Cheer on your team and annoy the crap out of your friends with free vuvuzela app

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jun 2010 10:15 am EDT
Vuvuzela for BlackBerry

* Update - FIXED. Got a new OTA link from the guys... should work better now for downloading! *

If you've been watching the World Cup, you most certainly noticed the vuvuzelas blowing away in the background. If you haven't been watching the World Cup, your ears thank you. The vuvuzela is basically just a long stadium horn used by fans to cheer on their respective teams. They blow the horns for the entire length of the match, and although annoying at first, you really do get used to hearing them after a while.

If you can't make it to South Africa to get in on the fun, you can bring the vuvuzela with you wherever you go with Vuvuzela for BlackBerry. The app is the epitome of simple - start/stop and volume. If you're at a sporting event (think kids baseball game) bust this app out and see how the crowd reacts. It gets super annoying after about 10 seconds, so use at your own risk. Download free OTA (OS 4.3+) from the link below. 

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Cheer on your team and annoy the crap out of your friends with free vuvuzela app


It's a part of South African culture. If they wanted it European-style, they shouldn't have had the World Cup in Johannesburg.

With that said, I'm going to download this app and annoy a couple of my buddies. Hahaha


I don´t think so...
This type of plastic horn or trumpet has been used in Mexican stadiums since the 1970s. Originally made out of tin, the vuvuzela became popular in South Africa in the 1990s.

I think it might just be overloaded right now.

Everyone complains about these things, but yet everyone wants to download the app.


This is a bad idea. People will think you are a pain in the you know what if you use it. and it would be a waste of memory space for no other reason than to be annoying to all.

Copy it to the mem card or device storage, then go to file manager and run it there. See if that works. If it does, upload the jad somewhere so the rest of us can start annoying the hell out of people at work. :)

my gf is going to kill me. she already can't stand the sound when we're watching the who am I kidding this is great...if I could get the link working lol

Everyone back out for a moment so I can download.

It was worth a shot. I will try the OTA later today after the rush.

I can get the JAD file from my PC and transfer to the device, but i cannot get the installer to download the app.
Can this be addded to the CB store or can someone host the .COD file if possible?

ere is a media fire link i just uploaded
By: asianguy80 | Date: Thu, 06/17/2010 - 09:55 |

* reply

--- uploading this won't help, u only uploaded the.jad file
thats the file that contains the info/location about the container files (.cods)


and the main cod vuvuzela.cod
is what we need:P

so can somebody upload this, i realy need this, got some people around here that hate this sound:P:P:P

I have all the files - 9 cod files and a jad file. I am new to this site.

How/where can i upload them?

I have the same thing... I finally got in my BB tried to download it but it won't, I get "Download Failed" 907 Invalid COD Connection Timed Out.

Oh I soooooo need this. My daughter's U12 soccer team starts their playoff tournament tomorrow. This would be great. My wife doesn't think so, but I do..... LOL!!!!!!

If I can't get this to DL, I may have to go back to the free cowbell from Rogers. That worked on my Tour and was just as!

i am using Google Chrome to d/l the COD files now.
the hosting site in the JAD file is extremly slow - 25 minutes for 1 file!!!!
once they are all collected, edit the JAD file to show just the file name and load it onto your device for local installation. link does not work.

My whole morning has been messed up since I came across this app. No work!

And still cant get it to work.

I was finally able to get the link to work but when I clicked "download" it said "download failed". I clicked on details and it said "907 Invalid COD
HTTP Error 404: Not Found"


I download it to my PC, put it on my media card and open it from my blackberry but I'm still getting an error. Am I doing something wrong??

I must say though, this app is annoying me because I can't get the thing to get on my BB!! I'm supposed to be annoying other people, not myself!!

This is a fake. This is NOT how they sound. This is just a plain horn. But still fun!! I just wish they recorded the real thing.

can someone please help? i downloaded via the link. JAD files cannot be opened on my computer however, i have a PC. I tried copying it to my media card....nothing.

what am i doing wrong?

It works now

And that was a priceless reaction from the co-workers!!

Can't wait to use it at home.

But yeah it gets really annoying after like 30 seconds.

Awesome man, pure awesome. I'm gonna hook this up to s speaker system in the house and have play none stop during party.

Release an app, offer it for free, and mention that it will annoy others. Bingo your app might hit a million hit by lunch time. Well, if the download links work that is... hehehhe

Who the hell designed the app to blast right away when you click to open it?
Needless to say, my co-workers weren't too happy and neither was I >:(

OMG The best thing ever to come to the blackberry!!!!
For everyone that does not like the Vuvuzela, you guys are to be shot dead!!! You are turning into the english modern crap, a football game is no game without the Vuvuzela!!!

Not working! Tried downloading the .jad to computer and sending it to phone and got the 907 cod error. I really want this thing to work!! I would turn it on at the beginning of every meeting I go into! Any other places to get one for blackberry?

This thing was blasting the whole time at my office. L-O-V-E THIS THING! I was so happy when I finally got it to work.

I never could get the link to work, so I downloaded Rogers' free Soccer Fan Frenzy from App world. No continuous play, so you have to keep pushing the Vuvuzela button.

The FREE Soccer Fan Frenzy App is the ultimate soccer fan app.

Make noise, cheer on your team!
"Ole, Ole, Ole"
Crowd chants

Think the referee made a bad call? You be the ref! Show a red card or call an offside.

Get into the spirit and show off your favourite team's flag.

Yeah, I went that route too but it isn't very loud and only goes for a second or two. Certainly an option though.

This is great. It's so bad, it's perfect. It's just like I'm at the game being as annoying as everyone else. Can't wait to use it in a bar. If I get beat up can't I sue the developer?

Try going to crackberry on your phone and clicking the 'Download the OTA link' (if you haven't already)

Someone posted going to on your bb and clicking the link for the vuvuzela from there and KABLAMO!! Works!!

Crashed my Bold 9000 twice. (4.6)

Started making the annoying sound, something popped up about changing permission and it locked up.

Did a battery pull... tried again... same thing.

Bell Cowbell worked like a charm. This app is gone!

Dude this does not sound at all like the vuvu!!! And I know what I'm talking about I live here in Sunny South Africa!!!

Oh yeah. This works just fine- a little too well. I just downloaded for our party tomorrow where we're going to watch Brazil vs. Ivory Coast.
So it's midnight and I download it on my 9650 and listen through my headphones, to not wake the wife and kids. The app fires up at volume 100 and scares the CRAP out of me. Sounds like a car horn going off in my ear. I can't wait to break it out tomorrow!

Firstly the vuvuzela is not part of our culture as stated above. It is a piece of plastic that soccer supporters blow it is hardly been around for more than 5 or so years in the spotlight.

Secondly the vuvuzela sound in this app is DEFINITELY not a vuvuzela - someone just band-wagoning. It's definitely FAKE