Cheers! Native Untappd app has arrived on BlackBerry 10

Untappd for BlackBerry 10
By Adam Zeis on 23 Jan 2013 12:11 pm EST

For all the beer drinking social media lovers out there - Untappd as brought their app to BlackBerry 10 phones. While we were told way back in 2010 that we'd be stuck with the web app, things have changed thanks to BlackBerry 10 and we now have an awesome native app to bring along to the bar. The app lets you check-in, add photos, comment and much more. The Untappd app is even sporting updates that are yet to hit iOS or Android devices. Granted most of you won't be able to check it out until you get a BlackBerry 10 device after January 30th, but it will be there -- ready and waiting for a night on the town.

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Source: Untappd Blog 

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Cheers! Native Untappd app has arrived on BlackBerry 10


I guess if you count PhoneGap as native... It's definitely not just a web view, but it's not cascades, either. Just a FYI moment.

They've been considering WebWorks to be equal to Cascades native because of the level of API's they've made available to that development path. A lot of them you can't even tell the difference.

I'll withhold final judgement until I get a Z10 in my hands, but from my experience with my lower-powered dev alpha, you can most definitely tell a Cascades app to a WebWorks app... To the point where it's upsetting. If a big name company releases anything less than Cascades, I'm just generally disappointed.

I'll cut these guys some slack though since they did pretty good, but it's still not "native". It just has "device component hooks".

I just tried it on my Dev Alpha and it's terribly unresponsive. It is definitely not a native app. And by native I mean built using C/C++ which includes cascades. I was really excited about this app because the guys at Untappd were hyping how it was a native app. In reality, they just brought over their current HTML5 app and put it through the webworks treatment. Tres disappointed!

untappd responded on twitter: "Our apologies if it offends you - but it is a native app because - you download it from the store."

Seems like they genuinely don't understand what the term "native" means. Whatever.

Wow, if you go to their Facebook page and look at their post about this, it's FULL of negative (uninformed) comments about BlackBerry, it's quite humorous.

Just took a "Peek" and decided to "swipe" left and close it out (damn I can't wait to get my hands on a BB10 device). Those comments are clearly un-informed. If RIM advertises through the correct channels and the correct aspects of the BB10 platform it will be those same people that will eat their words.

I had just about given up on them ever creating an app for BlackBerry and am happy to see them coming onboard with BB10. I was half-expecting the app to be a port of their Android app.

Ah, another web based BlackBerry 10 app. The scourge of the mobile app ecosystem.

However, in this case, the performance is not the biggest issue (though it is quite noticeable). The real problem is the disconnect between the user experience of the Untappd app and the BlackBerry 10 experience. They are not using any of the default cascades controls (besides the error dialogs).

UGH so annoying. It's not that difficult to create an app via cascades!!! DO NOT call your app a native if it is anything but C++/Cascades, native app developers take offence to the fact that you're trying to be comparable to them

Excellent!! I get what everyone is complaining about but seriously, we need apps to attract more users to attract more devs and make this platform successful. Let's stop the whining and thank a new dev for coming on board!