Check out this developer built web browser for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Bla1ze on 27 Oct 2010 04:06 pm EDT

As some of you all out there know, the BlackBerry PlayBook SDK was rather slim on content. No apps were loaded, no web browser was built in and it really is just the basics of what could be if developers showed it some love. Jerome, from BBerryGo sat down, looked at the SDK and decided the lack of web browser on the device was pretty lame.

So what does a BlackBerry developer do on the PlayBook when there is no browser? Make one of course. The above is the result of only two and half hours of work with the PlayBook SDK and while the PlayBook is sure to include a browser, this is a prime example of how fast stuff can be developed when given a strong set of developer tools to work with. Very nice Jerome. What do you all think? Some pics can be found after the break.



I want my playbook already!


with every bit of news I read the more excited I get for the BlackBerry Playbook :D


its a shame they couldnt have made a browser like this for the blackberry so easily

John Yester

Because the BlackBerry OS and Tablet have different OS's.

That is why.....


and the Blackberry OS can finally take a leap in development


I am so excited. I just tingle with anticipation to the day I can tell all Apple Fanboys to Suck IT!


...I'm sure they'd gladly be willing to suck iT anytime, any place, anyways...


I made one pretty much identical. It did take me 4 hours, but I ate lunch and went on Facebook. My big question is...
Will you post mine as well?


I can't wait to get my playbook. That is one device that will get me to retire my ipod touch.


It is a very powerful web browser this guy develop for BB-PB
but what i would like to see is a firefox browser as well on torch and BB-PB.


A lot easier to develop for the playbook i'm sure.

.net framework has a web browser control so it shouldn't be too difficult to create a web browser


Or did RiM/QNX sneak in a Micro$oft framework when I wasn't paying attention?


Ipad should just fall off a talk building to its self the humiliation


Watch, this browser will blow away the browser that comes standard on the PlayBook. ;-)