Check out Insight by AG Designs & Graphics and enter to win - 40 copies up for grabs!

Insight by AG Designs & Graphics
By Michelle Haag on 26 Jul 2011 03:17 pm EDT
Insight is the latest theme from AG Designs & Graphics, and it's amazing! Clean and clear, Insight is super wallpaper friendly with a very functional home screen.

The hidden vertical dock on the left of your screen is brilliantly done with text instead of icons. Also included is revolutionary Icon Hinting, picture pop-ups descriptive of each application which appear next to highlighted text in both the App List and the Smart Banner. A simple press of the Back Button allows the user to hide the App List from the Home Screen and/or disable Icon Hinting (by deselecting the check box). As with all themes by AG Designs, applications in the Smart Banner  (Clock, Manage Connections, Messages and Calendar) are selectable. With beautiful OS7 icons and refreshing background images, Insight is as graphically rich as it is user-friendly.

Insight is on sale right now for $2.99 (reg. $4.99) and compatible with BlackBerry 8330/50i, 85xx, 89xx, 93xx, 95xx, 9630/50, 97xx, and 9800. AG Designs & Graphics sent us 40 copies of this brilliant new theme to pass on to you guys, so leave a comment below if you want to enter to win one! Regular contest rules apply.

For more details/screenshots and to purchase Insight
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Reader comments

Check out Insight by AG Designs & Graphics and enter to win - 40 copies up for grabs!



Looks like a theme worth having - so many others block parts of my background pictures so there are quite a few I can't use. *thumbs up* to Insight!

I have INSIGHT on this and I already won!
Thank you in advance CrackBerry and Insight for the prize! :)

Love it! Looks great, really v smart (and I always love wallpaper friendly themes), fingers crossed and all that...

I usually don't go for themes, having used the most functional one I've ever ran across for the past year +, but this one looks really great and might just be the one to change my opinion! Thanks for a chance to enter to win, CrackBerry!!! I love my CB!!!! :)

Holy Moly Bullwinkle, this squirel can't believe all the people that want this great Theme. I already have it rocking on my Torch... couldn't wait for the inevidable giveaway. Thanks for all the great contests.... Crackberry Nation continues to grow. Keep u p the great work.

this would be a great theme. i currently use sheath but maybe this is better.

thanks phil