Chase Mobile application now available in BlackBerry App World

By Jared DiPane on 6 Dec 2011 02:39 pm EST

Chase Mobile 

The long awaited Chase Mobile application for BlackBerry has finally been released into BlackBerry App World and is available for downloading. The application makes it extremely easy for you to find locations, contact Chase, send money to anyone with a Chase account, and even deposit checks. Unfortunately the application is not available for all devices, most notably the BlackBerry Bold 9900 yet it is available for the 9930 and depositing checks requires at least a 2MP camera with autofocus. 

More information / download of Chase Mobile

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Chase Mobile application now available in BlackBerry App World


This sucks not available for 9900? Wtf RIM? I'm probably considering to switch to something else. RIM is testing out my patience.

Just another example of one who never chooses their words wisely... Chase made this app, not RIM. RIM as nothing to do with this app not being available on the 9900.

I always thought that there should be someone at RIM responsible for pursuing app developers to create/port apps to Blackberry devices. If it's being done on other platforms, then there should be a Blackberry version.

Too bad it not compatible with my 8900. It was on of the apps I used the most when I had my G2.
Good thing I have it on my ipod touch. I wish skype was on tmobile blackberries.

Anyone get it to work? Installed fine, times out on log in. Web log in works fine. I uninstalled it.

Doesn't work on my 9930. I entered my authentification number and password and it states - "unable to connect to Chase".

Maybe they are getting swamped with users trying to log on???

Also did a battery pull just to make sure and still same response.

I just searched for Chase in App World yesterday with no results.. now all I have to say is .. YES! :)

cant even install on 9650 6.0? what limitation does this phone have? so stupid. cant even say its an autofocus issue as i do have it. retard chase devs

lmao, they FINALLY release this, but check deposits require a 2mp cam with AF, which the 9930 and 9900 LACK, making it virtually pointless. Blackberry is going down the drain so fast!

Ho hum another app not available for 9900... What is the news here again? Granted Chase makes the app but why is it RIM would accept it if it didn't work with all 7.x devices?


Nice. I pat myself on the back for this since I emailed Chase customer service last month with "B of A has a BB App...where's the Chase BB App?"

—I knew something was up when I couldn't download their stupid little shortcut from their website. Let's hope it doesn't brick my phone... *backing up*

Oh wait never mind, not compatible with the 9780. Go figure.

I installed on my TMobile BB 9900 and it works like a charm. I have experienced no issues. Installed it from the BB App world and seems to be OK. Try installing and post...

i second this. i just installed also on a tmobile bold 9900, no problems. i dont need to make a deposit but i enrolled chase quick deposit. so the feature is there for non AF cam phones. and if it doesnt work if ever i deposit a check, i have an ipad 2 for that. but to be honest, i never use checks anymore. quickpay between fam/friends. bill pay for landlord, who uses checks still?

Got it running on the 9780
Glad the app is here, but seriously chase developers, are you STUPID?? The 9700 and 9780 are virtually the same phone yet only can see it in app world on the 9700?? Well, good thing I have a 9700 laying around that I installed, backed up and then restored to my 9780... If any of you others out there want the backup and the .cod, and if you pros tell me how to post it, i will put out there... someone has to make up for chases stupidity.

I installed the app and it did not work. For the people who are having the same issue I figure it out.
Just disconnect from the mobile network and connect to wifi. Then log in. After successfully
logging in, log off and disconnect from wifi. Now reconnect to the mobile network, log in and it
should work. Hope that helps.
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