Chat for Facebook now available in BlackBerry App World

By Adam Zeis on 12 Oct 2010 10:33 am EDT
Chat for Facebook

Facebook chat is probably one of the best ways to keep in touch with friends. Not many other IM apps for BlackBerry handle it very well, so having a dedicated app for it is a welcome relief. Chat for Facebook lets you do just what it says. The app is only for Facebook chat and it has a pretty decent interface and easy to use options. Install, login and you're ready to roll. The chat view shows your online contacts and conversations as well as easy access to actions and menu. Overall the app could use a few more tweaks, but if you're big on using Facebook chat to stay connected, it may be worth the $4.99 price tag.

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Chat for Facebook now available in BlackBerry App World


That is so retarded that because we have blackberry's and no one wants to write programs for we have to suffer.

Might be time to go Droid.......

NO thanx!!! Not paying for an app that RIM should have for FREE like every there smartphone out there! Think I'll stick with buggy lil ole meebo for FREE! Does the job for now at NO COST! RIM needs to get up to date and make a better FB app anyway!

And Blackberry is the superior messaging phone right??? Haha! When I have to pay for a client that should be included by now, it's just ridiculous. RIM is it apparent yet why we are frustrated with you?

Time for Android or iPhone.

Why pay 5 bucks when you can chat for free! How about some more useful apps like airline apps, or pizza hut app!!!!!!!!!!! smh

Dudee!!.. Try Fchat... it just cost you $1 and it works much better than this.. just bought it 3 days ago and so far it has better feature than this..

RIDICULOUS! Should not have to pay for an application tool that should already exist. Go get Beejive, that way you have access to multiple accounts

IM Plus Lite does FB chat wonderfully. Its also compatible with Skype, Google Talk and a bunch more. Oh ya, and its FREE!

There are free alternatives and some better paid ones also. Check out Meebo, Beejive or IM + and save your $5 bucks!

There are better ways to spend your $5. And why charge for a functionality that should come in as free? The Facebook app is free so why can't this be free as well?


The iPhone Facebook app already includes this so, I've been waiting, expecting them to include it in an update for the bb at some point, and I'm sure their working on it, so why waste $5 on a third party app when eventually it might come to the official one for free?

How can you charge for an app, when there are free apps that do the same thing? That's insane. If Google Maps had turn by turn for Blackberry, nobody would pay for Telenav or some other GPS. It makes no sense. I've been using the trillian beta and it works great. I also have used IM+ Lite and Meebo, they both work decent too and they are free. The maker of this app should have done better research.

I bought the app for my 9650 and the user interface AND performance is absolutely terrible. I use IM Plus Lite (free) and it works 1000 times better.

I am so mad for paying for this antiquated steaming pile of an app that I'd like to picket outside this company's offices and/or launch a protest of some kind.

It's ugly, constantly disconnects, leaves the install icon on the home screen, and you have to chat like old OS4 SMS. It's such a bummer.

If you want Facebook chat, pay the $10 and get Trillian. Oh, and don't ask for a refund. They won't get back to you.

I too use IM+ on my 9700, though I do have the paid version. It does however work flawlessly and integrates with my inbox completely to the extent that I don't even need to leave the application running, I just respond to IMs via email.

Why does this deserve a front-page story? There are so many other options out there (and several free) that already do this better.

Does it integrate with BB6 Social Feeds?

Does it do anything different than IM+ Lite (free), or Nimbuzz (free), Trillian or BeeJive?

With what others have said about the interface and connection problems, I'll pass.

I find it funny how, google, aim, windows live all have chat features for free, but facebook doesn't have an official program for blackberry. $4.99 is a rip-off for a chat application!

How funny would it be if next month, FB releases a new update for the FB app and gives us the ability to do chat for free....

What they should do is work on refreshing your contacts with your friends on facebook instead of comin up with this 5 dollar waste of time. Im sure not to many people care about syncing up facebook contacts with the ones on your phone but i like it, but of course it never periodically does it for you. i always have to do it for every single contact. It gets old when you have to do it for over 150 contacts!!

this app is terrible. i got it a few weeks ago and it does work, but the user interface and usability is probably the most horrible thing ive ever seen in any app ever.

there are no options, and u cant push the enter key to send. i dont even think u can set it to vibrate, and theres no LED indication either. this type of app needs to be built the same way that other RIM made apps for blackberry are built.

also, 5 dollars is terrible, i actually tried to get a refund for this trash, and it was such a hassle to do that i decided it wasnt worth 5 dollars of my time.

i have to say, im super disappointed, because it was on crackberry as a review i thought it would be decent, im pretty sure someone wrote this as a grade 9 turing class. wtf? worst app ive been unlucky enough to use, its menu structure is based off of the number pad? this wasnt even designed for a blackberry clearly. it is REALLY BAD! sorry i spent that money.

Seriously....there are other apps which are FREE, that have FB chat. Apps like IM+ Lite, and Trillian. I'm personally using Trillian, and I like it; not only does it have FB chat, it also has AIM, Yahoo. IM+ Lite, which I previously used had AIM, Yahoo, Google, Skype.

RIM needs to consider that other smartphones have more apps for free and that's what is changing the minds of current blackberry users to switch to other phones.

Nimbuzz is free and it includes the more popular chat clients like fb, aim, yahoo, etc. Its always been free. Im pretty sure its in app world to but you can also dl it from their site.

I found that I prefer BeeJiveIM to be better - Trillian isn't as nice when it comes to FB chat. Free to try for a month, worth it's cost though.

Don't buy Don't buy Don't buy Don't buy Don't buy Don't buy
Don't buy Don't buy Don't buy Don't buy Don't buy Don't buy

IM lite is free and handles fb chat great plus many other services like skype. The app keeps you logged in and pushes notifications to your home screen. I wish these developers do some research before making app that is already out for free. 4.99 is a rip off for fb chat. A couple more off updates and fb will have chat incorporated into their mobile app. Like why would RIM make a twitter for blackberry when they should just make uber native because it is the best twitter app for berries.

I already have Beejive and it works great besides FB chat should come free with the FB for blackberry app!!

I'm gonna have to agree with everyone else here. Who in their right mind would pay $5 for facebook chat? Are people that caught up in the social network that if they MUST use facebook to communicate (you know, instead of calling, texting, BBMing, etc.), that they can't just send a facebook message or write on their wall with the free facebook app?? Or even the mobile site..

I hate everyone.

Facebooks free but the chat costs $5? I'll just wait for the facebook msg or just text, msn, google or bbm or something that's free. I'd be honestly surprised if people actually buy this app

I don't understand why blackberry users have to pay for this crap and its FREE on the iphone. If you want to get around this, go on your computer and link your blackberry with your aim. Aim is still free on the blackberry...

Paying to talk isn't cool... especially when we use a phone that has a bill and we can talk on that... FB Chat?? no good at $5

I don't understand why there can't be more free apps available for BB users. I could easily go with the Android platform, but I love BB. My brother is constantly telling me all the free apps he has which includes talking text and voice GPS I pay to have VZ Navigator and I like it a lot, but still, why can't RIM give us a free one that works as well as Verizon's navigation?
I won't leave BB, but it would be nice to not be nickel and dimmed to death for an app.

This is a joke.
It's crap like this which makes me look at other devices when I go into my carriers store.

5$ isn't a big price tag, but when the competition offers the same for free, it's just dumb.

Free/included for every other smart phone, expensive for the Berry, go figure. Glad I don't even use facebook on mine but it's still ridiculous that it cost us so much more for something that seems to be included in other phones versions of facebook.