Check out how #TeamBlackBerry plans to Be Bold in 2012 [Infographic]

The Bold Team
By Michelle Haag on 30 Jan 2012 09:37 pm EST
Way back at the end of 2011, New Years Eve to be specific, you may recall that BlackBerry sponsored a little event called Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. During the broadcast, the giant billboards in Times Square were home to not only BlackBerry advertising, but also more than 35,000 resolutions for the new year sent via tweet that answered the question "How will you #BeBold in 2012?"

The tweets and resolutions posted to Facebook were analyzed, and four clear themes were apparent. The BlackBerry team took these themes, personified them, and The Bold Team was born - four characters that embody the goals and aspirations of #TeamBlackBerry. Check out the full infographic after the break, and let us know if you are The Achiever, The Adventurer, The Advocate, or The Authentic! What's your #BeBold goal or resolution for 2012, and how do you plan to achieve it?

Source: Inside BlackBerry

The Bold Team infographic
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Check out how #TeamBlackBerry plans to Be Bold in 2012 [Infographic]


You think a company helping people with their resolutions is disgusting? At least RIM is helping people. The same can't be said about Apple - they're too busy hiring underage slave labour, using factories that punish employees by not paying them for their work, etc.

First of all, what does Apple have to do with this? Control your hate. But since you bring up Apple, tons of people here call their products iToys. Now, do you think RIM's new cartoonish advertising screams "Professional"? GoGo Girl? I mean, really?

Now I realize that the ads were meant to be tongue in cheek, but it looks very childish for RIM.

Troll Alert*

What you claim is an exaggeration of the actual facts reported in the news and on tech blogs. Also you've left out the part that, the supply chains that Apple is involved in, generally have better working conditions as compared to other companies, and other manufacturing factories.

I say better, but they are by no means even near the standard of what it should be. So before you RAGE about Apple, just know that, probably many of the luxuries you, me, and everyone on this board enjoys, is made possible by the suffering of others. Sad

First of all, do you know where BBs are made? What are the working conditions like? How is it that everyone is talking about how Apple doesn't care about the working conditions at these factories when they are the same factories that produce other companies goods. They should all work on that...including Apple, RIM, Dell, HP, Acer, etc.

Second of all, I get it you hate Apple, but try not make shit up. Apple had the RED campaign to raise money for children with AIDS, to cite one example.

I'm replying to the top comment just so everyone reading knows THIS IS AN INFOGRAPHIC - NOT A MARKETING CAMPAIGN! Chill out (in comment's below). This is such a clear example of how other sites, jump on the bandwagon of kicking down RIM - Regardless of the facts!

What a waste of time and resources. Who would possibly care about thes anyway. Just putting out the data and saying these are the four thing people tweeted about the most during the New Year's promo would have probably been interesting but this is just silly.

They do nothing, people complain. They do something, people say it's wrong. They try something new, and people say they are wasting time. Geezz.. tough crowd.

Try thinking with a mature mind on this marketing thing. Are you serious you support the multi racial power rangers of Blackberry. If so you must be very immature.

Wow, condescending tone with a hint of elitism. Who says you were the target for this particular marketing campaign. I'm not saying it's a good campaign, I'm just acknowledging that they tried something new.


Damned if you do, damned if you don't!

I get amused by people complaining about things no matter what it is. Topical peanut gallery. =0)

why don't you give your trolling a rest, they said they were going to try marketing so let the masses try before criticizing.

+1. The foolish troll thinks RIM's engineers stopped all their work to work on the BeBold campain. Why do we have so many trolls and fools on crackberry?

This is definitely much different than what BlackBerry normally does, and I'm proud to see that they're trying new things. So maybe it wasn't the best or most original idea ever, but at least they're doing more to get their name out there. This shows that they're trying to market their product to different audiences, which is exactly what they need to be doing.

I don't get it either, but it's not unusual for companies to market to adults with cartoon mascots. eSurance, Geico, and The General have used cartoons to sell insurance. Perscription medication has been promoted by an over-sexed cartoon bee (Nasonex) and what I'm guessing is a sad tomato (Zoloft).

Can is get a, LAME!!!? What genious thought of this? This explains why the BB10 devices are so slow to come out, because they spend more time on useless stats and cartoon characters than the hardware and software that sells their company. Not a good start to 2012, let's put it at way!

What a stupid, stupid thing to say. When you go to a fast food restaurant and it takes a couple minutes to get your food, do you ask yourself "What is taking so long? How long does it take eight people to make a hamburger," when you know that not all the staff in the building is working on your hamburger?
Do you really think everybody at RIM is in charge of development?

Well, so you want a half-baked product rather than a complete product? I guess if you were in-charge rim security would be out the door like Androids malware magnet.

This is an infographic, not marketing. Just a fun way to put up some information on a blog. Nothing more, nothing less. This is not an ad campaign.

I guess they missed one character: The Old Fart. Think John C Dvorak in a bad mood, "you kids get off my lawn!"
Ok, I don't get this promotion yet, but willing to see what they have in mind.
One thing to keep in mind, this forum membership is very North America-centric, but BB is a global brand. While we are mostly "me-first" focused, there are other cultures who place priority on the group or family. These BB characters give group identity for these folks. Be careful to not view everything RIM does or communicates with your North America filter.

I'm just curious as all hell to see what they're cooking for the Super Bowl. I'm majoring in marketing and I hope BB wows me with the over 125 commercials I will have to watch for extra credit.

I'm submitting my resume when I get the chance BlackBerry....I'm Bold, but not
THAT bold.

This has to be the STUPIDEST thing I have ever seen by a company trying to stay a float.

BE BOLD...stay with us as we continue to slowly bleed and die.

Hello RIM,

Are you there?? News flash your devices haven't changed since the beginning and its to little to late..time to either sell the shop for what its worth (pennies) or close the doors and thank everyone for the support.


We all saw this coming along time ago

Go android or go home

Really? This is the stupidest thing you have ever seen by a company to stay a float.
I guess your one of those people who like small changes in you device and think it's the best thing ever (ie, SIRI). However from your comment it would seem you are an android junkie. So tell me what phone do you have;
HTC, Samsung, LG, or any other same generic, indistinguishable, phone that all the other companies are making. And you were complaining about Blackberry devices not changing. Look around, every Android phone is copying another android phone. So much for choice.

Obviously an android troll, probably paid by Google to blog. Why bother going on a blackberry forum site. Android is the same OS, makes them indistinguishable. Have fun being in a price war in hardware.

Isn't Androids mascot an lovechild of C3PO, R2D2 and Kermit the Frog? Android lovers shouldn't be bashing the use of a cartoon character for marketing.

I'm not sure I get this. As preseneted it looks ridiculous, but I'll wait until we see more before jumping to that conclusion.

Hi seaners,
Alex from RIM here. Just jumping in to clarify the intent of the infographic we published on our Inside BlackBerry Blog. On New Year’s Eve, we asked BlackBerry Twitter followers and their friends to submit their resolutions on how they plan to Be Bold in 2012. More than 35,000 resolutions were submitted by Twitter and Facebook users, and we wanted to organize the data and share it in a fun way. The result is the infographic (this is not a new ad campaign). You can see the full post on our Inside BlackBerry Blog here:
Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Hi Alex,
Thanks for clarifying. I'm sure its been thought of, but what about developing the campaign around real people, individuals that personify these aspirations and attributes. Like profiling reporters or NGO workers in places like Haiti, or Somalia or who have been in Syria or other places of conflict or disaster or first responders or military personel communicating with their families. Or profile folks working for organizations like International Justice Mission, Doctors without Borders, War Child who make the choice to Be Bold every day. You could develop a sort of a co-marketing strategy by raising awareness of important issues and the people and organizations who are involved in solutions. Just a thought.

How am I planning to #BeBold in this 2012? I'll man up a lot and shout out loud I'm homo and kill all the gossips and stuff. I also want to change the world, so I'm going to make all the changes needed in my live first, stand for Love and smile regardless of the million reasons I have to cry.

I like this initiative. People out there just don't see that little things are actually HUGE. #TeamBlackBerry

This is not traditional marketing. This is their follow up for their BeBold campaign for people who tweeted their resolutions. They're not advertising this on TV or in the newspaper.

But at least whatever team is working on "Be Bold" is having some fun by doing something for us enthusiasts. And they don't have to do their work chained to a desk in China! Keep up the good work. Oh, and for those that say, "Go android or go home", CrackBerry (and BlackBerry) IS our home. If we wanted "3 hour phones" or the "China Syndrome" phone we would get one. But we are still here, enjoying CrackBerry. Why must WE like something just because it's what YOU like? Or as they say, "Don't go away mad...just go away"

Jeeze, you want suggestions on marketting. Why not try a marketting contest with voting by the public on the forums vice this. The winner wins.......let's say .......a Playbook 3G+ and/or a BB10 device when they come out.


If this is the best RIM marketting can do, it's sad.

This is absolutely awful. I am one that complains when BB does nothing, but poor action is no better than inaction. Thank goodness CrackBerry edited down the image for the home page. Otherwise it is overwhelming noise.

Hopefully it'll work for some markets. Personally, I would rather not see it!

How can any of you blackberry users say that Android is all the same?? If you knew anything about Android, you would know and understand how each manufacturer creates their own overlay or can leave it stock and allow the user to customize the device the way they want too. Let me know when your app market has more than 100 usable apps that are not over priced and when you system stops going down for days on end.
You guys will go down with BB ship believing its the best because you are to ignorant to see that there is better stuff out there. I guess that makes sense since you can't properly view web pages that will give you current tech RIM stocks have dropped to $17 a share and the CREATORS of your beloved devices were more focused on buying a hockey team than trying to be innovative.

BB has been the same since the start except you moved the track wheel from the side to the center and removed the only balls that the company has. Every BB device is the same nothing has changed except you guys just got touch screens...woooo i think those have been around longer BB has. Welcome 2012 where 8-16mp camera are standard, viewing full web pages is possible, device run on LTE, screens are HD capable and big there 3.5 inches.

Wake up RIM your superhero are to little to late.

U mad bro?

I have two Android phones. A Motorola Droid 2 Global and the Galaxy S Infuse 4G. Both are great phones, but my BB 9900 is better in my opinion.

Also, LTE, HD screens and 16MP cameras are not standard. I don't know what universe you're living in.

Let me know when you can access the same things on your android that you can on your blackberry? By that I mean access full webpages, download apps from a growing market place, take decent pictures, truly multi-task?

You a motorola and a early version android from samsung to ENTRY level devices that one by a company that has been bought out and is losing money as fast RIM is (Motorola). Check out the Nexus, Samsung Galaxy 2, HTC Vivid/Raider, HTC Rezound, and than tell me if your 9900 is better.

LTE,HD screens and 16MP are not standard but guarantee by Q3 it will be pretty close to standard atleast 2 out of the 3. You can add in dual-core and now quad core into this section as well.

hes a troll! hes a trolll!!!!

Motorola is losing money as fast as RIM???? CORRECTION: Motorola has been losing money for the last 4 years, they finally broke even last quarter. On the other hand, RIM has been profitable every quarter for the last 4 years and their profits/quarter have ranged anywhere between 350-750 million $s. Do your research and stop trolling Crackberry posts.

Engadget is the place for you fandroid troll!

hes a troll! hes a trolll!!!!

Motorola is losing money as fast as RIM???? CORRECTION: Motorola has been losing money for the last 4 years, they finally broke even last quarter. On the other hand, RIM has been profitable every quarter for the last 4 years and their profits/quarter have ranged anywhere between 350-750 million $s. Do your research and stop trolling Crackberry posts.

Engadget is the place for you fandroid troll!

You've obviously never used one of the newer Blackberries. The browsing on BB OS 7 is just as good as Android's. And yes, I can say this because I have used MANY Android devices, not just the two I currently own. I'm an app developer for both platforms, so I go through a lot of testing devices.

Also, BB has had true multitasking longer than any other platform (Including Android), so I have no idea what you're talking about. On a BB, press the "end call" key to send any app to the background, and press the "Back" key to fully close it. Also, you can press and hold the menu key to view a list of the running apps and quickly switch between them.. This is simple and elegant, and much better than Android's implementation of multitasking in my opinion. In fact, that is one of the reasons I use the 9900 as my daily phone.

I have been pretty critical on here to lead some I may be an Ahdroid or whatever fan. Truth be told, I own a BBP 64G, My Wife owns a BBP 32G and my daughter and son both own BB Phones. I am not critising because I support the other devices. I just think #BB Team marketting could do better than this on this one.

This is not marketing.... it's their blog group just trying to give information in a fun way. This is not an ad campaign.

RIM's marketing department releases a simple infographic and everyone looses their shit. I had no idea Crackberry had so many users that are marketing gurus.

first the night bikes and now the power rangers.... common man! lucky i already have a 9900 and love it so you dont have to convince me!

I don't like it, cartoons are not a feature or a benefit of owning a BlackBerry.

What does it mean to BeBold? Professional, Productive, Personal...
Professional - Secure, reliable, and durable.
Productive - Multi-tasking, easy to use, instant email, gets the job done.
Personal - BB Balance, Games, Touch Screen, BB Music, BB Video Store.

You get the 'Gist'...

love to subtle reference to Gist (as in GIST) - can't wait for RIM to really do something w/ that acquisition. The guys are great and I use the Web and oultlook program as a mainstay. so much they can do w/ it on the Playbook and as a replacement for the handheld contact manager.

I didn't even notice the fact that they were multi-cultural. Some of the comments in this forum are pretty ordinary - Racist and immature. I think it's a pretty interesting campaign. You guys that are never happy - please leave and don't come back. I'm getting reeeeally tired of your complaining.

Blackberry's are business devices meant to get things done. People who use blackberry's want to be taken seriously, not using children's android /apple products. This add campaign is silly and makes RIM/Blackberry seem childish...Nice Move Thorsten......

Jesus, what crack head came up with this? I thought this was a joke? THIS is part of their new marketing strategy? Cartoons? Pathetic.

The grammar and spelling in most of these posts hurt my soul.

Good for Blackberry for trying something new, but, as someone who's supported them for a very long time, I don't feel that these masctos are the way to go.

They don't represent being Bold in my eyes, they represent cute. We don't need cute, we need cut throat.

You open with THAT sentence and then throw in "masctos"... If I could credit you with sarcasm with that one, I would... but I will go with irony on this one... ;)

I have to admit, I was scratching my head on this one. But after listening to the many interviews Thorsten has had among all the criticism they've been getting, it's evident that they already have a pretty strong customer BASE (75 million worldwide). Their target, just as the current presidental candidates, is those undecided people. Those that love the functionality and security they get from Blackberry, but see all the 'excitement' and 'flair' they see coming from the "Apple Orchard" and the "Droid World". Think about it, why so many entry-level phones?? They are pumping out Curves like 'Droids. I understand their approach, maybe this will attract some fence-riders…who knows??

I'm BB till the wheels fall off either way and as long as they keep on producing great products everyone around me will continue to hear my praises as if I was the CMO!!!

2.0 in T minus 17 days…!

This is hillarious. I really cannot wait to hear how all you BB supporters spin how BB is for Business and iPhone is an "iToy" after seeing this?

This is BB's marketing campaign? Wow.

Excellent idea. Sorry to disagree with all these people but I do. I am very happy to say that as well as my friend, I have their children as BBM contacts. Now this means i get a log of funny messages and broadcasts but i can see how this campain fits the BB idea.

In the UK there was a TV ad that had different types of people using BBM in different ways. This is exactly the same thing...... Your young, looking to fit in..... This gives BBM users a chance to identify with a sub group in the whole BBM culture. Think "The Breakfast Club" but at the end they walk out of detention and pick up their Blackberrys...........

Oh and the cartoon characters are called Avatars..... fun fictional characters to give character to the different personality. The could have used the kids from scooby do but thats a bit dated and has been played to death, lmao. ood people.

Children are not who they should be targetting. Yes RIM needs new marketing, but I REALLY don't think this is the way to go. All RIM is going to get out of this is made fun of. They look like characters from a childrens toothpaste commercial. It's Captain Cavity!! RIM is trying to change its image, or in the case of the U.S. Just get noticed. This is not the way to do it. Change course and fast.

COME ON FOLKS, it's just an infographic targeted at the younger audience, it's not RIM's marketing campaign motto for the next year. RELAX.

Somebody(s) approved & signed off on this as valid idea to allocate resources to... Find that cabal and push the jettison button. RIM is not marketing breakfast cereal. This may go down as one of the most puerile, ill-advised, pathetic, unprofessional marketing blunders in the histoire of modern marketing. Squandering company capital on this type of marketing malarkey is negligent and at some level must be indicative of how deep-seated and structural the corporate malpractice is at RIM... Can you imagine being a good front line worker at RIM and seeing this campaign roll-out. How embarrassing for legitimate employees.

It really is unbelievable...

As an owner of a Bold 9780, I find it amusing that they pump the Bold branding so hard yet they don't even support my phone anymore because there are 2 newer models of Bold (They came out at the same time, so really the 9780 is 1 generation old).

Maybe give OS6 users (other than 9800) the option to add and remove panels on the home screen, THEN draw cartoons advertising how great my Bold is supposed to be. To this day I have never used any panel other than all, but my stupid track pad sure goes to the others non-stop.

They should have gotten DC to license Batman and had him using a Bold rather than wasting time drawing these Xbox Live Avatar-esque power rangers.

Who's bolder than Batman? Nodoby. I said nobody.

Selling smartphones for a living, I have no idea how this will help me move BlackBerry.

This campaign amounts to insignificant and ridiculous. Word on the street is not good either. RIMM is down around 3% today.

Simmer DOWN folks. This is not an ad campaign, just trying to share some information in a fun way!! Sheesh! Talk about quick to pull the trigger.

UPDATE from Inside BlackBerry Blog....

UPDATE: We’ve noticed The BeBold Team has received a lot of attention over the last couple of days, and wanted to clarify – this infographic is just intended to be a bit of fun. On New Year’s Eve, we asked BlackBerry Twitter followers and their friends to submit their resolutions on how they plan to Be Bold in 2012. More than 35,000 resolutions streamed across Twitter®, Facebook®, and giant billboards in Times Square. As we looked at the resolutions and the data, majority patterns and categories emerged. We decided to organize the data and share it in a fun way, and the result is the infographic. This is not a new ad campaign.

I have to say this is a pathetic attempt to appeal to a segment of the market Blackberry will never ever sell in, mainly the 5 to 8 year old consumer segment (/s). I'm just shaking my head in disbelief. Tim Cook stepped into a steaming pile of poo with the launch of 4S instead of 5 soon after his ascension. This will be Thorsten Heins' version of the "oops". Let's hope this little bit of creative marketing thought up during a moment of brain-freeze will turn out as well as the 4S launch. Yes, Mr. Heins, please hurry and get yourself a real professional marketing leader. Perhaps the 2nd or 3rd in command at Apple marketing department fancies the Chief Marketing Officer title?

"Tim Cook stepped into a steaming pile of poo with the launch of 4S instead of 5"

Lol yet they sold a record amount of iPhones that quarter.

"Let's hope this little bit of creative marketing thought up during a moment of brain-freeze will turn out as well as the 4S launch".

Perhaps my salute to Apple went unnoticed? On the other hand, there’s really no way to figure iPhans. The way I see it, Apple could have absolutely totally categorically decimated the competitors if it came out with an iPhone 5 with game changing hardware upgrades and features instead of a refresh. That said, Apple still sold a crap load of iPhone 4S ( I tip my hat).

Just got a Brand New 16gb Playbook yesterday... what a nifty little tablet!
I wasn't expecting such nice experience: the gadget is responsive, very portable and it looks great.
At this point is lacking some functionality and maybe more available applications, but these were not enough reasons to stop the succes of other platforms in the past. Why this thing is not getting any credit then ? What's up with this horrible reputation?... Im not a super experience marketer by any means, but this post made me realize that probably RIM is trying too hard to attract the mass consumer market ,especially in North America, wearing off at the same time their "Professional,Business Tool" aura.

This is not, I repeat NOT a marketing campaign. It is an infographic for putting people's responses into categories. It hasa really nothing to do with BlackBerry as it does with tweets sent in during the New Year's Bash.

It is a shame many people and the news media cannot read.

Of course, you are correct. However, I see 2 problems here that are symptomatic of what ails RIM. First, RIM uses cartoon characters to share information, yet its marketing core is around secure and professional grade devices/services geared toward mature and above middle- income consumers. Second, irrespective of the fact that this is an infographic and not a new ad campaign, it is interpreted as such by most people who’ve had the misfortune of seeing this. This confusion is real and the negative impact this will have on RIM is also very real.

The fact remains that RIM continues to misread the market and the slowily sinking ship that RIM is continues to take in water. Let’s hope Thorsten Heins can find the holes and plug them, and quickly.

I'm a 61 year old Enterprise level BB user who loves my 9930 and Playbook (can't wait for next month) and am a doer user mover - whatever. Serious guy. For the RIM Team to have fun like this (yes it was fun as posted a dozen times above) is ok w/ me. In fact it's great. I relate to the figures, to the tweets, and to the intent of the New Years campaign and to this infographic. Something my fiances daughter who does anime drawing could relate to. Are we so serious no one can let their imagination soar w/out collapsing BES and RIM security and professionalism.

I think not. Boy - you do have to hand it to RIM. I don't know a group or entity of really cool development minded people who HAVE changed the world for the better - not Angry Birds - but BB Traffic, BBM, BB Travel, now BBM Music - integrated enterprise level stuff that let's us get work done - and more and more have fun too - which can engender so much hate and childish anger.

Hey guys. I have Android and iPhone friends. We all ride bikes, go to Church, talk, chat - seem to do ok in the real world. Then you get to one of these boards and wow.....