Chat with Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One driver Nico Rosberg on BBM Channels

By DJ Reyes on 3 Mar 2014 08:36 am EST

If you're a fan of Formula One racing then perhaps you'd like to join this exclusive BBM Q&A with Mercedes AMG Petronas driver Nico Rosberg, in time for the 2014 Formula One season to kick off. We've already seen one celebrity take to BBM Channels for an exclusive chat before and now BlackBerry themselves will be holding a BBM Channels chat.

With BBM Channels now available to iPhone and Android users it is definitely a great way to show other brands and business what can be done over BBM Channels.

The BBM Channel chat will take place on Thursday, March 6th 2014 at 2:15pm GMT (9:15am EST). To take part, make sure you have the latest BBM version with BBM Channels. Then be sure to follow the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team BBM Channel (C00011785).

Here's hoping more brands and business pick up BBM Channels and offer up exclusive BBM Q&A's in the future. What brands or personalities would you like to chat to over BBM Channels Chat?


jojo beaconsfield

Love Channels Go Mercedes Go!!!


Really liking channels, but sometimes the comments really need a moderator. I hope they find a way to avoid the "this is my pin/channel", please add me and my personal favorite "only hot girls" lol.
If they can control those types of things that have made me shy away from interacting on some channels, then these types of promotions could be great.

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DJ Reyes

They did block Channel PINs at one point but then people found a way around it. I agree though. You can report those as spam or even block the user altogether.


Chat with who on what now?

Flawlessly flowed post using a SwiftKey enabled GSIII via the Android CrackBerry App!



Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


That's just embarrasing.

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Erik Lehman

What a geek




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Yes! Nico is the man, hoping he wins the championship!

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Great :)

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Nice way to go bbm

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Sounds like this year they have a chance, I'm looking forward to a season that isn't dominated by Red Bull. Formula one C0001D728 is another great channel, in addition to the channel above.

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We can hope.

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Looks like Mercedes will be strong this year, love the BlackBerry sponsorship decals! "The Best or Nothing"


I really dislike a majority of the comments on channels as well. BBRY work fast on this please. Also easier way to browse channels

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Pete The Penguin

With all the featured channels being for businesses, I can see that BlackBerry are pushing channels for commercial usage.

Hope they make it more like Google+, with better channel moderation.


I've set up a couple already. Great way to socialize securely.

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Cool! Love to see some of that kind of engagement on the CrackBerry Channel! Periodic live chats with different contributing CrackBerry bloggers. Advertise those on other social media outlets to drive traffic and engagement on Channels. It could be amazing! Think about it!

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I really can't wait to make my own channel, but I really want to come high quality or not at all. Anyone have any suggestions?

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