Chapters puts the BlackBerry PlayBook up for pre-order

By Bla1ze on 31 Mar 2011 04:12 pm EDT
Chapters puts the BlackBerry PlayBook up for pre-order

Given that the BlackBerry PlayBook comes loaded with the Kobo eBook reader application it comes as no surprise Indigo / Chapters is a launch partner with RIM for the sexy tablet. Chapters has started their pre-ordering now. You can head on over to their website for the full run down and some new shots of the BlackBerry PlayBook running the Kobo eRader app.  While you're there, you can pick out some books - we suggest CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse to hold you over until your PlayBook arrives.

Pre-order your BlackBerry PlayBook today at Chapters

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Chapters puts the BlackBerry PlayBook up for pre-order


Makes sense given the Kobo partnership, although I did wonder if selling these would reduce the sales of their Kobo device. Maybe not - guess the real money is in the books anyway.

Does anybody know if the Kobo app will include text-to-speech?

Well since Kobo sells for $150 and the Playbook $500-700 it is quite possible that Chapters will make a higher profit if they sold a Playbook over a Kobo.

But no I don't know about text-to-speech.

Kobo v2 Wifi price was slashed to $139 in place of the new Kobo that is being released somewhere in June.
I doubt a profit is the concern for Chapters Indigo. It hasn't been reported that the purchase price for the PlayBook for retailers would be cheaper to that of the consumer price. If retailers were purchasing at $100 cheaper then yes, but electronic products don't see marked down purchase prices as book purchases do!

At BlackBerry Dev Day in Toronto, there wasn't any mention of a feature to that extent including the Kobo app.

There still seems to be a lot of work still going into the PlayBook so I wouldn't be surprised if it is available as an option April 19th.

I think I would buy a Playbook from Chapters!
I would rather them make the sale than walmart, bestbuy, or future shop.

Shortly after launch, they couldn't work out a deal for pre-orders. But after launch, if you buy 4 coffees and a 20 pack of Timbits you get $10 off.