Check out the BlackBerry 10 cabs that are rocking London

By James Richardson on 27 Mar 2013 12:53 pm EDT

It seems that BlackBerry UK are doing some mobile marketing around London at the moment - quite literally. 25 black cabs have been given full BlackBerry 10 livery and as you can see they are giving the Z10 a real purge.

Seeing black cabs with adverts on isn't a new thing here in London, however it isn't that common to see quite so much livery on a single cab. I'm loving the designs and especially the Z10 splashed across the bonnet of the car.

Will this help improve awareness of the Z10? I think it has to - you can't really not notice a taxi looking like this. Nice work BlackBerry UK - they look truly stunning.

Should other countries/cities follow suit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Check out the BlackBerry 10 cabs that are rocking London


Blackberry marketing dept produces another massive fail. The launch was in Feb, why is the advertising only kicking in now?

Clearly someone is missing a basic sense of timing in Warterloo.

So if you released a product you would only advertise on and around its launch? Maybe they want to keep selling their product... crazy I know

So now that initial sales rush has slowed (which happens for EVERY device) they should not do any new or additional advertising to try and increase sales ? I understand you are thinking they should have done this as a launch promo, but they didnt and are doing it now. Its still a great idea and great advertising. Would love to see it in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, New York, LA, Boston, Washington, Vegas, etc.

Your points are valid. Particularly as Q10 is rolling out now, BBRY had to straddle their spend across 3 months of launch.

I may have been a bit harsh.

Has anyone seen the HTC One advertising in Angel Station on the Northern Line?! BlackBerry needs to do something like that but BIGGER and BETTER.

BlackBerry is really stepping up with the ads. This is simply amazing!... I truly am proud to be #TeamBlackBerry. Its been a longtime coming. The road will be bumpy and full of obstacles, but WE (TeamBlackBerry) will be the motivating crowd behind BlackBerry, cheering on as they cross the finish line as #1

Good idea the company that I worked for did this except they put the ads on top of the taxis. It's a really effective way to catch a lot of eyes.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Looks good. Would be even better if the on-demand black cab app Hailo supported the Blackberry. It's been the dreaded "coming soon" for a year now. Suppose I'll be looking for another way to hail cabs with my new Q10 unless they get their Android version working on Blackberry 10.

The FT did this - painted 40 cabs in their colours then gave the drivers a briefing on each Budget so they could discuss them with passengers.
It's pretty obvious who the target market is...

I don't think BlackBerry will penetrate the US market. Apple, Microsoft, and Google are all American. The tv broadcasters carry Blackberries secretively but probably own Apple shares as they were going to $1000.00 according to the American media. BlackBerry would probably be best served chasing the world market. Besides there is a lot of anti American views out there. If the US wants to shunt BlackBerry then they could use that sentiment to flourish sales elsewhere.

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I can't stop laughing. Too much. We need that in the U.S. Go Go Go Blackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is about time. LoL!!!!!!!!!!!

As critical as I have been of Boulben et al, THIS is good. It is in line with the "Keep Moving" concept AND it targets people who are literally on the move....good job marketing the same in NYC?? LA? CHI?

That is awesome, they should do that in the States. And someone mentioned that BB may not catch on in the U.S because of the American companies, but, Samsung is actually Korean and it's kicking ass in the U.S. Sooooo as long as are American friends who now own a BB10 keep pushing how good it is, who knows. Right?

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Berry cool! It's nice to see that BlackBerry is doing a lot of advertising around the world.

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They should have technology on the inside to demonstrate the power of BB10. This would be a great place to plant seeds about the "connected car". Wouldn't it great if you could get into a cab like this and use your BlackBerry in new ways? It wouldn't have to be very complicated, like stream your music onto the car's stereo. Or, you can have a wifi network and smart TVs and use the "play on" feature. Keep the momentum moving!

M2M - mobile platform - that's what we are hearing our BB10s are supposed to be the start of, right? I like this!

I live in London and this is the exact sort of marketing blackberry need to reach the intended target audience, therefore well done great stuff!

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Uh, cabs in this country- and most- don't have ads. And that is something BB would have to purchase. AND, AGAIN, CB on 9900 still a mess. I have great wi-fi but this page refreshes with every other word I type, it took a full minute to load thhis page completely, and even this comment box is so stretched I have to scroll 5 times to get to the bottom. PB not much better

I have access to wrap the double decker tour buses here in Toronto. It would be great to see some BB10 branded buses cruising around T.O!!!!

Saw buses with z10 branding here in Edmonton. Also there's a big mural on the wall here closer to the downtown area.

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I think it would be awesome if they put a Z10 unit INSIDE each cab for people to play around with while getting a ride. That would be a great way to "force" someone to pick it up and give it a try. The inside layout of these cabs is ideal for such an idea.

I work for the marketing agency for BlackBerry here in South Africa and I can tell you we are pushing the Z10 hard. I went into a store last weekend and the owner had told me that in just under 3 weeks of the Z10 being launched they had sold over 180 Z10 devices in their one store. There is a lot of advertising here but to my liking there could be more to lure away the isheep and fandroids.

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Who manufacturers the iconic London Black Cab and can you import it to Canada? Always wanted one of these as well as a Checker cab.

Sorry, can I get a translation? "more livery", "purge" (did you mean surge?),...

I think the focus should be on fixing the bugs and getting the "key" apps on the device vs. spending on marketing.

Here's one for BlackBerry advertising in Montreal. Berri-UQAM metro station has some serious advertising real state on the green line. Currently that space is occupied by a giant Calvin Klein lad modelling CK's newest line of men's underwear. Frankly I would rather have a female CK underwear model or a huge Z10. Please look into it, BBRY.

They already are doing this in Atlanta, Georgia as well. Instead of cabs, they're vans. Saw one on 400 in Sandy Springs.