Check out CascaRun Sports Tracker for all of your outdoor activities

CascaRun Sports Tracker
By Michelle Haag on 7 Jul 2013 03:14 pm EDT

If you're looking for a native app for BlackBerry 10 that allows you to track your outdoor activities, you'll want to check out CascaRun Sports Tracker. Whatever your outdoor activity (jogging, biking, hiking, skating, etc), you can track it with real-time distance, time, lap, speed, and pace monitoring. It's easy to use and in just a few swipes and taps you are ready to go. CascaRun has a strong focus on accuracy and usability but also provides innovative and unique features like the facility to replay a session and an integrated lock screen.

Other features include:

  • Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM) using Bluetooth Smart/Low Energy heart rate monitors (It has been successfully tested with the Zephyr HxM Smart (BT4.0) and Polar H7 monitors.)
  • Live map (optional): using OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, MapQuest and BlackBerry maps
  • Online + offline filter
  • Lock screen (with run info and swipe-to-unlock)
  • Statistics and diagrams
  • Interactive replay to review your trainings
  • Flash light (for night runs)
  • Minimal resource usage
  • GPX file format
  • Light-weight and intuitive UI

Not only is CascaRun Sports Tracker a native app, it's also Built For BlackBerry approved. You can grab it now for $3.99 for your BlackBerry 10 device.

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Check out CascaRun Sports Tracker for all of your outdoor activities


It's worth it. Buy it!
I e-mailed the developer and he's supposed to be adding voice coaching as well (ie. 1 Km in x minutes and your lap pace is blah).
I'm very impressed with the app.

When Runtastic was slow to arrive on BB10, I moved to Endomondo instead. I've been pretty happy with it. Does anyone know how this app compares to Endomondo? Easier, faster, more accurate, better Web integration? Thanks.

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I don't but please if someone has used both please respond. Want the mio alpha to work also, so if someone has tried that please let me know. That is all that I miss with endomondo at the moment.

I was using Endomondo and found it a but flakey at times.

For what I used Endomondo for, this fits the bill. I was just missing the voice coach.

I really like that after a run, I can go back through my route in time and see where I was. It traces your route in the map.

Anyways, for me, I've been pleased with it. All I'm using it for it running in the city.

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The app is very simple to use and is very reliable since it's Cascades, where Endomondo can be a little buggy since it's Android. Personally I like the way you can review your workouts better with Cascarun. You can export your workouts from CascaRun into Endomondo if you want the social network aspect. There's no audio coach with the current version, this would be a great feature.

Endomondo took a turn for the worse going from BB7 to BB10. The followed that up with paid Pro version of their website. While I like paying for good apps, I wasn't very pleased with the quality of the overall experience. While I love BB10, it's battery hungry radio management does not make it useful as a sports tracker.

I will

I switched to a Suunto watch.

Oops. BB10 app crashed when I put my phone in my pocket.

What I wanted to say was I will give this new app a try. With maturity the BB10 OS will get better at battery management. That way when you are done your 2-3 hour workout you still make a few phone call before recharging your battery. BB7 and Endomondo were amazing for that, I used to be able to track an entire day of back country skiing where the cell service was patchy to non existent and still come home with juice.

I'm personally holding out until a proper Strava app is out. Fitness Tracker worked well but Strava revoked the API, so it's less useful. The Strava site is the big seller. Endo is holding me out for now.

Arizona MTB Channel C0006F5EB

Don't know where your from but $3.99 for a fitness app is two DD from Tim Hortons I shouldn't be drinking anyway. It's helping my waistline in more ways than one.

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HRM feature is available? I've had a Mio Alpha for couple months an cannot use it with Strava/Fitness Tracker and the free Endomondo.

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so your saying mio alpha works with it. please confirm so I can order mine now and purchase this app as soon as it hits my mailbox.

Worth every penny and more. Native and has been updated twice since I bought it and will again with 10.2.



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$3.99. I would but it's not a useful app for me. All i do is Spin, create, remix music. And sit on a couch and eat all day. I am too lazy to make use of this app, perhaps the Dev could create one that tell s ou how long you've been doing nothing and stationary and how the fat is building up. I might be prodded to move rather than stay in stasis mode. Lazy DJ. Pffft :). Buy seriously yeah i would support the dev but it's not an app for me. :).

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Personally, I bought it to encourage the dev. It is truly well made, but I will have more use for it when we get Web integration.

I have this app. The developer has been seriously great working with me back and forth to get this working on 10.0 (was originally designed to work with functions only on 10.1). The app is super simple to use, quick and responsive and has every feature I would want in a training app. Serious kudos to the developer though for being so responsive and helpful.

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The unfortunate of us on the big carriers in the United States are stuck on That's what we are still doing stuck on 10.0 here....

To save you the time of your next reply, yes we know that we can use a leak to solve the version issue, those of us that haven't already loaded a leak won't.

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Well don't know what your waiting for. give-up. If your with at&t have done this too many times at&t will update when 10.2 comes out. or when heck freezes over don't wait for them unless you like feeling behind. I was their other day and they were telling someone why they didn't have an update for his android and the update fixed the problem that he was having, but he didn't know how to install the leak from android central.

Would be nice to see some of the other features it's missing. Such as elevation tracking. It's missing some key features that Endomondo has right now I feel like Endomondo is still the better app. Even sports tracker is better and it's free. Don't know what All the fuss is about. I find a lot of these crackberry promoted apps are not the greatest as they make it seem... kickbacks from sales hrmmmmm

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Native app, altitude tracking *is* supported, fast, multiple maps, only app with HRM for BT smart devices, reviewtrainings dirextly on the Z10 and more... What are you complaining about???

I was happy with ViewRanger port but I bought this one to try it out because it's native and support the dev. So far it seems to work great and it's quite fast and fluid!
Nice to see this one ob bb10

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This app is great, fast and stable GPS Log, low on battery ! Use it to Track a 320 km Route and the battery still ok...

A Deal for all the ppl who crying for free apps.... You work 2weeks for me (free 8H a day) and i buy you a Hand Full of apps?

Cool - but I wish MapMyRide would update for BB10. Free right now on IOS and Android.

Still use it on my Iphone 5.

This app should be no more then $.99 Why are all BB apps so expensive compared to the other two OS's?

To be honest I like the interface of Sports Tracker best of all and the fact that you can upload your date to internet and whilst it doesn't integrate with my Neuron music player (which I need to start separately) I think it is the best overall package. The problems come when you wish to start using a Bluetooth HRM, I purchased a BeetsBlu HRM and the only App that it will currently work with is CascaRun. I don't dislike the App at all, it hasn't crashed and is fairly straightforward to use.