A Christmas Carol from The Joy of Tech

Christmas Joy of Tech
By Adam Zeis on 20 Dec 2011 08:45 am EST

The folks at The Joy of Tech are poking at RIM once again -- this time with a timely Christmas cartoon. I'll admit this one did get a chuckle out of me as I feel like we have to find the humor in things, especially since we'll be waiting quite a while to see what lies down the road for RIM in 2012.

Source: The Joy of Tech

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A Christmas Carol from The Joy of Tech


i love it, berry funny but so true. i've had a blackberry since the 8100 pearl was released and neber looked back. today i use the bold 9900 and as a back up i have the 9780. i own 100 shares in RIM stock. if RIM does not come out strong this year with app support honestly in a comsumer stand point, i don't see a future for the either.

we all have to be honest, eber since the first iPhone drop it all went down hill from there. if RIM can stop delaying their products maybe the can finally crawl out of the hole RIM has dug itself in.

it's depressing indeed but on the positive note, Millennial's number for November shows BlackBerry OS grew from 13% to 17% -- the biggest gain among mobile platform.

Adam, Kevin

are BB 7 really that bad? I thought they were a huge improvement over BB 6, the web browser is fast, the Bold 9900 has a touch screen now, what's there not to like?

BlackBerry is still the best communication tool on the planet, without exception. But it's getting beat up in this new sea of "mobile computers".  But BB7 is still awesome and does a lot of things really well.

Well, I think it's users preference. I went from the BB 9700 to the HTC Sensation and ended up hating the Sensation. I missed my BB experience and went to the BB 9810 and absolutely love it! The only think I can say I truly miss on the Android is the Google voice maps. There GPS was awesome. BB Traffic 3 is okay, but does not compare. Aside from that, the 9810 is the best phone I've ever had! I don't need no fancy, fast web browser. I do most of my browsing on a laptop. I use my phone for calling, texting and FB mainly.

Yep very funny but i hope its not true. But as much as i stick up for BlackBerry im as close as ive ever been to going FULL time iPhone.


Reported in the NYTimes today: Last year Apple's market share of the smart phone market went from 16% to 15.2%. I know not as bad as RIM and I know they lost it to Android not RIM, but if you read media crap you'd think the iPhone was at 70% and gaining.....

Hey nat750 when you get the iPhone you'll be just like the granny down the road.. iPhone = NOT cool.

Why do you post this stuff? It gives fodder for the other tech sites to keep kicking Rim when they're down.
Please lets start reporting about what Rim does well. Lets start taking the well deserved shots at the ios and adroid platform.
Rim if you read these posts HIRE a MARKETING COMPANY and FIGHT BACK!

Calm down. First, RIM needs to do more for us to be excited about. Second, it is funny none the less. It is no different than being a sports fan and having someone poke fun at your team. You won't stop being a fan but you can't help but laugh if the joke is good.

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

- Oscar Wilde

Mixing holiday traditions here...

Which is which? Is Mike or Jim the Grinch, which makes the other guy the Dog? And with Christmas magic, will their BRAINS grow 3 times larger?

If I am the very last BlackBerry enthusiast standing guiding my way through the battle field illuminated by my BB XXXX and its e-office flashlight. I will take a knee and thank God for blessing me with a device that did what I needed to do....and more.

I BleedBlk-

Getting sick of hearing stuff like this. Not just from Crackberry, but from what seems like almost every news outlet, blog, whatever. Maybe I'm blind, but I just don't see it. Sure, maybe they could do a bit better, but high quality does take time. I've never had a beef with RIM or Blackberry. Even these so called "outages" that people are taking so much pleasure in using as an example to show how bad RIM is, I haven't experienced any outages in at least 4 years! I'd say that's pretty good uptime. Then there is the lack of apps. Not RIM's fault... That's lack of interest from developers. Infuriating nonetheless, but not due to RIM's shortcomings.

hehe well i just invested my Christmas bonus on a Playbook and Bold 9900 combo.. i sure hope i won't regret it in the future! :D

Let's look at this from a different perspective:
There's a Ghost of Blackberry Past because it's "dead"
There's a Ghost of Blackberry Present because it's "dead"
There's NO Ghost of Blackberry Future! Could it be that BB Future will be alive for a long, long time?
Just thinking out loud....