Watch the full BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012 general session keynote and highlights videos!

BlackBerry Jam Asia
By Bla1ze on 3 Dec 2012 06:30 am EST

If you're not into reading through our live blog history to find out what all was announced during BlackBerry Jam Asia, you can now check out the full general session keynote videos thanks to one YouTube user named TechRevolutionist. I'm sure BlackBerry will put up their own video of the event as well eventually, considering they released the highlights video. If you can't wait though, you can jump below to catch the general session keynote broken into two parts as well as highlights video. Stay tuned, we have more content from BlackBerry Jam Asia coming as well.

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Watch the full BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012 general session keynote and highlights videos!


Rockin Bla1ze! I much like this better than the cut up versions they had for BB Jam Americas. Guess I'll pop some popcorn and grab a beer tonight after work to have a watch

you guys are going to think i've lost my daily driver is the torch 9860 running I just brought the Bold 9000 off of ebay for 100 bucks running 5.0...i know it nuts but I so love that style bold, i wanted the 9900 but couldn't shell out the cash for it, still very costly even with BB10 around the corner.

I must say, its because of the keyboard, and how the phone looks, but mainly for the keyboard. I have been saying that I would get the L series when it launches, but now i don't know, i'm now thinking more about the N. I really don't need a big screen, I play most games on my playbook anyway.

Needless to say, im a BB fan boy and can't wait until BB10 drops!!!! I believe in BB.....

I like this version of L series that looks like playbook, and not the other one

what is the final model going to be ? ? ?

I am with you. I love that model too.

Looks almost like the Iphone 4 or 4S

Apple will sue them if that one is the final version.

Just saw another demo of bb10 on developing alpha B. That screen looks amazing......the hub, BBM, contacts, all looks more polished.....i know there haven't been any leaks of the N series, just the keyboard......but does anyone know what the screen size of the N series will be.

If it's 3" and maybe a touch wider than the bold 9900 and have all that the L series has.....then it will be a hands down winner in the market. Alot of the people I know who have moved on to other platforms all say one thing...."I miss my bb keyboard"......