Check those pesky OBD-II trouble codes from anywhere with your BlackBerry

By Jared DiPane on 26 Jun 2011 07:26 pm EDT

OBD look up  OBD look up

Whether you are a full time mechanic, or just a hobbyist, keeping track of all the different OBD-II codes for various vehicles is a nearly impossible task, and while not everyone wants to keep their laptops handy with them, odds are you do have your BlackBerry with you. If this is the case for you, then we have just the app for you, OBD-II Trouble Code Lookup, which allows users to access nearly 11,000 diagnostic trouble codes while on the fly right from their device. Simply select the make of your vehicle (over 20 brands recognized currently), and the code that you have, followed by pressing the search and just like that you are finding out what is going on. The application will create a pop up that tells you what the issue is, then give you an option to dismiss the pop up, or search the web which will give you even more information on the issue. If you are into cars, and like to get hands on and do things yourself, this is a must spend $1.99 for you.

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Check those pesky OBD-II trouble codes from anywhere with your BlackBerry


FYI; this link provided is for 2.0 while 3.0 is available on BlackBerry App World for $1 more...

strangely when I went to buy it, it is advertised as $2.99, but when you hit "purchase" its actually $1.99! Thanks for posting that its version 3.0 though I probably wouldn't have checked

One of the first apps I downloaded on my Torch, saved my sorry butt while driving across country and my car threw a code, now I charge ppl a dollar or so to decipher their check engine lights-paid for itself in no time

soooooo.....does tihs link from the obdII port to the phone? It says you have to enter the code that you have into the phone.. so I'm guessing you still need your laptop??

yes you still need a separate device to read from the OBD-II port on your car. In the app you just type in what the code was and it tells you what the code means. You can get OBD readers at autozone or other auto stores, I think most will also read trouble codes from your car for free too. They don't do any diagnosing though, just tell you what the code is.

You don't need a laptop. I wrote the app primarily for people like me who have readers like my Actron CP9125. It shows me codes, but nothing else. I load the app, then figure out what the code means.

Version 3 is in the BB app store. I'll update the Crackberry/Mobihand version along with the App world, Android, Win Phone 7, and Nokia port soon. I have a nice little update with 400 more B and C codes for Toyota vehicles.

I have a kind of expensive code reader and it gives me the description of the code so I don't need this app but I can definetly see how it can be useful. Good find