Get in the festive spirit with the Christmas Countdown app for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 16 Dec 2012 03:36 pm EST

Just a quicky here. Although I am more excited about the countdown to BlackBerry 10 than Christmas - BBThemes has released a rather nice Christmas countdown app for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

I am kind of hopeless when it comes to buying gifts for Christmas and at least with this app on my tablet I can instantly see how many days I have left to go shopping - not that I leave it until the last minute!

The Christmas Countdown app will set you back $0.99 and although it is just a timer, the backdrop for the app is quite beautiful and will get you in the Christmas spirit.

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Get in the festive spirit with the Christmas Countdown app for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Yes .... January 30th should be the NEW New Year.

Will RIMM go higher comes 2013? Ask the world if RIMM is a Jackpot stock, and this is what they say ------------------------------->

I would really like to ask the people that shorted RIMM between $6 and $10, " Why did they do it?"

They will probably say, " The news article on the internet told me to do it."


If they finish repairing my Playbook before 25th then I will consider this is New Year's present.
I wonder if RIM aware that the after sales service in Asia is very bad
Maybe that's why the sales was poor and nobody know that PB is a good product.

3 weeks and the repair center only came back with the answer "No spare parts". What The ....
Called RIM and said that they can't do anything since this is the local repair center.

** Waiting for miracle - Hope Santa is coming to town
** Switched back to iPhone

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Seriously, does anyone else's Playbook app look at all like this? Mine just has the number of days and an image.