Check Out SmrtApps and Enter To Win 1 of 100 Copies of SmrtZodiac

By Adam Zeis on 17 Dec 2009 02:29 pm EST

The guys at SmrtGuard are running a promo to get the word out on their line of SmrtApps. Users that download all of the latest apps will be entered for a chance to win 1 of 100 copies of their super addictive game SmrtZodiac. The game rules are simple - swap animals to match 3 in a row and rack up the points. A great Brickbreaker alternative that can be played virtually anywhere in a short amount of time. To enter to win, head over to SmrtGuard and click on the "Download All" tab. Enter you email address, and you'll be all set. Contest ends this Friday.

More information and download of SmrtZodiac

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Reader comments

Check Out SmrtApps and Enter To Win 1 of 100 Copies of SmrtZodiac


It's like that game from when I was 5, and it tested your memory. But it actually looks like Bejeweled...

First time playing though gave me an uncaught exception error :-( Hopefully that doesn't persist would be a fun little game.

This would be a great game to have! My 9 year old nephew always wants to play a game on my Storm. This would be a great addition to have.

This is a game like beje. But boring with that interface. This 1 hav more great interface. Hope I can hav 1 in my . Thank crackberry for the contest. I love this game.

Pls make me a smart boy.. What do i need?
Smrt Phone?
Smrt Berry?
Smrt Pants?
No... Its absolutely smrt smrt SmrtZodiac which i need for my Smrt Bold 9000....