Cheat Sheets for New AT&T BlackBerry Bold Owners!

AT&T BlackBerry Bold Tips!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Nov 2008 12:21 pm EST

Our pal Ronen posted this the other day, but I thought I'd hold off posting in the CrackBerry blogs until more of you actually had your shiny new AT&T BlackBerry Bold in-hand.

Click the image above... it'll take to you to a site where you can download a .zip file containing some useful AT&T Bold .pdf cheat sheets:

  • a BB Bold Data Sheet (so you can tell your non-Bold friends what they're missing)
  • a Tips & Tricks and Shortcuts document
  • a how-to on using your Bold as a tethered modem
  • a how-to on setting up your Bold's WiFi 
Now quit reading and play with your Bold for a bit!!!

Reader comments

Cheat Sheets for New AT&T BlackBerry Bold Owners!


I bought my Bold this morning at 9:00. When I purchased it, the AT&T rep gave me all the tip sheets. Nice touch there!