Chasing the BlackBerry Storm - Today is the Day!!

Chasing the Storm!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Nov 2008 12:30 am EST

Update: OH BOY... I'm not sure what's going on here, but I just received a flood of emails from Verizon people letting me know that if your BlackBerry Storm wasn't ordered before 2pm EST today that it will not be shipping until DECEMBER 5th!

Update: Posted by Reuters - Hundreds Wait at Verizon Stores for BlackBerry Storm! >>

Update: I think we can safely say Verizon and RIM have succeeded in making the Storm's launch the most anticipated of any BlackBerry smartphone to date. With lineups at Verizon stores throughout the country and in many cases less devices in stock than people waiting outside (and in some cases no devices in stock!), it'll be a day of mixed emotions. A ton of you are going to be pumped to be among the first to own RIM's touchscreen BlackBerry, while some of you are going to be p!$$ed that you chased after the Storm today to have it escape your grasp on Day 1. Keep the comments and forums rock'n with your experiences. Let us know how did!! And let us know your thoughts on the Storm! *

Ok BlackBerry Storm Chasers, today is your day!!! I've been receiving emails from tons of Storm fanactics today - some of you are already camping out as I post this (just after midnight), while many of you are going to show up an hour or two early and see how the situation looks. We've been hearing scattered reports from Verizon employees all day - it seems some stores have received way less than the expected number of units (as in six Storms to sell, but over a hundred units have been pre-ordered from that location), while other stores only a few miles away seem to have plenty. Depending on how things go, you may literally have to chase down the Storm if you want to get one on the first day. Be sure to report back in the comments and let us know how things are going and email in your pics or videos to editorial @

Chasing the Storm And in a solute to all of the CrackBerry Storm Addicts out there, Verizon has added the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest Winners to their corporate intranet for all Verizon employees to see. Sweet! We've posted five winning videos so far and still have the remainder to debut on the site over the next couple of days. I meant to get them up sooner (everyone has now completed their To Do!), but between the Round Robin, Storm Craziness, and being sick I fell a bit behind on this. In honor of the Storm's official launch on Verizon, I suggest using a few minutes today to re-watch all of the winning videos that have aired so far! Good Luck Storm Chasers!!!! 

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Chasing the BlackBerry Storm - Today is the Day!!



As I type I am on IHOP's internet outside the Verizon store in Carrollton, GA waiting on one of the 6 blackberry storms!!!

Waiting in line at Scottsdale, AZ Promenade store for almost two hours. A guy ahead of me worked for GoDaddy & bought 15-20 Storms. Another guy bought 5 Storms. They ran out a couple people ahead of me.

Verizon should have limited the sale to one phone per person in line. Would I have left Verizon because I didn't get the Storm today due to low supply? No. Did I leave Verizon for not valuing my time more than the 20 GoDaddy employees that got my phone while not waiting in line? Yes.

Good thing there was an AT&T store across the street. Say hello to my new Bold. At least now I know GoDaddy won't bogart my future phone purchases since they are on Verizon. Plus AT&T only allows one phone purchase per person in line (iPhone launch).

I think you don't get the whole picture here-- VZW is a sales driven company. If you were a commissioned sales rep, would you turn down a 20 Blackberry order? All that data?

HELL NO you wouldn't. You can't! That rep did what he absolutely had to do.

as a prior vzw sales rep, i would have put an order in for the company. in fact, i would have set the expectation that any more than 1 purchase of a storm, i would have ordered through the warehouse for the customer. its only in fairness to everyone else. you still get paid on orders. but now, like a poster before said, you alienated a potential buyer and they moved to another company to get the exact same revenue that you just gave up.

I could not wait to get the "STORM". I arrived a my Verizon store at 0930, and they were SOLD OUT. But I did get to play with the two active ones on display (WHAT A DISPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!!) The STORM felt cheaply made! Plus the Screen/Touch Screen floated around, it was not well fitted to the phone. Not just on the one, but both had the same problem. I also tried to enter data in the Calender and Appointment Book. It was VERY difficult to type on.

I LOVE VERIZONWIRELESS AND BLACKBERRY, but I will stick with the best phone ever made, my "BlackBerry Curve 8330".

For those of you how bought. I think you really should have played with the phone. I hope the next generation of the STORM is better.


You forget that the floor models get ALOT of action. So basing your judgment on that fact alone is not fair to the device! The phones screen does move (as it is a surepress screen). I am not attempting to bring you back to the storm but I am just stating the fact that you did not try a device that was "fresh". BOTH devices that I tried today at the store were solid. Yes the screen moves, yes it is an unnatural feeling. The only problem I see to that is the gap between the screen and the case itself (quite stupid that they did not have some sort of rubber/silicone/something to keep dust/moisture out. But it remains to be seen. I am sure that many users will report their finds in regards to the issues of the phone. But to play with the phone without actually having it for more than five minutes and make such a statement is unsound.

Don't get me wrong, I will give the Storm another try. I do love VZW & BlackBerry. But even a floor model that does not have more then 20 hours, or even 50 hours of use, should not be like that. I have already logged over several hundred hours on my Curve 8330, and it still looks brand new. I will try a new one from the box.


Talk about a bust of a day. All the hype and to have 5 phones and the Worst customer service ever! Shows what 10 years of loyality gets you these days. John B from the store must of been hired off the street, last night. Biggest release ever and it's a bust in typical verizon fashion. Couldn't be more disappointed in verizon....was looking for an excuse to switch to AT&T and I think that John B and the staff at 2435 Route 38 in Cherry Hill NJ have given more than enough reasons now. Was really looking forward to the Storm but the want to screw me?!?! In the name of Chase Utley...F#*% You Verizon and Iphone here we come!

Im with you F#$K YOU VERIZON AND YOUR B.S. UPGRADE POLICY. BEING A VIP ETC AND I HAVE TO PAY FULL PRICE. IM LOOKING FOR A REASON TO GO TO ATT ALSO BY THE WAY VERIZON IM SURE ATT WILL ENJOY MY BUSINESS. ONCE AGAIN VERIZON F@$% YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FYI: AT & T Network sucks. So if I was you I wouldn't base one bad experience on your decision. The only reason why so many people went to AT & T was for the Iphone... which my boyfriend loves but, the network sucks. I use Verizon and I always have way better reception then him.

Sitting outside the verizon store at the Mall of Ga. Been here since 430am. First one here, only one other person. Makes me wonder if the reviews are as bad as they are saying, no matter I've been waiting for this for six months, and talking the talk to all my friends. Made contact with the store manager when he arrived and handed me a the 1st customer ticket. Glad that Starbucks is right next door. Oh and it just happens that today is my one year upgrade mark. Ironic I think. So all you haters talking bad about the "Storm" all I can say is (be like a Bonjovi song and "keep the faith").


I called over 20 verizon stores in NY and they all told me very similar things.

#1. First batch of Storm they were going to sell today in the morning was recalled due to software issues. ( im assuming .65 as oppose to .82)

#2. New batch of Storms are coming early next week, Mon-Tues

#3. If you are expecting the Storm in the store today, make sure OS is .82 !! and not .65 ( .65 is buggy )

#4. Careful buying the Storm online, they can ship you the .65 recalled version, and that would just suck. I personally don't want the Storm to come Monday or Tuesday and i want it today/tomorrow and latest Sunday !

#5. Im listed waiting in like 10 different stores that are "expecting" the Storm later on today. We'll see what happens and if they call me or not.

I'm not sure which one I have. I think I have .65.. this thing is terrible.

v4.7.0.65 (Platform please tell me that doesn't mean I have .82. If this is .82 I'm returning it.

Looks like a 0.65, but I'm not sure. I wouldn't worry too much though, it's really easy to upgrade your firmware. There will be updates coming for it for the next 3 years.

i got the .65 as well and it works pretty good but i can see where the bugs are for sure. my wife is hating me right now because hers is freezing all the time. i hope we can upgrade soon!

I waited starting at 630am and was first in line. Dedham, MA store. They had 10 total devices. Some guy thought it would be a good idea to start a list outside so we could wait in our cars. Genius!

Got my phone and am loving it. It is definitely buggy. But not too bad. Its exactly as Kevin said you have to treat it the way it wants to be treated.

started waiting this morning at 5:45 in vestal (binghamton(upstate)) NY. i was #2 in line. myself and 5 other people were the only ones there til 7 at which point about 40 people came between 7 and 7:15. at 8 they finally let the first 6 in to buy. needless to say it was nice to get out of the 17 degree heat here in NY. i'm still cold but i got my reward

Well, once again Verizon has served only to under-achieve. Stores in Chicagoland, on November 21st, only received 5-10 Storms each. This left 95+% of folks forced to wait until AFTER NOVEMBER 21st or place a mail order at the store.
Why is Verizon continuously Far Far behind the eight ball when it comes to state of the art technological tools for the business person. They have set themselves up as a company that targets the teeny bopper and entertainment crowd with their Glides and Voyagers. Finally, when they do come out with something business professionals are intrigued about, they cannot come close to meeting the demand as promised. Excuses about software updates are unacceptable. Verizon and RIM have had more than enough time to have dealt with these prior to the "much anticipated" launch.
One a day that Verizon could have met the market place, which they have been watching go by for so long, with a BANG they so up with a THUD! Sure, there will be those with cerebral masses the size of a flea who will stand in line or accept a mail order solely to be part of the "latest and greatest". These are the folks who keep mis-managed American companies in business by not using their economic vote and going somewhere else.
Furthermore, after spending over an hour evaluating the Storm in the now empty store, it is far from the hype that the company has propagated. First of all, its responsiveness comes no where close to the Iphone. It takes forever for the phone to recognize an orientation switch from portrait to landscape. The browser speed is slow and it does not offer WiFi to improve this. I know that normal Blackberry users, and for that matter any hard keyboard users, will not like it. The only superiority this device has over the IPhone is the click-through screen that gives you some response to your efforts. This alone will not allow this device to compete with the IPhone.
I admit, I was initially willing to go in a purchase a new Storm and give it a lengthy chance to prove itself. I, too, was caught up in the hype. Well, now that the "hype" has been lost by Verizon's failure to provide adequate supply, I have revisited my desire and have chosen to use logic rather than emotion in this purchase.
Good luck RIM and Verizon, you will need it. Initially you will get those I previously mentioned who will flock to the Storm. Once folks get to truly experience the limitations of the product you will find it will serve to harm your business more in the long run rather than help it.

I work at that store, sucks that we did only have 6 we shipped out well over 50 I think today...great sales the demo booth went well after we got the phones working with the new software (no thanks to me) great day today small world

Kevin any update on when RIM will be doing something about the compatibility between the loyal Blackberry users who are purchasing a Storm and are using Macs. I'm going to be heartbroken tomorrow if I can't sync my Mac with my Storm?

Good luck with that. I've been waiting for a decent version (read equivalent) of Desktop Manager for years and years now and all we have is the shitty PocketMac. I doubt they are going to get moving on it now.

Not hardcore yet, I am the only one here and I have all the seats down in my element typing this. Guess there are not enough stupid people in Georgia like me!!

I'm down in Sugar Land, TX and today I went into the Verizon store to get more information about the Storm tomorrow and if it'd be even worth showing up early. The woman working there had said people have been calling in and putting their name on a list? And tomorrow when they get their shipment in they'll start at the top of the list and call people telling them to come in and get their phone. If they can't make it in by a certain time, they go to the next person until they run out of Blackberries. LAME they never told me about a list!

BTW...cop just asked me why I am park outside of Verizon..hehe... told him why, and he laughed!! What is wrong with this world?!!

As we speak, I have a bag with two fleece blankets, extra coat, sweaters and scarves and hats for my camp out which is about to begin at 2 am. I found out today my location will only have 10 Storms and let me tell you, I will be #1. Not many people in my town would do this because I live in the middle of no where, but I will my addicted friends, I will.
I can't wait until it's in my hands!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


I am the only one here but expect more to show up!! 1 hour down 8 more to go......:). I guess I am not the only crazy addict around?

The reviews are in: The Storm is a complete disaster, a misfire in its basic conception, let alone execution.

It’s a complete disaster because fails in its most basic aim: to offer consumers a better way to type and input text on a touchscreen than the iPhone or other similar devices.

It seems that anybody who actually has USED the thing from more than a couple of hours--versus delusional BlackBerry fanboys thumping their chests about the Great iPhone Killer based on RIM's paid celebrity-sellout hype machine using staged events and auto show girls--quickly discovers that typing is a drag on the Storm.

So is the maddening, lagging user interface after two days.

Consequently, the Storm will fail to draw any of us away from our superior physical keyboards on the Bold, Curve, etc. and fail to siphon off iPhone customers.

The news for RIM couldn’t be worse.

But don’t take my word for it. Try the Storm for yourself. I did, awhile ago, and promptly dumped my RIM stock while it was still at $138.

Be honest, though. If you're buying the Storm tomorrow, I want it to be your "one and only" BlackBerry, not just a second "toy" you play with while you do your business on a Bold or Curve.

Now if you're willing to stick with the Storm for more than two weeks as your "one and only BlackBerry," I’ll gladly listen to your rhapsodies about how easy it was for you to forget everything you ever loved about typing on a BlackBerry so you could retrain yourself on the Big Button.

The Storm isn't really made purely on the fact that it wants to compete with the iPhone or give users a better way to type. It's RIMS first touch screen. Yea the reviews point out some negative stuff, but all in all as (i) a palm user. Switching to a blackberry couldn't have been better with the Storm coming. Thats what i think, and i will let you know how the storm is when i get my hands on it today. I am a tech person that utilizes gadget to its full potential (or try to).

Who gives a shit? it's been said a million times, you either like it, or you don't. Some will, some don't. Quit yo crying already fanboy. So, this means you won't be waiting inline come 1hr? good! less line/wait for some bbers!

The Storm wasn't even available for you to try when RIMM's stock price was at $138, which was back in June. Plus, the stock drop had nothign to do with the Storm, but rather the economy and RIMM's overall outlook on sales because of the economic situation.

Well David R, i have been playing around with my storm for about 4 hours now (got mine @ 6am) and have put it through the standard tests of texting, bb messenger, web browsing, emailing, etc and without drawing this out all i can say is this device is truly the iphone killer. the typing is amazing once you understand how their system works. sure the first 30 minutes were tricky but now its like im on my old 8800.

Perhaps it was user error when you tested the storm and not software/design problems.

I live in NY and im at home comfy in bed right now 1:15 am and patiently awaiting my Storm for the afternoon at my nearby verizon store. I really hope the Storm is not like the Nintendo Wii when it first came out, being sold out everywhere ..

I agree the storm may have its flaws, but until you actually use it for longer than the 10 minutes in the store, you can't throw a post up like that. But I guess there is a "lemon" in every crowd. Oh well, back to waiting.

I saw that your first in line at the verizon store camping out, thats hardcore dude. The only time i ever camped out was for a PS3 on release date and i couldnt get it. But then again, i was #20 in line haha !

It's freezing cold too .. Well im here for ya, keep you company over the internet :)

Do you think theres actually going to be a shortage, making it necessary for you to even camp out.

The verizon store which is 5 minute from my house told me that they won't get the storm til the "Afternoon" like what the heck. I hope hes not bsing me, i was going to get the storm and renew my contract ..

I have a friend that works at the Verizon store. She said that the only had 6 Blackberry Storms to sell. She also said that from what she hears, all the other local stores only got 6 or 7 in as well. Go figure!! Oh yeah BTW thanks for the company,I wish my laptop was not dying so I could chat a little longer. Oh well, I have 20 minutes left on the battery, throw up the posts my friend.

arrite i just put a call into a friend that works at verizon in hayward, ca and he said that they're only gonna get like 10 in, they're taking orders to have them shipped to peoples houses by sat at 12:01am, but he has a friend that works at the best buy across the free way from his verizon and is gonna call her and find out if they got any storms in and how many

Stay strong buddy, don't forget to post reviews and your thoughts on the Storm once you get your hands on it. I will be sleeping the night and start my Storm hunt in the afternoon ... ( i live in New York ) i am hoping there will be no shortage !

I heard that some stores in metro cities created a reserve list. I called my local store and it is on a first come first serve basis and they only have 50 units. They are opening at 6am, so I think I'll head over there around 4am and cross my fingers. If I don't get one I'll order it and get it in time for thanksgiving. I think I'll take my DS to keep me company for the few hours of waiting.

All the reviews, bah. Most of the reviews came from iPhone lovers and I hate the iPhone. It WAS an overpriced iPod and I used it for 3 months before getting my 8830BB which I love. As the 8830 in the beginning had so many bugs and I still have lag issues to this day, but I get what I need to get done with which is mainly email usage, plus it is a blackberry!!! I figure if I can't use the storm I can always sell it on ebay or return the thing and pick up the curve. I'm a blackberry fan for life.

Thanks. It's just another blackberry device. If you don't like it, it's not the end of the world. There are plenty of other blackberry devices to choose from, plus I'm sure the next revision of the storm will be more refined, but at least we'll be able to use the first. :)

I will be getting up at 5am to hopefully be the 1st in line!! If there is a loooong line I will be calling customer service on the spot to have mine delivered Sat!!!

I'm waiting until like 3 or 4 am and going to head to my local verizon store, its way to cold to be out there and i haven't really seen people standing out waiting for i heard my local verizon store is only getting 8 copies, good luck to all waiting for it

I'm 1st in a line of 5 people!! lol if you live in Carrollton come now!!! Laptop dying, Daniel's out!! I wish all you Storm chasers Good Luck!!!

I heard someone say that the Storm will be available at the verizon store online at what 3 am? is that true. I do want to take a look at it online, there delivery is overnight and at latest you can get it by Saturday in the event your local stores run out of Storms.

Verizon online customer service told me 12:01 AM, but didn't say what time zone. I keep trying, but getting nothing yet. I'm really tired and would like to go to bed! Oh, he also said he didn't expect to sell out (at least not online) because they "have an extensive inventory." So, 15 more minutes Pacific Time if that's what is going on...I'm still refreshing my account page! :)

I called last night and vzw put me on a list to have the phone charged to my verizon account in order to "save" one for me. I showed upat 615, first in line and they let me in on the spot, had the phone, updated contract and everything ready for me. All i had to do was pick out my accessories and leave! They had me leave out the back door in case other people showed up and saw me inside WAY to early! Woohoo! I love the phone and they were really nice to me! Thanks Bossier City!

So much for a good nights sleep. Screw-it! After reading what you-all have written this evening, sitting here in Sacramento, Ca. I'm getting to the Howe Ave.Verizon store a couple of hours earlier than I originally planned (5am). The'll be open at 7am. After hearing of the shipment shortages I'm afraid there will be far fewer available than what was quoted to me just tonight by a rep from this Verizon store (50). Also afraid if there will be allot more people showing-up than I imagined, after all, I heard hundreds had requested a phone from this store, supposedly the most succesful store in Nor Cal. Why bother sleeping at all at this point. might as well just stay-up now. Be to diffucult to get-up otherwise. I'll be sleepy and cold for a couple of hours this morning, but it's worth it. Will be my first smartphone :)

I'm from the Bronx, NY and the Verizon store is only a few blocks away from me. I'm planning to leave my house @ 5:30am to make it by 5:45. Hopefully i'm the only one there. But I will go prepared to wait the extra 2 hrs to get the BlackBerry Storm.

I work for a verizon store and we are opening our 2 hours early.. we already had people pitching for the night outside..we got 50 in for the first day..but we are getting 60 more tomorrow it should all be good :)

I was all good and ready to camp out at midnight, until the manager of my local VZW shop called me (he had put me on his list a month or so ago) to tell me they only got 11 and one of them was mine. Very happy.

To tell the truth, I'm glad I'm not forced to camp out, but I had psyched myself up for it like it was some sort of Blackberry rite. Now I feel a little less deserving. Not enough to give you addicts mine, mind you.

I was just thinking when I talked to my Verizon business rep he mentioned to me that the only thing different about this launch compared to others (voyager, etc..) was that Verizon is allowing the employees to buy the phone on launch where as in previous launches they were not allowed to purchase the phone on launch day. So the few of you that are waiting at stores that have 6/10 units may even have less or any at all because the employees grabbed them. Not sure if employees are allowed to stick them in the back for themselves before they open, but just a thought.

I was told that verizon employees had to order it on an internal site so it would be after the launch. I think the units are for paying customers

The employees have been informed as soon as the customers requests are filled will be available to employees. Your rep was wrong and what company would sell a product to employees first. That would be crazy and very bad business.

Very curious here in Sacramento as to what the scene in front of Verizon is going to be like when I get there in three hours. Verizon rep said they are going to have security in parking lot this morning. People camping-out, lack of sleep, certain sure dissappointment for some over not being able to get a Storm right then, handing out flyers to the first fifity who bust through the door at the first sign of a crack in the door, then the battle to get a rep. It's going to be an interesting scene. Will have video camera and stills of this. Will post tomorrow for us all to see.

WOW. That would be pretty messed up if they only leave stores with only about three. If it wasn't so could I would be out there right now.

I called my local Verizon store in Cincinnati, OH on Thursday and they said a bunch of locations are getting 6 and 7, but that one store accross from our mall is getting 100. I get off work at 7am so I hope I can pick one up and it isn't too late!!

BUT.. The guy also told me that if the Verizon store is sold out to check in the actual mall. The mall doesn't open until 9 or 10 but the Verizon counter in the mall may open earlier and they will have a few. Just an idea for you all who didn't take the mall into consideration for a backup plan.

He said none of the Verizon stores has a list you can be put on. I believe most of you when you say there is a list and you are on it, but the guy I talked to said none of the stores in Cincinnati are allowed to have a list.

Yep, Kenwood is getting 100. The guy I talked to is at one of the other stores and he said the one he worked at is getting 6. He said most places are only getting like 5 or 6. He said check the mall if the Kenwood store is sold out by the time I get there at 7!

I dont see the buy it now, but I cant sleep and im probably gonna head out in an hour to check out the lines. Its almost 3 now and the store doesnt open til 9. Im afraid of the cold, but think itll be worth it!

The Storm page is unavailable just this minute (11:51 Pacific!) Waiting, waiting, waiting for the new one to pop up! :)

Good point by dave-o. No doubt there will be significantly fewer available this morning than quoted just today I'm sure. Definitely getting there early. No list at my store (Sacramento, Ca.). Could have had one held for me at another store in a town nearby by a Verizon employee, but I don't see how they could do that with this demand. And no pre-release event day before either as I was originally quoted there would be. 50 to be available to genral public at my store?. I really doubt it now.

I was at a pre-release event yesterday...ordered my accessories and phone and was told it will ship today and be at my home tomorrow. Sure hope that's what happens!

Page is not currently available

We've encountered an unexpected error in retrieving the page you requested. This can be the result of using the back button or having your current session terminated.

To continue, please select a link below. You can also close this browser and open a new one to begin a new session.

I was working from 1-10:30 and the last 3 hrs were setting up blackberry storm stuff and i work 6am-7:30pm tomorrow and my actual job is setting up every customers email on the storm.

i am verizon retail and in our region no one has single digits number of storms...

I went through the menu for upgrading my phone and refreshed the screen a few times before it finally popped up in the list. Went through the whole order...extra battery, clip, case, car mount, desk charger, etc. So much for the $199 once I got carried away with all the extras! $350 total for me! Keep 1-2 day shipping and NO waiting out in the cold! :)

Now what! This is crazy. What Blackberry? I went on line in order to buy the storm. The link to the phone said that it encounter and unexpected error. Due to hitting the back button or something. NO what they did is disabled the link and make it seem as if it was something in which I had done wrong in order to get to that point. Now I come to find out by my Crack berry friends Verizon will not have the phone out until the 22 of this mouth. Storm sure! Let's say a storm that is dieing.

"Contract Renewal: 2-year contractDue Now-------------- 1 BlackBerry Storm 9530 smartphone $249.99before $50.00 rebate Included accessories for BlackBerry Storm 9530 smartphone:Lithium Ion Battery (1400 mAh), 3.5 mm Stereo Headset, BlackBerry Travel Charger with International Adaptor Clips, USB Data Cable, 8GB SanDisk microSD memory card preinstalled in device, SIM Card preinstalled in device, Documentation Kit (including BlackBerry Tools CD), VZAccess Manager CD (including User Guide), Quick Reference Guide, Global Support Kit Additional Accessories for BlackBerry Storm 9530 smartphone:1 Standard Battery $39.991 Vent/Adhesive Combo Mount $19.991 Desktop Charging Pod $29.991 Screen Protectors (3 Pack) $9.99 Monthly Access-------------- Phone Feature(s):Total Equipment Coverage (WPP + Extended Warranty) $5.99 Email and Web for BlackBerry $29.99 Visual Voice Mail $2.99 Ringback Tones $0.99 VZ Navigator $9.99 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUMMARY OF CHARGES:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Total recurring monthly access & service charges: $49.95 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Total one-time charge on your first monthly bill: Free ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Due now: detail of total charges to be billed to credit card Shipping: FreeSubtotal: $349.95 Total charges to be billed to credit card: $349.95 "

I'm done and going to bed!

Looks like they're on sale at Verizon's site, now. Just checked.

Good luck to all waiting/camping--I'll be joining you in a couple hours.



Tried to place an order online. They are not giving me upgrade pricing, due to THEIR mixup.

I recently ported my number (a few weeks ago) and used a phone (given me, by a friend) to sign up for Verizon's service. Now they are saying that upgrade pricing isn't available until Sept/Oct 2009!

That sucks. I, mean, I am planning on heading to my local store anyway, but... I wanted to see what would happen. $499 is what's happening!



$499 is the un-subsidized, full price for the phone. Most people will be paying $199 (after $50 mail-in rebate, debit card).

I'm just saying that due to an oversight by whomever set up my account, a couple weeks ago, that it is showing up as $499 for me (online).

Once I go to the store, this morning, and work it out... all will be good.

Hope everyone is keeping warm!


if anyone is going to my store in brentwood ca i will see u at 7am. hopefully u r one of those lucky people who get one when we open

i checked online, AND

BlackBerry® Storm™ 9530 smartphone

2-yr Contract Price $249.99
Mail-in Rebate -50.00
New Every Two Discount -100.00

Your Price $99.99


$100, Hurray. =)

Can anyone reading this please explain to me the difference, i am a new Blackberry user upgrading to it.

Email and Web for BlackBerry® $29.99/month

Blackberry® Solution Unlimited Data Usage $44.99/month

I don't really use corporate E-mail at the moment. I do want internet access, don't really use it heavily.

Which plan should i get? and which is more worth it.

You would want the $29.99 add-on or get the $99.99 plan that bundles in internet,personal email, unlimited text & pix, and 450 Anytime voice minutes with unlimited nights & weekends and mobile to mobile.

Im in a shared plan with my pops, we got 1400 minutes. Still get the $29.99? I do want to go on the net and stuff. I dont care about E-Mail that much.

Can you explain to me the difference, i mean besides the obvious. The price difference is only $15, but as a NEW bb user. I want get the plan that will suit me for the long run. But don't want to waste money if its not necessary.

The $44.99 Blackberry add-on gives you access to your cooperate email and personal along with the internet access which would be limited because of a certain companys security policies and restrictions set for by the company depending on what company it might be... etc. The $29.99 gives you access to personal email only and no limitations on what websites you go to on the device. Basically ones for business ($44.99) and ones for personal($29.99).

Oh, so the $29.99 is "Personal" and still allow me to browse the web unlimited. Lets say i get the $29.99 for now, but in the future say 6 months from now, i decide i want the $44.99, can i upgrade it later on?

For now i will go with the $29.99.

Yep! :) You got it! Yeah.. you can always upgrade to the $44.99 one later when you need it and that way you can save the money in the mean time. Hope I was able to help you out with your decision on which one to get.!?

If you access your email for work via OWA (outlook web access) can you get by using the PERSONAL plan or do you need the corporate plan ?

Isn't the Corp plan for the BES ?

Received email at 1:13 am (PST) from Verizon Wireless that the Storm is available now to order online. My order has already been confirmed.

planned on getting up at 5am (MST) woke up at 3 all excited and just bought it online... to all of you who are waiting outside good luck!

My daughter and I have been up since 4 am. You would think it is Christmas morning. LOL
We are heading out the door to get breakfast and check out the verizon store...make sure there are no lines in Podunk, SC. We'll probably head over to their parking lot around 7:30 and wait.
Good Luck everyone

Greetings from Germany to you all out there.
Got mine since Monday. Just wanted to say, its worth to stand in the cold. Enjoy yours when youre lucky to pick on.

Ralph from Germany.

I have checked numerous verizon stores from NC to CA in my travels this week only to find that most have about 5-15 storms available and a waiting list of 100 or more. They also cannot tell me when they'll get more... Too old to camp out and won't bother getting in line for one today. Should have been handled better

i'll pass by the verizon store by my office in a bit and see how crowded it is. i work in brooklyn ny thank god i don't work in manhattan

yes check, im calling the Verizon stores near my place in Queens. But none are open .. I thought they were suppose to open at 8 am ! its now 8:05 ! haha

I called one in long island just to test it out and they told me they had 40 people outside waiting in front of the store .... man, its Nintendo Wii hunt all over again ..

All yall sittin outside in da cold and I log on dis mornin and see da Storm advertizes on Yahoo. I click and see I can buy it for 199 with 2 year contract.
I entered all zipcodes for 50 miles of my area and VERIZON does not offer service around here.
Just lettin yall know dat why yall gettin shorted they plannin on sellin more over the net. If you don't get one go home log on to Verizon and order it get it overnighted to ya.

i did get my storm this morning. one good thing about living in AL, they had 11 storms and when i came to the store at 5:30am there were only 3 other dudes trying to get one. the store manager didn't make us wait outside tho, brought us in as soon as i got there, waited 10 min inside 'til someone was ready to sell me the phone. hot coffee and doughnuts too.

Muncie, IN and I pre-ordered my Storm from Best Buy a couple of weeks ago, maybe a month, and I was curious as to if they were going to have enough Storms to give to their Pre-Order customers, or if it was a first come first serve thing...?

Best Buy does NOT have enough phones. I called last night because no one called me to make an appointment to pick up my phone and they said they can't give me one because they do not have enough phones for today. Maybe this afternoon they would get some but most likely Sunday!

yeah...i'm wondering the same thing. i pre-ordered mine at best buy here in SC and am wondering if they're gonna hold them for the pre-orders or just give 'em out first come first serve. oh well...another hour and we'll know.

I Got mine!!! I was first there at 6:15 this morning...but some D-Bag rolled up at like 7:30 and hopped right out of his car and started the line...It's ok, I got the second one they had and I'm hearing the store only had 6.

I had a couple of appointments today that I could not change, so I call Verizon and put in an order yesterday. I talked them into overnight shipping for free and it will be delivered on Monday!

Just a heads up to those who have not gotten theirs yet, Verizon is requiring that you purchase a bluetooth accessory package with your phone. Not a huge deal, but a little unexpected cost.

Just got my new storm and had to post with it. I got to the store a half hour early and they ran out of vouchers 10 min after I got there, but the storm is AWESOME!

So I just got off the phone with VZ and they are being hammered with Storm Orders I order 2 thru VZ and one is going direct ship for Saturday Delivery to my house.
If I get it I will post up some pics etc.

So I couldnt sleep last night like most of you all in anticipation for the storm, got up at 130, went to the Verizon Wireless in Harlem, NY (125th St baby!!) Sat in the car till about 6 to make sure no one would come. By 730 there were 35 people in line. Reps came out at 7:55 and handed people papers with their number in line to keep it under control...up to now all good.

8am doors open, im first in line all excited, get to the counter and the manager announced "sorry folks, we dont physically have any storms in the store today, we will have it shipped to you by 12 tomorrow free of charge"

All hell broke loose after that.....sux cuz last night when i called they said they got their shipment for this morning (guess it magically disappeared last nite)

Verizon couldnt have handled this any more poorly....hopefully I get it tomorrow and hopefully its worth it.

Anyone in NYC experience this?

I just got told by the VZ rep @ the store closest to me, that he had the Storms but had to return them because of software issues. I don't know if I should belive him. Or if he was just trying to blow smoke up my A$$. I'm kind of annoyed but I think ill just order it online.

Local VZW store told me LAST NIGHT that they were opening at 7am (this is in NYC). I got there around 6:30am, was about 20th on line. An HOUR goes by, and they tell us, no, we're not opening till 8am. Fine. First they go thru line and see if anyone wants overnight shipping on VZW. Hell no, I waited in the cold, I want my phone. They go thru line, take our info, name, number and whether it's upgrade or new acct. Nearly everyone was an upgrade. When I finally got inside, I was told only those who were new accts would be walking out with the phone. NO F***ING WAY! Why did I wait online in the cold for 2hrs?! VZW really messed this one up. Way to alienate the existing customer base.

I had better luck than most of you... I posted last night what a Verizon employee recommended to me and it worked like a charm.

I got off work at 730 (I'm a nurse), went to Verizon and they said people were waiting in line since 6 and they sold out of all 25 in 10 minutes.

SOOO I went over to the mall (like was recommended) at 8am and I had no trouble. There were about 10 people at the little Verizon island and they said they had 26. There were no gimmiks (sp?), I didn't have to buy a bluetooth headset, I didn't take a number, nothing like that happened. I was in and done in 15 minutes.

The phone is more than I expected. Took me about 5 minutes to get used to the touch screen. The applications are very similar to my pearl, but are a little better. It's easier to change the ringtones and you have to actually set the clock which was weird. I don't think it would matter if you had big thumbs because you have to click an icon twice. What that means is you have to tap it to highlight, then you press the second time to select it. So if you tap the wrong thing it's no biggie as long as you don't press it down. It's really hard to describe the whole pressing the screen thing until you are actually physically holding the phone. It is so sweet.

My wife just bought both of ours just now in Huntsville, AL. I am in Italy so I couldn't return my 8830 for the 30 day review period, so she paid full price for min. Was a goat rope to allow them to not only allow her to buy two of them, but to allow selling of one full price. Manager was a jerk about it all as well, saying he couldn't without his DMs approval. Funny thing is I called the corporate office and just shortly after that and my wife telling him that, she was magically allowed to buy to buy both. Anyway, she flies out tonight with mine and her Storm and I can't wait to have it tomorrow!! :-D

Arrived at my local Verizon store at 6:05am. A few in the store, but not a line like I thought. Went and played with the phone for awhile. I am struggled with the keyboard. Either my eyesight is bad or I what you line up and type is not correct, but I kept typing the letter or symbol next to the one I wanted. It definitely will be a learning curve. I decided to wait. This store still has the old OS on their phones.

As I left the store the manager said they had 40 phones. Plan to have them sold out by 8am.

I will wait. Hard decision to switch from AT&T to Verizon just for a phone.

Is an hour long in White Marsh, Maryland, just outside of baltimore. My wife just said that they are putting you on a list, and texting you when you get to come into the store! No parking places in the mall, and it's an hour before the rest of the place opens!!! Storm ON!!!

Did anyone else notice that they modified the terms of service on the data plans? You can use the Email and Web plan for streaming data now.


I walked by the VZW store on 44th & Madison at 8:30am (I'm not sure if it actually opened early or not), and there were at least 100 people in line. I wasn't about to wait through that, so I continued on my way to work. I popped into the Best Buy on 44th & 5th but they sound like they didn't even have enough phones to satisfy pre-orders.

Just for laughs, I dropped by the store on 57th & 6th, since it was only a couple blocks out of my way. There were only about 10 people in line, so I figured why not hop in. After a couple minutes, the Verizon reps let 5-6 people in at once and suddenly I'm almost up for a phone. Sure enough, the rep came out and said they were all out of phones (400K phones shipped my a$$), but they were shipping online orders overnight. Ahh well, if I had waited outside the Madison store I'd be pissed, but waiting till tomorrow for my online order isn't so bad.

Showed up at the Verizon Store at 7:55 a.m. there were about 25 people in line. Got mine no problem, but it was starting to get a little crazy when I left. NOW, I can spend the rest of the day figuring it out........ HAVE FUN EVERYONE!!!

Got mine this morning!! Was first in line at 4am when the store opened at 8. The phone is awesome!!! Im still playing with it to figure out all the quirks.

I just got back from the Verizon store here in Jacksonville, Fl. I was 12th in line, and was extremely happy because their was approximately 50 people behind me. Well come to find out they took our names down, and two people in front of me ordered 5 Storms. I found that very unfair. Anyways, they let us in to play with the demos, and I get called oddly 3 people before I should of. Get to the counter to see it's the general manger who usually helps me out. Well to my "pure luck" I got fucked in a sense, because the guy next to me got the last 5. I about shit my pants. I mean yes they're sending it to me in the mail, but they're not shipping until tuesday which will fuck us over because of the holiday. I live in FL, but I'm going home to Michigan next week. Oh Verizon you always seem to disappoint. Hope others of you were luckier than I was. I won't be seeing mine till next week.

Unfortunately I have to wait, can't afford the $499 price. Anyone want to get me one for my bday, 11/26?

I was at the Verizon store at 4:40 this morning, 5th in line. Just got home from getting my phone. So far I LOVE it!

There is a lag when you sitch from vertical to horizontal, but other than that it's great! No problems texting, and that's my THING, so I'm relieved.

However, they only had 30 units, so a lot of people got stuck. By the time it opened, the store had about 45 people out front, and a few that drove by and clearly realized they were boned.

Anyhow, I am getting a nap in before I have to go deal with football players all day! ENJOY STORMING!!!

Unless I'm mistaken, and correct me if I'm wrong...the closest plan that you can get to the iPhones base plan of $70 on AT&T now costs nearly $100 on Verizon for the Storm?

Heres how I break it down...

BlackBerry Storm Base Plan:
Nationwide Basic 450 — 2-year contract $40.00
Blackberry® Unlimited Data Usage $45.00
Visual Voicemail $3.00/month
VZ Navigator (required for GPS which, is included on iPhone) $10.00/month


iPhone Base Plan:
Nationwide 450 minutes - 2 year contract $40.00
iPhone Unlimited Data Usage $30.00
Visual Voicemail Included
Google Maps/GPS Included


sounds like a rip-off for me...

Your breakdown is incorrect..

BlackBerry Storm Base Plan:
Nationwide Basic 450 — 2-year contract $40.00
Blackberry® Unlimited Data Usage $30.00 (You only have to use the $45 plan for corp email on a BES Server, which you can't do at all with an Iphone anyways)
Visual Voicemail $3.00/month
GPS is UNLOCKED on the Storm so you don't have to use VZ Nav

Total $73

Talked with my corporate VZ rep last night about my pre-ordered Storm. He gave me the bad news that the release today will be for new activation's only and the 16 other corporate clients he has waiting will be very very upset. He did tell me that several stores will likely be ignoring this rule, but he's not allowed in his position. I wasn't about to take his commission away, so it looks like I'll be getting mine Monday.

The VZW store near my office told me they were holding one for me. Just call when you're on the way and we'll get your number ported. So, I called 15 minutes out (7:15) and they told me they were sold out. They only got 10 and people were there at 5 AM waiting - so, they just let them in the store and sold them the Storms. I really thought it was too good to be true when they said they'd reserve one for me, so I wasn't surprised, but I am disappointed. However, they ordered one for me and said it will be delivered tomorrow by noon AND they gave me $50 off the top instead of me having to wait for the mail-in rebate.

I guess I can wait another day.

I was trying to order online and kept getting various errors while ordering. Seems the site might be a little overwhelmed.

OK, I just placed my order for My Storm, it said one to 2 business day's so I guess I will not get it until Tuesday, man I wish it would get here on Saturday, what are my odds? I ordered it online at around 8:45 central time.

Got my Storm Today. Got there about 6:30 am, was 3rd in line. It seemed they had about 10, but they weren't allowed to say exactly how many they had. Once I got in whole process took about an hour, between contact transfer and tech support help setup. So far I really like it but there is definitely a learning curve coming from a qwerty keyboard phone. After rebate phone only cost me 100 because of my new every two.

Well i was going to order phone when i was speaking to supivisor and he advised that they have a huge malfunction in the servers for ordering they cant even order. At this time they are working on it the IT has a huge service ticket open at this time. So he advised he would call back and as well he advised i wont prob get until the 25th as they are receving 300 orders and every hour.

I only had to wait in line for an hour and 45 minutes!!! They let us in at 6:45am and I was the 5th person in line!! Now I have to figure out how it works. LoL Sooooooo worth the wait!

Finally got it after 1 hour in the cold. Yet to find out there is a problem with syncing with pocket mac. No contacts No Calender. Kevin please help when are they going fix this.

Hey guys,

Has anyone else noticed that their new storm is extremely
slow to switch between different screens? I used to think
my Pearl was slow.

I just got my new blackberry storm about an 1 1/2hour ago. The store reps kept telling everyone they had between 12 and 15 actual devices. If you were willing to wait they will fulfill your order online and have it shipped to you, but you don't get the phone right away, however you do get an immediate $50.00 rebate. I should have taken off from work today, because I am not going to get anything done with this new phone.

Well I've got nothing but good to say about my Verizon store in Dallas. I went in and set up a general time with a rep at my store. She then called me yesterday and told me to come at 6:30 this morning. I arrived at 6:30 and she brought me right in. Everything went smoothly and right as she had promised. It was what I would call controlled excitement in the store. Other reps had their appointments arriving at the same time. I bought some accessories and they set me up with some other options so I was there a bit longer than I had originally thought but I was out of there a bit after 7:30. Other than getting up so early, it was painless.

Got to the store at 5:30 and waited in my car until 7am when everyone else started getting out of their cars. I was the fifth person in line. I got it and LOVE IT!!! The keyboard does take a little getting used to but you can adjust the sensitivity on it so that will make it better.

There is no way the iPhone can compete with this.

Just got off the phone with Verizon. My contract for the 8830 expired last week, so they sent me a promo for 2 months of free phone service to get me to renew. Called in for the deal, ordered the storm, and they told me that I was eligible for an additional $50 off as well. Essentially, I'm getting the phone for $149.99 minus my two months of $40, for a total of $70 dollars. Pretty good deal to me...

hope I like it.

It seems like different stores have different plans. Some handed out #s, others only sell to new accts. This has been planned for weeks or months. VZW fucked this up. It should've been a LOT more streamlined and efficient. WTF is the problem? Selling phones shouldn't be rocket science.

I saw that too, I should have screen captured that puppy.
Missed it and cannot reproduce that screen again. If anyone sees it again, please screen capture and pos.

I live in Los Angeles and just stopped by both the Santa Monica store near my house and the Burbank store near work. Both had lines 70+ people deep. I didn't stick around Burbank long enough to find out what they had on hand, but the Santa Monica store said that they only had 40. Not sure why so many people were standing in line when it is pretty easy to figure out who will be getting a Storm and who won't.

I decided just to order over the phone. It was a very easy process and, although I really wanted to have the phone over the weekend, I am looking forward to not stressing about it. I remember when the Voyager came out and all of the stores were out of stock - even the online store was out of stock. I just didn't want to wait for that to happen with the Storm, so figured I better jump on it and go.

I had called on 3 occasions this week to find out when my store was opening. Each time told 8am. I cased the store late last night when on my way home from a night out. Nobody. Cool. I show up at 7am this morning, and they have 6 total devices, and everything else must be ordered. I missed getting one by ONE number. They had taken names and numbers for a lot of of business customers (several came in) and these people were expecting to come in and get a device - some had taken off of work to do so (I would have called before going). So they didn't know their own opening time, and if I'd followed my own strategy of arriving an hour early I would have had a phone at 7am. Go Verizon - way to bungle a launch completely. They were very arrogant. I ordered one, but I cannot believe HOW POORLY this launch was handled. They'll have pissed off people all day. This is my first BB - I am looking forward to the phone. I liked it based on impressions from the demo unit.

The store where I live in received 10, my luck I got in as number 11, damn. They were expecting more in later today. There was only 4 more of us waiting at 8am (small town). The store manager (against verizon's wishes) took our names and will call us later today when they expect to get 20 more in and us 4 can get one then. He won't hold them forever, but will hold them for a few hours once we get the call telling us they are in. That was nice of him to do that, I was willing to have Verizon ship one to me on Monday or Tuesday, so looks like I should have one a little later on today.

I have a Curve on AT&T because I travel internationally extensively and need a GSM phone.

I thought I read somewhere that if you pay full price for a Storm you can get one that works on any network - can someone help with this?

I loved my Treo's touchscreen and interface (and it had a full keyboard), but went to BB's bulletproof e-mail and sync because the Treo crashed so frequently and e-mail and sync were flaky.


The storm is world capable which means that althought its cdma here in the states, you can use it as gsm overseas. In fact, the storm comes with a simcar preinstalled. Sounds like you can save some money on full retail, and jump on verizons network (which is more reliable).

It's 10:55a.m. here in ATL, GA and I talked to one of the VZ wireless reps and they only got 10 storms in at my location. Not to happy about it, but I can't upgrade at this time anyways. &I WILL NOT pay the full 500$s for a phone. I'll stick to my curve till I find a way for a cheaper price.

...the contract on my 8830WE is not up yet either. I called Verizon yesterday and was told that I could add another line, choose the Family Share Plan, and it would be treated as a new activation. I didn't verify this with any other reps, but I think I'll try it anyway.

Man I got to the one in brooklyn heights at 9am exact and they were like 40 people there. You had to put your information in the comp. and wait. Then the manager comes and says he had 22 storms and now has 6. I just walked out, came to the office and ordered it. I called another store close by and they said they had 60 but the line was way long and the system was down. seemed like the system was down everywhere.

So as I am driving to work today abut 7am I see that there is no line at the verizon store I pass everyday (Madison and Auburn). So I called to make srue that they have a Storm in stock(Number in speed dial) and she said that they were already sold out but that I could come in anytime today and they would have one shipped to my house by Saturday and give me $50 off the phone. I was kinda sad since I had put my name on 3 lists for the Storm at that store and never got a call. Oh well at least I wasnt late for work and standing in the cold for a phone I wasn't gonna get today. So I will be there today to get my phone and wait to get it shipped. The best pre christmas present ever!!!

Well, sad enough i missed out on my chance to get my hands on my very first blackberry!! For NOW! they were sold even before i woke up. They only had TEN!! in the store. So, I can't wait for the storm to grace my hand. But, now i havta wait. But, Time Well spent in the verizon store though.. I WILL BE CAMPING OUT NEXT TO THE MAILBOX THE NEXT WEEK!! Hope you all had better luck then me!!

I called over 20 verizon stores in NY and they all told me very similar things.

#1. First batch of Storm they had to sell today in the morning was recalled due to software issues. ( im assuming .65 as oppose to .82)

#2. New batch of Storms are coming early next week

#3. If you are expecting the Storm in the store today, make sure OS is .82 !! and not .65

#4. Careful buying the Storm online, they can ship you the .65 recalled version, and that would just suck.

In my local area of South Texas. Zipcode 78502. The Verizon Stores have only 10 Storms on stock per store. The next shipment is coming on Tuesday.

I am thinking about getting the Storm I keep hearing people talk about .82 and .65 and make sure its on the .82 operating system. How would I know what to look out for to make sure its on the latest os?

So I have heard that there is that issue with the OS on the phone. As much as I want the phone today, should I wait a week or two to make sure the bugs are worked out with the whole OS recall and what have you?

Yes wait a week. New batch are coming next week. Thats what alot of Verizon stores told me. They had the shipment already but had to send it back for a new batch. But some stores already got the updated versions.

Loving my STORM.

I can type like CRAZY on the keyboard... it ROCKS.

I got to the store right at 8am and received a ticket from the rep outside.

Not sure how MANY they had, the store was PACKED, but it didn't take long to get around to me. I apparently got the 3rd last one (according to the rep)... so they must have had atleast 30....

He did say they were expecting 50 more units tomorrow.

In NYC, many stores were supposed to open one hour early for the storm release. In any case, people started lining up at 6am, and with only 10 people being taken at a time, (starting at 8:15) it took forever. We were told this store at 43rd and Madison had a little over 100 Storms in stock, and for such a big store, I can only imagine what suburban or smaller towns received as shipments! But I got mine and thats all that matters!

I was hoping to a storm today but I came up short. I must say in my area verizon did a flat out terrible job. The one store I went to, a guy was there since 7:30 and still did not walk out with one. In fact no one had walked out with a storm yet and they had a total of 5 devices. 5 devices!! Come on. I mean how could they hype the storm up so much and then fall so short on the opening day. What happened to 400,000 phones being shipped out?

But at any rate, on the phone itself...
No doubt about it, this phone had the best screen and image quality. The movie trailer was extremely crisp and it looked amazing. The clickable screen works. I have read reviews from major magazines and sites saying that they did not like the screen but I think it works well. Typing was a breeze. I think one issue is definitely having the sensitivity on the screen turned up. It works great if it is turned up to full power. The camera was pretty solid. The images looked quite good for a phone and I think it is in the realm of being one of the best camera phones. Oh and the browser is very good in my opinion. Great speed and good overall experience. I dont think I would trade the speed for the smoothness of the iphone.
NOW with the issues.
The phones OS is poor. They need to update it so that apps run smooth. Almost everything ran slowly for me and it could have been a lot more responsive. The acceloromator was quite slow as well. The camera in particular was very slow to take pics and auto focus.
So what this comes down to is that it is a great device but they need to work out the bugs and until then I think I will wait. As much as that saddens me to do.

I'm in that Picture posted above!! . . . . Where are those pics linked from? The dude took a few additional shots, I want to see if there is a more clear one of the line.

I'm seriously thinking about just saying f**k VZW and going with the iphone at at&t. VZW website is not even working...pretty crappy opening for an "oh so awesome" phone. hope you all don't have the OS .65 verison on your phone or it might just f you.

They can suck it, nice launch day! Who the hell wants it? Everyone, and you f--k it up again. Im not suprised Vrz, noy one bit. Here I come At&t for the Bold. And its not all locked up like the Storm that half the population doesnt have now because lets all wait in line for hours upon hours and then some jerk off rep comes out to take our order for one? Really? I dont know what to say, beside FUCK OFF VRZ.

Verizon sucks.....every damn store should have received no less than 100 phones, maybe even 200 given the weekend, today....instead its more like 20, 10, 6, NONE! Almost all stores in Middle TN were out of stock @ 9:00AM. I finally broke down and ordered mine online after having to navigate through Verizon's buggy, stalling, and sllllllooooowwwwww website that always wanted to send me back to the homepage. All I know is it better get here on time, or I may be AT&T's newest customer soon.

Go to ATT with a crappy network then if you can't wait a COUPLE extra days for the Storm. Just look what happened with the BOLD on ATT...they continued to push the release date back. Some of you just need to chill out...the device is awesome, the demand is whatt if you have to wait a couple more days to have the device in your hand. I knew this would happen and just ordered online and should have in a couple big deal.

I actually want to say fuck blackberry all together and get an iphone. One of my girlfriends has the old one so I can only think of how awesome the 3g is doing. Also VZW is so over the top on their prices pffft a bitch like me is ready to say fuck all that!! plus i cant upgrade until 2010 hahah pleaseeeee!

I actually want to say fuck blackberry all together and get an iphone. One of my girlfriends has the old one so I can only think of how awesome the 3g is doing. Also VZW is so over the top on their prices pffft a bitch like me is ready to say fuck all that!! plus i cant upgrade until 2010 hahah pleaseeeee!

I went to the Verizon Wireless store just to see the demo they had on the floor. One model had Version and the other model had Version The Version .65 was much more stable than .61. I was wary on the typing of the Storm, but after typing on it for 10 mins. I feel instantly in love. I do 100+ emails a day and this would be a dream typing on.

I am wondering what Version the Storms are coming in as? .61 or .65?

I did my order over the phone so I could get the $100 discount and they would send it to me on Monday. You can’t beat a Storm for $99.00.

If you have the .65 version, i would like to say, that is the buggy version. I would recommend waiting for the .82 which is alot more stable and fresher.

knowall your an idiot there is no such thing as .82 os.. So im not sure why your posting this everywhere... . there is such thing as .65 release version 82... and even that is get your facts straight before you start running your mouth.

yeah i have no idea vz gave stores so little i mean wtf was that about? well i ordered mine online i hope it gets shipped with the right OS or that the new OS update is available then

FIRST ONE AT THE STORE TODAY, LAST ONE IN STOCK! Wait! WHAT?! something about the store pre reserving for customers!? oh well, i got mine super early this morning. LOVE IT!!

Like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, I could not get to sleep all night, dozed for a couple hours and woke up at 6am, Got showered and dressed and headed to the Verizon store 3/4 miles from my house.

Temp is 17 degrees here in Canton, Michigan
(near Ann Arbor)

First one there!!!! 6:30am for the 8am opening.

As I sat there the Manager and asst. Mgr arrived and while walking in waved to me and I am sure they commented something about one of those nuts is already here.

The best thing is I have signs on my truck and later when a crowd of about 20 people had begun to mull around the door the manager came out to start a list and walked straight to me, telling the crowd that he knew I was first since he saw me here as he arrived, so top of the list was my place in line - Love it.

I was in and out in 16 minutes flat - Storm in hand.

I did hear some one say they only had 10, but were taking orders for next day shipment.

I had planned on spending the day getting to know the Storm, and Yes, the typing is a trick to get used to.

But the larger screen is what I need, have trouble reading my email on the Pearl.

Im Happy, Christmas came early, and I did not get frostbite while waiting.

Looks like it is going to be a Beautiful Day


You would have thought that Verizon would have learned some lessons from watching AT&T and Apple do two launches of the iPhone. But, it seems that that did not learn anything.

I believe they rushed the phone to market, for the simple reason that on the first day there is already a software update. Not enough in stock and some of the servers are crashing.

Makes you wonder.............

So I arrived at my local store at 7:40 and was #21 in line(they opened at 8).
My friend got there a little earlier and was #14. They told me they only had 20 phones, and that they were expecting a shipment of 10 more later in the day. They took my name/number and said they would call when the phones arrived.
First of all, I really have a feeling I WONT be recieving that phone call.
Second, my friend waited 3 hours, and STILL doesnt have his phone. Apparently, their computers went down and they were unable to activate his phone. He is now in the same position as me, waiting for a phone call.
Third, I am hearing so many bad things about the OS, and its performance, and its bugs.

I hate to say it, especially after being so excited about this phone, for months; I may try to forget this phone ever existed and go with something more tested/trusted/reliable.

Verizon HAD to be expecting this... and yet they were unable to adequately prepare for it. The phone is sub-par, the service is too.

That ends my rant

Website is down, can't get my order in! Call customer service and they are down. Since I am upgrading, knuckleheads in store won't sell me a phone. Need to slit my wrists!

What Version Does Everyone Have???,, or higher???

Go to OPTIONS and under ABOUT it reads the Version 3rd line down.

Well, I can officially say that there is not a Storm to be found in Green Bay, WI...much to my chagrin. local store said they were getting a drop shipment this afternoon so I have my name on that list and supposedly with the newer OS. Waited 3 months, suppose a couple hours isn't gonna matter at this point.

I got my storm this morning at 8am on the Corner of Monroe and State. It was also their grand opening and I was 5th it's time to play with my storm..

I got to the mall in Minneapolis / St. Paul MN area an hour before normal opening time of 10am. Mall doors open and VZ kioak fully staffed. I might have been # 3, no line, not busy. Said they had only 14. I got one. Good luck to all.

I waited from 6:40am to 8 when they opened and there were only 8 storm's in stock for the morning. I bought 2 of them and a lot of people who came around 7:30 didn't get any. They said more would be in later in the day though. So far I have setup the entire device and while there is a learning curve, I am beginning to like it more and more.

I was hoping to a storm today but I came up short. I must say in my area verizon did a flat out terrible job. The one store I went to, a guy was there since 7:30 and still did not walk out with one. In fact no one had walked out with a storm yet and they had a total of 5 devices. 5 devices!! Come on. I mean how could they hype the storm up so much and then fall so short on the opening day. What happened to 400,000 phones being shipped out?

But at any rate, on the phone itself...
No doubt about it, this phone had the best screen and image quality. The movie trailer was extremely crisp and it looked amazing. The clickable screen works. I have read reviews from major magazines and sites saying that they did not like the screen but I think it works well. Typing was a breeze. I think one issue is definitely having the sensitivity on the screen turned up. It works great if it is turned up to full power. The camera was pretty solid. The images looked quite good for a phone and I think it is in the realm of being one of the best camera phones. Oh and the browser is very good in my opinion. Great speed and good overall experience. I dont think I would trade the speed for the smoothness of the iphone.
NOW with the issues.
The phones OS is poor. They need to update it so that apps run smooth. Almost everything ran slowly for me and it could have been a lot more responsive. The acceloromator was quite slow as well. The camera in particular was very slow to take pics and auto focus.
So what this comes down to is that it is a great device but they need to work out the bugs and until then I think I will wait. As much as that saddens me to do.

I just got a STORM today I was 7 in line and the store only had 12 total:(

Im a little upset though as I am a new verizon customer and because I use the blackberry service (what blackberry's are designed for) I don't get the premium plans others that do not use corporate e-mail do:( As in teatherd modem, vznavigator, vcast music, is all additional nickle and dime!

Im paying $150 for unlimited voice, and messaging, corporate e-mail.... To have the features I want would put me at $200/mo for a single line!!! ERRRHHHHH

Im not willing to pay $600 extra a year for a couple features that should be included like every user that doesnt use corporate e-mail... They only do it to corp accounts because they know they will pay more, but I have to pay for my service myself:(

So bottom line, the phone is living up to expectations so far, and they were high....

Verizon is not doing to well.....

Also my phone came with an 8GB microSD for free which I thought was nice....

They should have had more phones for people, and standard pricing and they could then REALLY COMPETE WITH THE ATT IPHONE MARKET!

1st time poster:

I've been trying for well over an hour to upgrade to the Storm via the Verizon website. It keeps re-loading to the home page. Is anyone else experiencing these difficulties?

Excited to get the goods! Crackberry is quite fitting, I gotta have it!

No. You are mistaken. Your phone is NOT CRACK COCAINE. You clearly have never been touched by REAL addiction. Have you ever smoked crack? I didn't think so.


You are so weak willed that if you DID get hooked on crack, you'd be DEAD. You are WEAK. Giving into your desire to use your new toy is NOT ADDICTION.

And maybe a sense of humor. You are right, I've never been 'touched' by addiction. And I don't claim to know anything about the struggles that come with that.

But get a life! This is a website dedicated to people who are excited about blackberrys. What did you expect?

Maybe there is a message board for the "Interventions" TV show that you should check out.


the VZW store is currently FUCKED so just move on a wait for it a fix itself.

be patient!!!!

ordered yestday thru corp verizon sales rep. Will arrive Monday via Fed Ex. Would love to had the weekend to play with it I love not having to wait in line for nothing!

You do not speak English very well.

Have you been typing on your phone so much that you forgot how to write?

- Ralph Wiggum

This phone is FRICKIN AWESOME!

I was reading the reviews last night and getting cold feet and almost just went and grabbed the Bold. I am so glad I made the leap of faith...this phone is amazing and everyone in the office is drooling over it.

OK, my wife and kids still think I'm a geek but oh well.

I called the Verizon store in Atlanta yesterday to confirm what I was told all opened at 8 am and they would have 20 phones. No problem. I arrived at 7:30 and was second in line (to another loyalist). At 7:55 they handed us numbers and told us to go back in the car because they werent opening until 9 and they only had 8 but those who hd them shipped to home would get their rebate instantly. Several people drove away. At 8:15 they opened and I was out the door at 8:25 because I told them I knew how to get through the set up myself.

All the complaints about the screen and the clicking are so wrong. It feels amazing. Solid. and pushing the screen i feel is easier and gives less resistance than a key. Maybe I got the one single Storm with no glitches but so far it has lived up to the hype and i have been power using it for 2 hours now.

One negative. The woman at Verizon had no idea how to open the battery door nd dented the speakerphone screen pushing that...i didnt notice until about an hour after I left the store...ugh.

They really didnt seem trained and ready for what was about to hit them. But rhis phone is FRICIN AWESOME. I am so gad I didnt listen to the online reviews. Time to retire my pearl.

It took almost two hours to leave the store with my Storm activated. I was #3 in line at 7am this morning. The systems were all insanely slow. Anyone else experience this issue at Verizon? Other than that, it's a pretty darn cool device and I can type almost as fast as with my curve. I'm happy.

6 Stores no luck

Cranberry Verizon had 40 - McKnight Verizon sold out - Pittsburgh Mills, Downtown and Homestead sold out - 2 Circuit City had 2 and 2 Best Buy had 2

Verizon website does not appear to be working - This sucks!!

I researched this thing day and night and it had nothing about the verizon stores opening early at the one i was going to (South hills Village Mall), but of course by the time i got there they were sold out. The lady working there told me she could have it sent to me by tuesday. We tried Best buy, but they only had the ones that were pre-ordered. We went to downtown Pittsburgh and found a verizon store, they were of course sold out, but are overnighting it to me. said i should have it before 12 tomorrow. If your as desperate as i was, try downtown.

I got to my local Verizon at 8, right as the doors were opening, and there were about 20 people in front of me. I heard they had only gotten 36 units, so I was money. They had 13 sales reps, and I had about 90 minutes before I had to catch a train into NYC for work... and everything was dragging on, and the sales reps were just walking around a lot of the time.

No Storm for me, I had to leave to get to work without it. I got a few minutes with one, however, and was intrigued enough. One of the sales reps offered to call me when they got another shipment in (possibly as early as this afternoon, and maybe another tomorrow! So it looks like getting more units in is a priority), so we'll see how it goes. I'll let everyone know when I have one of these beasts!

I picked mine up in the Bronx this morning, about 15-20 people. They were letting us in 5 at a time. I was luckily one of the last people to get one and I am such a huge fan already. Suretype is great once you get used to it, the click screen is wonderful and thanks to The NETWORK the data is fast!

This is my first blackberry, so i cant compare the keyboards, though i really like the storm's, but I am all ready a crackberry!!!!!

The only disappointment is that it does in fact lag a bit, but for me so far it hasn't ruined the experience. And I suspect they will update it, right???

Couldn't go to the local VZW in Brooklyn this morning, so I called from my current VZW cell this morning and was told by the CSR that the system couldn't process orders (due to overload in the system), but she told me to go online and order at the same price.

So, ordered online and now waiting to hear when I will recieve it (just went to check status, and now that is experiencing techinical difficulties, as well, UGGGHH).

I got to my local verizon store in dayton, ohio at about 740 and was 5th in line.. When the store opened around 8:40 they said The store received 25 of the Storm.. Once it was my turn to purchase, the computers were running a little slow..

I got out of there at 9:20.. So far, I have NO complaints about the Storm. Like many others, I read nearly every review. The reviews made me a little skeptical. But I have got to say, this phone is incredible. I've never owned a Blackberry before. I'm having a little trouble getting my e-mail account working (I am a college student and it's not letting me use the college e-mail account??). But besides that, the screen is phenomenal, sound is great, etc., There really hasn't even shown much lag whatsoever?

Hopefully all you guys can get your hands on one. Be patient with Verizon.. They're trying to fix all the bugs so that we can all have a Storm without having to return them or switch it out for a new one.

Never had a good experience in one.

Today I was #16 in line. A few were behind me. A lady in front of me told a friend who walked in that the store only had 11 units.

I then asked the greeter: "How many units does the store have?

Greeter: "I don't know" as his eyes were shiftily darting around.

Me: "Will I be able to get one."

Greeter: "You should"

Me: "A lady just said you only had 11 units to start with."

Greeter: "Uhhhh, that sounds right."

Me: "So if you are out by the time my name is called, tell me again why I'm waiting in line?"

Greeter: "We'll be able to order you one and it will be shipped on the 25th."

Me: "So you want me to stand in line another hour and you'll order me a phone for delivery next week?" (In the first hour they had sold 4 phones, it was taking forever)

Greeter: "Yes"

Me: "Bye"

They wanted me to wait there until they could book the order for me, and then try to sell me accessories.

Horrible customer service. I will never open the door to a Verizon bricks and mortar store again, corporately owned or franchisee.

I've ordered the Storm by calling in to *611 and will wait until the 25th for shipping. They did not want to sell it to me over the phone, they told me to use the online ordering. I told them if I hang up I'm going iPhone with AT&T. That was the magic threat, they placed the order for me.

Best Buy Pre-sale baby! Turns out I was the only person the store let pre order the phone haha! The system was down so he had to call in the switch but I didn't mind...he let me mess around with the phone while I waited. All in all it is a great phone...little slow at times and the back cover does get pretty warm when charging but hey I'll deal with it!

OS 4.7.65

There are so many comments and threads right now its hard as hell to keep up! LOL! Well i just want to say i waited in line, i was the 4th person and i got 2 Storms. One for me and one for my Girlfriend.

I have not found any problems yet so far. I don't really know what people are complaining about? The only issue I have is getting use to typing in suretype and typing in general. Everything i have done, clicked, setup so far is working great for me. Ya it seems a little slow at times but nothing major. again just my 2 cents

So all Verizon stores in my area are sold out; this includes everything in a two hour radius. Fortunately, Verizon is trying to make nice and will overnight ship the phone to your doorstep for free! Mine will be at my house my noon tomorrow, which means I will probably be committed this evening because I will have gone completely nuts waiting for it.

Verizon is also giving you an instant rebate on the phone so you do not have to wait for it to come in the mail. I, like many others, am a VIP customer which means I got some other type of deal as well. As a result I only ended up paying $75 for the phone; I wish I had more details, but I don't.

It seems like Verizon didn't ship out a ton of units, but at least they are making nice by throwing out some perks. I did get to touch one though and it was....FREAKING AWESOME! I have large hands and was nervous about the touch screen, but it is great! The menu is awesome, the interface is awesome, everything is awesome. I am going nuts waiting for mine and knowing that it will be here tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

I had the same bad luck at my local stores in Las Vegas, no Storms available. I called Verizon and they stated that they could get the phone out to me on Saturday with no shipping costs. I was perfectly satisfied with that. However In the middle of the transaction, the Verizon rep stated that she just received a memo that they are no longer shipping for Saturday delivery. I will have to wait until Tuesday.

What's interesting is that when I went to visit the Verizon store this morning, they already had a preprinted flyer stating that "Blackberry is in high demand! Your sales representative, listed below, will contact you when the device is available. We appreciate your patience". Obviously they knew way in advance that they would be short on phones considering the demand. Verizon has really dropped the ball on this one!

I went to the Koreatown vzw in Los Angeles, they only had 7 storms! and i was the 8th person! I thought i was not going to get one but i had talked to one of the guys already and he had reserved one for me, I got it! its great right now, just gotta get used to it...did someone say the data plan is $30? cuz they gave me a $45 one, is this the business one or is this the price for the storm's data plan??? If not am calling vzw right now!!

I so want this phone but can't upgrade till Jan 10 - maybe by thenthey will have kinks worked out. Anyway this is going to be my first blackberry and I am confused as to the plans. On verizon website it states 79.99 and 99.99 for blackberry plan. I will not be accessing a BES but using OWA for corporate email. So does that mean I can just get the 450 national access with blackberry data and web plan why doesn't verizon website explain that. I will need data, messaging, and web access. Can someone help me with the plan to ask for when I am able to order I so envy those of you that got 1 today

You can upgrade early. I wasn't due for an upgrade until April, but I was eligible for an early upgrade. They charge a fee, but it was waived due to myself being a VIP customer (don't know what qualifies as this, but I was).

I also use OWA for work, and I have the Blackberry Email plan with 450 minutes. Comes out to $79.99 + $10 for SMS + 5.99 for insurace + 2.99 for visual VM. That's it :)

Did you go to store or online? I will go to store tomorrow and see what they say hopefully I will get the ealy upgrade.

Went to the first store, sold out. Second store CHING CHING! 13 in stock, 3rd person, inline so I gots me a storm! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! more then the iphone. Yes, I gots me a ipod phone, and a ipod touch, and yes they're jailbroken. Loving the storm! no wonder the apple fanboys are having a fit. This is what you call a real smartphone. The ipod phone and the ipod touch are great devices, so don't get me wrong. They sync well with my home stereo, and what not. THANK YOU RIM! putting songs in my microSD as we speak, yes you heard me! I don't needs me no weakass itunes.

Well, I stopped by my local Verizon and they were perfect. Service was great. They greeted me at the door and told me everything I needed to know. They said they were full of stock and that I could take my time testing out the storm. I must say I'm really not feeling the clickable touch screen. The phone is amazing but that one feature just turned me off. It would have been so much better if it was just touch and no clicking. I messed around with it for 10 minutes and I just got tired with it. I felt like all that waiting and patience for the phone to launch was a waste of time! Hopefully Blackberry will launch better touch phones in the future. This one is their first one so I should have expected it was going to feel a little odd. To those who are buying the phone online- You might want to check the phone out before you purchase it. Some of you will love it, some of you will be very disappointed. You just have to see for yourself. It's what YOU like. I'm not trying to frustrate anyone about the phone. It is a great phone. I was just sharing my feelings about it. :) Have a good STORM day!

Got my Storm this morning in New Jersey. I am not that impressed with this device so far. Way over-hyped. Maybe it takes some getting used to....but I like the Curve MUCH better.

Well I got mine. I showed up an hour early before they opened and there was no one there. Sat in my car for 50 minutes and still no one was there. I got out of my warm car around 5min till and one guy had showed up. When they opened only 3 of us were there, but shortly after another 5 people came in and I didn't see anyone else after that. My store had 50 units and there were probably only 8/9 people that showed. I'm sure they would of sold out by 10 or so, but I'm glad there weren't any campers at my store. :)

BTW I love it. It does have a few bugs here and there and some lag, but so does my 8830 and I still use the thing. Well I think it is officially safe to say that my 8830 will go to another colleague at the office and I'll be a storm user.

Well I got my storm today. Van Nuys CA!! Got in line around 6:54am, with only about 20+ people or so. Once they opened at 7am, it took me about 30 mins to get into the door. After that another 15min or so getting the phone.

This verizon store had us go see a rep, they set us up with a plan and the phone. They then ushered us to the tech service area to pay and activate the phone. Not bad. Somewhat organized. Better than other places I've been too. Much props to this Verizon. Good job.

Now I am charging my phone and trying to do work but I am having a hard time!! haha should have taken the day off!! :)

I went to my local Verizon store yesterday here in San Antonio. The representative let me play with the new device for a few minutes and then informed me that they only had ten in stock and had seventy people on their waiting list. He mentioned that I should come by the store in the morning so I could order a phone from a representative and have it delivered by Monday/Tuesday. I figured it would be stupid to wake up early and to go to the store so they could order a phone on the internet exactly like I could do at home in my pajamas. That's exactly what I did at six this morning and Verizon just sent me a shipment confirmation email so I should have my Storm within one to two days. I hate the wait, but its' better than waiting in line. I can't wait to have my very own Storm! I already have my screen protector, pink silicone skin and 16 gb micro sdhc card...everything so my Storm will feel welcome :D.

I am in the Woodstock, GA. After reading these posts early this morning/last night. I decided to head over to Verizon early...1am. I was the only one waiting..but my husband's birthday is tomorrow and he HAS to be one of the first to get this thing. So me, my laptop and some snacks curled up in the car and waited. At around 4 am...another car came and by 6 am there were 15 people waiting. At 7am Verizon opened the doors long enough to give us a ticket with a number on it. Seeing the number 1 on mine made the wait worth it. At 8 am they started letting people in one by one. By 9am (store opening) they were sold out. People were ranting and raving about first come first serve and very upset that first come first serve started before the store even opened.

Lets just say it will be a long day for Verizon today. Boy am I happy I waited out there. I think the store had less then 20. I was so excited to get one, I ended up buying two. (Even though tehy would only issue one on the spot)

It seems Verizon did whatever they could to make sure this was a fiasco:

1) I was sixth in line at our store. Reps informed us that they only got five shipped to them, and one was designated to be the Demo unit, leaving only four available for sale.

2) They offered to take our sale and have it shipped to us. "Fine, okay."

3) Big launch day and they have only TWO sale reps.

4) First sales rep was dealing with the same lady the entire time I was there (two and a half hours). Second sales rep spent over an hour (I'm not kidding!) giving this older retirement-age women who bought the last in-stock Storm a tutorial on basic usage. Thought the cops were going to get called because the people in line started to chant "Read the instructions!" At this point I'm third in line.

5) Lady finally gets the hint and leaves. Sales rep has to chase her down in the parking lot because she left the phone there on the counter!

6) Next person goes up and starts to get his information processed.

7) Third sales rep wanders in and eventually starts to help the lady in front of me.

8) Second sales rep takes a call. I hear her say to her customer "We need to get your order in. My District Manager said that anything not put in the system in 20 minutes won't get processed until next week."

9) Wait there, seething, for an hour due to Verizon's sales systems being down. I could tell the Sales reps are getting frustrated too.

10) Finally after 2.5 hours, I leave. Go home and try to order online VZW's website.

11) After clicking on "Upgrade your phone" about 50 times and getting bounced back to the home page, ended up going to AT&T's website and ordering a Bold. I will be canceling my VZW service when the Bold arrives.

Here's my story......
I'm a loyal Verizon customer, and have been for rougly 8 years. My best friend and I have been tracking the status of the Storm for a few months now, and we both planned to get one today. The store that we planned to go to was the Verizon on Central Ave in Albany, NY.

I arrived at the store at 7:20 am, and there was about 10-15 people already in line. The store opens at 8 on Fridays, so it was one of the first stores open in the area. I got in line and was given a flyer with a number on it. I overheard one of the employees who was handing out flyers telling a customer that there was only 20 in stock at the store. My friend showed up as the 21st person, so he gave someone his information and was promised that they would get back to him as soon as they received a shipment later today. Needless to say, I think he is out of luck. The employees then took down our current info including what accessories we wanted with our Storms. It seemed to be a good plan, and I figured I'd be out of there quickly.

So eventually the doors opened and the associates were buzzin around gathering the accessories that we had requested while we were outside. 3 1/2 hours later they told us that the computers weren't working (some technical issue that verizon obviously didn't take into account). About 15 of the 20 people got their Storms and left the store, but I ended up leaving empty handed. Apparently they will call me when their computers are up and running. I'm not optimistic that I'll be receiving that call anytime soon. Did I mention that the numbers that we received didn't mean anything once we got inside? There were 3 people in line behind me that got phones, and a guy that was 3rd in line didn't get one. Good plan, Verizon.

I got to play with my phone for a while during this debacle, and it ran pretty well. It was a bit slow when transitioning, but not something that would change my mind about buying the phone. The employees were very nice, and apologetic for the whole scene, and I felt bad for them. Verizon put them in a terrible position, and they took a lot of criticism. I've always felt that Verizon had relatively bad service (in-store, not wireless), but this was a cluster$%&@. Like I said, the employees very nice, and tried to be as professional as possible.

I'll hopefully get my phone this afternoon. I'm going to give the phone 2 weeks, and if it isn't up to par, I'm going to get the IPhone. I've had about all I can of Verizon at this point. I even left out the part when I missed 3 hours of work...... what a bust. I'll update when I actually get my hands on it.

my boyfriend works for Verizon in Erie, PA ... he said his store received 20 storms yesterday and they are expecting another shipment sometime today. Hope this helps any unsuccessful storm chasers!