Chive On brings theCHIVE to BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 12 Nov 2013 02:13 pm EST

If you've been lingering in the forums, you may know that a native app for theCHIVE has been in the works for quite some time. Chive On was submitted to BlackBerry World but unfortunately wasn't accepted, so the developer has taken the high road and made it available as a free download, in beta form of course. 

If you're a Chive addict like we are, you'll certainly want to fire this one up as it brings all of the best Chiveness right to your BlackBerry 10 device. 


Features Include:

  • Stay up to date with the latest image galleries from theCHIVE (no videos, yet).
  • Add posts to your favorites for easy access.
  • Animated GIF support.
  • Full screen viewing with pinch to zoom.
  • Photo and post sharing.
  • Ability to set images as your device wallpaper.
  • Save images to your device (requires 'shared files' permissions).
  • Active Frame support showing the latest posts.

No telling when this will hit BlackBerry World as an official download, but we'll take it as is for the time being. Head over to the forums thread below to grab the file.

Download Chive On beta for BlackBerry 10

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Reader comments

Chive On brings theCHIVE to BlackBerry 10


Not approved ? I don't understand why not! Majority of the apps on BB World are far below the BB10 Standards and most of them are "ABSOLUTELY" worthless lol ..... Get your sh*t straight Blackberry

I kind of understand the below standard apps but I think there's a few legal concerns that are stopping app decisions... I know YELP 3rd got a cease and desist from YELP and a few other apps too. I kind of want to know why too.

Sorry to hear that it didn't get accepted but I'll go use your app!
Thanks for the support dev! Maybe you can submit it again in the future.

I'm sure the dev is making the appropriate fixes required. In the meanwhile, folks can try it in beta.

The app works great another top title I hope hits BlackBerry World soon.

CB10 - Z10 -

It's not your ignorance, it's the bad habit of CB editors to advertise a new app and to assume that their readers already know what the app is and does.

Quite annoying, actually :-)

The Chive is a website with amusing and unusual stories - most often well illustrated. Most people go there for the photos.

Posted via CB10

I sideloaded the Android version. Works perfectly, so unless this gets fully approved as a BlackBerry native app I probably won't bother looking at it.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Weird, I've had a Chive app for two it from blackberry world too.

ZED10, STL100-3,

Going to actual website is better. Its as good as any iPhone app. Stop blurring the lines people. Apps aren't always necessary with the Browser that BlackBerry 10 has. App were needed for crApple because their browser sucks.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

Chive is not porn. Don't spread crap like that to people who don't know what it is just because of your personal tastes. The Chive and it's followers, while being a tad adolescent or "risqué" for some, donates millions upon millions to charities and people in need every year. This site has done more from its ragtag owners and "porn" loving visitors than many other organizations. HA, "porn". Give it a rest man.

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It's a lad's magazine with juvenile interests... similar to a Maxim type magazine.

Exactly what the prosumer/enterprise/government markets have been requesting. Not.

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I don't know how the charity work argument makes things better or worse when a website is accused of distributing porn.
Saying that they don't is one thing... but explaining that they do good for the communities, I am really not sure how it relates.

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It doesn't distribute pin! Good lord people. I use BB. I would probably not be categorized as a Prosumer. Yet here I am. I use this app or ones like it. Get over it. I also like my BlackBerry for its security and features just like a Prosumer. We may use it for different reasons but your attitudes are saddening to say the least. Yeah, I'm sure no Prosumer ever looked at a Playboy, which is actual Porn. No Prosumer ever liked a good laugh once and a while at work. Your opinions do NOT embody all BlackBerry users or their views. This site is not porn. NOT PORN! Have a good day.

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Porn? You call that stuff Porn? Don't go visit twitter than. There is more Porn on twitter than anywhere else on social media now. Grow up folks. Don't like Porn? Then don't look at it. Act like adults or perhaps you are children in which case go to school and stop wasting time on social media you flunkies

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I had to look up what Chive was when I saw the thread.

I've never had an i-phone or android and I don't think this was on legacy devices.

It may be an idea to put a brief description in the article :)

Posted via my CB Q10

And what about The Berry? The girls version!

Can't believe so many don't know what chive is!! :)

Best way to describe it is, taking procrastination to a new level, hilarious wtf posts with a bit of reminiscing thrown in.

Berry is the girly version of the same idea and ever so slightly better.

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A chive is something like an onion. That should give you a clue to Chive content.

I suppose BlackBerry checks to see if the Chive website approves of the app. A lot of websites take a dim view of scrapers. Two problems. One is you might put ads on their scraped content. Second, their ads may not be viewed. I haven't seen the app so I have no idea if either is taking place.

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I like onions (red & white) fyi

I'll add this to my collection of cascades apps too.

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Soooo I debated on posting this or not but here goes...

For all those who are complaining because there is nothing on what theCHIVE is all about, There is this great website, it is called "GOOGLE" {www(dot)google(dot)com}. Go to it and If you type in "theCHIVE wiki" and hit search It will bring up search results including the Wikipedia article on theCHIVE. (cue godly music)

Not trying to troll here but seriously, are you all that lazy? Get off the spoon feeding and take 10 seconds to learn something... Rant over

I get what you are saying [in a rather sarcastic way], but really writing an article about something that most users don't know what it is so they need to google stuff to understand it doesn't sound right.

Would it be se hard to write a paragraph about what this chive thing is? I don't think so... and it would keep users continuing to read and post comments on CB versus looking at other websites.

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"Excuse me DJ what is this cool song that you're playing ?......Go and Google it ffs !"

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