A sweet news app for the good people of Asia Pacific - Channel NewsAsia for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 8 Aug 2013 02:40 am EDT

If you are in the Asia Pacific region and you like to keep up to date with the news, then you need to download the Channel NewsAsia app which is free. The app is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and it runs like a dream.

The user interface is typical BlackBerry 10 and with it comes all the features you would expect from a BlackBerry news app. Once you launch it, you'll see that there are three main tabs at the base of the screen. These are 'Latest News', 'Singapore' and 'Asia Pacific', so you can easily jump into the section you want. The news stories are listed with a photograph and headline and it's just a case of selecting the one you wish to view.

Once the story is full screen you can simply change the font size using the 'Resize' tab. Hitting this will pull up a blue bar which you move left and right depending on the size you require. Either side of the resize tab are arrow tabs. These allow you to swiftly jump to the next news article - or back again.

If you fancy sharing an interesting article then that too is integrated and you can share via the accounts in your BlackBerry Hub. You can even update your BBM status with the article, which although a nice touch, certainly isn't a feature I would use.

Within the main menu are a selection of further categories if you fancy filtering news by technology, entertainment etc. You'll also find a video and photo section here. One final item that is in the main menu, which surprised me is 'Weather'. I'm loving the fact that users of the app can check out the forecast without having to leave the application.

Channel NewsAsia is a perfect example of how a BlackBerry 10 app should be - user friendly, smooth, bursting with features and has a beautiful black user interface.

Download Channel NewsAsia for BlackBerry 10



This app is awesome!!!

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Jeandry Brito

You forgot to say 1st.

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First :D lol

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:D hehe. true!!!!

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This is a very good app. Gives news headlines, detailed news and is very well set out. The font adjuster is unique and is a brilliant addition. Hope we get more apps like this for sports/markets/entertainment, etc.

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Fantastic app got it yesterday

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Fukushima is leaking highly radioactive water with the volume of an Olympic size pool per day into the pacific.


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Great App!!

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Love this app.

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I'm a bad person.... I guess this means I can't download this :-(

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Awesome App !!
The font sizing slider feature is just awesome , I wish Blackberry could use this slider font sizing function in Adobe Text flow which only has two font sizes. as a medical professional I read a lot of medical PDF's on my phone !! Great app


Very nice app.

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I like this one!

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Downloading now! Thanks for letting us know!! :-)


Yay CB actually did a blog post on a Singaporean app! :D This app is really really good. Loving it definitely. Wish other local apps come on board too! Come to BB10!!!



But I'd add some substantive comment...

Downloaded this apo yesterday and I really liked the interface! Pretty background with the headlines... very pleased!

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Kunal Mishra

Have checked his App. This is a true example of how Apps should be made

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Can't agree more. This is exactly how all blackberry 10 apps should be

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Much love from Singapore!
Great news app that is part of my daily commute reading.
Thanks CNA and BB10!


First Class. Nothing. More to add!

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