Check out this Porsche 911 loaded with BlackBerry technology!

By Bla1ze on 28 Feb 2012 08:04 am EST

RIM's QNX division has been doing some pretty impressive things in the automotive sector lately and they've brough along some pretty awesome stuff to Mobile World Congress. As seen in the video above, Derek Kuhn, VP Sales & Marketing, QNX, gives us a tour of how BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBooks can be deeply integrated making a complete automotive package.

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Check out this Porsche 911 loaded with BlackBerry technology!


Yes we know we saw this at CES.

This guy is a way better presenter then the guy demoing at CES though.

But RIM, come on. Stop showing us the distant future and start showing us what you can deliver TODAY. This is an automotive implementation and commonly in automotive, technology that is in concept form takes 4 or so years to trickle its way down into production. Thing is, you're bread and butter is in MOBILE not automotive (its great that you want to leverage QNX's strength in auto). In the Mobile industry if you can't get it out the door in production in 6 months you're to late cause some one else will.

Stop showing us "Future demos" and show us that the new RIM under the new boss can EXECUTE! Prove the late Mr Jobs wrong. He once said RIM was a hardware company in a software industry. You have the best talent in the world in software, get it into REAL products.

Listen bud... RIM has the same problem you seem to. They put their head in the sand and shout how great things are going to be - i.e. they aren't listening either! The poster above made some reasonable constructive criticisms, but like is often happening here lately, some over enthusiastic fan boy jumps down his throat because of a perceived negative bias towards RIM. This doesn't do anyone any good. It isn't all sweetness and light in BlackBerry land right now... They need to hear the constructive critiques that are being put forward. I'm all for shutting down the obvious trolls but this particular post (can't speak for other posts the poster has made) was thoughtful and full of insight. RIM should listen - and it wouldn't hurt you to either.

I see your point but there is nothing wrong with showing how RIM is innovating. As early as a few months ago, many of us wouldn't even associate RIM with innovation. Now with this, the document swipe sharing, NFC for social media, remote control of even non-BlackBerry devices etc there is so much to get excited about today.

The problem here though isn't that RIM isn't showing off cool technologies... its that by the time they finally put them into production, they aren't cool anymore and someone else has already done them nearly as good if not better. They would be better off shutting up about it and then wowing us with a product that's ready for launch in 60 days.

The should be creating after market head unit replacement with the PlayBook. I want to be able to take my PlayBook from the house, to the car, plug it in and have it know that it is in the car and provide information back from the car. Then I can take the PlayBook out with me when I leave the car.

I'd like to see something like this in a lower end car. A car that is going to be reproduced millions of times. It will give the playbook and RIM added staying power.

Love all this technology in the vehicles. Wish it was more readily available now, not only for new vehicles but aftermarket.

This is nice but yet we can't sync our phone calendar with the PB? My priority would be to tighten up functionality to make the phone and PB pairing all it can be for work and come with the toys later. Some have to be able to work before they can play or afford the Porsche....would be cool if RIM were talking with all auto makers to implement this as standard.

Highly doubt they aren't investing manpower on software updates as well. When we will see those is another story! :)

Well, I have the Playbook. Now all I need is a Porshe.


Very cool QNX stuff. Looks like RIM made a very smart purchase of QNX

Cool stuff and the way to go in future. BUT come on RIM, you think this is the way to start promoting this in a 100K Porsche? This way you get 1% interest, loosing out on the Camry & Accord drivers who really wants to use it as daily commuters. The first reaction is to only be a "gimmick", as it is shown in a Porsche which only the rich can affort. Even if you do put it in a Camry, people will still be skeptic thinking that the Camry version is a tonedown version of the real thing to make it affordable. I think the Sales Marketing at RIM is just snobs and have no clue how to market their (excellent) stuff to main street people!

Who do you think you are, an American politician? What a snob! Hahaha!
It takes a long time for things like this to trickle down to the masses. Its a good thing too, a lot of what designers think is crucial to the overall experience turns out to be not so important. So you dont have to pay for it in your Camry.

Carrea S Convertible (the car in video) STARTS at 103K - per Obama's definition, you need to be 'rich' to afford that.

I believe the Porsche is the flag ship of Blackberry! What we see here is the future direction of Blackberry and where it will grow.. I just hope Blackberry 10 is something spectacular!!

Hey, my take away is one EXCITED and PASSIONATE executive that can tell the story! Exactly what so many here have been saying RIM needs - someone to tell the story. This guy is good - makes me feel like he can be the suit for the meetings, but also gives me the feeling he could pull the dash and help me rewire my Tahoe to a set-up like the Porsche has.

RIM needs a guy EXACTLY like this to push forward the marketing effort.

Hey Derek, get your resume to Thor, I hear he needs a guy . . .

I was JUST thinking about this yesterday. I was driving in my Camry and had my PlayBook (with Google Maps/Navigation) guiding me through rush hour traffic. I was holding it adjacent to the steering wheel and thinking "this is the perfect size. It could fit easily in the steering wheel." I could have a micro usb connector in there to keep it charged. Do they still have that show Pimp my Ride? I wonder how much it would cost? lol

"I was driving in my Camry and had my PlayBook (with Google Maps/Navigation)"

Hi KMB4, Exactly, what app were you using? Did it actually used the GPS. Did you have to be linked to the net?