Check out the all-new CrackBerry header!

By Bla1ze on 1 Aug 2014 07:20 pm EDT

If you've visited iMore, WP Central or even Android Central in the past little while, you will have noticed they all got a little bit of a makeover. Now, the time has come for CrackBerry to roll it out as well. If you're on your desktop or using your mobile browser (Things are still moving around for the mobile version so chill if it doesn't look just right yet, it will soon.), look up top. You'll see that glorious new header that was lovingly designed to help making getting around CrackBerry even easier.

In the top left we have the styled CrackBerry logo, and if you click the dropdown portion you have quick access to all the Mobile Nations site links. Then we have our main sections, the ones for phones, for help and how to, for apps and games, as well as latest news and rumors. Next is the search, your profile and account, and the hamburger menu. Yeah. That's what it's called. Click or tap on the hamburger and you get the sidebar where you can quickly browse the latest news, apps, games, reviews, forums posts, how to, accessories, free wallpapers, free ringtones and even a spot to tip us on news.

In order to make sure you don't miss out on anything, the story blocks on the home page will show you what we think are the most important pieces from the last few days. On the inner pages, we'll show you a mix of what's new, what's recommended, and what's popular. A lot of the stuff will change on its own, so if a post is being viewed a lot, it will be start appearing in those sections. This is something we had in place before but it has now been improved based on reader feedback. Also, you'll notice as you move through topics the header will change and find all stories involving that topic, it's really useful when you're looking for related content.

The header is brand new and it's really awesome once you start using it. While CrackBerry and Connectedly are the last two sites to get the update, that means a lot of the stuff has already been tested and corrected but if you notice anything, please let us know! We'd also love your feedback on the new design and functionality both. We realize change can be jarring sometimes, but please do give it a real try, and some time, and then leave a comment below with any thoughts or suggestions you have.

To make this all happen, we brought together Marcus and Kevin, the fine work of our Director of Design, David and Lead Creative, Jose, and our not often enough recognized resident code wranglers Tom, Steph, Mike, Nav, and the entire CrackBerry/Mobile Nations tech team. In the end, it was made entirely for you, and to make sure you have an even better experience here at CrackBerry and there's more to come!

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Check out the all-new CrackBerry header!


While you're at it, when is an update for the CB10 app coming period? Still need bug fixes and enhancements. Fortunately, still an overall good experience but, an update would be much appreciated. :)

Posted via CB10

I know can't September come soon enough......where are you located by the way? hopefully if you are in Canada or Europe you will get it ASAP right after launch :)

Posted via CB10

I'm from Canada but vacationing in Europe for the summer. It's seven hours later over here than it is for you guys back home, so I guess I'm a bit closer to September then right!!

Posted via CB10

There are lots of people in Canada who don't know it has multiple time zones. Granted most of those people live in the GTA and originate from smaller countries but still...

Posted via CB10

Take Qantas to go to down under - the nearest possible location to grab Passport first.

And hey, don't forget to take your real passport or else you will be doomed with Kangaroos!!

Don't forget to come around Cairns, looks we're getting a new $8 billion mega tropical resort and casino courtesy of Tony Fung, billionaire investor from Hongkong!

(hope we're not become a second Sin City with all the crime and problems associated...)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Just reading that again...

They're building a single 12,000 bed giga-resort worth more than BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY) !

Talk about crazy...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Yeah, I thought that CB had a DNS poisoning attack and I wound up somewhere else. That is what a life in IT Security will get you to thinking. Anyway I like the updates.

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

Nice! A welcomed change, now if Mobile Nations would make it so we can download the imore app, wp central app and connectedly app onto BlackBerry 10 either via native or Android port that would make it even sweeter for us mobile surfers.

Flicked from my Ever Amazing Z10

That's what I have been thinking. Maybe just use the same source code for CB10 and pump out those other sites and just change the icon? :D

That's pretty much what they did for the Android apps for each of the nations
Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I don't know if I prefer it to the previous view but its not bad at all. Definitely a better way to showcase top articles

I actually like it better because it auto hides when I scroll down but appears when I go back up.

Posted from my Tab 3 via Android CrackBerry App!

Ditto. Have you looked at the website from the Z10 browser yet? It is totally jacked up. Can't even view it correctly. Sorry guys, back to the old style.

As noted, stuff is still moving around for the mobile version. Formatting issues will be corrected over the course of the evening.

Doesn't seem to format or fit the text on small screens, eg. Legacy blackberry and smaller android smarthones. Anyone else noticed? My Q10 doesn't need to use the web browser due to the CB10 app, but my bold does. I cannot read half of the articles unless I use opera mini.

Right now it's not fitting the Z10 screen, although it looked fine earlier. That was in the forums. This is the first article I've viewed.

What is hilarious to me is that I stopped browsing CB through IE because of all the crap ads that slow down the web page. I was only using my Z10 to browse CB. And now that is impossible on my Z10 browser because of the text width. You guys seem to be doing everything to discourage browsing on my only fav website.

Only way to read articles on a legacy blackberry, use opera mini or the stock browser (OS 5 and earlier) in single column mode. Lots of kinks to work out I bet. I have yet to view crackberry from my Q10's browser once I get home to charge it.

After the header change, using the stock BlackBerry browser on my Q10, the rightmost text of both the articles and the comments is off the edge of my screen. Neither pinch-zooming nor tapping causes the text to wrap to fit on the screen.

Posted via CB10

That's an understatement. The design may have cool bells & whistles, but it's not adaptive at all to small screens like the Q and Z series. Most of the home page is off, waaaaaay off the screen, with no way to scroll or make it smaller.

Which begs the question:
Why was this design not tested on the very devices Crackberrians use every day??

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

As noted, stuff is still moving around for the mobile version. Formatting issues will be corrected over the course of the evening as it got rolled out in segments.

I do understand that, Bla1ze. I guess I'm surprised that the designers & coders didn't go with a more flexible responsive layout which would automatically resize properly to whatever screen size is being used to view it. That eliminates the need for a separate mobil site too. Many web frameworks do this now, given the proliferation of mobil web devices, and it means that no matter what size screen you use, text is always legible and the site content flows comfortably. This would have been the perfect opportunity to really overhaul the CB site in a way that improves everyone's reading experience. After all, if the bells & whistles are mega cool, but you can't easily read the blog and forums content, then you end up with visual toys, instead of the great reference CB is.

ok, so maybe I'm impatient and spoke too soon. I'm happy to give the web team the benefit of the doubt, but with all due respect, maybe they should have finished testing and coding on different screen sizes before rolling it out incomplete, just to show off the toys.

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

@Rootbrian..doesn't fit my PC either,left side is missing50%of the article to be highlighted,just off a bit but not perfect.sorry that's the right side,HAHA!

On my Z30 the words are not lined up correctly for my screen. I can scroll up and down but not left and right so I can't see the right edge.

When I scroll down the articles it's fine but once I chose one to read completely it doesn't show the right edge.

I will get me to my desktop but if it is like Android and IMore then I know I won't like it as the links at the top back to CrackBerry are not in the new format and I find it really annoying.

It makes the whole experience far less user friendly when switching between the sites. Ugh.

Posted via CB10

Does not display properly on Z30. Can't read right side of article.

Come on folks. Why is this so hard?

Poetry in Motion

I wonder if many others are like me and only access CrackBerry through the CB10 app.

Frosty white Q10/

Works great on my desktop but still a few kinks when viewed on my Z10 browser (as others have said, once you click on a article, it doesn't align properly)

Late. As always.. Berry is in the name right?

The Crackberry app needs a new update too

Pantless Nation 's very own Rookie of the Year!

Oh! My poor eyes! I was really hoping I made a typo and this wasn't the new CB page. I think there is a reason why orange is not as popular colour as like 5 others.

I think I'm in the minority here.

It made me think of Slashdot's beta format and how all the regular's despise it. I don't see that level of hatred in the comments below, but CB people tend to be easier going than Slashdot people.

Oh, now there is dynamic smaller header when scrolling in forums that is absolutely irritating. And all that screen real estate being used up for article titles is silly. I consider screen real estate to be a premium and size should be proportional to the usage or priority. Neither of those deserve to use that much space.

My routine is to hit, look at relevant articles to me since the last visit (same day or day before), then click the link for latest forum posts. Once I've reviewed the new stories since last visit, I don't need to see them up at the top on every friggin' page.

Oh man, this could just be the kind of change that gets me off of crackberry and into the Gym. So thanks for that. :(

And these are my comments when I'm in a good mood. If I was in a pissy mood, I'd be saying shit I'd regret.

Really nice. Never thought I'd like the mobile site better than the App. Great work guys.


The comments within the article appear correctly now, but the formatting of article and thread titles still need work.

That's filtering through next if it hasn't hit your device yet or you can try clearing your cache.

Finally. It's about time it did. I always wondered why it happened. The replies never fall below the original comment that's relative to your input.

It's annoying on my q5 when I went to imore the other day to ask a forum question. Glad I have a cb10 app (which needs up grading to android version)

Posted via CB10

I guess it's across the board. The first thing I thought of was that it looked very similar to Android Central...hehehe I refer to the faded green.

However, I do love the new logon prompt. Overall, it makes navigation a lot easier.


Nice! I'm jealous.....both crackberry and Wpcentral have much nicer colors than the ugly green of AC. :/

I dont much like It. Nor do have i ever liked that by default youre sent to the featured rather than read the latest stories. Its a waste of time. I wish that the left side bar was always there with a list and previews of the stories in chronological order all the way down to the end of the screen.

Mobile needs a lot of CSS work...

We should have the option to change themes to the old style. Far to much junk going on to get anywhere now.

Sorry have not read the full comments but I have noticed that on my PlayBook (that I use every morning) browse that the old tablet view that we had is gone. I get the PC browse look to the CrackBerry website, not sure if it is just me or the reconstruction of the site. Any help on how to get back to the old style or is this it permanently. Thanks

Posted via CB on my Orero Z10STL100-3/

No issues on my Q10. I use the Crackberry app so I don't see the headers. Looked at the site on my desktop. It looked good.

At first I thought that my computer did not render the page properly, but saw the story about the new header. It hasn't grown on me just yet, and at the moment, I am not fond of it.

1. The header is pretty huge, and makes me want to only scroll across to read the stories, rather than scroll down. Also, the transparency of the header, is not really inviting, nor the font size.
2. The headings should be larger, and the actual story should be a little smaller.
3. The bar which features: Passport, Z30, etc..., is not at all inviting; it looks like it was an afterthought.
4. The orange color jumps out at you, and not in a good way. It is almost blinding.

I really like everything CrackBerry, just not this. Not yet.

Agreed. It takes up a ridiculous amount of space on my desktop, on my laptop it must be even worse (given that the header height is enormous). I will be blocking it with AdBlock, sorry CrackBerry. I’m interested in the stories, not the feature coverage.

Why are the pictures in the header having this greenish glow like the pictures were selected somehow! Would be nice to have the real images without a hidious greenish shadow on it ! Besides this I really like the banner , still love the crackberry orange !

The new interface doesn't sit right with my opera mini browser, now website is unusable coz of the Chinese lettering everywhere......PLEASE FIX IT
Posted via CrackBerry App

The passport is much innovation and can understand why people are talking about it i know its a wow but im a 'qwerty' guy and looking forward to the classic so humour me guys tell me about the classic dont leave me in the wilderness

Justa hedsup, on my 99, "BOB" (Big Orange Bar) stays up there no matter what. Is there a "minimize till needed" option somewhere? Any way to resize? It's consuming about 1/2" across the top of the screen. 99's don't have much screenestate to spare. ;)

Not too fond of websites that use a large banner taking up 2/3 of the home screen. Seems this is happening more and more. You need to scroll down most of a full screen to see anything.

I like it, or at least I like the general idea. But it does need work still to outline stuff properly, make sure all the icons work, etc.

I like the idea, but the header right now is too big!! It makes it harder to navigate the website on a 13" MacBook Pro.

New header = epic fail.

You Crackberry guys need to do some proper testing on the Q10 browser for example and you will see things no longer fit properly on the screen.

It was better before, cant see a link to forum on front page. The new layout has been putting me off visiting the other mobile nations sites.

Not a good idea! I am often using my old IPad G1 ( or is there a BB10 tablet meanwhile?) and the number of Safari Crashes has significantly increased with your remake.

The top bar is so big in IE that it is worthless. They take up 2/3 of the screen. Also, now you have to scroll up to get the top navigation bar. Fail.

While it's a cool redesign, there is one feature I miss. Ijn the previous header you could click on the name of each site and it would open up an "at a glance" view of the most recent news stories and what was trending in the forums for that site. I can see we can get access to the other sites but that at a glance view is gone. Please bring that back! I used it all the time so I didn't have to load up each individual site. It allowed me to keep a pulse on each site without having to follow everything going on.

*sticks head in empty shop*

Ummm... has everyone left for the weekend? If so that's fine, but I'm hoping no one is under the impression the formatting issues are all fixed. Hello?...anyone?...

*backs away slowly, hoping the cctv didn't catch him talking to himself*

Read the intro folks, the mobile one has known issues. Remedies are rolling out (for mobile) gradually.

And who reads on a PC anyway?

Everyone! (Yes, but not as often as on a hand held device! )

Posted via the inimitable Z10 handheld system.

Crackberry are you going to fix this or what?

The site is a complete f*** up when viewed through the Q10 browser now.

It's just typical that site dedicated to BlackBerry would be a complete and utter mess when viewed through a BlackBerry device.

It's now impossible to see what's going on in the forums on the main page, I really miss the feature view for mobile... ah well, time to stop using the mobile site

I hope CB is still working on it - the headers as shown in the write up still don't show in the orange banner on my Q10. Yes I agree, that blue filter is odd. I do miss not being able to see what's going on in the forums from the main screen. Alternatively what would be nice (maybe) is to be able to customise CB forums to your own preferences. ie have a side menu that allows you to view the forums you are most interested in.

Anything new planned to this? This annoying big banner / header is still here on the website.
Would be glad to rid of it direct from the start.