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Christmas BlackBerry bargains from O2 in the UK

By James Richardson on 16 Dec 2012 02:39 pm EST

Whilst perusing the O2 UK website the other day I came across an interesting offer they currently have running on the lead up to Christmas. If you purchase any of their BlackBerry smartphones on pay as you go you will also receive a £20 voucher that can be used in a variety of stores, including - Argos, M&S, Debenhams, Next as well as at amazon.co.uk.

The biggest seller this Christmas will more than likely be the BlackBerry Curve 9320 and although priced at £109.99 it isn't the cheapest we have seen it, combined with the voucher it makes for a real bargain.

So Mums and Dads of the UK - if you are buying a BlackBerry for your child this Christmas you may want to consider O2 as you can treat yourself with the voucher at the same time. You don't have to tell the kids this of course!

The deal also applies to the following devices:

You can order your BlackBerry smartphone plus voucher here from O2

Reader comments

Christmas BlackBerry bargains from O2 in the UK


HMM not bad :)

In reply to Bold - I wouldn't think that they would make him change the title, anyway we in the UK tend to always mention the specific holiday whether you are a shop assistant, teacher, employee of some kind or just out and about i.e "Merry/Happy Christmas", "Happy Easter" and so on I have never had someone use the generic term of happy holiday/s in the UK I wonder if other places beside the US use it - Not that there is anything wrong with the term anyway :).

do o2 offer the best payg prices in the UK then? I'm interested in picking up a new bold 9900, and was hoping the price is going to drop on these what with BB10 on the way.

The 9320 isn't only for kids - it is good for older technophobes with grandchildren (or even great-grandchildren) who need something better than an S40 type phone but cannot get on with touchscreens and expect the battery to last several days on a charge.
Not that I am the older technophobe myself, but I've just supplied one to someone who is, and who has grumpily admitted that it is an awful lot easier to send text messages with a proper keyboard, and the optical trackpad is better than one of those 5-way switch thingies.

while its a great deal why leave the blackberry 10 devices out we need those to sell more otherwise r.i.p blackberry :(