Cheryl Cole getting some BlackBerry love - times 3!

By James Richardson on 11 Sep 2012 04:21 pm EDT

We know there are plenty of celebrities that love their BlackBerry smartphones but it seems that Cheryl Cole may well love hers more than most. As you can see in the image above she is carrying not one, but three!! Photographed recently in LA, I am just grateful that none of her devices were damaged in the car crash she had the other week with Will-I-am.

Will Cheryl have her eyes on BlackBerry 10 I wonder? I'm happy to give her a demo!

If you fancy getting a closer look at the Gold Bold 9900 I will have one in the next day or two so stay tuned for a video. 

Source: The Sun

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Cheryl Cole getting some BlackBerry love - times 3!


People and stores are throwing these away in preparation for THE one and only, iPhone. She still can get a few bucks out of these on eBay.

no, they're throwing these away for the BB10, you my friend will be extremely disappointed when you see the minor improvements in your iPhone tomorrow, and uhhh ill gladly be enjoying my blackberry 10 come 2013 with my long charger that i don't need to be hugging the wall just to carge my phone.

Really hard to see that. There are allot of android users too. Who knows what the outcome will be anyways. There will be existing iphone users upgrading that day, so the outsome will basically be loyal users first, on the fence probably will still be on the fence to see what BB10 has to offer before they even decide. Android/windows phone, windows mobile/webOS/palm OS users that still cherish their devices, will also be on the fence, including people looking for new devices too.

I have no idea who Cheryl Cole is, but it's nice to see celebs using Blackberry. Obama uses Blackberry and he's the chief so that's all you have to know.
Tablets are incredible

forgot to say in last comment lol one of the coolest things i ever got to do was talk to carlos santana when i worked at RIM hes such an awesome guy despised iphones for being toys needs a real device for when he traveled over seas.

i didnt put the words there he said them at the time i was an iphone fan which kinda sucked but he was right when it comes to international use thats for sure.

trolls also need to learn when to shut up as well not needed on sites like this.

are the CrackBerry Celeb Sightings back?!?!?! JUST SAY THE WORD PEOPLE AND I AM ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the brother

Shouldn't that read "peace" (between all people) rather than "piece" (of cake) ??

Just sayin' ;)


BB biggest fan of course! She needs 3 phones because this things are very unreliable. If she need to do a battery pull to reset the thing, she can use the other bb during the 10 minutes it takes to reboot.

I've never had to pull the battery on a 9780 so I doubt that. "this things"? Did you mean "these"? I guess that keyboard on your non blackberry is pretty unreliable.

Do your friends think youre cool? Do you even have any friends?

If you do, they must think youre a god of some kind. Who else WOULDNT think youre cool? You hang out on Blackberry site, with the username EndofBB (How cool are you?) and spend the entire day on a thread of some unknown "star" dissing Blackberry.

Yep...youre cool. Some of us really do want to be just like you.

Oh, whats that? Moms calling you. You'd better go. BYE!

at one point i was carrying 2 9700s (work & personal) so i can totally understand why this celeb would need multiple devices... i also had no clue who she was until i checked her wiki.

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