Check out Stitch - An awesome free theme by Pootermobile!

Stitch by Pootermobile
By Michelle Haag on 5 Feb 2012 03:07 pm EST
If you're looking for a well crafted BlackBerry theme that's easy on the eyes, you need to check out Stitch by Pootermobile. Appropriately named, Stitch features details throughout that make this theme look and feel as though it was hand-made just for you. The minimalistic homescreen features a weather slot and dock of 3 mini-icons that are user defined. It looks very smooth as the icons sit on ribbons, laid against leather banners. Though the wallpaper is customizable, I really like the texture Pootermobile has chosen. It's subtle and classy, and the white icons really contrast well against it.

Compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones running OS 5.0-6.0, you can grab Stitch absolutely free in BlackBerry App World! If you download it, be sure to leave a review as thanks for the awesome new look on your BlackBerry. You can check out Stitch and the rest of Pootermobile's themes at the links below.

More information/screenshots and download Stitch
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Reader comments

Check out Stitch - An awesome free theme by Pootermobile!


It looks great! (I'm not even a fan of themes) too bad it isn't supported for OS7 devices. Well, the Curve 9360 that is.

Pootermobile?! Ah yes, i remember they had another free theme that was pretty slick looking a day or so ago. I better download it now before is goes back on sale again!
Thanks Pootermobile and CB for the friendly reminder.

edit: Shooter by Pootermobile was the theme but after checking it out again it doesnt work on my Os 5 BB.

One would expect that this late in the game, that all themes produced would be geared towards including the OS 7s too. This is disappointing.

As of now there is no Theme Studio support for OS7. The themes that have been made for OS7 by developers is a sort of work around. I am trying to learn how to make themes with this work around. And I really hope Theme Studio also gets updated soon.

Dang that theme looks awesome!! Lame RIM STILL hasn't released the theme builder (and it sounds like they won't for a long time if ever) for os 7. Themes are what makes the bb great. I would love this theme on my 9900. Make sure to let us know if you do work some magic!! Thx

Thanks Pootermobile, this theme is indeed very simple and nice. Anyone found that after switching to the theme and when switched back to the BB os6 theme, the notifications bar doesn't seem to appear anymore until the phone is rebooted?

Thanks for downloading! With any theme that you download it is recommended that you do a battery pull every time you activate a theme so all the components can be put into place. And also when going back to the stock layout.

Sadly this isn't available for the Pearl with OS 6; Looks like a great theme though!

EDIT: I've found that if you scan the App world QR code, that it downloads and installs with no problems.

I believe there are only 3 (actually 4) showing in the homescreen, you just move the app icons to position 1 2 3 4, and the first one will be the big one in the left hand corner and 2 3 4 will be the little bookmark thingys in the lower right corner

i really love the theme, but it looks like the upper bar doesnt fit when i am in an application. i have a 9700 with os6

Nice clean theme. Well put together and I like the colours and fonts used. Easy on the eyes. However, I'm not going to use it as I really like Today on my homescreen (calendar particularly). Other than that, it's very nice. Recommended.