RIM has done in our communities, a super way for everyone to see that this is just not another big company, I am looking for a new smart phone and was considering either the Iphone or the Bold 9900, my decision has now been made it will be the new Bold!! Thank you RIM!!

I'm a Computer Scientist and I don't have a specific job lined up yet but in September when I'm done school, I intend to live in Waterloo. Why? It's the place to go for tech (in Canada) and is a great city in a lot of ways. Its growth can be attributed to RIM more than anybody else. Google and lots of others are there now primarily to get some of the U of Waterloo talent, and U of Waterloo has thrived because of RIM (donations, lots of internships). In short, they've almost single-handedly created a thriving city.

Waterloo leeches off kitchener bru.they don't even have their own hospital,police headquarters,major sports team. They tried to replicate our downtown skating rink but theirs looks like crap.

You are kidding I hope. The hospitals are Regional, Grand River. The police force is the Waterloo Regional Police which btw also has a new large facility in the City of Waterloo at Weber and Columbia. The people that fill the 6500+ seats at the Kitchener Auditorium, to see the Rangers, come from all corners of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. Downtown skating mean at City hall, really?

Waterloo is a nicer place to live than Kitchener. More good places to eat too :D

Kitchener doesn't have much good Chinese food places! lol
(Camerons is overpriced! :P )

I wasn't wanting to stir the pot. Just stated the facts regarding the somewhat negative, anti-Waterloo statement above. Is Waterloo nicer than Kitchener? That's personal preference. I have lived in both cities, for equal lengths of time now (10 years each), and I really like both.

As a long time resident of Waterloo I can tell you that all the great things done by RIM shown in this video are only the tip of the iceberg. The video could go on and on. Mike and Jim have also quietly donated personal money and just as importantly time, which exceeds published, public information. Not every positive thing they have done, socially, over the years has reached the media.
I won't ramble any more other than to also say,
Thanks RIM.

Thank you RIM.

Thank you for being Bold while you revolutionized email.
Thank you for lighting the Torch, when no one could see the way.
Thank for taking the smartphone market by Storm, when it knew nothing.
Thank you for doing it in Style.
Thank you for being the Pearl that you are. They just can't see it.
Thank you for the lives you save everyday.
Thank you for the lives you make better everyday.
Thank you for showing us that we should LOVE what we do.
Thank you Mike L for the BlackBerry.
Thank you Jim B. for selling it to the World.

All the others that walk with their chests out today, owe a debt to you. They just don't know it. And while you humbly take an arrow, one after the next, I know you will rise soon... and "10" fold.

Long Live Research In Motion.

-Los Angeles, CA.

I didn't know a smartphone could inspire such nice things. Unfortunately, it can also inspire a lot of hatred, but here we are, and we will stand, crackberry nation.

This is sooo well thougt out & - more impoortantly said; I haven't even seen any reference to the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, founded by Mike L. or the soon to be opened Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis School for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, the local 'Ride for Cancer' campaigns (led by Lance Armstrong), etc. etc. etc.
I personally remember an occasion when Mike L. was handing out Math awards to local Middle School Students (& no none of the recipients were his).
Large and not so large contributions of time & talent from both families - we owe them an attitude of gratitude.

wow it took this long for an a-hole comment. You win, hope you are happy. Look in the mirror... that's what an a-hole looks like.

With a new leader comes change so I know RIM has done some wonderful things in the past but my excitement is in the future. You see if they don't stay innovative and productive as known in the past then they won't have the funds to continue being a blessing to the community in Canada. So here is an optimistic thank you for the things not yet seen but anticipated to come that will continue to support the big hearts at RIM. Thank you.

Yeah thanks to RIM and all that but couldn't this chick use Power Point or something? Seems like a waste of paper...oh and she looks miserable.

CHYM should have asked Ashley of Mobile Nations to flip the pages...


Weird that Apple released their quarter earnings and they have almost $100B cash. Wall street is so happy. Some organizations that help poor children in Africa could use 0.001% of that! or even help their fellow Americans by creating jobs. But what the heck, it's their money not mine...

Please, don't get too emotional. This is far from over yet.

Anyway, here we are, at a moment where Apple has reached its peak, which might indicate what a power house in technology can do, in its most purely capitalist way. There they are, their endless fields of 24/7 labour in Shenzhen, and the willing American consumers sucking it all in. Probably BBs will disappear in the US of A, but not here, not in Canada.

In Canada there is RIM, a company that can show how it can be done right, not just with successful products, but with something that goes way beyond making gadgets, something that we can see in this tribute video.

Two things I'd like to see in BB commercials: that heartbeat like red notification light, and the popular *ding* when a new message arrives. At least for now, while we wait for BB10.

I am a proud Canadian and proud of RIM for being true to what we believe in, thank you RIM.

Only BB does it ALL!

A BIG THANK YOU to RIM! For all the hard work and everything!
We Believe in the Motion of Research In Motion!!! ;)

If you own a large firm....
1. you pay wages to lot of needy people..
2. you create a employment...
3. you have lot of power and thus you have to use it wisely.
4. if a firm grows so thus employee
5. money brings power and power brings responsibility, so be very wise to make decisions or you will not only kill firm but lot of jobs and employment too.
Well done RIM...
Hard work never goes wasted...
Best of luck of future...

Thanks RIM for giving back to the community. Thanks Mike and Jim, the philanthropist representing that Canadians cares.

I wanted to take this time to Thank RIM. I am a long time Blackberry user, and will continue to be in the future. This was a great video, and shows that RIM isnt just about BlackBerries. I have also shared this with all my Facebook, and twitter friends. We all need to keep this going "Appreciation Motion for Research In Motion". I also think Crackberry should do somehting also community wise to keep this going. We all need to come together to show our support.

Thank you RIM,

My posts can be checked on CB, I have fought tooth and nail against the perception attack that has been waged against RIM in the press for a year now. I will continue!

The fight is far from over. This negative perception attack is an attempt to extinguish a brand and declair an outright winner.
In the US more than anywhere you can see it. On the news nightly, on meny internet blog's, all the way to the retail outlets, where teenagers sell product. No company has every recieved such a persistant negative perception attack. Its not like its truly deserved (this video shows the stature of the people behind the products, everyone knows that the rest of the world still love BB)
Its more like politics. Where the incumbent is a hometown hero! The other guy is an outsider. People think they can say whatever they want to help their guy win!(I work for a US company and my best friends are from the US. Its not about the country. more about a microcosm inside the country. Just like in politics)
Todays BlackBerry, BB7.1 is an outstanding device. Never built to be a iphone copy like android. With different and very usful services. Yet the naysayers portray BB like they are the device of 2007. If you love your BlackBerry I hope you help spread the word!
1.BB7.1 Kicks
2.QNX, the future of mobile computing!! the rest are just app launchers. Soon people will understand the difference..

People who openly want RIM to fail really want it to happen in hopes that the platform they own buys the tech out of bankruptcy to fix the deficiencies of the platform they use IMHO. Who wouldn't want competition to improve products.

I'm very thankful to RIm, both BB phones and the playbook have brought me closer to my family. Most of my immediatel relatives live in Canada and although they are not poor they are not going to spend $299 or more on a smartphone. They all have curves and I talk to them all the time on BBM. It's "free" and text messages would costs more than they could reasonably pay.

This Christmas I bought them all playbook (heck great boxing day prices!) and now we video chat sometimes (although we prefer BBM).

I am glad to see all fo the other things RIM does.

I'm fairly sure that if RIM has $100 billion in cash the leaders might say we've had enough of abusing our workers (or having our suppliers abuse their workers) in China [they likely wouldn't do it in the first place]. I'm glad I left all Apple products behind more than a year ago.

RIM to donate 23,200.00 US Dollars (1M Philippine Pesos) and 30 BlackBerry smartphones to Philippine Red Cross
December 20, 2011

The devastation brought on by Typhoon Sendong to our southern brothers is beyond description. Massive loss of property and life in a scale the region has never seen before has shocked and appaled the nation. RIM is extending a helping hand to those who have been affected by donating 23,200.00 US Dollars and 30 BlackBerry smartphones to the Philippine Red Cross to help the relief effort, and has called the 200,000 thousand strong members of its Facebook group BlackBerry Pilipinas to do the same.


Let's stop for a second and look at the truth...

RIM has saved lives ? .. well RIM has also taken lives.

Should we thank RIM for driving the company to the ground and letting go of thousands of employees all because the executive leadership was poor, delusional and driven by ego.

Lets take a minute to pay respects to the young lady that took her own life after being let go a few months back. RIM then made a pointless multi-million dollar purchase that was worth far more than the salaries they cut. ..

In Haiti people used BlackBerry's to post their locations ... well terrorists also used BlackBerry's to plot and carry out attacks.

RIM donates money .. because they have to. What about the $250 million dollar stock scandal in 2007 ? ..

Open your eyes.. RIM is dead. Let it die. If you're lucky they will be bought and the buyer will keep some elements of the company in tact to remain in Waterloo. If they don't.. who cares. There is enough of a tech footprint in KW to employ majority of the talented people inside of RIM.

No one is going to go hungry because of the demise of RIM.

I'm so tired over the years of people acting like RIM is such a blessing.

If you truly want to thank RIM .. thank them for driving the company in to the ground. Thank them for not being innovative, thank them for being WRONG in every guidance plan they've implemented. Thank them for making poor decision after poor decision after poor decision.

RIM stock is dropping at a rapid rate. $15.00 today. Apple stock just hit $454 today topping Exxon as the worlds most valuable company.

There isn't room for 3 in this market. The marketshare won't allow for it. Apple and Google have a strangle hold on the industry. If there was room for a 3rd it would be Microsoft not RIM.

RIM's biggest mistake was not taking on Android when it was offered to them prior to the decision to reinvent the wheel with the QNX OS.


Seriously, if that's how you feel then goodbye. There's no reason for you to be here and otherwise be a massive troll.

To be honest, the only reason I even reply is because I do not want your negative hate-mongering being the last post of this topic.

Thank you RIM for all that you do and for doing more then just making money for shareholders.

And Mod's please ban this guy who's clearly nursing some serious issues.

Cannot remember Apple or Steve Job donating anything to anybody. As far as i know workers in China commit suicide in the factory producing Apple products ...

Thanks CHYM!!
A nice reminder that RIM is more than a smartphone maker. They are a good corporate many corporations are. 2012 will be a great year for RIM...and i am more than optimistic.
We are a very happy BlackBerry family. (we do not hate other platforms...we love BlackBerry form factor, security, efficient data management, and of course BBM)

Thanks to CB for the constant coverage with all the happenings at RIM lately