Check out AV by AIM - Free video chat on your BlackBerry PlayBook, including group support!

AV by AIM for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 22 Jun 2011 07:10 pm EDT

Looking for a video chat option that you can use for BlackBerry PlayBook to computer chats? Try out AV, a new video chat service from AIM. Since it's browser based, there is no need to install an app. Simply browse to the website on your PlayBook or computer, agree to the terms, and click Start. You're given a URL to share with up to 3 of your friends. Send the URL to whoever you want to video chat with, they agree to the terms, and you're instantly connected! There is no set up and no account is required. You can invite friends instantly via AIM or Facebook, or use the old fashioned copy/paste method.

This is a great option for those of you that don't have a PlayBook but have a computer, or vice versa, or if you want to have group chats with your other PlayBook owning friends. The site is still in beta, but from the tests I've done it works really well, so give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!

To get started with AV by AIM

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Check out AV by AIM - Free video chat on your BlackBerry PlayBook, including group support!


This works!! of course, this is not Skype but good enough since other can just login to the website through an invite in an e-mail.
Now, one more reason to carry around PB!

Playbook is great. I am really starting to believe in the web browser (no need for apps) argument. I know I know, a lot of times an app is better. But seriously... Apps are far more useful on a phone because of the small size, so many apps aren't needed on a tablet because of the larger screen and powerful web browser.

That is what I have been telling people, apps were generally developed b/c devices couldn't truly accommodate sites. Due to PB's features there is really no need for apps b/c it can handle sites. Has anyone ever wonder why Apple people always boast about their apps, b/c their products cannot handle websites and that's all they really have, that is why they have an app for everything on the planet so their product can run adequately. On the other hand, the PB don't really need apps for sites because it can run sites in their true forms, without the aide of apps.

Secondly, Native email: I don't need it. My PB is bridged to my BB handset. If you don't have a BB handset then get one, if you can't afford one go to your email website via wi-fi, if you can't wi-fi tether the handset you have to the PB (for a tethering fee). Oh, there is an added cost to tethering, well then you should have gotten a BB handset in the first place.

Listen, I know they are coming out with a 3G/4G for the cry babies (non-BB owners) out there, but people need to realize we BBers come first, we are entitled over other brands. We don't need native email b/c we Bridge, and we have three options to access the internet: 1. Wi-Fi, 2. Bridging, 3. Tethering. We have options and it does not cost us an extra penny to do it unless we choose option 3. I be darned if I pay an extra $30 per month (Option 3) when I can use Wi-Fi or my BB handset to surf until my batteries die.

That's my rant for the day. :)

This is one of the most naive comments I have ever seen written. It's because of people like you who think in such a simplistic way that we BlackBerry users get a bad reputation over.

In what world were apps created because devices couldn't "accommodate the full web experience". Let's just assume your argument is valid. So, you're implying that our computers, that are more powerful than any portable device on the market, have applications because they can't accommodate the web? Skype, and Microsoft Office, and so on were all made because our computers aren't powerful enough for web apps? The fact is that web apps are no where near native apps right now. Maybe in the future we'll get there, but right now it's just an extra layer to work with. Also, apps provide a really nice touch of simplicity. You just click the icon, the app opens, and you do what you want. The web browser on the PlayBook does not provide web app multitasking yet. I don't need to say the implications that has on the device. One last thing is that many apps require hardware acceleration which is not possible or perfected with the use of web apps right now. Apps are a very important aspect of tablet experience. A tablet can't be without them regardless of stature.

As for native email, your argument is so preposterous that none of your points are valid. If you haven't realized yet, not everyone has a BlackBerry phone. Why would someone need to get a new phone when they already have a phone they prefer. People have choices, don't be a dick towards them because of individuality. An important part of native email is the ability to access your previous emails offline. Another is the ability to write a draft and save it for later when you have connection. The limitations are not reasonable. Also, accessing your email from the browser is obviously only possible when you have a connection. Asking someone to buy a BlackBerry phone when they don't need one is a very monopolizing thought.

Finally, do you want the company to fail? Why in the world would people who have a BlackBerry phone come first over other consumers. If RIM wants to add more consumers, they would be targeting everyone including the non BlackBerry consumers. The goal of a tablet is to have a portable device that can act completely independently for everyday computing tasks.

Please, don't post nonsense comments like these that degrade our reputation as a community and as users.

On a side note, I currently use both a BlackBerry phone and a PlayBook. So don't say my opinion is biased because I love Apple or Android.

Dude what are you talking about, you totally missed the point I was making and went on a tangent. In laymans terms, i was saying that RIM should cater to BB users first, and we deserve it. also don't play that app game with all of us, you know i am talking about iphones and ipads, not apple computers or any other computers. Computers don't run apps. Try again my friend. :)

i discovery imo today and work perfectly... i love my playbook its a new realise so like everything got cool stufs and bad thing...

Yea the YET part is what got me. that will be pretty cool when you can cross link it from phone to playbook and so on.

The quality is also pretty good (better than Also it is very easy to change from front to rear camera and vice versa through Settings button on the top right :)
Another thing, this site will be usable only if you have latest update installed for Playbook.

When you say you can switch the camera, is that with or aim/av? I didn't see the this option on

two things:
-im trying it on my mac with firefox alone, the green light of my webcam lights up, but the rectangle does not show my image, although Im alone.

the Copy Link command copies the generic link.... if I send this by email, how will the others know how to connect with me???


I can't get it to work also. In fact I had the same green light but once I upgraded flash I get nothing at all... on the other hand the Pb worked first try!

Its working good when my PB is on wifi and tethering, but not connecting thru blackberry bridge.Can it work thru bridge ?

Don't be silly, Apples desktop computers run flash fine, therefore I doubt it's that... however the iPad, everyone knows it doesn't run flash.

Keep in mind that bridge browser uses your BES internet connection if you have one, so that means it will go through your corporate network connection VIA your BES server. For me that means a lot of sites don't work. The corporate network blocks lots of stuff.

I just tether whenever I do any browsing, bridge browser is very slow for me anyway.

Lucky for me I have a tethering option with Rogers that is free on my corporate Cell phone plan. I have a 1GB BES data plan and during negotiations with Rogers to sign a new 3 year contract I ensured they included tethering access for free for all 25 BB's on the account. ;)

This--and a host of other things--seem to have a "copy" but with no clue how to paste. Is there a way to paste in (a) the browser, (b) Word to Go, or (c) e-mail via the bridge?

to paste just press and hold the screen where you want to paste until the copy/paste menu comes up. then select paste

I tried using it with a laptop and my playbook. the person on the laptop could not hear me on the playbook. I think this has potential but I prefer REELPORTAL much better. The quality is much better and you do not have to send email to some one telling them the code. On reel portal all you have to do is give them the name of the room and what time to go there and you can instant chat with better quality and larger screen view. Unfortunately these programs do not work with anyone one who has apple products which is most of the people I know.

its nice that it works without any software, and I could see using this in a pinch. But the quality on the PlayBook is so poor there's no way I could use this on a regular basis. I think I was probably getting 1/2 a frame per second. It was very jittery. I think people are just used to buggy and unpolished software from BlackBerry so this seems cool. And it is cool in theory, but not very practical to use because of the poor quality.

I tested it with my laptop. The playbook end of it works really well but my laptop camera keeps freezing. It looks frozen on both my laptop and playbook. However the playbook camera looks really great! Very clear and crisp; even on my laptop.

Is there an Android version????? I just got my girlfriend an Android and if we could PB to Galaxy Tab video chat THAT would be SWEET!!!!!

I researched that just last night. There is, however it seems to have glitches whereby it's not function. Not sure how up-to-date this assessment is. They may have been worked out by now.

Very Cool. Hey, I got a playbook for some family members and they are even less techie than I am so I tryed saving the website to the home page and it works just like an app. No need to type the funky url. Nice.