Chasing the BlackBerry Storm - Today is the Day!!

Chasing the Storm!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Nov 2008 12:30 am EST

Update: OH BOY... I'm not sure what's going on here, but I just received a flood of emails from Verizon people letting me know that if your BlackBerry Storm wasn't ordered before 2pm EST today that it will not be shipping until DECEMBER 5th!

Update: Posted by Reuters - Hundreds Wait at Verizon Stores for BlackBerry Storm! >>

Update: I think we can safely say Verizon and RIM have succeeded in making the Storm's launch the most anticipated of any BlackBerry smartphone to date. With lineups at Verizon stores throughout the country and in many cases less devices in stock than people waiting outside (and in some cases no devices in stock!), it'll be a day of mixed emotions. A ton of you are going to be pumped to be among the first to own RIM's touchscreen BlackBerry, while some of you are going to be p!$$ed that you chased after the Storm today to have it escape your grasp on Day 1. Keep the comments and forums rock'n with your experiences. Let us know how did!! And let us know your thoughts on the Storm! *

Ok BlackBerry Storm Chasers, today is your day!!! I've been receiving emails from tons of Storm fanactics today - some of you are already camping out as I post this (just after midnight), while many of you are going to show up an hour or two early and see how the situation looks. We've been hearing scattered reports from Verizon employees all day - it seems some stores have received way less than the expected number of units (as in six Storms to sell, but over a hundred units have been pre-ordered from that location), while other stores only a few miles away seem to have plenty. Depending on how things go, you may literally have to chase down the Storm if you want to get one on the first day. Be sure to report back in the comments and let us know how things are going and email in your pics or videos to editorial @

Chasing the Storm And in a solute to all of the CrackBerry Storm Addicts out there, Verizon has added the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest Winners to their corporate intranet for all Verizon employees to see. Sweet! We've posted five winning videos so far and still have the remainder to debut on the site over the next couple of days. I meant to get them up sooner (everyone has now completed their To Do!), but between the Round Robin, Storm Craziness, and being sick I fell a bit behind on this. In honor of the Storm's official launch on Verizon, I suggest using a few minutes today to re-watch all of the winning videos that have aired so far! Good Luck Storm Chasers!!!! 

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Chasing the BlackBerry Storm - Today is the Day!!



All i can say is what a mess. There were like 10 people in line waiting for the store to open... after getting in there it took at least 2hrs. I have no idea why. The system was down I guess. But when I left the store with my Storm it did not work. I could not make a call nor could I get online. So back to the store... they had to do "something" but now there were at least 20 people there buying a Storm and I got lost in the shuffle and my Storm got mis-placed in the backroom. I waited another 1/2hr before I caused a stink and they told me that my device needs to be looked at as its not working properly. Said they will call me by 5pm. I got mad and demanded a reason because it looked as if other customers were walking out of the store with a fully functional Storm. But they said if I want to wait till next week they will get a lot of more Storms and I could have one of those. I said if the Storm I have is defective then yes I don't want it and I will wait. So they said they will call me later today to let me know what's up.

does this make any sense????? I'm on my way to a different VZW store as they have 15 in stock right now. Just start over... what a mess.

VZ on-line (800 922 0204) is officially out of storms,
I placed my order at 8:28AM est today still trying to find out if the 2 I ordered will be shipping today.

What happened? I hear rumors of a software security glitch requiring a reflash, but in any case I've been to several corporate stores and even had two online customer service reps call for affiliate stores (like Circuit City) and NONE of the stores have ANY stock (sorry for the caps, I'm really pissed off). I've been a loyal customer but not that it seems to matter to them. I was promised that they would overnight one to me at their cost; I'll wait and see, and after work check to see if some of the stores were holding back. Anyone else in NJ have any luck?

Our Verizon Store (in a town of about 60K people) got 30 units in. There were only about 15 of us outside the store waiting.

So far, so good on the phone -- working as it should. I did have to put in a little effort to get the BIS up and running on it but it's working now.

is it possible to create a patch / software update to bypass the whole push/click? i think this phone would be GREAT without the clicking touchscreen. it's such a pain in the ass to try and hit "delete" or "send" or any key near the sides of the screen - the clicking is a lot more work than it should be.



This is not the case in California. I can order the Storm through my corp rep today, get it shipped overnight, get the corp discount. I am also not eligible for NE2 until April, but can still get it at the $199 price minus corp discount.

Visited my local Verizon store today to check out the storm. I should have been suspicious since there were no customers in the store. When inquiring about the "Storm", I was told that Nov 21 was an online release date only ( as in online orders) and that the actual release date in stores would be Monday. Verizon needs to do better. At lease fine tune their employees' lying skills!

I went to my local Verizon Corporate store, only to sit and wait due to their computer problems. As of 1130 only 3 Storms had been sold, and they were not even able to activate them. Reps had no idea what was wrong with their computers and had no idea when they would be back up. So, after waiting for what seemed like forever....I discuss the Storm with a Rep and he learns that I am upgrading via NE2. He tells me that I'm wasting my time. They will ONLY sell to new customers. Thanks for telling me that when I walked into the store a few hours prior. And thanks again, Verizon, for screwing over your loyal customers (I've been with them for over 6 years).

Sooooooo..........I come home and try to order a Storm online. Welp, you guessed it.....their site leads me straight back to the homepage each time I try to upgrade.

Come on Verizon......this just may be the stra that broke MY back. I think I'll head on over to AT&T's site and give it a looksey.

Picked mine up this morning!!

Mine has version .65 on it!!! :-( Called the store and they then called their Techs to find out. They must have missed doing the flash on my phone. As such, I'm headed back this afternoon to get it reflashed. :-)

I tried out the demo model at the store: one of the two was malfunctioning, the one that was working properly seemed sluggish and typing accurately would take some getting used to. It's not worth the $499 it would cost me considering I'm in a contract. I'll stick with my 8330 Curve.

Black Berry has a trade in program "" you could get up $100 for your curve. And if you use the promo code "graduate" you will get another $50.
Also my rep got me a deal of $270 at a 1yrs pricing. Not sure what they meant but I'll have my storm Saturday for $270 and get a check back from blackberry for $150 for my trade in.
So its only costing me $120 for the storm.

The Maple Grove, MN store opened early and were out of phones very quickly. I got there at 8:40 and they said they had been long sold out! ;)

Pretty much too pumped to get any real good sleep. Dog was snoring, can dogs have sleep apnea? My gas heater in the crawl space was making all kinds of racket. Ice maker in the kitchen making sounds of doors opening real slow. Wife slept fine though. I woke up a few times wondering if it was time to go yet. Finally 5:15 am came. Routine morning. Reset the alarm clock for the wife.

Jump in the shower, feed the dog, jump in the car (i'm leaving some things out here), head up I-64 to the VZW store that opens earliest. Pulled into the parking lot @ 6:15am. Only two cars, no one's lined up outside the door. Thank sweet baby jeebus, it was cold out there.

Another car pulls in around 6:30. People are starting to get antsy. We head towards the door to jockey our place into line. I line up behind the couple, make conversation, they are Treo owners getting new devices today. They had lots of questions on what to expect.

6:45: Another car pulls in. He gets out, works for some kind of healthcare place. He's constantly on his tablet looking busy. 7am, first Verizon employee arrives. He says that they got 30 in. We are all happy. There are only 8 people in line by now. They ended up turning some people away later on that morning.

7:15: more people are showing up. Another, Verizon employee shows up. Then another, this one is the magic man. He has peices of paper with numbers, of course I get number three. He said, to keep these with us go get some coffee and come back @ 8am. He was our savior. Headed to starbucks with one of the forum members. We've been texting each other off and on. Nice cup of hot coffee, bagel.

7:50am get back to the VZW store, get back in line. Get let in @ 8am. They head me towards the sales associate. He I take it you're hear for the storm. Jokingly I say "no what is that". Get the phone it takes like 8 minutes to boot up. It's got about 20% charge. He does the activation. I'm on my way back to the office by 8:35am. Great experience for me.

I've been messing with the phone all day. I have build .65. I'm wondering when the new build will come out.

All in all, I actually type better on this than my 8830. I do have to pay more attention to my typing but in general it's better. Loaded it up on my BES, loaded up Gmail, Google Mobile Maps. About to load up some Soduko and Wordcaster.

Can't wait to take this to Texas next week and really give it a good test @ Momo's when I go see Dan Dyer play that night. Plan on taking some video, pictures, uploading to a blog spot if I can figure that out. It should be fun. Hope everyone else is having an awesome time with their new toy.

I showed up at 7:50 this morning, got in line, got my Storm, then proceeded to wait until 11am to cash out as the computers were all freezing up in the store. I left at 11 and the rep told me he would call me when the computers come back to life. It's 2pm and still no progress. God knows if I will even get it today.

Way to go Verizon. Huge shortage of Storms (my store only had about 20-25) and computers freezing up. Great foresight on probably your biggest release date in the history of the company.

I was planning to get a screen protector plastic sheet, but will that work with the Storm? With the whole screen moving with every push, is the screen protector a waste of time? I was just trying to save the Storm from the makeup that rubs off my face while talking on the phone.

I don't get to upgrade for 2 weeks. It's driving me nuts that I can't get the phone yet, but given everyone's stories about recalled OS systems and sold out stores, it's probably a good thing that I have to wait 2 weeks!

Yes, get the screen protector that they sell for the storm.
It works and fits GREAT and the easiest to apply of
any screen protector I have ever put on.

The package has 3 in it and if you take your time you can get the first one on perfect, I did.

Good luck


There is no way of truly measuring how big the demand will be for a phone or product. Apple went through a similar situation with the iPhone when it FIRST came out. They are now prepared and always have enough stock to fulfill orders.

Verizon is doing their best to appease everyone. I got the phone overnighted to me for free, got the rebate instantly and I only ended up paying $75 for the phone - not a bad deal. I think everyone is letting their emotions get the best of them. Be patient and you will have the phone soon enough.

No. Why should I?

Verizon is doing their best? Today was a total fiasco. Sure, YOU got the phone overnighted to you for free. I got NOTHING for my time except headaches and frustration.

This situation was handled very poorly by Verizon. Their sub-par service cost them two Blackberry accounts plus we will be canceling our regular phone accounts as well (and going Cable Phone). On the upside, I'm sure we will enjoy our AT&T Bolds.

i was at the a store on long island, and they said they do the most business in the country. well i guess it was true they had over 100 units to sell, i was number 16 and i love it so far. the global connection will work great for me being as i am in the military and going away very soon.

Got 2 of them this morning..haven't had much time to play with it...being new to Blackberry.....have alot to learn this weekend!

I woke up @ 6AM this morning to be at Verizon by 7...
store opened at 8

7:20am... people who were in there cars(myself included), made a mad dash for the door, as the 1st arriving Sales rep turned the lights on in the store.

We waited, anxiously... The manager (Ian) brought everyone Coffee and Doughnuts, to assist with fighting off the cold and snow.

It was a really nice experience minus the weather... he stayed outside with all of us the entire time, talking to us, getting our thoughts and feelings... and just generally trying to keep everyone's mind off the cold.

He brought out a list, 1st come 1st serve.... from the list, you received a voucher... there were only 20 phones available.
I was #7...

doors opened...everyone cheered, trumpet blared, confetti fell from the ceiling (not really but it seemed like it, it was just heat blasting)... there was 1 rep per person... we got in, got out, with no problems...

people who didn't get a phone this morning were promised phones overnighted to them from the warehouse.

Overall Verizon did the damn thing, and i'm proud to be a VZW customer.

Typed from my new BB Storm.

As far as shields/protective cases go, I HIGHLY and STRONGLY suggest They have a kiosk in our mall and I have had my 8830, my wife's curve and our ipods all wrapped in these bad boys and they are amazing.

I have had some friends wrap up their iphones in them and it works perfectly fine with the touch screen!

Got in line at 5:30am for an 8am opening. A few other people were there. By the time they opened the doors there were about 30 people in line. I have no idea if they all got one, I was the first one back out the door with the phone. Even though it was freezing cold (mustve been below 30) I guess I still had it better then other people.

I have to say, I love this phone. This is my first BB, and its the best gadget ever (5th gen. iPod - close 2nd).

Click screen: not an issue. I still type faster than I did with the tiny keys on my alias. I dont like the SureType in portrait mode though. It seems weird.

I just can't wait until there are more things to download for it. Good luck everyone.

I too am upgrading to the Storm from the Alias. To be honest, the Alias has been an exceptionally good phone for me for the past 20 months...very durable, great call quality, etc. I'm just ready for a new toy and want the internet browsing feature! :) Gonna be tough for me to adjust to the larger size, but the features should make it worth it!

First time Crackberry poster here....1 year addict!

Well, here's my story. Like many of you, I've been eagerly gobbling up all the Storm info I could get my hands on. Visited my local store (Cedar Park, TX...Circuit City) a few months back and put my name on a list. New store opens up right beside the now closing Circuit City location, so I go in there during their Grand Opening and get on their list. Thanks to, I knew to keep checking back with the store as the stories about delayed shipments and low stock have come through the postings. As of Tues., since I was on the list, I was told I would have one for sure today. Checked in again last night and was then told they only got 11 and that they were all "allocated" to those on the list before me, but that I could come in and order with free shipping and an instant rebate. So...I decided to go back to my Circuit City buddies (have always had top notch customer service from them). The guy there says they have 3, but may have to sell to new contracts, but to still try. Manager will open store at 9am instead of 10, just for Verizon folks.

Fast forward....sleepless night, like the previous poster...dogs snoring, kids coughing, me anticipating getting my hands on a Storm and trying to figure out the best action plan. I get up at 6:30, drive to my new VZW store hoping that maybe it will be a first come, first served deal after all. They open their doors at 7:20 and promptly offer to order my Storm for me. I decide to head over to the Circuit City and just try my luck. It's now 7:30 and I'm in for a long, lonely wait. Seems I'm the only nut trying to get a Storm here. At 8:30, the VZW manager shows up and tells me that yes, as the only one there I can have one of the three, just give need to give him a minute to get set up. Yippeee, success!

Then the real storm hits.....
About 10 minutes later, he pokes his head out the door to tell me that, uh oh, they were spoken for afterall and that Verizon is making them sell them to new contracts much for VIP status. Big-time Bummer!

Silver Lining......
As I mentioned before, I have always received fantastic service (Thanks Lonnie, Liz, Guy and now John) from this location and so, while disappointed I went ahead with my order (with the auto rebate), but since the guy felt so bad that I had waited and that he had told me I had one only to have to change his story........I got $50 off my bill and 50% off my accessories! $100 for waiting in the cold, it warmed me up. I'm told my Storm could arrive as early as tomorrow (Sat) however I will not be holding my breath. Hopefully I'll get one of the ones with the upgraded OS. I had sold my Pearl a few days ago in order to justify the cost and had to go back to an old reg cell and I can hardly text!!!lol My Pearl was hard to get used to as well, but now I'm lost without it. I can't wait to learn on my new Storm.......

I just spoke to my friend who is a sales manager for VZW telesales. He said that he just received an email saying that any web or phone order that was not released by their release team by 1pm eastern time, would not ship until December 5th. He also mentioned that the release team is extremely backed up, so the orders they released at 1 were orders that were placed hours beforehand. So just because the rep at the store placed your' order for you when they ran out of units at the store, doesn't mean it will be in your' hands anytime soon.

Any word on if an order placed via telesales earlier this week will actually ship out today? I received my order confirmation at 8:15AM but still do not have a tracking number.

As an avid Crackberry user, I have to say that I too was psyched for the Storm. Now that the day has come, I hate to admit that I am dissapointed. The idea is great and hopefully they release an upgrade SOON.
The storm is beautiful and sleek and everything they said it would be. EXCEPT the response time if VERY SLOW!! The time it takes from when you tap the screen and the application appears is insanely slow. It's like having a slow computer connection waiting for pages to load.
Other than that it seems great. If you are are crackberry user and are use to the speed and flipping around quickly on your blackberry you will definatley be slowed on the Storm. :(

They are holding one for me at the Beltline store, but I can't go get it now. They're only holding it another 15 or 20 minutes and will only sell it to you if it's a new line.

I got mine around 630am this morning. I was first in line in Dallas, met a couple of fellow cb addicts. This store had only ten in stock and all was already prepaid. Thank god I gave my info yesterday!!!! I am loving it and yes it has a little issues but nothing horrible and you have to get used to ut.

All these horror stories are rather amusing, happens with every carrier with a big release (well, actually I dont think TMO has ever botched a launch). But both ATT and Verizon have seriously botched major launches with unprepared systems and insufficient supply. Jeeze such a simple job and these biz/marketing guys can never seem to get it right (although properly stocking stores is such a simplicity that I tend to think these 'screwups' are actually intentional so as to make it appear that there is a 'craze' and shortage of the new unit (iPhone, Storm, etc.). I mean, if each store had 200 units (which seems like an acceptable minimum based on the number of people that can phsyically be processed in a day), and everyone got a unit, then there would be no 'hype.' Can these guys really be so incompetent at such a simple job?

And then there are the customers who invariably *must* have the latest phone on *the* morning of release, and who will apparently die if they dont get it, who get their panties in a bunch when the totally predictable occurs.

So they must be doing their job quite well, no? They don't give 2 shits if people are angry about not getting the phone on the release date. The people who want it today are still going to want it tomorrow or a week from now. You're exactly right, if every single person who wanted one actually got one today, there'd be no hype to spark the interest of all the "normal" people out there who weren't dead set on buying a Storm the moment it was released.

No, that's not right. I called Verizon today in an attempt to let them make things right, and was given the run-around. I can't even e-mail them a letter (the web-page has a limit of 2000 characters) and when I asked them for a fax number, I was told "We don't have any fax machines." A phone company that doesn't have any fax machines?!? Okay.

As such, I have canceled my Verizon Wireless account of 14 years and decided to give AT&T a try.

Just got off the phone with Verizon - they're not even taking orders over the phone know due to the backlog - they just said they'll call back some time in the future once they straighten the system out (they couldn't even give me a time frame)

Won't ship until December 5th? Are you retarded? The phone orders placed this morning are being shipped on Nov. 25th (unless you paid an extra $19.99 for overnight).

Mine shipped about an hour ago and will be here Monday, but I was one of the first to order just after midnight.

And Verizon told me yesterday that they weren't expecting to sell out of Storms today when I asked when the earliest was that I could place my order!

Question....While waiting on my Storm I thought I'd go ahead and get the accessories I need. Has anyone put one of those invisible shields on theirs yet? Does it interfere at all with the touch screen? Want to order one, but don't want to waste my money.


86th st store in manhattan was a cluster. each rep said they could only activate and sell 2 or 3 phones each before the computers went down. waited from 730 till 1230 and walked out empty handed. apparently "the network" took a day off.

Just got it this morning -- switched from Treo so I'm a newbie for Blackberry.

I'm pretty good with this stuff and it only took me a few minutes to figure out the Blackberry Enterprise - have my contacts and emails running smooth.

Only thing is -- the theme background!!! I don't want the Verizon checkmark image-- I want that lightning shot it shows when you go into themes...........why cant I find that??

I know I can take a shot and use it but I want that lightning shot..........


I got it 9th in line of the 20 they had in stock. All gone by the time they opened at 9:00AM. I Loven it

I went to my verizon store this morning and they were already sold out. I was told that they got a total of 5 (Five) Blackberry Storms to sell.....Five, FIVE!!!!! What the he##, FIVE phones to sell, that's it?????? WHY ONLY 5???

I just went to Verizon's home page and their motto:
"Americas Most Reliable Wireless Network" made me chuckle on a day like today.
I have never had issues with verizon's network coverage; but I just find it ironic that you cant even get a new phone activated today because their computer network is down.

I just walked into bestbuy and was out in 20 minutes..I was number 8 on the presale list of the 20 they received. You would think after the wii, ps3, snd iphone. you guys would learn by now. Always get in on the presale!

I started my trek at 9:05 due to being forced to work. Went to one store. Nothing. Called two others nothing. By this time am furious and a little depressed. Well ok alot depressed. Then I went to a Circuit City and wonder of wonders they are going out of business and didn't get any storms. Knowing that I had to be back to work by 11 at the latest I decided to try one last time. I hit up a Best buy, got there 10 minutes before they opened. They had one Storm. I practically had to mug the mobile girl to get it, but they had 1. They recieved 4 but 3 were pre-ordered. She said that they had one, and I said ok whats your point. Haven't really got into it that much, but damn I absolutly love it. And ya know what it is a little laggy. BUT WHAT THEY HELL PEOPLE. They wanna keep selling these things. Can you honestly tell me that they will keep the OS like this and keep selling them. I would expect an upgrade within a week at the most. Once its there shit. I love it already. I was one of the greedy people, where is it... where is it. Bothering the peons in the stores. Well they decided to put it out. Is it perfect? No but it will get better. Again like I said I love it, i love the keyboard, i love the browser, i love the media, so you haters out there piss off. And to those haters claiming to have bought a Storm, but are sitting there with your damn Iphone you can piss off to. The Storm is awesome.

I GOT ONE! I GOT ONE!! ITS less than i expected..
but it could be better (out of the box...).

I thought you all would enjoy this quote directly from VZ home page...

"In keeping with our mission to be recognized as the U.S. market leader in wireless, Verizon Wireless continues to get rave reviews around the nation."

I was pretty dissapointed. I'm out of contract with AT&T (using a 8310 I got off Craigslist for the time being) and had 4 lines ready to go to Verizon. Nope. Not going to happen with the Storm, at least right now. It was infuriatingly slow. It acted like it had a virus....hmm maybe someone was using the phone to download naughty pictures... (yes, I understand why that couldn't be the case, it's a joke people)

Out of stock. 2 "demo models" in store to "play with" so I can say I want I want and not get. The person in front of me got the last Storm. She apparently had someone put it on hold for her.

I was trying to update my PRL and *228 is not able to respond to my request right now. I guess that means this phone is a success

I have never been a "first rev, first day gotta have it" guy but addicted to BB for a long time. I really wanted the Storm.

I pre-ordered through Best Buy a couple weeks ago after they agreed I was eligible for the upgrade price (whatever that was going to be), had an 11:30am appt to pick it up today. I got there early and they got me started. When they looked in computer, they couldn't provide me the upgrade price due to their agreement with Verizon - I was actually a month from the date. I wasn't going to pay full boat so they made some calls to Verizon for me - all very nice and helpful.

Turns out Verizon was sold out but could order me one and have it delivered before noon tomorrow - and Verizon "found" some additional discounts for me so after mail in rebate I am only paying $150. They are shipping for free.

I had to go to the Verizon store - a couple blocks away - to complete the purchase but that was no problem. I was in and out of there in 15 minutes. Staff was helpful and knowledgable.

So, I can wait another day. The entire experience was actually positive and I ended up saving another $50. Looking forward to using it and fully understand it's a first rev product.

Well, I managed to do it. I was at the store at 5:40am and only 2 people ahead of me. Wow, not to bad. Our store only had 8 Storms for sale, and one dead one when the customer couldn't get the keyboard to show up. She's now waiting for one like the rest of us. I live in Simi Valley, CA, and got mine from a local Moorpark Corporate Store. Yes, there was a line, not bad, and as you might expect, no issues with customers at all.

As for the Storm, well it's interesting. I'm still adjusting to the keyboard touch. I also noticed that all the icons I have for CNN, USA, Yahoo, etc, don't show up on the front of the phone. These things seemed to be bundled up together via their groups. So far, it's an interesting concept, although I'm still aiming at staying with the Curve. I'll know more after the weekend, when I get more of a chance to play with it. Ahhhhhhhh the joys of it all.

Verizon Store on Bellflower Blvd. I got there at 5:45am and was #15 in the line of about 30 or so. At about 6:15 one of the employees was coming in and said "Oh, you got the right store! We have plenty, we got the most of the area stores." So we all felt pretty confident. Lots of employees were going into the store, then they started coming out with units that they let us try out. Store was supposed to open at 7:00 but they started letting us in at 6:45 with the first group of 6 or 7. As an agent/employee/whatever got free, they'd let another in. By the time I was first in line to go in, though, one of them came out to gather the first 5 of us standing there. She said in a low voice "We only have 7 left. You guys should be ok but there's a possibility that we'll run out." Ruh-roh! Anyway, went in and got mine with no problems. The rep ringing me up was kind of complaining about how they were told this launch was so important but they only sent them 20 phones. There were a couple dozen people still standing outside, though and they were definitely out of phones.

I'm happy with the phone so far. I'm moving from an iPhone (can't take it anymore!) and the differences are definitely apparent but so far so good with the Storm. Got my work email set up much easier than I did on the iPhone, so that's cool. This is my first BB so I'm excited!

went in to address billing issues, found out they still had phones, walked out with one at 3.

AT that point the store (Verizon -consumer square, in Big Flats NY) still had 17 phones in stock.

After walking around with a BROKEN treo for 5 months waiting for the Storm to come out I preordered my Storm at Best Buy in Westbury Long Island on Nov 6th thanks to the info given on crackberry. Plunked down my $50 and left. I was the third person to do so. Got a call last week to set up my appt for today at 12:15. I was told mine would be held for me. Got there, waited patiently and after dealing with annoying salespeople got my Storm, and case in about 1 1/2 hours-ugh. Very unhelpful staff-didn't have any answers to questions about the device. There was even Verizon person there who knew nothing! But I did get mine! Many people there had preordered but later than i did (not sure how much later). They were told there were no more phones and that theirs would be in the second shipment.

Landscape to portrait is a bit laggy but hoping a software update will be coming.

Now I'm a blackberry newbie with lots of studying to do!
Let's hope it's worth the wait.

waited on line for four hours ... only to be told there was about 20 units in the store .. and i was like number 45 in line! ugh !

the only consolation is that the store ..will deduct the rebate on the spot - no mailing it in for me! and possibly say " BILL ME " instead of using my debit card. arghhh

but it all happens for a reason i guess.

I put down a $50 pre-order deposit for my Storm at Best Buy about 10 days ago. They called me a few days later and I set up an appt for 10 a.m. this morning, right when they opened. I was the first one there. They got 5 phones and were only holding them for the preorder folks. I'm not sure how many people preordered, but one guy came in and asked to buy one, but they told him to try tomorrow to see if they got more via UPS.

It only took about 15 minutes from when I walked in to get everything set up. So far, the phone has a learning curve and there are some things I don't understand yet... but, beyond that, it's pretty bad ass.

I'll also mention that Best Buy didn't require the mail-in rebate... the phone was sold to me for an even $199.99. Plus, I got a free Bluetooth head set, as advertised (although, it didn't ring up correctly, so he just put it through as FREE on my receipt. $49 value... not bad!).

Much as I suspected - the headlines are coming out now (at least 11 of them so far) that the Storm is so 'popular' that it is "flying off the selves" and "out of stock" and "sold out" across the nation. Not unexpected of course when you only stock stores with 10 or so units.

This is exactly what VZ wants (and ATT/iPhone) at launch to make a new item seem desirable, and hence why they purposely understock a launch item. Sure they piss off 2% of customers who cant get one on day one, but they pique the interest of the other 98%.

As I said above, properly stocking a new unit is an incredibly easy task (no one can be that incompetent), so unless they put some manager's pet rock in charge of product procurement and distribution, the aforementioned 'shortage' is entirely orchestrated. I bet there are tens of thousands of units sitting in warehouses that will be sparingly and strategically distributed to VZ stores over the next 10 days to maintain a constant yet controlled 'shortage.'

OMG I almost want to switch to ATT. I went into the verizon store on my lunch break to play with the Storm becuase I was gonna wait a few weeks so some of the bugs could get worked out. But why is it that I know more about the phone then the people who work there. I first asked an employee what version what the OS it was running and all they kept says was as I am a avid reader I know that it needs to be .65 for it to be decent. So after explaing to the dumb people working there that it needs to be on .65 I checked for myself and found that 1 of the 2 demos was runing on .65 while the other was .61.... so i played with the phone for a bit and was kinda dissapointed that when i tried to load CB the phone froze and had to be restarted. So I asked the chick(dfc) how I could get the phone. She first stated that they dont have any in stock which I understand and they could ship it out, but now it is all dependent on when the wearhouse will send it out. So she looks at my account and flat out tells me that I can not even get the phone if I wanted. That is when it all went downhill. I told her I dont care I will pay full price for the phone and she refused to even think of the idea that I COULD buy it full price. She said that they will not be selling the phone full price for at least 5 months. I told her she did not know what she was talking about and that it was bs and I wanted to talk to a manager. Well,the manager said I can by the phone full price for $538 and some change. Ehhh, kinda high for a phone but i can justify it. So I asked if I could just get a new plan since I am on and have been on my parents plan for 5 years (way cheaper way to do a phone plan when you have a house payment), so she said that I could but that I would not be able to keep my number since I am already a verizon customer. THAT MAKES NO SENCE!!! I was so upset at this point I said a few curse words and was told that since I already have a plan that I could not get a new one. I told the manager and dfc that I will cancel my plan with them and get my own. DFC chimes in that again i will have to get a new number, manager does not say anything to back her up or help me since I am pretty upset with the whole deal. So I left knowing that either I pay full prince for a phone or...... leave and go to ATT which has shotty service but better customer service.

Oh and at the store ther was a guy who came in at 6:50am still dealing with the dumb people there. It was 12:20pm.... do the math of stupid verizon employees.

Sorry for the rant but does anyone have advice like go to a differnt store or try to get it over the phone or something... thanks

My advice is move over to TMO if you are in metro area with coverage. They are much smaller and thus have consistently higher customer service ratings. Their website doesnt crash on launch days, aka VZ and ATT/Apple (VZs Storm pages are still down and it is 4:35 EST). TMO fully stocks new launch items (e.g., the curve when it came out, the G1, Razr, etc.). I am very interested in the Storm but don't want to lose my superb experience over 9 years with TMO. The only coverage problems I have are the rare times I am out in the sticks somewhere.

Oh, and I get voice, unlimited data, texts, and email for about $46 a month including all fees/taxes. ATT/VZ cant touch that price point. My hunch is that Storm 2.0, with most of the plethora of 1.0 bugs worked out, will be on TMO with WiFi of course.

My issue with TMO is that I dont really like their phones. The G1 does not impress me and my BF had a sidekick and it was kinda weird using. The whole screen flip up is just odd. He has an iphone and I play with it all the time and it really has a great app store and ease of use. So I just think I will wait and see whats going on but thanks for the advise. But TMO does have good plan prices!

i totally agree with you 100% ive been a vzw customer for 8yrs & i was put on a waiting this,mins later i find out new customers are more likely to recive there phone before those going for an upgrade!! fuck that and fuck verizon wireless,lick balls u scutss!

I am glad to say that I was the third person to recieve the Blackberry Storm at the Otay Lake Mall in Chula Vista, CA. This is my first Blackberry phone and I am well satisfied to say that this phone ROCKS! Talk about iphone phone killer, this is it! One question, can the iphone picture text? By the way, how do I download free music?

Just got off the the phone with my Verizon Rep. She just ordered me my phone. She said about a week for Delivery. Both the stores in my area didnt have many phones. 1 store only recieved 3 units. Whats up with that. I guess I can waint a week. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Went to pick up my Storm today and played with the demo in the store...What A Disappointment. This is the most cluncky, difficult to navigate phone I have ever tried to use. I LOVE my curve and love Blackberry, but this phone is an overhyped piece of garbage. Im sorry for all you who pre-ordered this. I played with my brother's Iphone and it is a suggestion....Don't try to fix what isn't broken RIM. Take the Iphone's successes and incorportate them into the blackberry or just stick with the trackball.
For those of you who missed out on the first shipment of Storms....check Ebay over the weekend. I guarentee there will be a lot of folks trying to unload theirs.

went to get my storm today and the system went down so i left and came back the system came back and went down again so now Im on my way back 1 more time to get it hopefully everything is runnin smooth

I was just told on the phone that the store (well, at the least the one I called in Paramus, NJ) won't have more until December 5th. My business rep did manage to get an order in for me today (in between system crashes), but I have no way of knowing when it will show up. One of the guys in my office thinks this is entirely on purpose in order to drive up demand. Pretty shitty if you ask me. Apple/at&t still did just fine w/ _both_ iPhones by servicing customers on _that_ day. VZW went from tops to bottoms in my book.

I was one of the fortunate... A really nice customer service rep offered to add me to an appointment list late last week. He specifically told me to NOT get in line when I showed up "between 7:30 and 8:00am." That, in and of itself was awesome because when I showed up at 7:15, there were already about 60 people in line. I did wait for a little bit, but not in the line and not for long...

Easy, fast and... I'm happy.

called my local verizon store about 4 days ago. said i would be added to list. i did mention i was porting over from at&t (reason is not because of the storm). next day i get a call from a sales rep who says he will be taking care of my transfer and that he will have the storm ready and waiting. he called me each day after to confirm i was coming over still. went in today about 9:45am with wife and two kids in tow. my wife picked out her non-storm phone and they had the storm ready and waiting for me. said they had 11 in stock and mine was the last one (the guy held it for me as promised..)

my thoughts...a very fun and cool phone (note: my number has not ported over yet so i have not really put the phone through the paces yet. i suppose i could change my mind after heavy usage, but first impressions are that it is a really cool phone and VERY easy to navigate and learn if you have half a brain). def. a little buggy but nothing horribly too bad and not consistently buggy. browsing is awesome and any intelligent person should get the hang of the texting in about 10 minutes of playing around. it is very easy to type on this thing. like most, i believe that after a few updates it should be locked and loaded pretty nicely.

nowhere near the experience of an iphone, but also the iphone is one of a kind and has had a LOT of time to revise and improve. the storm will be a niche player, without a doubt, but NOT a iphone killer (like their really is such a thing)...

Lucky you! I tried in Cedar Park and even though I was on a list, couldn't put my hands on one. They were really wanting to cater to you guys switching over. That said, my buddies at Circuit City took care of me and I will have one soon enough.

In Orange County CA it seemed like some stores received a decent amount of Storms however they still sold out fast, and the lines before store opening weren't even that long! I showed up a half hour before opening and purchased #14 of 28.

I'm so jealous. I wish I could stand in line for a storm but nooooooo its verizon exclusive. Come on tmobile I want a storm!

I went to my local store at the rosevelt field in long island NY. i got there at 7:45, there were 6 peoples waiting, we waited for the store opening at 10:00 am, they called in the first 8 of us immediately, then they had aproblem with the flooded network, ( the rep who was helping me was waiting for 30 minutes for his cash register to open after taking my payment) I was the first one to walk out and i didnt walk out untill 11:35, i got it, i am loving it. all worthed, the store tried to offer me to have it shipped and i wouldnt have to wait for my rebate, they would apply it instantly. i declined the offer.

good luck to you all

after toying with the storm. its pretty cool but its not for me. i love my bold and the curve before it. i need my trackball scrolling zooming. my keys. hope you storm owners enjoy them. the store i was at was sold out too they had one model up. bestbuy for some reason had a storm with no guts in it.

So I went to the Verizon store this morning at 7:30, 30 minutes before they opened and no one was in line (i live in a very small town). I was so excited, so when i got to the door they told me the only people that could get storms were the people that pre-ordered them because they only had 10. I was SOOO mad considered i had called about a month ago and they told me they couldnt do pre orders. so i was just going to order mine to get shipped to my house when i was told they had 2 extra storms in the back and they were going to try to get me one. long story short...I LOVE MY STORM!!!!!!!!!!

I planed on driving by the V store at the local mall on my way to work this AM in Manchester, NH. I was the 4th person in line. Mgr came out and gave us a storm card and said as long has you are eligable you are getting one.

There were about 14 people total and we all got the goods. In and out (including wait time, less than an hour and a half....)

Great phone. just have to get use to it.

good luck to all who got and are getting, it really is a great phone..

software update is coming via OTA in two-three weeks...

Got in line a hour early at 8 store opened at 9 instead of 10. Dont think people knew about early opening and by 930 must of been 50 people behind me I think was # 8. Staff were very professional and helpfull especially tech named John. However Systems overloaded and I had to leave for work. I did have the Storm in my hand and paid for it. I asked the Tech if I could come back after work and he said no problem.Getting ready to head back to the store now Hope the Storm is as half as good as the people working at the Short Hills Mall Verizon Store in NJ. Thanks

Well I got mine today out here in Mesa, AZ. I showed up @6:45 at the store.
First it is a little buggy on software. (This they can fix easily)
Second the display is very firm(doesn't wiggle around in the frame any on mine)

The thing works great when it works. But I will be patient with RIM with the next software update.

I love it though.

I got up at the crack of 9 today and headed down to the big Verizon store in Athens, GA (Epps Bridge). When I walked in at approximately 9:30 the manager was more than happy to tell me they had alreay sold out (10 whole units). He asked if I wanted to see a demo unit and I said thanks but no thanks, our soon to be out of business Circuit City has a mini-Verizon inside and they open up at 10. Anyway, headed down there and called to be sure they had some and the sweet Verizon girl said she only had 3 units and had already given a voucher for 1 but if I would come and knock on the door (about 9:45am) she would get me one. Approximately 30 minutes later I had the Storm in hand. It definitely will take some getting used to but I dig it. I had my AT&T Iphone service turned off right after getting the Storm but I think I will be keeping it to use on Wi-Fi and for downloading those crazy apps. Anyway, good luck crackberry-heads.

I am absolutely loving this Storm I got in Salt Lake this morning!

The lag is there, but it isn't as bad as the reviews made it out to be, and with the update only a couple weeks away, I can deal with it. I've been playing around with the Storm all day and simply can't get enough. Everyone keeps asking to see it, they're all super jealous.

BlackBerry has me 100% now.

I called customer service an hour ago and they said that whoever ordered before 2pm today that their order will be shipped like the 25th or so. The people who ordered after that might not get theirs until a later date or even have to re-order it again since i think they lost a lot of orders when the system crashed.

I was among a precious few customers able to walk out with my new Blackberry Storm today. I was at the door shortly after Verizon opened in my nearest north GA store, and was almost too late. It is, however, one incredible piece of technology. While I am still in that "learning curve" mode this evening, I believe this will be as close to perfect for my techno-needs.

Verizon's customer service - impo - ranks at the top of the list along with Mac support. Just cannot praise Verizon enough for how they deal with their customers!

This morning was the most nerve wracking experience of my life. Got to the VZW store in Porter Ranch, California at 6:35 am (woke up late) and about 75 people already in line. At least 75 more came after me. The VZW reps were being so shady and secretive not telling us how many phones they had in stock but hinting that they definitely didn't have enough phones to meet the demand. Doors opened at 7 am but they would only take 3 to 4 people in at a time!! Some people came out angry yelling and screaming that the store didn't have storms and they were brought in to pay the 250 (before rebate) and have a storm shipped overnight to them. But then a handful of people came out WITH storms. We really didn't know what was going on but when my time came to go in I was told that the store received only 40 units but since I was number 28 on the waiting list (i signed up over 3 weeks ago) - I was guaranteed a storm. The guy standing in line in front of me, but behind me on the pre-order list didn't get a storm :(

It then took another hour in the store to get everything set up and while the process was frustrating at best IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!!! I can't put it down. It is AMAZING. I am in love with this phone.

Hey all I went to my local Verizon store at 7:15AM and stood in the cold (12 deg F) for 45 minutes. Then walked away with one of the 20 Storm's they received. When I left at 8:15AM they were all gone.

Called yesterday Corporate Stores had around 50 in my home town. The closest store to me had 21. My friend was in line at 6am and the he text me and there was 5 in line at that point. I got there and I was 7th in line. The store manager was very organized. Cam out around 630 gave everyone a voucher and offered us coffee. He took our name and number and said that he would work on our plans before we entered the store.

The doors opened at 7:00 and I got my storm by 7:15 and I was out the door with storm activated and ready to go by 7:35. They did a great job at my local store cannot complain.

As far as the phone Ive been a 8830 user for 18 months and love that phone. This phone is great too. Loaded all my contacts and synced to Outlook no prob. There is some definite lag issues, but overall I'm very happy. Screen is solid construction and the phone just feels and looks cool. Typing from my prospective is good too. I really think they did a great job with the ability to use all types of keyboards.

Does this phone kill the iphone. Remember BB are made for Business use and iphones=play. I think this is a solid compriise between play and business. Is it as smooth as iphone. No, but this is Version 1 Storm. Remember how much everybody ranted about the iphone version 1 and now its the number one selling phone. I think that this will be an even better phone once updates are available and the dust settles.

By the Way, My friend was using a Krazer and now he loves his new storm.

Getting this phone was a nightmare, waited for 7hours
Verizon had no idea what to do!! Compelte caught of guard

For my Storm to arrive tomorrow by noon.

I went to my local Verizon store on Thursday to ask how many they expected to get in. I was told 5. The rep took down my info and told me they would overnight it. He was super helpful and called me to confirm and gave me my tracking number.

Now, lets just hope I like the phone. :)

FedEx doesn't deliver on Saturdays, so how are people getting phones tomorrow? Mine was shipped today overnight too, but overnight on the weekend means Monday? Or does FedEx do weekends in some areas? Not that it matters...FedEX ALWAYS "F's" up when I'm eagerly awaiting something, so I may not see it until mid next week anyway. On the bright side, my 16 Gig memory card should be here early next week too, so it can all go together at once.

I could not wait to get the "STORM". I arrived a my Verizon store at 0930, and they were SOLD OUT. But I did get to play with the two active ones on display (WHAT A DISPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!!) The STORM felt cheaply made! Plus the Screen/Touch Screen floated around, it was not well fitted to the phone. Not just on the one, but both had the same problem. I also tried to enter data in the Calender and Appointment Book. It was VERY difficult to type on.

I LOVE VERIZONWIRELESS AND BLACKBERRY, but I will stick with the best phone ever made, my "BlackBerry Curve 8330".

For those of you how bought. I think you really should have played with the phone. I hope the next generation of the STORM is better.


Picked up my Storm at 10 am at Best Buy. Preordered it on the 9th. They only had 4 here at my local best buy in las vegas. No lines no waiting for help. it was amazing. But only 4? Glad i preordered since i hit my local verizon store on my way there only to find out that they had none. That's a shocker! Any way my storm is Bad Ass! P.S. is it gay to use a green hard cover for my new precious?

I live in Pico Rivera ca. My store opened up at 7am. I was in line at 520am. I was number 6. They only had 12 phones on stock, and i got mine. It is the coolest phone ever. Apple can stick their Iphone in their backside.

I'm sorry to hear how hard it was to snag one of the BB Storms. I went to my local Circuit City and they said they only had 5. I came to the store about 9:59a. They opened at 10a.
There were about 6 people on line. I was told they would take an order and overnight for tomorrow (SATURDAY) because they were expecting 10 more. I stayed on line and waited about 15minutes and then asked the guy behind the counter if he'd have more soon and that I'd come back. He winked and said they got the other ten in and I would be getting one.

So, 1/2 hr. waiting and a Storm in my pocket.
Hope it lives up to the hype.

I have to say that I am thoroughly disappointed with the Storm. I was waiting for it to come out to see whether or no I should get it or the Bold...The Bold wins by a long shot.

The screen was nice by not overly impressive; the responsiveness of the accelerometer was very poor; the length of time it took from the time I clicked a menu option, (calendar, web, SMS, email, etc) it took FOREVER for it to switch screens. I mean this thing was so slow I could not believe it.

There was a guy in the store standing next to me playing with it and had the same conclusions - heartbreaking.

I'm sad to say as much hype as this phone was given, the follow through on performance was just not there. Oh well, at least my decision to get the Bold is now a lot easier.

To all of you who love the Storm, congrats on your new's just not for me.

Just played with a display unit in NYC (geesh people in the waiting line are bitchy even by NYC standards!)

Anyway, very VERY difficult to type accurately on the Storm, nowhere near as fast/accurate as on my curve. Not even close. Definitely not an email/messaging happy phone. Peraps best for music/videos.

Screen looked great but as I said typing on it was horrific. The screen rotation also didnt work well at all - when it worked at all. Definitely glad I didnt order one without trying it. I think there will be a LOT of returned Storms and lots on ebay/craigslist in the coming days.

Honestly - December 5th!!!! What the f*. They did the biggest launch for a single phone in VZW history and only give each store a couple dozen. The busiest store in Utah got 80, they sold out at 8am!! Now no one can get there hands on one until,,,, oh i don't know,,,,, 2009!! Absolutley rediculous!

I also heard from VZW retail employees that they wont be getting ANY in the stores for the rest of the year... It's gonna be just like the Voyager was last year, Sell a couple in November and then not get another shipment until March.. Why do they insist on skimping on production when they spend millions upon millions of advertisement.

I arrived at the Verizon Store in Grandville MI (near Grand Rapids) just before 7 am. I was #6 in line and #1 had arrived at 5 am. I was out the door by 8:30 with an activated Storm in hand. I've been playing with it since with no problems at all. It's awesome! Good luck to those who are still chasing the Storm.

ok so i was all about the new storm and super excited to at least try it out...i drive my happy butt to the verizon store and get my hands on one...first off it was frozen which is always a good sign...then when it unfroze and i tried to send a text message it kept switching to the clock without pressing a button!!!!...i realize that because of so many people playing with it the phone would be slow but honestly i used it for 2 minutes and wanted nothing to do with it...its a great concept but the execution was subpar at best...hopefully they'll improve it for the next time around

I have had a Palm as long as I have had a cell phone, but today I bought my first blackberry and I'm loving it! The Storm is everything I hoped for and more. It hasn't been that difficult to adjust too, and typing on the touch screen is easier then I thought it would be. I got to Verizon at 6:30am and waited in the cold, but it was worth it! Don't hate on Verizon, and defiantly don't give up on the Storm.

So I go to two different stores today to get my Storm. They only had a COMBINED total of 17 in stock. So I decide to order online. I ordered at 9:30am. I come home from work to find that my order has been inexplicably cancelled. They said that I didn't change my plan, which was required. I have the email confirmation of an equipment upgrade AND plan change!!!
So I call customer disservice, and they tell me that I won't get it until the 5th now because I didn't have my order in before 1pm. I call bullshit because they incorrectly cancelled my order.
Just another example of wireless carriers sticking it to you dry. I'm seriously considering just cancelling my service, moving over to AT&T and getting a Bold.
Anyone else have this problem??

Got mine this AM at 6:00 only in line 1 hour. My store hard 30 and only ab out 15 in line. Had to wait several hours (at home) before I could set up my email though. I think it was well worth the wait. Better than drop call iPhone.

I live in NC, outside of Raleigh. I got to my local Best Buy in Garner, NC a little before opening. There were quite a few people in the lot, and I was beginning to get discouraged. When 10AM rolled around, I walked in and was 2nd in line to get my Storm! This location only had 4 in stock, and there was still 1 left after I completed my activation. Seems like I am one of the lucky ones!!!!!!!!!!!
Btw...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

I stopped earlier in the week by 2 nj stores and tried to get on a list, the reps told me there was no such thing as a list and assured me that the storm would not be sold out today. Well I showed up at 8am and and after 20mins they were sold out. Thanks jackasses. yesterday I stop at my local VZW store to see what the deal is. They won't tell how many they have and of course they cannot possibly know how many people will show up when they open the doors at 8:00 today.

I am a former VZW customer and due to the Storm I will come back (I was going to wait - but have read some more positive reviews).

When I got last night after visiting the VZW store, I have a postcard from VZW in the mail with all these great deals if I come back. I call them up and place my order!!

So, here goes:

Storm $149
Holster and Car Charger - $29.99
Shipping - FREE

Activation - FREE
1 Year Agreement
$50 mail in rebate

Now tell me - is that a great deal or what!

My phone has been shipped via FEDEX and will possibly be here tomorrow.

Pretty good if you ask me!

I tried one in the store tonight - I am hopeful this will be a great phone! I only wonder will it possibly be as good as the iPhone!!

Apparently VZW's priorities are (1) bring back former customers, and (2) piss off current customers so that they cancel their service.

I have my storm...finally. i haved waited for this for the last month...I get the last in town I
well most of the stores were running out of it in portland oregon, but verizan has stores inside of some circuit city and they opened at 10 am so..i went there at 9:20 and I get the last of 8 ..can u believe it? just 8 storm at the store?
crazy ha? Im super hyper happy and i dont care

I was the first one in my town to pre-order/pay the $50 at Best Buy to get a Storm. When I went down to get it today, they told me because I have a business account that they couldn't help me. Would have been nice to know this up front! By the time I got to the Verizon store they were out! They screwed me out of my Storm! F$#! you Best Buy!

Just like anything else it high demand... Some will win, some will lose.

For those who won today. It's the best phone out there.

Verizon stores did the best they could in my area.

Great job RIM and Verizon.

I want to love the storm, or maybe there's a learning curve. The unit I played w/ at the store today was just.....disappointing. I love the clicking screen I think that's the best Idea but it was poorly executed, the keys are sooooo small and I have small hands.
I wish they could do this two things and I would be excited
1) make the keyboard keys in landscape bigger
2) make the accelerometer more responsive

I stopped by the Verizon store prior to roll out of the Storm and was put on a call list for the day before. This call list they had said was a "forcast" as to how many phones they would receive in inventory BUT it was first come first serve at the store. This call I received was to let me know that the store would be opening early for these people and to get there early to get one. This particular store had only received 11 Storms. This was a high volume store. (Not like Midtown of course) I think it is interesting that with the continuous delays for roll out- that this would have been a perfect time to better organize it going to market- as not to p!$$ people off.

I ordered my Storm today at a Verizon corporate store in Atlanta. The phone will be shipped overnight guaranteed. I payed $180 with tax for the phone. First off, I played with one in the store today, and got to play with one yesterday. After using it for a while the experiance is just as great as any other BlackBerry. The first time you use any BlackBerry the experience is a bit foreign, but after a few days your sleeping with it. The build quality on the phone is superb, far better than the iPhone. The phone is nice and heavy and solid. The screen is amazing, web browser faster than the iPhone 3g, call quality great, video playback excellent, the phone looks very sexy, and though the phone is a bit jumpy and the accelerometer is a bit slow, with a few software updates the phone will be flawless. Folks you have to give the phone a chance, remember the first time you used the iPhone, it was awkward? You can't compare the Storm to the iPhone, BlackBerries are not and will never be nor attempt to be iPhone's. They are different products, the Storm just happens to feature a touch screen. Now what I hear from people I know that work at Verizon is that those who ordered via corporate stores before 3pm will have their Storms on Monday if they did Overnight and Saturday if they ordered Next Day. If you ordered via internet or phone then you might have to wait a bit longer. Also, Verizon corporate stores are getting more tomorrow. Be patient people, it's just a phone!

Just ordered my Blackberry storm!! I am told it will be shipped to me before DEC. 5. got a great deal!!!!!

The demos in the store was horrible they were slow and not working at all, but we all need to remember there have been 12,000 people playing with them changing the settings and going to every web site under the sun. Let's keep this all in mind before we start getting rid of the storm!

I would like to find as many videos showing how to work different functions so when I get it I am already an expert anyone know where I can find the best ones?

Went to BJs on Tuesday, demo'd Storm (was slick)told to come back 8:30AM on Friday before they opened @9AM they would have 5 Storms. Was 4th in line, only 1 available when we approached counter. They placed overnight orders for the unlucky 2-5 in line($9 extra). Was told we'd get them Sat or Mon latest. Played with Storm browser again while waiting for their systems to stop crashing and site rendering was not impressive. This may be a return after all the drama.

[Rudy] How can I help you?
[Me] I would like to upgrade my Curve to a Storm
[Rudy] I am not sure if we have any left, what is your mobile number?
[Me] You need my mobile number to check stock?
[Rudy] Umm uhh just let me pull up your account and then I will go check
(goes in to the service/support room for a minute)
[Rudy] I did not see any back there, can we ship you one?
[Me] Last night, you guys said you had "more than 20" and I do not see 20 people here
[Me] I really wanted to get one today
[Rudy] Let me go check
(goes into the room behind the registers and comes back with a Storm)

I was upgrading (my 7th BlackBerry), not activating, so I think the store really tried to not sell me a phone because I was not activating.

I live in the country and although I have great service, my local retailer never has any of the new phones so I called VZ at about 8:30am. They placed my order and when I called back tonight I got my tracking number.
Now I am checking the FedEx website like every hour just hoping for a change in status.
The wait is killing me but I know that it will all be worth it.

Hype is powerful.
Storm is definitely aimed at the one and only iPhone.
If the iPhone were available on VZ NO ONE would be buying a storm.
This is a major compromise.

There are things I like.
However, I cannot figure out how to have the get the KB to appear without having to go to a menu. There should be a hotkey or something for that.

I'm glad there is a return policy. Unless they come up with a s/w upgrade quickly, there will be a LOT of disappointed users.

I called Verizon wireless at 10:30 est this morning placed my order changed my plan everything. I had even received two text messages stating my calling plan had changed around 3pm. Anyways just called them to double check to make sure everything was processed as explained before and that it would be shipped out on 11/25. So the sales rep tells me that the order some how got screwed up because of technical difficulties and that the order was never placed! So upset she apologized and had to redo the order and who knows when I will get it. Sorry just upset one of those people that have been waiting patiently like everyone else.

Sounds similar to my problem where I ordered and they inexplicably cancelled my order. They've screwed the pooch.

Holy Crow!!!! I waited 4 hours while the Verizon systems were down in "upstate" New York... I was lucky though... I walked into the store at 2pm and gave my name. they said they had 6 storms left. I was number 6. after 3 hours...4 people got fed up and left... I then became number 2! thru all the waiting, and good conversation between customers-I GOT IT! YAY! The chase is over.
Mom was right.... Patience is a virtue!

I got mine today at the mall. they had plenty. it took a normal amount of time to get it all set up but what was interesting was they got a few Storms returned already. they were defective they said but assured me mine is fine. I got home and it is buggy for sure but hey I love it. I'll know more as the weeks go by if this is the be all end all device. but i hope there is an update soon. its buggy, froze up twice and going online it crashed once. but its a really nice device. build quality is 100 times better than any iphone. i'm happy but will be happier if the freezing and crashing go away. who knows maybe it was a fluke.

OK, so I was 2nd in line at the encinitas Circuit City this morning.. got there 20 minutes early. There were about 30-40 ppl in line at the Verizon store 2 blocks up the road (poor suckers).

Software is indeed .65, platform is .82
It runs a hell of a lot better than the demo version

So here's what I experienced... 30 minutes or so the accelerometer didn't want to work at all. I thought it was broken, but I waited it out and it finally started working.

About 2hrs after I picked it up, i finally got my confirmation email that I was set up with the Blackberry service. Before that, I couldn't set up email, use a browser, nothing

Now, it seems like the longer I have this thing, the better it's working. I can type with few errors (if any), and I'm really liking it overall. I have a feeling the typing will get a lot more comfortable the more I use it, but it's definitely not so much slower than my curve that it would make a difference.

I set up Facebook and MySpace apps on it (facebook is much better because it supports landscape). The AOL app let me send IM's, but the person receiver couldn't respond to me.
I'm trying out VZNavigator. It's cool, but I won't be keeping it.

The speaker is indeed loud and clear... the visual quality is amazing for videos and pictures.

Im also very happy with the browsing. Sure, it could be better, but whatever. It's slick, fast, and works just fine... especially for a phone. I may try out Opera mini and see how that is.

Brickbreaker is awesome with the touch screen, SOOOO much better.

I WANT VIIGO TO WORK!!! You here me! I miss Viigo already and its been less than a day.

Yeah... I almost cried when I went to the VIIGO site and read that Storm support was coming soon.

The waiting game begins... again.

Can someone try this. Go to create an SMS Text by entering a phone number. When I tried this, it continually allowed me to enter the first number but then the keyboard would revert to the alpha keyboard. I would then have to hit the numeral key enter the next number and then it would once again revert to the alpha keyboard.

Just curious if this is a glitch. I just cannot believe this is the way it is set up.

Hold down the numlock for a second or so... a little lock will appear on it and it will stay in num format until you hit the num lock again.

I am done with Verizon. I went to a v-store in NY that had only ten units in stock. I will cancel my contract tomorrow and go get the iphone. Im done with them !!!

My local store in Nashville only got allocated 11 this morning and they were gone by the time I got there. People had camped out for them. Lucky me talked a CSR into taking my name and calling me if they got more. By 10am I got a call and by 10:30 I was talking on my new storm. I am still learning all the tricks of the trade in regards to this device but my early impression is nothing but "AWESOME". My local store flashed the latest firmware into the phone for me prior to my arrival and I have found no bugs yet (knock on wood). The camera is a little slow and but so is it on my Pearl. The accelerometer sometimes has a lag but for the most part everything I have read negative in the reviews are bogus. Mine does evrything I have asked of it perfectly and I am beginning to get comfortable with the keypad already. In a week I should be a pro. Kudos to RIM.

It amazes why some people want to be the first to have a new model. New models usually have some reliability issues, and of course, the price is usually higher. Not a smart buy, but then again, if you have money to burn. Be my guess. I will wait 8-12 months, thank you.

I have a BB7250. It's awesome! Should I upgrade to the Storm? I'm getting a BB7750 next week and can't wait. The screen is bigger than the 7250. Does anybody have pics or video of unboxing a 7750? Thanks

Today was marvelous fun. My adventure started around 8:30 this morning in Dallas, when I started calling all the Verizon shops around town (mainly on the outskirts) to see if they had any Storms left. Nope -- their stores had opened at 7am and were sold out. (It's great to be a supposed "VIP" Verizon customer (what does that mean exactly?) and get the scoop on all this stuff. Right?!) When I called Verizon last week, they could give me no details on when they'd be open, etc. But now everybody else knows about the early opening. Grrr.

So I call 611 and ask them where I can find a friggin Storm. "Try Circuit City. We show all the Circuit Cities around Dallas have them."

Okay. So I set about calling all the Circuit City stores around Dallas. I get a recording for each and every one: "Thanks for call 'The City,'" Seriously? "We don't open til 9am you're call is very important we're going bankrupt blah blah blah..."

I bolt out the door at 8:45. I figure I'll show up at Circuit City at 9am on the dot, wait for their doors to open, then pounce on my Storm. I send Hubby to an alternative CC so we can cover more bases.

No one in line -- good sign! Only one other guy shows up, and he too is a Stormtrooper (get it?). So the doors open, we both go to the internal Verizon store, and....nope. "We only had 3 Storms and peeps called us at 8am and reserved them." WHAT!? I couldn't get through on the phone, number one, because "The Cities" were supposedly closed, and two, how the hell did those mofos RESERVE Storms? That was an option??

So this other guy and I start calling all the surrounding CCs, trying to find one that still has some Storms in stock. No go, until, BINGO! He dials up the Rockwall store and they have a couple. He reserves one for me too, under my current Verizon cell number. (Cool guy.)

So my husband meets me at home and we're going to head to Rockwall together, but I want to make sure they reserve mine so I call to give them my credit card number. They don't know what the hell I'm talking about. They don't have a single Storm left. There are only 3 people working in the store, and none of them know about my allegedly reserved phone. I'm obviously crazy.

So I start calling around Circuit Cities again like a maniac, and finally find Storms up at the one in McKinney. Great! Til they ask me if I am a current Verizon customer. "Yeah," thinking my customer loyalty and $400 friggin dollar a month phone bill will somehow endear me to this corporate giant. "Ah, well, we can only sell the Storms we've got in-store to new customers. But as a highly valued current Verizon customer, we can order you one!" Now THAT'S customer service!

Someone has got to explain this logic to me. Turns out this was the mantra all around town.

So I get all pissy, and then the manager gets on the phone to explain that actually all their Storms are sold out but because I'm such an important VIP (right) he'll overnight the phone to me at no charge, throw in a free car charger, and knock the mail-in rebate off the top. Whatever. So he tells me one of his sales guys will call me back to get all the info.

"Casey" calls me back, gets my info, and assures me that because they're taking the order around 10:30am, I will get my phone as early as Saturday, but DEFINITELY no later than Tuesday. Awesome. Whatever. Are you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE this phone is going to get to me latest on Tuesday? ABSOLUTELY. (And would he lie just to make a sale?)

So then around 11am, I get a call from a chick at the Rockwall store. "Some guy said you wanted to reserve a Storm. Are you going to pick it up?" You betcha! (I knew that guy was cool!)

So I rush out the door and we drive to Rockwall. I call the McKinney store back and they're like, no we can't cancel the order once it's processed, but you can just reject the FedEx package and it's all good. Okay. Cool. I can do that. No signy.

Get to the store, my Storm is awaiting me in all its clicky glory. I play with the one on display and begin to blush at my lusty feelings for this naughty bit of tech. But when the chick at the store tries to ring up the sale, no go. I already have an order in the system, and because our world is already run by AIs apparently (the Singularity is here, I tell ya), she is helpless to do anything. I call 611. After 45 minutes, they, too, regret to inform me that they are helpless to cancel the order. Nothing they can do. But on the bright side, I should get mine by next Wednesday, or the Monday after Thanksgiving at the latest. Say what?! What happened to Saturday. "Oh, that just wouldn't be possible," 611-guy tells me.

So I am unhappy. I told the customer service guy I wanted $100 off my next phone bill just because I'd been lied to and dicked around. He said he'd have someone call me. No one did.

There you have it. I have no Storm. I cannot get a Storm because I have been a loyal customer and spent too much money with Verizon already. The AI in the sky refuses to cancel my order and let me buy a Storm that I can get today, not Christmas Eve. I have been tricked (BY CASEY AT THE CIRCUIT CITY IN MCKINNEY, TEXAS) into believing a Storm will arrive on my doorstep tomorrow, or latest by Tuesday, when in fact it will likely be two weeks.

Does no one know how to properly roll out a highly anticipated new product?

Apparently, being an existing long-time customer with VZW means nothing, and they're much more interested in getting new customers then keeping the ones that they have.

Well, they can try to lure me back after my new 2-year contract with AT&T expires. That should make them happy.

I was driving by Verizon this morning and it was almost like a Grateful Dead Show, but their where Blackberry Heads instead.Funny though they had no storms and one guy told me he heard on twitter the store would have them. It says on the site shipping Dec 15 now.

I got my storm at best buy in Indianapolis. It is definitely buggy but a great phone. So far I have hears way more people saying they are going to drop Verizon over this. Could it be the storm will actually send more people to the Iphone. Verizon and blackberry didn't prepare very well.

so i woke up and called every verizon store i can find a number for. either they were sold out, on back order til tuesday, or the line was tooo long to wait on in the cold. i ended up bumping into circuit city on 43rd st and 5th ave. and after a short delay because of their computers running slow, i had the storm in hand! sooo excited! best blackberry, best phone out >> the iphone has official competition out there now. not no fake instinct or g-1 phone. storm is a must have esp if you love blackberry.

Man, I got in line behind like 200 ppl and we all walked out with shiny new storms. People were throwing away their iphones and other phones in a box in line. My storms not laggy at all-

I picked up the Storm this morning and the phone cuts out on every call, fades in and out. Anyone else having these issues? I went back to the store and a software updrade was done to no avail. Very disappointed at this point.

Before we flame out Verizon and Rim for the poor handling of the introduction of the Storm let's think about their perspective. I work for a manufacturer of electronic equipment that consist of hardware and software designs and I can tell you it's not an easy task to predict when a product is going to be ready. We go through two final testing steps and we start announcing a product when it has passed the first step. All it takes is a bug found during the second step to delay product release a good two weeks or more. Fortunately our product is commercial rather than consumer so we don't get the same level of scrutiny.

RIM is introducing a completely new hardware and software platform that is one of the most complex devices on the market. Rim and more importantly Verizon had to make a judgment decision, do we release something not perfect or do we delay it longer? How imperfection do we think the user base will tolerate? Can Rim deliver the quantity we need, based on the user base response? Lots of questions to be answered by Verizon. I suspect they made the decision to compromise on both perfection and delivery capability, hoping most of the user base will understand and would rather see something 90% working now rather than 98% 3 or 4 weeks later.

To add to the fray it seems that some stores have taken it on themselves to autonomously create policy for themselves, which makes it seem that Verizon really doesn’t have it together. I know some of you mentioned that they were put on a hand written list for pre-sales. I know for a fact the two stores in my area did not take a list, they both told me they would have some number of units to sell Nov 21, when they are sold out they will take orders. I seriously doubt that Verizon corporate sanctioned the hand written list.

Before we flame Verizon or Rim too badly lets take a deep breath and think about the position they were in, because of the tremendous pressure brought by this group. They made the best decision they could, with the information they had at hand. Unfortunately it was not necessarily the best decision they could have made, if we look back with 20/20 hind sight, but hind sight is always better than foresight.

Hey my Storm is not working properly. I went back to VZW today and they won't even look at it!!!! Calls are being dropped and I can't get online. I mean it works sometimes but its not reliable. VZW told me I have to wait for an update on the firmware. They did not even want to look at my Storm and said they have none in stock for an exchange anyway. I am P/O!!!!!!!!! anyone else having issues with the Storm? And if so did the VZW store help you out?

By my chance of luck I walked into a Bestbuy yesterday and was able to get a Storm with NO problem...just waited to let the hype to DIE DOWN and was able to get a storm. Check your local Bestbuy, shipments come each morning so call and ask to see if they may have one.

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can I update my ms outlook contacts directly to the storm using my laptop????
if not, can I enter the contact details from my laptop using the desktop software supplied by blackberry?

I had downloaded some themes for blackberry burt I dont know how to inastall it in my device.

Could somebody help me in this regard.

my email