Chase Bank will cease offering their BlackBerry mobile application as of April 21

Chase has decided to remove support for their mobile application for BlackBerry devices.

By Alicia Erlich on 21 Mar 2013 10:09 pm EDT

*Update: Have no fear Chase users.. look no further than Pageonce to take care of all your banking needs, including Chase. *

Earlier today Chase Bank sent an email to their customers announcing their plans to no longer offer their mobile application for BlackBerry smartphones. To continue accessing your accounts after this deadline, customers must use the mobile website.

We want you to be aware of a change. Starting April 21st, we'll no longer offer the Chase Mobile® App for BlackBerry devices. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

You will still be able to access your accounts with your BlackBerry device by going to on your mobile browser. From the mobile browser you'll be able to do everything you do today with the app, except you won't be able to use Chase QuickDepositSM. If you need to deposit a check, please visit one of our Chase DepositFriendlySM ATMs or a branch.

If you have any questions about this change, we are here to help anytime. Please call us 24/7 on our priority line at 1-888-26-CHASE (1-888-262-4273).

Thank you for choosing Chase.

As of today, the application has been pulled from BlackBerry World. No word yet on what will happen to those individuals currently running it on older devices after that date. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Wells Fargo Here I come


Good thing I ditched that bank a long time ago.


Well I feel like this is coming at a bad moment but even then it will be alright because the mobile website for Chase on the blackberry Z 10 will work okay we just will not be able to deposit with our phones. I do not understand why they will be pulling the application though. What can we do as a group to see if they will bring it back?


I tweeted to @ChaseSupport you guys should too



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Really, how much money does it take for them to maintain an app? Will they make a BB10 app?


I got my email today...wonder if a sideloaded android app will work instead? Can someone check into this please.


I am using it now on my ok

Dave Raines

Email Jamie Dimon. This us BS! RIM hired JPM as a consultant in their restructuring plans too. Slap in the face! We should email them like crazy.

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Chase sux!!!

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There should be a side loaded version, but don't use it unless it's released by Chase themselves. it's a banking app after all. Sound it out to Chase on Twitter...a lot of us already have

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Well this is bad news.
Getting my Z10 next week and one of the most important apps I use on my GS3 is being pulled??
Is this a sign???


There was never a bb10 app, this is the bbos app.

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It's a sign that you need to talk to Chase to get their !!$# together :)

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Was in a chase branch about a month ago and the rep mentioned something about this when I asked her why she said bec less than 1% of customers use the BB app


Yet another reason I'm leaving Chase in a few weeks. Fees for EVERYTHING, and now this slap in the face? BAH!


This is so bad. I have Chase and this is just annoying. Their current app is so basic but hey, it works. No, I can't deposit a check using the camera, but I can check my balance, transfer money, and look at transactions.

Chase is not some small company that has limited resources to build/maintain an app. IT IS A MAJOR BANK THAT PROBABLY MAKES ENOUGH MONEY IN 5 MINUTES TO MAINTAIN AN APP FOR A YEAR.


More like 5 thousandths of a second...


boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. They I hope BlackBerry owners close their accounts

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Wow, Chase really sucks (and blows).

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thats just too easy... just switch to another bank.


Honestly, I'm sure there are more important things that Chase could invest their time in, versus not supporting a BlackBerry app. It probably cost more to create that email and send it to millions and millions of customers (network traffic, band width, etc.)...


I feel like companies don't want the BlackBerry to succeed. Lots of haters right now

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I'm with you on that, these people have something against BlackBerry.


I totally agree with you. Makes no sense..


Not big deal. Just use their mobile site...
That's what I do with my bank and am liking that get more options that way.

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Wasn't there a chase app in the instagram picture soulja boy posted?

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Sorry to hear this news about your bank. Companies just don't care about customers anymore.

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You suck Chase! They should have let you fail like Lehman Bro's


Chase was the only bank that would have survived unaided. They took TARP money just to be team players (injection of liquidity into an economy that was in imminent danger of entering a deflationary death spiral). I've got a decent chunk of change with them. Maybe it's time to rattle the cage a little.


Haha, yeah, "team players".


Yep. The only reason Chase took the money was to participate. Because the plan worked, many still do not appreciate how dire things were in the fall of 08. A chain reaction causing a cascade of failures was a real danger.


We'll have to agree to disagree.


No one is entitled to have fiction or ignorance as the basis for a sound argument. You don't know what you're talking about. The crisis was severe and had every potential of being worse than the Great Depression had forthright action not been taken. Many now have the luxury of believing unfounded crap because their bank, pension plan, insurance company, etc.,didn't implode due to the ridiculous excesses of the derivatives disaster. Talking about banking apps or lack thereof is the quintessential first world problem.


I knew I made the right call when I didn't post what I really wanted to.


Likewise. Here's to BB10! TH is making good on his promise and there's a certain satisfaction in that. ;)


Bye bye Chase

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Earning millions in interest from customers, but can't maintain a mobile app for customers to use, that's BS... they probably own google or apple stocks, and scared that blackberry will succeed.

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I just came back from a place called Wawa in northern Ontario Canada. Bell has no service in that area with these new phones and the answer I got was sorry for your inconvenience. Bell has no plans on putting any towers up in that area, of course the competitor Rogers has towers. It's all about money.

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I am not a Chase customer but clearly the timing for this announcement is to try to dissuade and potential z10 purchases. They know it's being releases in the US tomorrow. All the good news about apps released today must have lit a fire under their asses and clearly they are anti blackberry.

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What a pain, I hate using my browser for banking, a made for BB10 app is awesome but I guess they don't think the new and improved BlackBerry is worth their time!


Oddly enough, I have only ever used the web site. I didn't even know there was an app. Web Site works fine btw.

Kevin Michaluk

Hey Chase, get your heads out of your asses and build for BlackBerry 10. Can't stop momentum. And BlackBerry 10 is pure money. Get with it.

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Sh!t, good thing you guys posted this bit of info.... I was gonna go open a new account and with them instead of B.O.A because I figured I'd finally be able to get the app functionality offered to iphones, then go pick up a Z10. Screw that! I'll just stick with B.O.A. because I'm not getting anything other than the Z10, lol. BB FTW!!!!


Download accesses Chase and many other account websites (my bank was recently purchased by another, with the best part of that being that the new bank supported PageOnce). It gives me everything I need, although I've never deposited a check on mobile.


You know, I was holding back on posting that option cos it gives them a way out to not develop for BlackBerry. Why make it easy for them, it isn't like they can't afford it

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I agree with Kevin. Make it happen Chase!!


Once upon a time a company called Apple built great devices but every time a new software came out, there was no interest in writing for the Mac because they only had 1% of the market....

The End


So strange! I got the email literally minutes after I deleted the app! I had the app forever and I never use it, so I deleted it to make more room for the BlackBerry Navigator app hahaha.

There's like, 3 Chase branches in CT so I don't have a bank account with them, only credit card, so the app was useless to me.


Chase sucks anyway, ditched them for Bofa a long time ago and never looked back. A better bank with better service AND a quality app that works.


B of A owes its existence to TARP. True story. Sorry to beat a dead horse. Anywho, bonne chance, BlackBerry!


It sucks.
I've used the app religiously every month dammit. PageOnce takes too long to recap the data, and sometimes the texting part isn't worth it.
Yes logging in via Browser works, but its also slow. ON TOP OF THAT, their actual online banking part, has this tendancy to get downright FICKLE on wether it loads straight or not. (desktop side here. Whether its FF, Chrome, Opera... IE is the only browser that would load it straight on my desktop. No test yet how my new laptop will do)

Really aside from balance checking of my chking, sving, and chs freedom card, I used it also to pay my Freedom Card LOL. Hell of a lot faster than using the online site via desktop, don't think the mobile site will let me do that, I'll have to check. Still. 1% of what? and how ACCURATE is that? I mean c'mon those fee's go somewhere don't they?


Where the funk is td app

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Can someone PLEASE tell me which banks even have BB10 apps with mobile deposit?
The only reason I am keeping my ipad is becuase of chase app. I have chase and citibank accounts, I will keep citi but if Bank of America or TDbank has apps for BB10 with mobile deposit, I would definitely move my account to them right away.


@ChaseSupport You have mobile app for KINDLE FIRE and WINDOWS PHONE? But they are dropping Blackberry????? WHY? That really is not fair. Please everyone contact them.


here is the official campaign to demand the app from them. we are Chase CUSTOMERS. they should make an app for us, if they have one for every other mobile platform


I never had a reason to choose between either banks (bank of America, chase, Wells Fargo) and personally I don't use any mobile banking as of yet or have even cared to change my ways, but in a way this ticks me off, I love my BlackBerry, and if you don't care to support us then I don't care to support you. Period.

-And yes I'm sending this from my BlackBerry.