Check out the Alicia Keys 'Your City Your Video' for Dallas, Las Vegas, Seattle and Houston

By Adam Zeis on 19 Mar 2013 01:54 pm EDT

Alicia Keys is well off on her Set the World on Fire tour and things are off to a great start. In each city, fans get a chance to see the unique city videos created as part of the BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects. For each video, fans were asked to submit portraits in of themselves in their city which would be added to the video and shown during her live performance on stage. 

The videos for Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas and Seattle have been posted up, so if you sent in your photo you can have a look to see if you made it to prime time. There will be plenty more to follow for other cities, so we'll keep tabs and post them up as they come in. 

Check out the videos in the gallery above, and if you happen to spot your photo in one of the videos be sure to drop a comment and let us know!

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Check out the Alicia Keys 'Your City Your Video' for Dallas, Las Vegas, Seattle and Houston


I was hoping that each video for each city would be different...i know the photos changed but I think that is all...and even the buildings that are built don't change to match the city skyline of the city.

I guess maybe I was expecting something else or different videos for each city...

This! Not so creative for the Creative Director! I'm coming around to the 2 other Projects, though. Wasn't initially impressed with the whole concept, and still unsure if it is much of a marketing effort. Seems more to be just an arts support / sponsorship by BB. Haven't seen or heard of Keep Moving outside of CrackBerry.

I don't see anything that is represent BlackBerry at all. I don't think this is a good marketing technique. The video just show about her and a stack of photos and nothing about BlackBerry. No way people will know that this video connect with BlackBerry.

I just want to say that people need to stop with the "First" shit. No one cares. People did that at CollegeHumor and it pretty much grew into a festering pile of feces and broke the comment system.

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LMAO, I love that you reply to a post about one stupid thing idiots think is cool with another stupid thing idiots think is cool. Seriously, what is with people copying everyone else? Because other people do it that means it's cool? I'm talking about that old "you mad bro" crap that wasn't even funny to begin with. Now it's not funny, AND old... LOL!

Let me guess, when "gangnam style" was popular you loved it? When "I'm sexy and I know it" was popular you jammed in your car to it? And now I bet you watch every harlem shake video? :-D

Hey man that all has got nothing on "Whazzzzuuuuup!"


'so whatcha doing?', 'nothing just chilling having a Bud.'

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