Want glorious graphics and amazing gameplay? Check out Chimpact for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 20 Feb 2013 01:31 pm EST

The perfect example of how great gaming is on the BlackBerry Z10!

You may remember that we uploaded a video of me playing Chimpact last August on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The awesome 'Built for BlackBerry' game is now available for BlackBerry 10 and if you're a Z10 owner you need to check this one out.

The Review

The idea of Chimpact is to fire the Chimp up the jungle canopy collecting gems and fruit along the way. There are three different games within Chimpact - Gem Quest, Totem Trial and Quick Play. Gem Quest is the normal game where the levels get harder as you progress. You need to collect all the gems to qualify for moving onto the next level.


Then we have Totem Trail and this is like one huge bonus. It is made up of four sections, each containing sixteen levels. And each of the sixteen contain a further five. Each one is unique and I suppose they are more like mini games but either way it is a great addition to the Gem Quest. I don't suppose I have to explain what the 'Quick Play' is. I think that is self explanatory.


The graphics and sound effects in Chimpact are without doubt the best I have seen so far on the BlackBerry Z10. The colours are bright and vibrant and gameplay is as smooth as a smooth thing that came first in a being smooth competition!

There are not a great deal of options within the settings of the game - just altering the music and sound effects levels. There is an achievements tab though if you fancy scrolling through what you have completed and what you haven't - probably one for those of you that get addicted to the game - are there will be many of you! 

Priced at $2.99 /£2.00, Chimpact offers superb value for money. You would be crazy not to download it - trust me.

Features of the game include:
• Simple, one-touch gameplay
• Three stunningly lush worlds with 12 levels each
• Two complete game modes to beat: Gem Quest and Totem Trail
• Three chimps to unlock
• Over 150 challenge medallions to earn

by Yippee Entertainment

The Good


  • Stunning graphics, great comical sounds and some of the best gameplay on a mobile
  • With so many levels and variety Chimpact really stands out from the crowd


The Bad


  • I'm finding it hard to say bad things about Chimpact. 
  • It's all good from where I am sitting.



the bottom line

When I played Chimpact on the PlayBook I fell in love. Thank god that it swiftly made its way to BlackBerry 10. It really is a joy to play. 

Go and download it and join in the fun.  


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Reader comments

Want glorious graphics and amazing gameplay? Check out Chimpact for BlackBerry 10


yes you only pay once for all the games that are compatible with both. Ive bought games recently just because i can play it on both devices

This game really shows off the quality of the Z10 screen. Superb graphics and really fun to play :-) Bought it a while back for my Playbook and it's free on my Z10, don't get much better than that!

The graphics are drop-dead gorgeous on the Z10 screen. I showed off my Z10 around the office and there was lots of "ooh" and "ahh" going on when I demoed the game.

I'm happy to report that a number of my PlayBook apps showed up on my Z10 for free.

I have this game for the PlayBook. It's graphics are amazing, Some of the best graphics of any game I have seen on the PB (or any other mobile device)

It's also fun for all ages. My Parents both have this game on their PlayBooks & my 10 & 12 year old nephews also like the game.

I have just restored my Z10 to factory settings and have put it up on ebay for sale cos i am not impressed,much as i like the gestures,it doesn't feel as real,guessing it's the plastic but that isn't my main reason though,i have seen many games such as NOVA3 and Asphalt 7 being played,i have looked everywhere on the bbworld and can't find any,i can't transfer contacts either with bluetooth,wifi or even bb link,plus many more issues. Wrote in forums but no response. Thinking app world contents are different regionally,maybe they are available for canadians and not those of us in UK.

This game is great on my Z10! I saw this article and had to try it. The graphics are awesome and the gameplay is simple.
I don't normally do game playing on my phone because I've found that games on the smartphone are usually pretty lame and gameplay difficult because of the small screens, substandard graphics, and complicated keypunches needed to maneuver and fire.
This game is actually pleasing to look at and pretty addictive.