Chronicle your ideas and memories with A Day in Life - Journal for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Alicia Erlich on 29 Nov 2012 02:36 pm EST

Recently, I took a good hard look at my backup planner and realized that since the rubber is stretched to its limit that I had inadvertently turned it into a journal. Flipping through the pages, you will see not only appointments and reminders, but mementos from events (stickers and badges from BB Jam 10 NYC and CES 2012), postcards for concert announcements, business cards from interviews, birthday reminders, pictures, and even birth announcements. XLabz Technologies, the developer behind Groovy Notes and Sketch with Friends, makes replicating this a breeze with A Day in Life - Journal for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

A Day in Life is all about taking a digital snapshot of your life and being able to reminisce about it later. Therefore, creating entries is fast and supports photos to be inserted either from the file browser or from the camera. For now this application is only available in portrait mode, but this doesn't stop the layout from being rich and beautiful. It even mimics an actual notebook with spirals on the sides.


  • Weather & Location tagging to add a personal touch to your journal entries.
  • Add photos and images to your journal entries and notes. Import photos from your camera roll or just snap a photo as you create your journal entry.
  • View all your journal entries and notes in 4 handy views:
  • Visual Timeline: Browse through your journal entries in a visual timeline view.
  • Photo View: Flip through your journal entries in collage style.
  • Calendar View: View all journal entries and notes on a particular date.
  • Favorites: See only your starred journal/diary entries.

    Everything you need is right in front of you in the easy to navigate layout. It allows users to designate a background image for the visual views from either your camera or from your existing media library. If you don't have an image, it's quite alright as a default color will automatically be selected if absent. So not only are your entries arranged in a visually appealing style, but they can be color coded as well. The colors do happen to be rich and vibrant although users are unable to choose what colors are selected and the palette change each time you view or modify an entry.

    For those looking to preserve their precious memories and other activities then XLabz has created a fresh, appealing, and easy to use application. There are a few items I would like to see in future updates including the ability to scroll between days/entries rather than go back to the different views, a backup restore option (local or on the cloud), the ability to customize (i.e. colors and fonts), and a search feature.

    Xlabz strives to develop quality applications and this is a great addition to their catalog with a lot of potential. A Day in Life Journal is available in BlackBerry App World for $1.99.

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    Reader comments

    Chronicle your ideas and memories with A Day in Life - Journal for the BlackBerry PlayBook


    Hah, I do the same (but on a 9700) with Evernote. I just set up a shortcut with Shortcutme to populate an email's to: and subject line to get it to ma "Journal" notebook in Evernote and just type in and add any audio video document or image attachment.

    I really like this app and I hope they heavily support it with new features and updates. It's really nice now but it still could be better. I'd like to be able to manually enter the location as the gps isn't always correct.

    The ability to send information straight into Evernote would be cool.

    I use Evernote all the time, but feel I would prefer this for day to day use, and then anything I felt was particularly relevant could be sent into Evernote with one click. That would be cool.

    I use the bluetooth keyboard so I will wait until it can handle landscape mode.

    Frank P

    Ignorance begets more confidence than does knowledge - Darwin

    I’d like to think this would be useful, but I’m having trouble getting there. The simple fact is we live in a disposable world; trying to “preserve memories” on a disposable medium is foolish, isn’t it? It’s easy to forget how quickly the landscape is changing now, but it is. If this app had come out for my old PalmPilot (Handspring Visor, actually), I probably would have thought it a good idea then. If that had been the case, I’d have a whole bunch of “preserved memories” locked in the obsolete piece of plastic I now keep on my desk for sentimental reasons.

    What’s more, although I dearly hope RIM triumphs with BB10, one would be fooling oneself to ignore the risk that in a year or so RIM is gone altogether, along with any product support.

    I’d hate to see someone use this sort of thing (on any platform) for storing precious memories, though I’d like to think the readers here would be smart enough to realize this already. If it were to be used to create something for immediate consumption (much like the very excellent Scrapbook app), then I think this has wheels.

    Good effort on the part of Alicia Elrich on documenting this app and filming what seems to be a quick overview covering most of the features. It feels lacking as other note taking applications such as Evernote & Wunderlist that don't give us rich-text entry or the ability to have numbering or any kind of bullets. The idea is definitely nice of having a colourful journal.

    I would say, it is a cute looking colourful shell of an app, designed to collect text or photos with location in an organized fashion. Features seem lacking when compared with Evernote. On some level, I agree with litig8or98. Hope the developers are able to build upon and enhance it further with BB10.