Check out FlyCraft - built exclusively for the BlackBerry PlayBook and slated for November 1st release

FlyCraft for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 19 Oct 2012 06:04 am EDT
The developers behind the game Pop Corny will soon be releasing an all new game called FlyCraft exclusively for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Having only started on development of FlyCraft at the beginning of October, this super ambitious two man team set a goal to have it completed and ready for release by the end of the month. After the warm reception they got from Pop Corney (which was a port from iOS), Harry vowed to make his next game excusively for the PlayBook. He has also noted "it is a platform I fell in love with recently and it's a platfom where you can actually make a buck these days." True story.
FlyCraft is a game about crafting flying machines. You take up the role of Herbie, a chubby Ladybug, who is too bored to fly by himself and creates whatever wild contraption you can imagine to fly from one flower to the other. You get to utilize wood boards, steel plates, soda cans, firework rockets, propellers, and other wild items that you can combine in any creative way you can conceive. Will it fly or it will fall like a brick? There is only one way to know: throw it off a cliff!

The developers are also taking part in the Ludam Dare October Challenge. The goal is simple enough: Make a game (or finish one you've been working on) - Take it to Market - Make $1. Of course, everyone hopes to make more than a dollar on their efforts, but that first dollar is a great starting goal. Offering up resources, opportunities, and support from fellow developers, Ludam Dare is definitely something you'll want to check out if you're a developer (for any platform) and haven't looked into it yet.

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Reader comments

Check out FlyCraft - built exclusively for the BlackBerry PlayBook and slated for November 1st release


YESSS!!!! I hope the two month deadline isn't going to result in a less than perfect game. But I just broke open my piggy bank this morning and will be waiting for this game to drop!

BTW just curious whats the name of this developer/company?

exclusive for PB? I like that, there should be more devs that do this... I will support by buying this app!

I purchased PopCorny just to support this developer. I would encourage others to do the same. The game is fun, though my kids enjoy it more than I do. Most importantly, this developer is supporting the beleaguered RIM at a crucial time. I will buy their next game to support them as well. They are a reputable group coming from iOS where they had great success. I am sure their next game will be top shelf.

I'm gonna buy this app for the following reasons (in order):
1. Made exclusively for the playbook
2. Sounds like a blast!
3. Because I haven't bought an app in a while.

I'm in... Not because it is exclusive, but because the developer seems to care about what they're doing. See you early November, FlyCraft!

I'll buy it. Already have Popcorny and enjoy it from time to time. Maybe "Exclusive to BlackBerry" could be a new category in App World to help these apps make money and encourage more of them being built. At least a category of "Built for BlackBerry" would help differentiate apps from Crapps.