Check out the white BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

White BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha
By Adam Zeis on 9 Jul 2012 11:08 am EDT

The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha is a pretty good looking device for what it is, but here at CrackBerry you know we're all about the white. No mattter what the device -- phone or tablet -- we want white. Well this white BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha was spotted at BlackBerry 10 Jam in Singapore and man does it look sweet. I'm really digging the design on this one and I'm sure Kevin is going to making a few calls while he's in Waterloo and try to get his hands on one. While this won't be hitting the streets for consumers (at all, ever) it's rumored to be part of a final run for developers. If you happen to get your hands on one we'd love to hear about it.

What do you think of the white? Sound off in the comments!

Source: BerryReview

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Check out the white BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha


I think by default everyone that owns a white blackberry should name their phones "Berry White". [cue sexy music - can't get enough of your luuuuuvvv]

Nice. I'm liking the white.
My thought on the dev alpha is this:
Although they swear black and blue that this is not the final product, and ok, to some extend its not. I'm betting my first born that the final product (appearance) is identical. It will have better specs sure, and of course updated software. But folks.... We're looking at the first bb10 device (imo)...

Hard to believe they would put the effort into manufacturing a white case if this device and its components had no longevity...

I think you probably have it the wrong way round, the internal hardware and screen won't change that much (other than the need to support LTE where required), but the casing and even things like removable battery or microsd card could make it into the shipping devices.

I like how you went as far as "I'm betting my first born" you know the consequences of that right? havent you seen Dane Cook swear on his first born!!! you need to youtube his HBO special this comment reminded me of that.

I too love white and actually sent an e-mail to Investor Relations at RIM a few weeks ago. I was astonished to receive a reply with thanks for my suggestion.

I like black but the Blackberry 10 needs to look vastly different than the current slew of BB phones. The consumer will have to take Rim's word for it that internally it is also vastly different but the visual impact is important.

Looks different - is different! Looks new - is new!

Is these devices coming out any time soon? No, so why show it now? They could have kept this under wraps until October as well, IMO! I could care less about these type of leaks until it gets closer to release date.

Until then, keep it in your pocket.

This is not a leak or device that will ever be released to market. It's a developer device given out to select people to test their apps on.

The question remains... When is it going to be released? Are just going to get nice looking pictures or will we be able to hold it in our own hands?

Not unless you are a developer and you register at one of the Blackberry Jam events. this is a DEV Alpha

I hope they don't make it look like a Droid. One thing I've loved about BlackBerry is how they feel in your hand. Every Droid I've touched feels like a plastic POS. I love the heavy and metal design of the Berries. (Storms/Torchs) They just feel like they're way higher quality.

You know all the Blackberries are plastic right? The only one that has actual metal is the Bold 9900. The rest were just plastic that was coated to look like metal. Drop and scratch it, and you'll see the plastic right away. Also, the battery cover on the Torch 9850/9860 was also metal, but that's about it. But I agree with you that they are heavy duty and able to take a beating.

Personally, I think they should go with the materials they used for the playbook, it's pretty heavy duty and feels good in the hand. With a metal trim like the Bold 9900.

No it wasnt. I owned 2 STORMS and other then the battary cover being metal. It was all plastic with plastic chrome accents. I know cause my kids totally banged one up and it was chipped, gouged, and scratched to hell. Also as for the future of rim devices being continued to be built like tanks you can forget about it. To be fully competitive by going to a larger full touch device and building something sleek rather then feeling like a cinder block it will be of lower quality. They will most likely feel like a samsung device in hand. Not the best quality feel but a nice feeling phone non the less. I do think the dev alpa looks nice but looking at the side profile it looks like the thickest all touch phone on the market today and if they keep this design or something similer, I can see alot of non blackberry users staying away and buy sleeker samsungs and htc phones. From rumors even the new iphone going slimmer.

I'm so happy that RIM isn't using the dev alpha design as the touchscreen phone. Pretty sure the company would crash and burn if they did - however a hand full of people would have liked it I bet.


After my last 7 phones being BlackBerrys, listening to the "disasterous pushing up of BB 10 til next year, listening to the "media bash by RIMM Executives" last week, I am so confident in the leadership of RIMM


You all can sit around and listen to the deceit which has, unfortunately, been the norm at RIMM for about 3 years, but until enough people get disgusted - why should anything change???

Congrats bro... now promptly delete your CrackBerry account and move on. I think I speak for MOST of my fellow CrackBerryians when I say that we are sick of hearing your bitching and moaning.

Isn't this the same nonsense you keep repeating over and over and over and over and over and over and...
Get the point loser? Go play in your sand box you child.

If you can't handle the wait , and hold up you're too weak to be a blackberry user . Your negativity is not welcome, besides you youurself said it, you let yourself be swayed by the media... Sheep...

Your thoughts.....Totally fine. That is why we have choices.

Thorsten had to delay due to a modicum of sanity and a thought process that told him, maybe the company should innovate and not just rely on their past. Woo Hoo. Thanks to Him and their new leaders....we are on the brink of a fantastic new technology. As for deceit? That happens with all corporations and is usually a by-product of the media.

Actually it has been exciting to see what this last year laid out for us and the anticipation has been electrifying. I will always have a cell phone and why rush what can be perfected by those with some brains and some guts.

Kudos to the leadership team at RIM for delaying and getting this one spot on!

Thanks but we didnt need to you to tell us (Mr. state the obvious)

Good thing i have some great devices to hold me off until bb10 launches :D

Dude, no offence, but you're obviously a newish user and don't remember the quieter times of items like 'Viigo updated to version 1.116 (bug fix)' and 'CrackBerry Idol' to keep us going over long summers ;) (Only kidding with CrackBerry Idol! Whatever happened to most of those contestants?!)

Its funny how some people can be. Although i am currently sporting a gnex leaving blackberry for a bit to try out the compition I still come here every day to see what is going onwith blackberry. Really looking forward to the new BB10 devices and looking forward to getting one. RIM has a lot of catching up to do with flow and fluidity to catch up to android ice cream sandwich and from what I saw from jelly bean but I know Rim can get the job done. From what they showed so far looks great. Me on the otherhand, I am one of those that would rather have Rim not leak anything and save everythig till their lunch and realease the product to consumer with in days of anouncment. Their is more then enough of other material to keep crackberry going and intresting till next gen phones hit.

I really don't know why they don't put all phones out one in black and one in white because I would almost kill for a white blackberry.

I'd definitely rock a phone like this.

I guess I just don't understand what the big deal is with how a phone LOOKS. Last I checked, that's the ONLY part of the phone that has absolutely ZERO bearing on functionality, yet so many people place it highest on thier list. I'd worry more about how it feels in the hand, or between the head and the shoulder, or if it fits in a pocket comfortably... When you talk on your phone, you can't see it anyways, so what's the big f'n deal?

I am rolling on the floor laughing at the obvious nature of your commment. That is so true. Function is most important. Apparantly there are few of us who could care less about keeping up with the neighboors and want truly a device to get some things done. Besides, most will buy a black case to cover up their white phone ..or wait......a white case for their black phone.....heheh..I personally will be going Black and no case.......
merely a sleeve for transport to and from my hand.....


Agreed, and it really p**es me off that they never release a f*****' berry! They are always phones GOSHDARNIT!!!

I agree RESEARCH IN MOTION should put out different colors beside black and white like light blue and red.

Its a white rectangle with a BB

RIM is in the grave ..RIP for not delivering on time. People have big choices to make and holiday time is crucial. They did not hold up to the promise of release...and its over for them.

Not a fan of the white phones. I like them nice and professional Black. For me BlackBerry means work first. When I see all these phones with multicolors and such I don't see a Professional phone but a personal entertainment device. For me there needs to be either brushes aluminum or solid Black for the next BB phones.

What I would really like is an all metal phone, ala the Porsche BB. Or at least more metal than simply the frame around my 9930. My wife's 9850 has a metal battery door that is, in my opinion, nicer thean the stock 9930 door I have (but replaced with an after market "leather" door).

White would probably be at or near the bottom of the list for me for a gadget.

You know when Chinese rip-off artists build a clone of the iPhone? That's what this looks like - cheap.

Looks a bit silly with all the regulatory markings in black, too.

Making something white doesn't make it beautiful, nor does something have to be white to be beautiful. Even Apple lately has been getting away from white.

I know I'm a little hung up on my Torch 9800, but I think the slider is one of the better looking/designed phones around. All these slab phones are starting to look rather generic.

Anyone else notice the nice "16 GB" stamped right on the side? That stamp tells me that they are going to sell version like the iPod/iPhone/PlayBook preinstalled memory that we cannot expand with out paying 15 times the going rate for memory.

RIM please make these expandable by MicroSD cards don't be like the rest and over charge us $400 for memory that we can buy for $100.

I get that the memory RIM is putting in is much better and faster so allowing the consumer to to buy a cheep microSD card and then question why things are running slow. Just test the speed of cards and let users know when they put one in a crappy SD card that it will degrade performance and is not the fault of the device.

Thanks for the memory card info. I have never heard about difference between good/bad memory cards and their effect on device speed. You learn something new every day..

I really like the new look of this phone. I hope it is released soon, I will definitely be up for grabbing one. Hope RIM really does well down the line and make a comeback!

WHO cares about the colour (yes, I'm in Waterloo, Canada, where we write "colour") of the casing?
THAT isn't going to be what will sell sh*tloads of 'em: worldwide, Samsung just sold 50 million phones in the last 3 months, and I'll bet "most" of them were black or gray, etc..
Want another colour? Buy an add-on cover or stickers, or a protective sleeve! ... No? Spray paint @ hardware store: < $10!!!

As a (currently) former shareholder, RIM has LOST me a LOT of $$ and as an equally long BB user (since 2004) with closer ties to the company than I care to ponder, I think/hope I've earned some 'entitlement' to post my 2 cents. But, I digress ...

As long as the "basic" device elements are there (removable battery, micro-SHDC, micro HDMI, decent built-in memory, etc.) what ANY new BB device M·U·S·T · B·E or feature to rock EVERYONE's boat AND (more importantly!!) to counter all the insanely negative media commentary, is 6 specific qualities/features:

1) FULL-SIZE Touch Hi-Res Screen real estate somewhere between iPhone (bare minimum) and Galaxy (better) - EVERYONE wants a "full-screen" experience, not some Bold- or Curve-sized "3" mini-screen." Movies, video, "Future-SKYPE" (!!!), Broswing, eMail ... who'd want to need a magnifying glass to read, watch or do anything on it??
Even a small hi-res screen is useless; FULL-Size is a no-brainer!!

2) FULL-SIZE Querty tactile (traditional BB) Keyboard; no more "micro-keys" or "multi-touch/character" keyboards OR small keys; I have "real sized," not pencil fingers. The 9800 keys are 'borderline;' anything smaller might be OK for tweens & teens, but not adults.
Full-Size Keys on a Full Keyboard for EVERY USER.

.... the ONLY way to effectively combine BOTH is as a "Torch-style slider" = BENEFITS are:
i) lower the per unit production cost, because only ONE single device would need to be designed, manufactured, 'marketed' and "supported (AND Apps-developed-for!)
ii) IMMEDIATELY satisfies ALL user-types' (touch vs. keyboard) demands - plus, the ever-critical media & tech analysts!!!!,
iii) give touch-screen-only users the choice to feel what they've been told they won't miss (but probably 'do' anyway) AND benefit keyboard-demanders with a FULL-SIZE SCREEN (DON'T give me a sh*tty "tiny, little" screen like the Bold or Curvev did just so I can get the keyboard), and
iv) finally, it also removes the "great screen but no keys vs. sh*tty screen w/ keys" device debate... EVERY customer gets "Perfect Choice" - vs. ALL competitor devices.

3) Future Software/OS Upgradeability AND Other-Tech Connectivity/Interface: no more of this "THIS device is locked to OS6 ONLY" (like my 9800 - what a crock!).
Piggyback with "someone" for in-car and other device connectivity - like plug-in to your car-stereo for device control & phone function (i.e. BB just got left out of a New Pioneer Car deck device-option: iPhone & Android only!). Ditto with Home Entertainment & more connections ...

4) super-slick & uninterrupted user-experience; I've used BBs since 2004 and really have no "huge gripes" but the way my latest (18 month-old) Torch 9800 just hour-glasses me every 10-15 minutes, effectively and completely locking me out for 15-30 seconds each time - regardless of what I'm doing or working on - M U S T change in future device & OS user experiences. MAKE it "synch" in the background, OR give me the choice of "work vs. synch!"

5) QUALITY construction: nothing, and I mean NOTHING!, beats the solid, quality feel of the Playbook ... an in a competitive phone-device, only the iPhone comes close. Give people a solidly built device that - as MANY abusive BB users can attest to - stands up BETTER to wear & tear than almost all others ... and one more point to criticize about is removed.
We've all seen competitors' devices "trashed" with a single drop, or 'intentionally' ... well, I know BBs that have been thrown against the wall that still work - not perfectly, perhaps - but still: "they work" ... THAT'S something "business users" will give a sh*t about.

6) marketing, Marketing, MARKETING! ... of the super-cool variety that REALLY speaks to people with more than annoying pretty chicks making unbelievable user-claims, or stoned DJs. NO, it needs a credible, appealing comm strategy AND execution MORE than slick production elements.

There's an AWESOME RIM Story that WILL BE worth telling, but don't do it with "old RIM style" Marketing, ALL of which has (what can only be described as), both, "sucked AND blown at the same time" As far back as I can recall; definitely since the "U2-sponsored-by-RIM" days ... (IF I see that super-annoying, over the top-arrogant Meredith ONE more time ....)

... and I don't say ANY of the above lightly or callously. But really: the Market place and all its users (new and switching) are saying THAT, and the Media are repeating it with all the glee and vigour (yes, Canadian spelling again) they can muster (Don Henley's "Dirty Laundry" anyone?).

As a professional Marketer whose 1 or 2 job applications over about 10 years have been ignored and/or rejected by the company (believe it or not, once because "I wasn't an Engineer" - WTF?!?!?!).

From what I've seen in the Alpha device pictures, RIM is finally about Half-Way there: just add the Slider Keyboard and get the O/S & Apps "right" and I'll Market this for you in ways you can't imagine.
See you at the AGM tomorrow, Thorsten (and Kevin?)!

I don't get the whole craze with white devices. I prefer the black phone. I don't need some bright white thing on my belt just screaming for attention...

Also, what I don't understand is, looking at the diagram for their two designs for the BB10, one is an all touch-screen the other has a physical keyboard like the Bold 9900. The one with the physical keyboard is shorter and more like the current Bold so the screen is significantly smaller than the all-touch version... Why don't they just make them the SAME LENGTH so the screen can still be slightly larger than how they have it? Why put a keyboard AND make the overall length shorter?? They can easily put a physical keyboard on the bottom of the all-touch device and still have plenty of screen real-estate. Best of both worlds... I'm sure it'll be something about the aspect ratios, but still, not impossible to find a solution to that...

@slagman5: almost my earlier sentiment exactly - make the full-size touch screen and add the slider keyboard. DONE!

ONE Device. One Manufacturing line. ONE Design & Development process.
ALL potential Markets Served and Satisfied.

I don't know how this concept is so blatantly impossible to miss just around the corner from my place.
The only reason the 9800 & 9810 didn't score better with consumers was that 1) it was too small in size (screen & keyboard), 2) the tech specs were a little low-end (i.e. 'slow') AND 3) RIM barely marketed it ... IF at all.
I love my 9800, my wife loves her 9810, and I know a few others who think their slider-Torches are the BEST of BOTH worlds: Keyboard PLUS large-touch screen.

I KNOW I will NOT be buying an "all-touch only," OR a "Bold-style" device that sacrifices screen size for the keys.
Might ave to bite bullet & go to 9810 myself, just to wait out a BB10-slider.
I can hope. We can all dream.

Cheers y'all!



Well, I was actually taking about a "Bold-style" device with a fixed keyboard, but just make the exterior dimensions the same so the screen on it will be slightly bigger. Like imagine the all-touch device but with just the bottom 25% is taken up by the fixed keyboard. I personally like the fixed keyboard more than a slider. I know it's personal preference, and my preference is to have the keyboard there right when I take my phone out of the holster, no need to wake the screen or slide the keyboard out. Instant access. But the way they are planning it now is the all-touch device will be longer than the one with the fixed keyboard. So not only is the keyboard taking up space but the overall length is also shortened, so the screen is not just 25% smaller but closer to like 40% smaller as compared to the all-touch version...

The white looks nice, but as a female I have first hand knowledge that makeup tends to get on the white exterior around the screen, especially after talking on the phone. It was very annoying having to keep wiping off the phone after use to remove the makeup. Just wanted to let the ladies now..

Buck:I am currently using an IPhone 4S and my god I can't believe people really rate apple phones over Blackberry. The fucking phone is so fucking dumb and boring! Rim please can you hurry up with the Blackberry 10 so I can get rid if this gay phone? By the way I use to use Blackberry before the iPhone 4S.