Check out Super Hexagon - the super addicting game for BlackBerry 10

By DJ Reyes on 9 Jul 2013 01:50 pm EDT

Super Hexagon is a game on my top list of apps right now. It's my go to game for quick game play and killing time. It's a simple game but you can really get yourself riled up, making you want to play it even more. The graphics are also awesome, complete with awesome sound effects too. All you have to do is crank up the volume and play.

The name of the game is simple. You're a little triangle, slap bang in the middle of the screen and hexagon walls start closing in on you. Some walls are gone and that's the gap you have to get yourself through and a maze like fashion. That's it but trust me you'll be hooked. From the simple fact that you want to beat your previous time, you'll be playing this repeatedly and may find yourself cursing at your BlackBerry from time to time. It definitely is an amazing game if you like this sort of thing.

Check out the quick game play demo above. If it tickles your fancy, you can get it from BlackBerry World for $2.99/£2.00. Available for the Z10, Q10 and Q5.

Purchase Super Hexagon for BlackBerry 10

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Check out Super Hexagon - the super addicting game for BlackBerry 10


i never finished the third hyper mode. frickin impossible! and still i'm trying >_> people on the bus must be like: "why is that idiot cursing all the time?!"

I have this game on my Z, it's awesome! Also had it on my Nexus and my kids have it on their I pods!!! Fantastic frustrating game!

Posted via CB10

I know what you mean, but I think it's cuz its now available on the Q10 and Q5 that is why it is being reposted and by a different writer

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Perhaps, but we (I helped with the port) released the Q10/Q5 compatible update back in April on time for the Q10 release :)! Thanks for featuring the game though!

It's great to see a top game being updated. I just think CB bloggers should do a better job at presenting things sometimes.

Huh? We never did a hands-on video of Super Hexagon before. It's a good enough game to warrant one even if we did an announcement post awhile back, that's for sure.

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True, it wasn't a hands-on, but the original post featured in game video footage.
My comment was more about the fact that this was treated as a first time look, a discovery, when this was more of an update.

Yeah, but that's also the thing. You learn to cope with your mistakes and that they are not bad. I would even say that it could be used in education to teach children some patience and frustration-resistance. I love it. Really good game design.

Super Hexagon is brilliant, yet simple. Excellent game. I love playing it on the Q10! I wonder if using buttons gives us Q10 owners an unfair advantage?

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I doubt it will give people with a Q10/Q5 an advantage. The touchscreen on the BlackBerry devices are pretty responsive but gamers will certainly enjoy the tactile feedback of keys (I sure do). The only advantage I can think of when using the keys (Not sure if DJ Reyes knew she could use: q/s - left, p/l - right, enter/space - action) is that you don't block the view that much (which allows you to anticipate maybe a bit more).

btw keys should also work in the menu

I have this on all my devices. It's frustratingly fun.

Posted from The Force wielding tap-dancing mouse on secret pantless missions (hiding in Jaydee's backseat) :p

You can not use "addicting" as and adjective and claim to be writing in English. The article writers at CrackBerry all need to go back to school.

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Teehee troll indeed, how droll.

I suppose the problem with the fact that she is being paid to write and yet sets such a poor example escapes you.

cRaCKb3rRy sHuD jUsT R1Te aLl iTz h3aDL1nz L1k3 d1s :)

Educated 1 : 0 Illiterates

I think it's the same case with "nauseated" and "nauseous ". I keep hearing people say they feel "nauseous", but nauseous is actually the condition of being able to cause nausea. "Nauseated" is the feeling of someone experiencing nausea.

But heck, I'm no grammar genious. Just saying. :)

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Damn, is it me or is the crackberry crew trying to transform my communication device into a gaming platform. Where are the innovative applications BlackBerry??? I didn't buy this phone to simply play games on it, I can buy a console for that purpose. BlackBerry is definitely giving it's loyal customers the hell with all the games, where are the useful application, so far all I've seen are watered down BB7 applications, like Poynt, for example. It had way more features on my torch than I currently have on my Z10. Where is BlackBerry Traffic???, an awesome BB7 application, but AWOL on BB10, are you serious? No Instagram?? My contacts list randomly retains phone numbers, have yet to figure out the pattern. No update yet?? Don't brag about the QNX software if you are not going to use it, until you are left with a hand full of customers, because everyone else abandoned ship due to the undeniable BS.

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Wow, really? Didn't CB already post an article on this game around 5 months ago? Just goes to show how horrendous the game situation actually is on BB10. If they are ever going to compete in the mobile game market they need the 'same releases' as other platforms on the 'same day'. Like seriously, right now it's about the equivalent of releasing atari games when most of the world is already enjoying NES.

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1. I guess everyone understood what this write up was about - that there is this game called Hexagon and it can be addictive to many - so I guess DJ's job is then done - she got the message across.
2. Now, if you think there was a grammatical error or whatever error, you could send DJ a private message and give her your suggestions and also your justifications.
3. Yes, I do agree with you that addictive would have fit into the sentence better than addicting.
Cheers and most of all, enjoy the game and have FUN...